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Posted by Irene (Sandvika, Norway) on 10/26/2012

Hello Ted: I have written you a mail, but I got no reply which I understand, but please tell me if my treatment plan sounds OK to you, or have I misunderstood anything?

I have gathered information however, that I think is suitable for my treatment (hair loss and fungus (after a trip to India, I slept in a room with mold everywhere for one month):

Iron, even though its low, I should stay away from it because it feeds fungus (actually I get small rash on my hands everytime I ingest iron)

Low copper--> I will take sodium copper chlorophyllin 200-300 mg a day! (everyday for 2-3 weeks) and 2mg normal copper 4 days a week

Zinc: I have sufficient zinc in my hair analysis, but I will take 10mg a day nontheness (3 days a week)

Manganese- I have taken manganese for some time now, off and on, but I will take 15 mg 4 days a day

The B3(bedtime), MSM, BORAX, baking soda with lemon taken internally and b3, msm, borax applied topically also. 1/2 teaspoon of each with 1 tablespoon of water applied throughout the scalp. Overnight. (borax 1/8 in 1 liter of drinking water, and adding a large pinch of borax to the mix of topical application overnight. MSM taken internally around 1000 mg x 4 or x 5 to help kill the fungus)

Vitamin C sodium ascorbate 1000 mg everyday for 2-3 weeks, then reduce it to 500 mg

Molybdenum- Cannot find sodium molydate, and I have very low levels of that, but I found ammonium molybdate which I will take 1, 2 mg every day for 2-3 weeks, one day of per week)

Magnesium citrate 500-600 mg 5 days a week, I have very low levels of that as well!

I will try to find cooked liver found in chickens and pork, to get some iron.

Meanwhile, stay away from everything unhealthy! After these weeks, 2-3 weeks, I will only take some molybdenum (400mcg), some manganese (7, 5 mg), magnesium (300 mg), and borax 1 or 2 times a week.

Additionaly I will take some fulvic acid, biotin, PABA and amino acids to help the hair growth. Iam waiting for some of supplements so we will see! I will post the results here after 3 weeks!

What do you think?


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Posted by Cc (Congo, Kinshasa ) on 09/14/2011

I got rash all over my body and went to the doctor and she says it is fungal infection and gave me a cream since last year am not feeling better is becoming worst each day. Can I use apple cider vinegar and how? Should I drink or apply it on my skin? Please help

Replied by Rn
(Oscoda, Mi)
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My daughter had a similar rash and took turmeric, in the spice section, 1 tsp mixed with water twice a day. The rash cleared up in a week! I posted my story here today.

Replied by Kw221
(Tempe, Az)

Those rashes are caused by flakes from your scalp. Get some nizoral ad shampoo from wal-mart and let it sit in your hair for 10 minutes every two weeks.

Replied by Deep

Apply apple cider on the affected area. Or take raw turmeric boil it in milk add 2 spoon honey when milk is still warm. Drink it every day in the evening.

Xylitol and Borax

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Posted by Mhikl (Alberta, CA) on 10/08/2014
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I have been using Xylitol in both my neti bottle and my spray bottle in all head orifices for five years. It has cleared itch from my eyebrows (one application seemed to do that), and continuously in my ears, eyes and nose. Itch is gone, sinuses relieved (though not extinguished without out use) and I have not had a cold or flue since beginning the practice.

About six months ago I began also spraying with a borax solution. I tried mixing it with my Xylitol & sodium buffer but the taste turned to sour and did not seem to work at all. Then I tried doing each job separately; first the Xylitol spray until my nostrils opened and all passages where cleared of phlegm and particles. Then I 'snort' water to further clear out the sinus cavities. Lastly I spray with my borax solution three or so times. My theory is that it may help with eventually extinguishing my sinus infection.

To make my borax solution I simmer a litre of water with about 2-3 Tbsp borax. When it seems dissolved (no particles evident) I let it cool and then save in a glass jar. When it cools over night there are clear crystals of borax at the bottom of the jar. I then pour the clear liquid into my dollar store 250 ml spray bottle and that becomes my borax spray. When the glass bottle is nearly empty, with new distilled water I wash the clear crystals into a pan and re-simmer, cool and return the liquid to the glass container. And the process begins again.

Here is the naughty. I recently had begun to smoke cigarettes again after about five years using electric cigarettes. The Xylitol was then not having the effect it did before and my nose stayed stuffed up which led me to experiment with the borax (I use borax in everything and every way I can possibly think up). That did the trick. (I am returning to electric nicotine as it does seem to have health benefits for me whist the 'smoke' variety does not.)

One possible warning with the salt in your nose. Use as little as possible. I have read that a strong solution can actually harm the lining of the nasal cavities. The little packets that come with neti pots and bottles is about the right amount to use as a buffer.

I also use borax and powdered Himalayan salt as my toothpaste and body soap. I leave the solution on my skin for about four minutes whilst I gently brush my teeth. This I have read, does rejuvenates the skin and cleans it without stripping the oils.

Note also that Dr Mercola says that vitamin D from noon time sun (10am~2pm) is in the oil on your skin and that it takes 48 hours to be absorbed. The borax/sodium soak on the skin (no cloth used) does not seem to strip the oils from my skin. I only pour it on the skin and gently smooth it around.

Namaste and care,


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