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Elderberry Juice
Posted by Anon (Anon) on 05/29/2016

I bought a wine bottle size bottle of elderberry juice from Biotta at the grocer a few weeks ago. I had high hopes. I've had what I suspect is HPV for roughly six years. The female doc called it "a little irritation". With a look that said, "Don't let them talk you into a hysterectomy". I've never had elderberry before. It tasted like a combination of blackberries and tomatoes. Eww. Well, within two or three days of drinking half of it I found a lump on the inside of my lip and a black patch about a quarter inch circle on the opposite side inside my cheek. The black patch was gone the next day, I've been putting iodine on the bump but it hasn't seemed to change. I also developed an small itchy pimple on my arm and another on my hand. After I scratched the one on my arm and the next day it turned into a small wart. The other one I was careful not to scratch and put iodine on, and it looks like after a week or so it's shrinking. The center turned red, like a tiny vein. The one in my mouth had the same red vein until I put the iodine on it.

Obviously I can't say for sure it was the elderberry that caused it all, but it's looking that way. I dumped the other half of the bottle out. Just an FYI.