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BC Powder, Banana Peel, Tea Tree Oil
Posted by Anonymous (Houston, Tx) on 02/04/2018
5 out of 5 stars

Let me tell u what really works. I used a BC powder, banana peel, tea tree oil, guaze pads, neosporin & medical tape... I took a cotton ball saturated the banana peel with the tea tree oil, then put the entire pack of bc powder in it... I taped it to the warts before bed left on over night (only do this once)... it will sting & even burn a bit... not to bad though . When u wake it will be a gray or white ... possibly even swollen... don't be alarmed. I almost freaked out myself but stay calm you'll thank me tomorrow. Take baths instead of showers soaking in warm to hot warm gets it off faster ... I went to wipe myself the next morning the warts were in my hand... it was like a chemical peel. I had lots of tiny warts.. once it all peels off apply neosporin as a skin protectant or Vaseline. You're welcome.