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Colloidal Silver
Posted by Dennis (Vancouver, BC, Canada) on 11/08/2008

Colloidal Silver - Warts/HPV

After 4 unsuccessful surgeries to eliminate anal warts Colloidal Silver did the trick in days. For approximately 2 weeks I applied CS topically to my anus area with cotton pads - morning, night and after bowel movements. Leave the wet pad in place between applications if possible. My warts were both internal and external so I inserted the pad 1 to 2 inches. I began feeling relief in 2 days. That was 7 years ago and even thought the virus does not leave your body I have no visible signs or discomfort from the HPV virus. CS is available commercially but is easy to make and costs only pennies. Studies have shown commercial CS to be very inconsistent in its strength which is measured in PPM (parts per million). Dennis