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Hydrogen Peroxide, Coconut Oil, Iodine
Posted by Maika (Philippines) on 07/03/2015
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hydrogen peroxide, iodine 10%, virgin coconut oil, garlic oil

Hello everyone I just want to share my experience to help others, I am suffering of GW for 3 years until now. But then after a long research I try hydrogen peroxide JULY 1 2015 the opening of my vagina turns white, then the next day today I repeat the process some of my warts shrink and others just disappear and while the big warts is start to get little I am very excited and happy with the result in just two days I got the result WOW right? I will continue using this 10% hydrogen peroxide, iodine and coconut oil. I know there is a cure just don't loose hope and believe in god's power.

How to use it. 1. Put hydrogen peroxide on the cotton ball in the warts 3x a day. 2. After you put peroxide put iodine on it to stop itching. 3. Put coconut oil overnight night . P

s. I'm sorry I'm not good in english but I know you guys understand what I am saying . Use hydrogen peroxide and give it a try. God bless us guys. Hope for our fastest recovery in this such things best luck to all of us.