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Euphorbia Peplus
Posted by Darrell (Perth, Australia) on 01/05/2009

Recently I developed three peri-anal warts and was horified. I decided to try something out of my garden, which I use for pre-cancerous lesions on my forehead. I am talking about the white sap of euphorbia peplus, or petty spurge, a very common weed.

One night I used only one small drop of the sap and rubbed it on the tops of the warts before going to bed. Within an hour or so the pain became pretty intense, so much so that I took a strong painkiller. The next morning I had a look and was very surprised to see that not only was ALL the skin coming off my peri-anal area, but the warts had TOTALLY DISAPPEARED.

It was raw. I was unable to use toilet paper and had to squat over a hand-held shower instead. I did this for about a week,also applying some antibiotic ointment and some steroid cream I had in the cupboard.

Eventually I had a brand new anal area. I was very pleased with this until some more warts began to appear, probably about eight.

At this point I was a bit wary of going through the pain again with the prospect of maybe twenty more popping up after initially disappearing, so I tried the ACV. I have been using it for about a week, giving it a break if the skin becomes too sore.

At this point parts of the warts have begun disappearing. They turned white, but did not turn black. Never-the-less it is still working and I am continuing with the treatment, though maybe now I will use some vaseline on the healthy skin to protect it and reduce the soreness.
I know they will keep reducing. I just hope they don't re-appear in greater numbers again.