Ganglion Cyst Natural Remedies and Pain Relief

Posted by Alex (Thessaloniki / Greece) on 05/20/2021

I had a ganglion cyst in the upper part (hairy) of my left wrist for more than six years. I have tried the needle method and it got swollen again and refiled in few months. Frankincense Essential Oil didn' t work for me either.

The following instructional video saved me:

"How I Fixed the Ganglion Cyst in My Wrist"

So I followed the three pillars:

1) I removed the prolonged tension in the area by buying an ergonomic vertical left hand mouse. It has a different hand grip from common mouses. Prolonged mouse usage is thought by many doctors to cause ganglion cysts in the wrist.

2) I bought a foam roller and applied it to my upper forearm and wrist.

3) I did some dumbbell (5kgr) exercises by lifting it up just by moving the wrist (palm facing upward) to strengthen the antagonistic muscles.

In about two months my swollen ganglion cyst has almost flattened and the results lasts until now for many months.