Gallbladder Attack
Natural Remedies

Gallbladder Attack Remedies

Epsom Salt
Posted by Shanti (Tiruvannamalai, Ta India) on 10/27/2011
5 out of 5 stars

I have to agree with Stephen from Baltimore. Laying prone, crawling, rolling, hanging upside down, writhing, moaning and crying do nothing to relieve the pain of gallbladder attacks unfortunately.

Epsom Salts are really the only thing that has any effect in my case. I take 2 large tablespoons with hot water. Normally I put the Epsom Salts in capsules so I don't gag taking them (I can't stand the taste). If I'm lucky, the pain will subside over the next 2 hours. It doesn't always work, but usually it does. Of course Epsom Salts not only relaxes bile ducts, it is a powerful laxative, so be prepared for an obvious side effect. It's better than having gallbladder pain though!