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Incense Stick Burning Method!
Posted by Frank (Bangkok, Thailand) on 05/31/2007
5 out of 5 stars

i started with garlic on one of about 6 small genital warts around the penis shaft,after a couple of days it started to go black.A few more days not much change. I decided something more radical was needed! i took a lit joss/incense stick blew the ash away then gently tapped it several times on the surface of the warts (it doesn't hurt as much as you might think) next day woke up with a small blister with a black dot in the centre (the wart). Next day i took a piece of tissue and pinched the blister puling it and the wart away as one! now i was left with a small raw red patch which i applied tea tree oil to untill it had completly healed about a week.This was about a month ago i appear to be wart free but continue with application daily of coconut oil mixed with tea tree. My theory is too give the wart a good beating to start with then apply treatment! hope this helps people with this very embarrasing virus.