Gallbladder Attack
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Gallbladder Attack Remedies

Bowel Function
Posted by Christian (Clacton, Essex) on 08/30/2011
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Keeping the bowel moving is a key to stop the liver/gallbladder system gettting congested; probiotics, raw food, healthy fats, fibre such as psyillium, inulin, kefir etc. Chlorella can help normalize bowel function, and gut ecology but should be introduced slowly, and may require the help of digestive enzymes.

Artichoke extract can help, five days on followed by two days off.

if nuasea or an attack develops, lay off fats and oils for a few days, take plenty of water and 1/2 to 1 teaspoon of Choline bitarterate each day in body temp water will help, especially with nausea.

A Cacommile or choline bitarterate retention enema follow by swedish bitters will help. some people do 3 enemas within 36 hours, but dont forget to drink plenty of water, fibre, moderate amounts of healthy food and probiotics.

got to normalize bowel function as priority. if constipation is present or you alternate between that and loose fatty pale stools the liver is struggling and will do so as long as bowel function is poor.

some people find a castor oil pack with hot water bottle on it, - over the gallbladder/liver area for 30 mins gives relief AFTER an enema has been given.

do keep well hydrated, especially if using enemas.