Gallbladder Attack
Natural Remedies

Gallbladder Attack Remedies

Garden Greens
Posted by Lynn (Gulfport, Fl) on 12/21/2011
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Having had horrible gall bladder and attendant reflux episodes, I read about dandelion greens and beets and beet greens. I had dandelion greens coming up all over my yard, and started picking/cooking them. I had let them grow, so they were tall stalks when grown. I would eat them every day, at least a small plate full. I cooked and ate beets and beet greens from the store and took herbs (nettle) in capsules. I felt better in two days, but kept it up for two weeks. That was a year ago. I am having some twinges now, and started back on the herbs and beets with saurkraut (I don't like drinking vinegar). The relief is instant, and water helps. Keep the fat in the diet low until the condition improves.