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Malt Vinegar
Posted by Jay (London) on 11/14/2017
5 out of 5 stars

I developed genital warts after shaving my vagina smooth. I had it before years ago and I also treated it with vinegar that time. Both of the times I've treated my out breaks with malt vinegar. Its important to protect the skin that is not effected with a barrier cream. Vaseline, sudocreme ECT. Apply the vinegar using cotton balls broken down into correct sizing or a q tip or small bits off tissue. Once on the warts they will burn like hell, the only thing that got me through was feeling like the burning sensation is the virus dying. Because I caught the warts early they fell if within 2 applications of vinegar. Along side this I sat in small Epsom salt and vinegar baths. And drank vinegar mixed with water/juice doesn't taste nice but helps to kill the virus from the inside. I aslo used aloe vera gel to help repair the skin once done with the treatment as it can leave areas quite raw. To manage this condition I find that drinking a spoon of vinegar mixed with juice or water. Or regularly wiping the genitals with diluted water and vinegar may stay on top of this. The early you catch the warts the easier they are to get rid of. The natural way is definitely the best way. I would also like to remind people that any vinegar will work as they are all acidic. I want to encourage people to fight through the pain and persist with treatments. Your confidence will sky rocket.