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Posted by Himanshu (Delhi, Delhi India) on 10/25/2012
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I'm 25 yrs old. Three months back, I discovered a little pimple to my penis (near the bottom of pink head). I just used to clean it with water and few drops of dettol. But few days back I examined and found dat there had been few more grown on penis. by tracing the foreskin back, I could see few lil warts scattered at the bottom of penis head and 2 or 3 warts on the foreskin inside.

i was bit depressed to see them and had no idea... Wats dese?.... I never had a pimple on face or a scar on body.... It was just a hell.... The whole day I used to think abt dese ugly warts.... I just googled about the infections of genital areas and came to know dat I have GENITAL WARTS..... got more information on dese .

was completely depressed as it is caused by hpv..... Virus. I just kept on searching about its details and treatment..... I gave my whole three days just sitting at home and googling it. gone through every allopathic, homeopathic and home remedies.

i detail here few. Firstly I read on few sites dat this virus is not cureable but the warts are, sometimes dese warts go away untreated but sometimes requires treatment. They may reoccur. In some cases they havn't reoccured, some says dat they reoccured after 2 or 3 years and sometimes few months. some have complained dat they had been suffering from past 10 to 15 years but not removed till now.

i read somewhere dat this virus do not enter blood streams. the warts can be removed and the body can bacome free of virus within few months or a year by developing immunity in the body.

some of fellows here have tried ACV, tea tree oil, etc. And have provided good results. But with few scars or burning of sensitive skin. Few have said dat they have removed without any scars. thers no scientific proofs for dese all.

I have seen dat people dont go to doctor and feel ashamed of it. i too felt so, but i thought, i must consult a doctor first and then decide what to do. why should be i ashamed, ... its my body and i have to take care of it..... having sex is not bad.. its a very essential part of life.... but what i s bad is ignoring the safety... take precautions........... unknowingly we can acquire few diseases but we cant sit and get depressed from dem... standup and treat them

today i went to homeopathy doctor... he is 68 yrs old and i trust him. he has cured my asthma.... it took me around few (4 to 6)years to get rid of this alleregy.. today m absolutely fine and had no ashthma attack(it had been 7 to 8 years now). i just went to him and told him about genital warts. he used to see few cases daily regading genital warts. i queried him much. he told dat dese are cureable and our body can become completely rid of this virus. thers only cure in homeopathy. he put two drops of some medicine on my tongue and gave me few more medicines which are to be taken after 3 days regularly for next 15 days. a thuja lotion has been provided which to be applied twice a day. i asked him will dese warts go or when will i get rid of this virus completely. he replied dat within 15 days u will have no warts or continue for next more 15 days days. he said dese warts will be completely removed and the virus too will be kicked out of my body. he was 100% sure. at last he told dat till now all the cases of genital warts have been completely cured and no reoccurance.

while returning i was very happy, confident and i know dat i will kick out this virus from my body very soon.

so guys thers nothing to worry about. dont be shy. consult ur doctor. do not remove them with hands (u may increase the infection). warts can be cured and virus can be kicked out of our body completely.

will update my experiences very soon.