Fungal Infection Treatment: Folk Medicine

Posted by Maureen C. (Glasgow, Scotland) on 06/14/2021
5 out of 5 stars

I am using borax mixed in water and spraying it on my hands, it certainly eases the itch. I have fungal infection on my hands, and feet. I will post again if I notice further benefits.

Posted by Cindy (Illinois, USA) on 06/14/2021 403 posts

It occurs to me that we had a dry powdered hand cleaner in the shop in a dispenser when I was a kid that was called Boraxo. I don't recall it seeming harsh but it was powder soap which was weird to a kid so I may not have noticed. Seems like it might be a good way to get some boron in the system, washing one's hands with it...I don't know. Your hands made me think of it...

Potassium Sorbate
Posted by Anon (Anon) on 09/06/2020
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Potassium Sorbate for Cancer/Fungal Infections

There is a brand of ice tea that contains potassium sorbate that I used to drink when I felt unwell because it made me feel better. It contains potassium sorbate, an additive used to prevent mold.

Gymnema Slyvestre
Posted by John P (Los Angeles, California) on 06/25/2014

Science Daily article:

From Kansas State University

Treat the fungus among us with nontoxic medicinal compound

"Taking the medicine could potentially help patients control the invasive growth of the fungus and also help bring their sugar levels down." – Govindsamy Vediyappan, assistant professor of biology Govindsamy Vediyappan, assistant professor of biology, noticed that diabetic people in developing countries use a medicinal herb called Gymnema slyvestre to help control sugar levels. He decided to study the microbiological use of Gymnema slyvestre -- a tropical vine plant found in India, China and Australia -- to see if it could treat a common human fungal pathogen called Candida albicans.

The investigation was successful on two levels: Vediyappan's research team found the medicinal compound is both nontoxic and blocks the virulence properties of the fungus so that it is more treatable.

The results are important for human health, biomedical applications and potential drug development. "We have shown that this compound is safe to use because it doesn't hurt our body cells, yet it blocks the virulence of this fungus under in vitro conditions, " Vediyappan said. "Taking the medicine could potentially help patients control the invasive growth of the fungus and also help bring their sugar levels down."

Candida albicans is one of the major fungal pathogens in humans because it lives in oral and intestinal areas as a normal flora, Vediyappan said. But the fungus can overgrow and can cause oral, intestinal and genital infections.

The mortality rates for those with candidemia and invasive candidiasis has been reported to be quite high, and it is a concern among cancer patients -- especially patients with neck or oral cancer -- HIV patients, organ transplant patients and other people with compromised immune systems.

The fungus can grow in two forms: a treatable yeast and a difficult-to-treat hyphal form. Once the fungus transforms from a yeast to a hyphal growth it becomes difficult to treat because the hyphal growth has long filament-like structures that can spread into various organs.

Vediyappan's study aimed to block the hyphal growth form. "Once it gets into the tissue, it spreads like roots and is difficult to contain by our immune system, " Vediyappan said. If the fungus remains in yeast form, it is easy to manage and does not invade tissues. Vediyappan's research team purified gymnemic acid compounds that prevented the transition stage from occurring and stopped the fungus spread. The gymnemic acids come from the leaves of Gymnema sylvestre, a traditional medicinal plant. The research appears in the peer-reviewed journal PLOS ONE in an article titled "Gymnemic acids inhibit hyphal growth and virulence in Candida albicans." Gymnema extract is commonly used to treat diabetes and other ailments because it is a cost-effective treatment, Vediyappan said.

Often, people drink the extract to control their sugar levels or to lose weight. Although Vediyappan's research team is not the first to discover gymnemic acid compounds, the team is the first to discover that the compounds block the fungal transition.

The researchers found that the compounds work quickly, too, which was an important characteristic. The treatable fungal yeast can transition to a hyphal growth within 30 minutes of an infection. When the hyphal transition has occurred, it will grow into branched filaments.

The gymnemic acid compounds are nontoxic, which is especially important for cancer patients and other immunocompromised patients. The gymnemic acids can stop the unwanted invasive infection while preserving important healthy cells. The Candida albicans fungus also makes a biofilm, which is a fungal cell collection that can be difficult to treat. The researchers found that the gymnemic acid compounds converted the biofilm back to treatable yeast cells. "This compound prevents the biofilm formation because hyphae are the major builders of biofilms and biofilms are resistant to antifungals, " Vediyappan said. "Yeast cells by themselves cannot make biofilms and are sensitive to antifungal treatments."

Another interesting aspect: The gymnemic acid compounds also stopped the growth of Aspergillus, another fungal pathogen that can affect heart transplant patients and leukemia patients. Vediyappan plans future studies to research mode of action, potential drug development, diabetes applications and other ways to improve treatment for Candida albicans and other fungal pathogens.

Anti-Fungal Remedies
Posted by Carmel (England) on 04/13/2013

Would appreciate any insight please.

I have a lot of problems with sinus - headaches - ears - face aches sometimes - brain fog and memory also energy. I am sure I have fungus in my head. have had to take a lot of steroids and anti biotics over years (refuse to take them now). I am desperate for a cure. I feel as though I have no nostrils, can never breath through my nose an often get stuff going down my throat. Yellowy greeny stuff comes out my nose.

I have been reading about oxygen, colloidal silver, biotics, the candida diet (which is so so difficult to stick to and can be very expensive), and just do not know which way to turn. Has anyone here had the same problem and successfully eradicated it?

Anti-Fungal Remedies
Posted by Gino (Phoenix,az, U.s.a.) on 04/14/2013

I have the same symptoms and if you will found solution, please let me know! Thank you.

Anti-Fungal Remedies
Posted by Jenny (New Zealand) on 03/09/2016

My sister had a resistant eye infection with similar symptoms to yours & tried many natural things but it did not resolve, then she spoke to a person who told her he used cellfood drops very diluted with distilled water in his eye & it cleared up the stubborn infection & took away the deposits in his eye. He also took the drops internally too. She tried it, began very diluted, then a bit stronger, must be distilled water with no impurities in it. She got it at a health food shop or online. It causes apoptosis to infected cells so your immune system can destroy what's hiding in the cells. It worked for her too, really well. Look it up, great on skin rashes like eczema, psoriasis etc, dilute it then increase strength as it begins to heal. Good for fungal infections in the body too.

Anti-Fungal Remedies
Posted by Diane (Ca) on 04/05/2017

Carmel, I had terrible symptoms with horrific sinus problems for 10 years and doctors could not seem to help me. With me it was like an acid coming down from my head into my sinuses, down into my throat burning me as it trickled down, Acid burning all the way down into my upper chest. It was a 10 year nightmare! I finally gave up with doctors. I was totally miserable! With me the real problem was a little past the crown of the back of my head, just below the crown. For some reason when that part of my head was COLD this acid type liquid would come down causing the burn symptoms! Put a warm cap on or use the blow dryer or heating pad on your head when you are ill and see if this stops the problem. If not it's something else. But this worked for me! I am fine now. If it starts up on goes a warm cap.

Anti-Fungal Remedies
Posted by Dia (Heartland, Usa) on 01/27/2018

Hello - I had a girlfriend who got a final victory over a candida outbreak when she broke open probiotic capsules and used them directly internally......I wonder if you used probiotics directly on your scalp if that would give you the edge toward healing that you need. Might be worth a try. Regards, Dia

Anti-Fungal Remedies
Posted by Tom Jones (Lodi) on 02/09/2018

Same here, grapefruit seed extract, only 2 pills daily otherwise the die off is bad, if u want take 10mg daily to open up drainage

Chamomile Tea
Posted by Mary (Toronto, On, Canada) on 02/05/2013
5 out of 5 stars

Use chamomile tea to wash your eyes from time to time, I got an eye infection, and I remember when I was a child, I had eye surgery to corect vision and the doctor recommended at that time to wash my eyes with chamomile tea in between other treatment with medication; in two days the pink eye infection was gone just by using the chamomile tea two- three times a day.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Shelby (Evansville, Indiana) on 06/06/2011
4 out of 5 stars

18 months ago, I contracted what I assumed what was MRSA or an STD from a dionysian splurge. It was on the left labia major and was quite painful. I went to the doctor and pointed it out to her, managing to get it on my hands and then brushing the skin near my right eye. The primary infection eventually went deep under my skin so I was not able to see it, but I could still feel it there. My attention was constantly on the infection near my eye, I was not interested in it spreading and causing blindness. Antibiotic creams and pills were ineffective. Eventually I got it under control with stabilized allicin and a few times I even assumed it was gone completely, although it flared up every now and again.

The primary infection bothered me a great deal as well, and I attempted GSE on it, with limited success. I had the eye area tested for MRSA, but it was negative. It was also negative for being a viral infection and I was at a total loss. The things I used supposingly hit all three, virual, bacterial and fungal, so I assumed I had all bases covered. The doctors continued to insist nothing was there, but I felt it pulling at my eye and down below, constantly aching.

A few weeks ago, my eye was itching a great deal, and I put some vaseline on it. Immediately it spread like crazy, all over my face, down my cheek and began to burn. I began to seriously doubt a bacterial infection is supposed to do that, and a new thought entered my head. Perhaps it was a fungus. It was a long shot, but I researched fungus remedies and took a few baths with ACV and began to regularly apply it and am still doing so. It is a thousand times better now, the ACV seemingly the only thing in 18 months to do anything to this monster. Though the ACV is rough on my skin and I do have to moisturize with olive oil.

As I began to think about the infection being a fungus, it began to make much more sense to me, rather than a bacterial infection. I'm not ruling out a bacterial infection, but a fungus one seems to be more accurate.

Please do not rule out a potential fungus infection when approaching your doctor about possible STD issues or suspicious infections in the nether regions. I believe a dropped condom on a sock or shoe was the cause of mine, and I can finally sense the end of this frustrating journey. It never occured to me, as women do not tend to deal with jock itch or things of that nature.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Mama to Many (Tennessee) on 05/29/2014

Dear Ladybug,

I am not the original poster of this thread, but we do use apple cider vinegar topically. I use it straight on the skin sometimes (for bug bites.) But if using on sensitive skin areas or young children, I use 1 part vinegar to 3 parts water. I knew a lady who cured a fungal infection in a sensitive area and she diluted it by putting 2 T. vinegar into a cup of water and applying with a cottonball.

Let us know if it works for you!

~Mama to Many~

Grapefruit Seed Extract
Posted by Zanz (Nelson, New Zealand) on 08/08/2008
5 out of 5 stars

i have recently stumbled apon the most fantastic cure all!!!!!! grapefruit seed extract has served as a mirical cure for my double whammy fungal infection which then spawned impetigo! i had been back to the quack 3 times prescribed antibiotics which 1/2 worked but then the sores spread! i was devistated as they were set to take over my whole face! then fate stepped in and handed me a little bottle of GSE whithin 3 days the impetigo was peeling away to reveal beautifull healthy skin underneath and after just 8 days my face was compltetly clear and even the annoying hormonal breakouts i get on the sides of my chin have shown dramatic healing and i mean dramatic! I took GSE internally and i wash my face with it morning and night and put a couple of drops in almond oil as a moisteriser.

Boric Acid
Posted by Renee (Bergen Co) on 07/26/2023

You can buy empty capsules online (or - with caution! - empty a capsule you have at home, keeping in mind that there will be residue in the capsule and, in this case, you're putting it in your ear as opposed to ingesting it)

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Anon (Anon) on 07/20/2020

Ted's mange remedy might work better. Soak the bras in it, too.

Posted by Georgie (Green Bay, Wi) on 03/31/2018

This site is wonderful. Your addition to it ( I feel) is really going to help me with the tips others have put on here. Thanks so much.

Xylitol and Borax
Posted by Mhikl (Alberta, CA) on 10/08/2014
5 out of 5 stars

I have been using Xylitol in both my neti bottle and my spray bottle in all head orifices for five years. It has cleared itch from my eyebrows (one application seemed to do that), and continuously in my ears, eyes and nose. Itch is gone, sinuses relieved (though not extinguished without out use) and I have not had a cold or flue since beginning the practice.

About six months ago I began also spraying with a borax solution. I tried mixing it with my Xylitol & sodium buffer but the taste turned to sour and did not seem to work at all. Then I tried doing each job separately; first the Xylitol spray until my nostrils opened and all passages where cleared of phlegm and particles. Then I 'snort' water to further clear out the sinus cavities. Lastly I spray with my borax solution three or so times. My theory is that it may help with eventually extinguishing my sinus infection.

To make my borax solution I simmer a litre of water with about 2-3 Tbsp borax. When it seems dissolved (no particles evident) I let it cool and then save in a glass jar. When it cools over night there are clear crystals of borax at the bottom of the jar. I then pour the clear liquid into my dollar store 250 ml spray bottle and that becomes my borax spray. When the glass bottle is nearly empty, with new distilled water I wash the clear crystals into a pan and re-simmer, cool and return the liquid to the glass container. And the process begins again.

Here is the naughty. I recently had begun to smoke cigarettes again after about five years using electric cigarettes. The Xylitol was then not having the effect it did before and my nose stayed stuffed up which led me to experiment with the borax (I use borax in everything and every way I can possibly think up). That did the trick. (I am returning to electric nicotine as it does seem to have health benefits for me whist the 'smoke' variety does not.)

One possible warning with the salt in your nose. Use as little as possible. I have read that a strong solution can actually harm the lining of the nasal cavities. The little packets that come with neti pots and bottles is about the right amount to use as a buffer.

I also use borax and powdered Himalayan salt as my toothpaste and body soap. I leave the solution on my skin for about four minutes whilst I gently brush my teeth. This I have read, does rejuvenates the skin and cleans it without stripping the oils.

Note also that Dr Mercola says that vitamin D from noon time sun (10am~2pm) is in the oil on your skin and that it takes 48 hours to be absorbed. The borax/sodium soak on the skin (no cloth used) does not seem to strip the oils from my skin. I only pour it on the skin and gently smooth it around.

Namaste and care,


Sporotrichosis Remedies
Posted by Mmsg (Somewhere, Europe) on 04/14/2013

Kater, he can dunk his wet finger into green clay or any kind of clay or activated charcoal. These things "pull out" junk. Just don't leave it on for too long at a time as it will be too strong for the finger.

Anti-Fungal Remedies
Posted by Mmsg (Somewhere, Europe) on 04/14/2013

Carmel, read up on breathing H2O2 right here on EC.

Anti-Fungal Remedies
Posted by Anrea C (Cardiff, Wales) on 06/04/2013

I was treated for Eczema. It was a stress fungus that is not catching, but inturned stress. Nizorol shampoo was the only thing that helped........ It's a commercial fungicide. Follow the instructions to a Tee. Also, there is a book called The Mind Body prescription by John sarno, MD. Stress will beat you up, go look at the free page's on Amazon.

Anti-Fungal Remedies
Posted by Gracie (Wash.) on 07/08/2015

Here is a little information I've learned from my alternative medicine doctor, Nystatin is for the great for fungal infections and it remains in digestive system and Diflucan is more effective for systemic fungal infection. I believe for acute fungal infection you need medication for over a month.

My doctor gave me choice garlic tablets, Allimax 100% Allicin Powder to begin with later on oregano oil pill 2 three times a day from more of broad spectrum attack, and I also took probiotics with this since oregano upsets the flora balance

Please be careful, using coconut oil if it is made from dried coconut it has mycotoxins (fungal/mold) Call the companies, and be sure coconut oil is made from fresh coconut oil.

Anti-Fungal Remedies
Posted by Sam (Miami) on 07/08/2015

I have just learned from a book I am reading (Why Isn't My Brain Working?) that chronic fungal infection on feet is an indication of poor blood circulation that causes inadequate oxygen suply to one's feet tissues.

Anti-Fungal Remedies
Posted by Jerry (Kentucky) on 11/17/2015

Evening Primrose Oil will take care of your scalp problem.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Citygirl27 (Richardson, Tx, Usa) on 08/27/2012

Hi from another Maine girl (I'm from Bangor, but live in the lone star state). Coconut oil is perfect for people who have had their gallbladder out, because it doesn't try to initiate a bile response like other fats. It is great for tons of other reasons, but just wanted to give a heads up for coconut oil.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Om (H) on 08/08/2013

Misty from Usa: please read It helps doing research as in the times we live in dis-information is rampant for reasons of predation on the populace. Om

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Scared (Mo., Usa) on 08/08/2013

I have been drinking 1/4 tsp. Borax with 1 litre water for the last 6 months. After about 2 weeks I felt really bad for a few days but continued drinking it. Those symtoms went away and I feel better than I have in years. I talked to my Doctor and he said it is fine to drink. Borax is a mineral and healthier than using salt. I have what I assume to be morgellons (no Doctor will diagnose it). Borax was the only thing that took away the bugs. My environment still has them, I have found nothing that got rid of them. I now have bug zappers in my home and am making some progress. Sometimes the government while trying to keep us safe overstates the side effects. In the 1800's people drank borax water for a multitude of health issues. Sometimes there is truth to Old Wive's Tales.

Anti-Fungal Remedies
Posted by Debbie (Melbourne, Australia ) on 05/19/2012

If you have a fungal infection on your face, it stands to reason that it will be internal too. Just fixing the problem externally will not alleviate your internal problems. You need to do a detox. Can I suggest reading books by Dr. Norman Walker on juice therapy or researching body detoxes.

ACV internally will help kill off fungus issues internally. That should clear up the skin as well.

Anti-Fungal Remedies
Posted by Had (White River Jct, Vermont) on 05/22/2012

ACV w/B soda and water in morning, borax in water to 'clean' face, and EVCO to moisturize (all are anit-fungals)

Posted by Kw221 (Tempe, Az) on 04/02/2012

Those rashes are caused by flakes from your scalp. Get some nizoral ad shampoo from wal-mart and let it sit in your hair for 10 minutes every two weeks.

Posted by Deep (Delhi) on 08/28/2015

Apply apple cider on the affected area. Or take raw turmeric boil it in milk add 2 spoon honey when milk is still warm. Drink it every day in the evening.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Om (Hope, Bc. Canada) on 05/29/2014

Mama to Many --- please keep us updated about your ear drum. We are concerned. Love, Om

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Mama to Many (Tennessee) on 05/30/2014

Dear Om,

Thank you for thinking of me!

I am not having ear pain any more. I am treating my ear with Colloidal Silver.

A friend of mine who is an RN looked in my ear for me earlier this week. The ear was very red, though it didn't exactly look like an infection. She couldn't see a perforation, but apparently you can't always see them. She suggested treating it as if it were a perforation (sounds much less dramatic than rupture! ) since I could taste what I put in my ear. So, that is what I am doing. She said she would look at it again in a few days and see how it is progressing.

I wil keep you posted...

~Mama to Many~

Boric Acid
Posted by Sedaray (Los Angeles, California) on 05/21/2023

It looks like the Sheehy-house Powder Insufflator requires powder to be in capsule form. How did you use it with plain borax powder?

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Shelly (Virginia) on 07/19/2020
1 out of 5 stars

Fungal Skin Infection:

I have had a horrible rash in the fold of my skin in my belly for months now.Intially I had it under my breasts too. I went to a dermatologist, who gave me diflucan and ketoconazole. After several months it did go away. Then it came back, but just on my belly fat and around my perineal area. I don't have insurance so I tried many "natural" cures. But nothing is working. My skin is raw, if there is any help anybody can give, I would greatly appreciate it.

Posted by Becky (Ca) on 09/06/2017 32 posts


how are you doing with the Borax?

i am confused, most of this site says to alkaline. Doesn't Apple Cider Vinegar increased acid. I am wondering if taking baths in the alkaline solutions like Borax, baking Soda is harming the good bacteria on the skin causing more out breaks.

i have a very serious case. Appearantly Bill does not respond anymore.


Coconut Oil, Epsom Salt
Posted by Georgie (Wisconsin) on 03/31/2018

How are you doing now ( if you are still on this site)?

Gymnema Slyvestre
Posted by gina (Florida) on 02/09/2021

Did they give a brand to use? Thank you so much.

Sporotrichosis Remedies
Posted by Kater (Ashland, Mo, Usa) on 04/13/2013

My son works on the grounds of his college. Got pricked by a rosebush on left ring finger and it swelled and stiffened to the point of not being able to use it last night. Is better today but in reading, he believes he may have a slight case of sporotrichosis, which is a fungal disease. Since there is no real opening, wondering what would be good to treat internally to make sure to keep the fungus at bay. Any ideas would be helpful.

Sporotrichosis Remedies
Posted by Jshade5886 (Middletown, Pa, Us) on 07/28/2016

I am dealing with Sporotrichosis as we speak, symptoms started around May 6th. I have had to do my own research as the local doctors don't seem to know much, only about 250 people in the US get it per year, mostly Men over 50. I'm a 30 year old female, and my case is even more rare as it is throughout my body.

In my research generally if it is localized your son may get away with applying topical Terbinafine Hydrochloride cream. Unfortunately if that doesn't work he will need to insist on a FUNGAL culture as a routine culture will not work for diagnosis, and if positive he will need a regimen of Itraconazole for anywhere from 1-6 months.

Sporotrichosis Remedies
Posted by Bl (Ca) on 04/20/2018

RE: To Dennis in Ontario

What is the name and brand of the Garlic supplement you take?

Anti-Fungal Remedies
Posted by Jim (Madrid) on 01/19/2014

Hi there, I'm new to all this. I am writing to mainly ask Bill from San Fernando in the Phillipines about his post on this page, and of course I welcome help from all.

Well, I have had a severe problem with my scalp for years. Having had private testing I have become aware that I have candida and also klebsiella. My naturapath put me on various things to kill off both over a long period of time but nothing she tried got rid of the scalp problem. I have a long history of poor digestion, I don't assimilate my food and so am very thin and have chronic diarrhea. I use kefir as a means to slow my digestion and keep intestinal flora up and I use wild oregano oil to keep my bacteria/yeast problems down. The oregano oil doesn't help with my scalp though. One problem I gain from the oregano oil is that is causes me hip pain.

I have read Bill's suggestions and have bought Bicarb of soda (one with no aluminium), borax, lugols iodine and also essential oil of turpentine.

Well, I started on the bicarb as it was the first to arrive. What happened was that it immediately caused me to have diarrhea. This may be fine in a relatively health individual but not in me.

It is obvious to me that I have a very severe case of candida that is probably causing me to have leaky gut syndrome. It requires a hardcore approach. I know that as a child I had an enormous amount of antibiotics as a result of various health issues. I know to keep the probiotics up and I have got the anti-candida diet sorted too. What I want to know is what should I take to kill the candida (and anything else that I didn't kill yet! ) without causing my weakened body more problems?

Bill, you mention Ted's alkalizing remedies but you don't say what they actually are. You mention also Ted's Carbibarb remedy, what is that? I'm scoured the whole of the listing and can't find it. I can't cope with bicarb so how can I alkalize? To me lemon/lime alone is childsplay and alkalizing water doesn't work either.

I'm a bit worried about taking borax and the turp oil but I have to end my problems with candid asap. Having read alot about the biofilm theory of candida I see that I have much work to do. I have tried using the enzyme approach to remove the biofilm but it didn't produce results. When I was on the kill off I took great care of my liver for processing and my digestion was pretty normal, as soon as I stop the problems recur.

I will try with the borax, lugol's and turp oil, and anti-candida diet I shall continue. Please let me know if I'm on the right track.

I appreciate your help in advance.


Anti-Fungal Remedies
Posted by Jim (Madrid, Spain) on 01/21/2014

Amazing, Thank you so much Bill!!!

Anti-Fungal Remedies
Posted by R H (Alaska, US) on 07/13/2014

I reading with great interest because I have had fungus on my scalp for almost 30 yrs. I first got it during a very difficult pregnancy when I was very very acidic. The doc gave me some kind of cream... don't remember what... I used it.. the fungus went away and came right back. The he told me that it was in the roots of my hair and would keep coming back. He also said that it would go away when my hormones changed when I was 55. That seemed forever but I was looking forward to that day... it came and went.

The fungus is worse than ever. I have tried putting these things on my scalp ..coconut oil (makes it better but it comes back in a couple of days, neem oil... same thing.... neem oil with pau d' arco.. same thing... colloidal silver cream.. this one didn't work at all... glover's sarcoptic mange medicine... the ingredient list would make your blood run cold and they don't sell it any more.. you have to buy it as an antique. It works the best, but only for about 3 days. I've also tried coconut oil with oregano oil... not sure how it's going to work because I haven't tried it long enough.

I've also done 3 full body cleanses from baseline nutritionals which includes a heavy metal cleanse. It may be worse now than ever. I feel part of that was because I had to take an antibiotic for 9 months because I was exposed to TB. I'm really about at my wits end with it. Any help would be very much appreciated!

Anti-Fungal Remedies
Posted by Timh (KY) on 07/13/2014 2073 posts

RH: Did those body cleanses include anti-parasite? This is very important.

To treat the fungus, you can take any of these 3 remedies (rotation is best), orally or topically or both ---Borax, ACV, Hydrogen Peroxide. The H2O2 will temporarily remove the color from your hair.

Anti-Fungal Remedies
Posted by Meah (Vancouver, Wa) on 09/23/2014

I've been struggling with this for over a decade now, and recently discovered the GAPS diet, which addresses these physical symptoms as a side effect of horrible imbalance of gut bacteria. There's a website and a book by Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride that deals with how to heal this systemically, and she's quite thorough, I think. I've only been on the diet for a few weeks now but feeling very good. There are several levels to the diet, but it is essentially a grain-free diet with lots of probiotics as supplements and fermented foods. I would recommend trying it!

Anti-Fungal Remedies
Posted by Alina (Alberta) on 10/10/2017

@ Daffodil from Seattle

Can you say how do you cure your systemic fungal exactly ears, eyes?

Anti-Fungal Remedies
Posted by Shennan (Qld, Australia) on 06/28/2015

This is to Daffodil,

You mentioned: "...I suffered with fungal infections on my face, including my eyes, for years before I figured this all out."

Could you please let me know what you did to clear the fungal out of your eyes? I have a fungal in my eye and 18months of eye drops hasn't cleared it. There are now calcium deposits forming on my cornea which has reduced my vision to 30%. All advice deeply appreciated.

Anti-Fungal Remedies
Posted by gina (Florida) on 02/09/2021


May I ask how you used the tee tree oil in ears? Thank you

Anti-Fungal Remedies
Posted by Larry (Fairfax, Va) on 11/17/2015

To: Jerry(KY) - I want to try your suggestion of Evening Primrose Oil for my scalp. How do you use it; how often, etc.? Thanks. - Larry

Anti-Fungal Remedies
Posted by Joy (The Villages, FL, USA) on 05/27/2022

Hi Tom, ...

Do you think the Grapefruit Seed would have any effect on a fungal ball in the upper sinuses? I've had this condition for 11 years now...mucus at night when I lie down and in the morning when I'm up for a few minutes, also after meals...I get pressure in my head sometimes...Right eye very filmy...getting really worried...Do I have to wait for a Med Bed? Please let me know what you think. Mucus comes mostly down the back of my throat, more than my nose. I know you're not a doctor. Just looking for your experience with this. Thanks, Joy.

Anti-Fungal Remedies
Posted by Joy (The Villages, FL USA) on 05/27/2022

Hi Carmel, I have the same terrible (but clear) mucus running down the back of my throat almost constantly. It comes when I lie down at night and I have to spit up mucus for the first hour, then when I wake up and stand upright it starts again..And especially after I eat. I guess my body heats up and starts to dissolve the mucus. I know mucus is a blessing and an immune reaction to something that might kill you, so your body surrounds it in mucus to protect you. I know this is a fungal ball(s), because I actually pulled one out of my nostril one day...It's affected my vision, and I can hardly see out of my right eye. It's filmy and blurred.

If you find anything that helps you, please let me know...I've tried everything, including prescribed anti-fungals, to no avail. Thanks, Joy.

Lavender and Eucalyptus Oil
Posted by Shelby (Evansville, Indiana) on 02/04/2013
5 out of 5 stars

For the past three years I have been suffering from an unknown infection in the corner of my eye. It took a long time to finally figure out it was (as far as I can tell) a fungal infection. I used ACV on it and IT SPREAD EVERYWHERE. I had to be careful because it is very close to my eyeball, but finally found lavender oil and eucalyptus oil. I dilute and wash my face with one drop eucalyptus, 2 drops lavender oil to 1 teaspoon of water a few times a day. So far so good! I will continue until the bottles are empty, probably a few months or so.

Ted's Remedies
Posted by Irene (Sandvika, Norway) on 10/26/2012

Hello Ted: I have written you a mail, but I got no reply which I understand, but please tell me if my treatment plan sounds OK to you, or have I misunderstood anything?

I have gathered information however, that I think is suitable for my treatment (hair loss and fungus (after a trip to India, I slept in a room with mold everywhere for one month):

Iron, even though its low, I should stay away from it because it feeds fungus (actually I get small rash on my hands everytime I ingest iron)

Low copper--> I will take sodium copper chlorophyllin 200-300 mg a day! (everyday for 2-3 weeks) and 2mg normal copper 4 days a week

Zinc: I have sufficient zinc in my hair analysis, but I will take 10mg a day nontheness (3 days a week)

Manganese- I have taken manganese for some time now, off and on, but I will take 15 mg 4 days a day

The B3(bedtime), MSM, BORAX, baking soda with lemon taken internally and b3, msm, borax applied topically also. 1/2 teaspoon of each with 1 tablespoon of water applied throughout the scalp. Overnight. (borax 1/8 in 1 liter of drinking water, and adding a large pinch of borax to the mix of topical application overnight. MSM taken internally around 1000 mg x 4 or x 5 to help kill the fungus)

Vitamin C sodium ascorbate 1000 mg everyday for 2-3 weeks, then reduce it to 500 mg

Molybdenum- Cannot find sodium molydate, and I have very low levels of that, but I found ammonium molybdate which I will take 1, 2 mg every day for 2-3 weeks, one day of per week)

Magnesium citrate 500-600 mg 5 days a week, I have very low levels of that as well!

I will try to find cooked liver found in chickens and pork, to get some iron.

Meanwhile, stay away from everything unhealthy! After these weeks, 2-3 weeks, I will only take some molybdenum (400mcg), some manganese (7, 5 mg), magnesium (300 mg), and borax 1 or 2 times a week.

Additionaly I will take some fulvic acid, biotin, PABA and amino acids to help the hair growth. Iam waiting for some of supplements so we will see! I will post the results here after 3 weeks!

What do you think?

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Kate48 (Houlton, Maine Usa) on 08/25/2012

I am new here. Neat stuff!! I have had a serious fungal over growth and been helped with Riff techology but still have some resistant yeast or fungus in sinuses and lungs. I have leg muscle and hip, knee and ankle joint pains. Walking is sometimes very painful. I want to get rid of the rest of this. I started taking baking soda in water after getting some info off of YouTube. I was doing it before meals which I am now corrected on. I got a headache with this and I had hoped was die off but probably not. I will follow Ted's formula with lemon or lime juice with water and bs. I want to add borax. Do I add this to the same mix and take after eating?

Also I am getting some relief from transdermal magnesium but would like to take epsom salts and baking soda baths but I have city water which is chlorinated. I saw on one of Ted's replys were he said he added sodium trisulphate to de-chlorinate his drinking water. Does anyone know how much I might need for a bath and what kind of proceedure to use if I find out, so I can soak for an hour with out chlorinating myself?

Also I have had my gallbladder removed and what to know of any precautions I should take with any of the formulas mentioned which I plan to use.

Thanks to anyone who might be able to help me figure this out.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Misty (Usa) on 08/08/2013

I have been reading messages on/about fungal virus, I need to correct a comment if it's acceptable, it seems like people are consuming borax? I read the instructions and it states: Do not take internally. Does anyone read the most important information on the box? Good luck.

Over the Counter
Posted by Theresa (Indianapolis, Indiana) on 06/28/2012
5 out of 5 stars

On June 20, 2012 I started searching on the internet for an alternative treatment for a recurring fungal infection which has appeared on my right hand 3 years in a row. For 3 solid years, this fungus has appeared, lock clockwork, in early summer. I have seen a dermatologist, been prescribed multiple creams and even had a very expensive biopsy done in 2011. Nothing seems to work but time. Meanwhile, I was in misery trying to reapply creams & lotions after every hand washing and wrap my hand up at night so the ointments would stay put long enough to work. It was futile. So last week after reading several posts here about the efficacy of Absorbine Jr. On ring worm, I thought, "why not"? Thank goodness that others took the time to post their results! After a week of use (4-8) times/ day, the fungus is nearly gone. I am going to continue use of Absorbine Jr. For at least another week because I know it will come back due to the nature of fungal infections. Normally it would have taken 3 months and lots of battling to get rid of this stuff. Today, I am itch free and 90% cured! Perhaps it is the fact that Absorbine Jr. is a liquid and can dry on your skin instead of coming off constantly requiring re-application. Or, perhaps it is the ingedients that really work or some combination thereof. Frankly, it doesn't matter. It works.

P. S... When you go to purchase this stuff at your local drugstore, be mindful that it is currently marketed as an arthritis and sore muscle treatment. You will have to read the side of the box to see that it can also treat athlete's foot (fungus) to be assured you're buying the right thing.

Anti-Fungal Remedies
Posted by Tahir (Khartoum, Sudan Khartoum ) on 05/17/2012

I have fungals in my head and face. Since I am black it appears white knots. May you please advise me for effective anti fungal to be used. Really I AM SUFFERING SO MUCH MANY PEOPLE CALL ME UGLY.

Anti-Fungal Remedies
Posted by Doddie (Lawrenceville, Georgia, Usa) on 05/19/2012

Put straight vinegar on you face. It will burn but leave it on a few minutes. Rinse your face and that should do it. I use to get this from couch pillows, the telephone. I also had to rinse my pillow cases twice to make sure I got all the detergent out. I do not use soap on my face. I use a cleanser cream. You can also use Bonner's soap, half soap and half alovera juice on your hair face and body.

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