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Apple Cider Vinegar

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Posted by Shake44 (Marrero, Louisiana, United States) on 08/16/2011

I've Fibroids too, heavy did normal periods this month. I was crying last night because I went to the bathroom and its still here and yesterday was my 8 day. I got up out of bed and by the Gods will found this site. When I read about acv, I said to myself no this is not that easy. So i got from the computer went into the kitchen 2tsp of acv. 2 hours past light. While, this is real 6 hours past gone, I have a gas problem I also notice that the Apple Cider Vinegar help me on that too. Thanks

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Patty (Miami, Florida) on 04/26/2011

will Apple Cider Vinegar tablets work the same? I can't deal with the taste it makes me gag. If so, would anyone know how many miligrams?

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Starmaker (Saskatoon, Sk, Canada) on 12/31/2010

I have tried to submit this a couple of times. I'm not sure if I have been successful or not. Will try one more time. I don't as a rule respond to online testimonials. However, I am very aware that the ACV I have been consuming the past couple months is worthy of a serious mention here. I suffer with uterine fibroids. And at 46 yrs old, the doctor wanted to apply watchful waiting to see if they would start to shrink once menopause hit me. My mom didn't go into menopause til her mid 50's so I was not about to wait that long for relief. Besides, the pain, flooding, fatigue, clots and not being able to leave my toilet has been getting progressively worse over the past couple years. I'm a lead singer in a rock band and I can recall recent gigs that I did where I was bleeding so heavy, I had to wear a flippin bladder pad (and black clothes) to simply get through an hrs worth of performing before our set break when I could run to the can and fix things up for another hour. Very embarrasing. But there have been even more embarrasing moments let me tell you. (sad face)

I first read about apple cider vinegar on this site, and if it weren't for the many many believable testimonials, I probably would have laughed it off. But after taking this miracle juice for the past 2 months. I feel I really have to contribute my story. I always believed most testimonials were crap that were written by fakers trying to sell their product. However, there is nothing anyone can gain here except relief from the shared knowledge. So I am happy to add my story. Hope it helps one or more of you.

My fibroids which the doc claimed were few and very small (and shouldn't be causing me any distress) made my life a living hell. Periods were 5 to 7 days of gushing blood and clots. Clots so big I swore I was miscarrying. I had many days each month where I sat on the toilet with my laptop. Afraid to even get up. If I did, I gave birth to another huge painful to pass clot. My breasts were always sore a week before my period, during and sometimes after for a couple days. I blew threw maxi pads in less than an hr, and the pain and fatigue was terrible. Sex and penetration was also becoming very painful. I started taking regular Heinz store brand ACV 2 months ago. I will go to the health food store and pick up some higher end stuff now that I know it works well for me.

The first thing I noticed on month 1 was zero PMS, my period literally snuck up on me. No breast swelling or tenderness the whole period. Wha? I'll take it! Period was what I would deem as normal. It has been so many years since having a normal period, I almost didn't recognize it. I passed 1 small clot and barely even noticed. Period slowed by day 4 and by then I was no longer wearing any sanitary protection. Wow... Just Wow! Pain was manageable. Still took a couple advil once or twice during the heavier period days. But used to take 10 advil a day for 7 days. What a difference! The biggest shock was the absence of the gushing. Sorry TMI but no way to really explain this properly without being frank. Seriously... Gushing was gone. Clotting all but gone. That cycle, I did a stage show with my band and wore a WHITE dress. Haha never would have been that brave before. Waited another month to see if I was just as fortunate before posting my findings here. Happy Happy happy to report that I just finished another period that was as easy and managable as last months. Oh happy day! Again one very small clot. No gushing. I am taking 2 tbsp of ACV twice a day in a bottle of water which I drink down fast a few mins before meals. I was also surprised and thrilled to note that the last 20 lbs that I have been struggling to lose (I am a zero to low carber) have been coming off since taking ACV. Seems as if water weight is the first to go. I'll take that thank you very much!! Lol

I don't know if the ACV is shrinking my fibroids so soon. I hope it is. And will ask for an ultrasound sometime this next year to see whats happening with them. But what I do know for sure. Is the pain, distress, and emotional upheaval I experienced with each and every period for the past 7 years is now all but gone away. I would have tried the Black strap molasses, but when I read the carton how many carbs and calories are in there... Ummm nope, not for this kid!

I hope someone out there who is a skeptic like me, reads this, and gives it a whirl. What do you have to lose anyway? I was slowly losing my mind and my sex life before this. Should mention that the pain from sex hasn't yet gone away, but it is less noticeable. I suspect the fibroids are pressing on my cervix, bladder and intestines. Thanks for reading my lil story. Sammy

Replied by Angie
(Newnan, Ga)

Dear Sammy, I am with you, I have the same symtoms. I started a detox program and going to start with the ACV I have heard great things about it. For sure will post on my experience.

I am Angie

Replied by Debbie
(Philadelphia, Pa)

I was diagnosed with a uterine fibroid the size of a plum about a month ago. I started with Blackstrap Molasses and Apple Cider Vinegar (2 tbsp twice a day) about 3 weeks ago. Plus, I included some herbs that are good for softening fibrous tissue and scar tissue (Arnica), Lugol's Iodine and Milk Thistle for my liver which is supposed to have been impacted somehow (not really surehow, just thought it would be good to add this). I also use Vitamin E, digestive enzymes (which is supposed to break up the tough fibrin outer layer of the fibroid). The Lugol's Iodine is supposed to be good for fibrocystic breast disease (of which I have been diagnosed and had 3 lumps removed over the years) and ovarian cysts and uterine fibroids as well.

I should mention that within a week after I started the ACV and BSM (I also used 1 tsp of baking soda with this which essentially detoxed the hell out of me! Did that the first week and then ran out of baking soda so I just continued with the ACV and BSM), then got my period. I was pleasantly surprised when my period came w/o the usual extremely tender breasts, pre-cramping and first two heavy days of bleeding. In fact, during the whole cycle, I probably used maybe 7 pads and 5 or 6 tampons, this includes nights which were more problematic and nerve-wracking. My energy level is up, and in a related development, my seasonal allergies are even gone! Amazing!

As you can see, I've been doing a lot and just a few days ago started having some steadily increasing spotting. It's not time for my period again yet so I don't think that's what's happening. I'm hoping that this is a result of the fibroid breaking up and coming out of me??? I don't know but I wanted to see if anyone else had similar experiences. I hope that some of you had success with your situations. I have an ultrasound scheduled for October 31 so I'm trying to hang in there until I get results. Hopefully they'll say the fibroid has either shrunk significantly or it's just gone. Praying for the latter! The last time I had a fibroid was 2 years ago and I had a Uterine Fibroid Embolization (UFE), not a bad procedure, just don't want to have to do it again b/c it left me with medical bills even though I have insurance. I will post the results of my ultrasound in a couple weeks and hopefully good news too!

Replied by Timh
(Louisville, Usa)
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Debbie, I have read where the use of caffeine is contraindicated in the fibrous condition which you have, as it strongly agonizes the production of Fibrin.

Replied by Camy
(Jersey City, New Jersey)

Hello, I'm doing practically the same thing than you with small variations; I got a fibroid of about 10cmx8cm. It's really big and scared me a lot. My doctor said that was the size of a newborn's head.

I have no kids and I'd really like to have at least one. I'm trying the natural option first if no signs of shrinking are showed I will go for the surgery.

I started with the ACV and BSM like 5 months ago, and I don't really know if my fibroid has shrunk but for sure my symptoms now are less notorious. My sexual life improved a lot, before was very painful and I didn't enjoy being with my husband because of the pain. Since I started with the treatment I have no more pain.

My belly was hard like a rock but now little by little you can notice how is getting softer and I can bottom my jeans without worrying about the pain.

I will have to visit my doctor to check how my fibroid is going, but I thing is too early to notice significant changes. I will continue with the treatment for another 2 months before going for a check out.

My treatment includes:

*ACV (morning), BSM (morning), TRIVINOL (has a complete supplement of enzymes, Amanu & Llanten (once a day), Magnesium (to eliminate the calcium in the fibroid), Vitamin E, ACV Tablets (afternoon), BSM Tablets (afternoon).

Replied by Jojo
(Los Angeles, Ca)

Hi Camy from Jersey City, I was wondering if you ever found out if your regemine helped to shrink your fibroids? Thanks, J-

Replied by Ririn

Hello, I am wondering if you guys have the latest update of using this ACV to remove fibroid naturally. I had a fibroid removal. I notice the fibroid symptom has back again recently. The ultra sound back with another 5 of then. It is devastating. I want to remove it naturally without going under the knife again and hoping to have my first baby

Replied by Mama To Many

Dear Ririn,

If yours came back after surgery, I would be concerned that ACV would not be enough.

I think in your shoes I would consider all the remedies on the Fibroid page, especially the castor oil packs and Essiac tea.

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Teena
(Melbourne Australia)
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Hi, fibroids feed on excess oestrogen, like birth control/pill etc, consider dairy milk has too much oestrogen = avoid. Also fibroids can form not from too much calcium but from deficiency in magnesium. Magnesium directs the calcium to the bones, when it's not there calcium builds up in tissue and joints causing pain. (Take magnesium in any form except oxide, perhaps magnesium malate as this is in the Apple Cider Vinegar too) I would suggest that on top of the Apple Cider Vinegar and baking soda (on empty stomach) you research the benefits yourself and consider:

Kelp tablets ( for natural iodine) boosts immune system to fight fibroids
Vitamin D3 (immune system)
Blackstrap molasses (unsulphured)
Chaste berry(actively shrinks fibroids)
Flaxseed oil or boil flaxseeds 20 mins for tea (removes excess oestrogen)
Chickweed in tea or pills (actively shrinks fibroids)
Digestive enzymes esp serrapeptase, but not at meal times(eats fibroids, tumors, arterial plaque)
Zinc (deficiency can allow fibroids to form, zinc is required for immune system)

Also eat less meat (hormones) unless organic can eat same amount.
No coffee
Green tea is very good if organic
Add turmeric to hot drinks for inflammation
Kombucha is good because it contains enzymes, just not as much as the pills.

A good and diverse probiotic tablet from fridge in health store will assist the immune system.
Hopefully you are already taking vitamin c (immune support) from a whole food source. Ascorbic acid is only one component of wholefood vit c.
The blackstrap molasses can reduce the amount of bleeding. By the way, you probably have chickweed in your garden, I add mine to kombucha to make a kind of tincture.
Avoid processed salt, vegetable and canola oils, (body treats as toxins)
Replace with unrefined sea salt, coconut oil for cooking, (so many health benefits here)

Best to you on your health journey

Replied by Mama To Many

Dear Teena,

This is a great list of things to do for Fibroids. I am sure many will benefit from it. Thanks for taking time to share this!

~Mama to Many~

Replied by KT

Dear Teena,

Thank you so much for your post. Why did you say not to take mag. oxide? I was relieved of all joint pain, sciatica and the bone-on-bone grinding in my neck after I started taking magnesium oxide. In addition, I no longer got migraine headaches (as well as eliminating hidden sources of MSG contributed to no more headaches).

Please advise what is wrong with magnesium oxide.

I am so looking forward to your reply.


Replied by Teena
(Melbourne, Australia)
233 posts

Hi KT, re magnesium oxide, it is due to poor absorption, as little as 4% is able to be utilised by the body. Hopefully as you had good results with mag oxide you could see more improvements with an easily assimilated one. I have used malate with good response, Ted has recommended mag citrate and mag chloride for bioavailability

Replied by KT

Hi Teena,

Thank you for a prompt reply.

I tried the mag citrate for a short while because I was advised of the same thing by a neurosurgeon and it caused me frightening heart palpitations. I was then diagnosed with PVC until I found out what was causing them and stopped taking the citrate tabs. I went back to plain mag oxide and am pleased with the results.

Previously when having colonoscopies I was diagnosed with having irregular heartbeats while sedated. Liquid mag citrate was used to prep for those. That was before I ever took the citrate tabs and the only time I had heart disturbances so I'm convinced it was the citrate. I found out the way it is processed creates a manufactured glutamic acid (hidden source of MSG) which is a nerve stimulant.

Some may be able to tolerate hidden sources more than others. I have a difficult time tolerating the amount in capsules. I know the testing for those revealed 11-14 mg. of manufactured glutamic acid before capsules got larger. I am old and don't need to take the risk. I am pain free as long as I get adequate magnesium so I'll stick with the mag oxide.

Again, I truly appreciate your quick reply.


Replied by Silverline

Tnks for sharing

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Maylin (Tampa, Fl ) on 08/27/2010

Dear Fibroid Sisters:
Please email me soon, as I am in desperate times with my doctor. She is wanting me to do surgery since my fibroid has grown fm 9cm to 13 cm in the past couple years. Please eamil if your fibroid is at 9cm or bigger and you had good results w/proof that you did go to get an mri done and your fibroid has shrunk after taking ACV with any other stuffs. Or if you done something else naturally to shrink your fibroids.

What size was your fibroid before it shrunk? What size it is now? how long did it take to shrink to the size it is? What are you eating? Is it all organic foods?

HOW ABOUT PLASTICS? Anyone can email me on this subject as well. I know I keep hearing and seeing to not use plastic. That would be crazy.... Everything is in plastic. Meats wrapped in plastic. Fruits and produce wrapped in plastic. I have plastic food containers I used all my life.... So I have to go and get all GLASSWARE to store all foods now? I even email Zephyrhills water and they said the plastic bottle they use are safe to drink from. Its just so much info to take in and so much plastic around us. Creams. Lotions are in plastic. The dish holder is plastic where I put my dishes after washing them. The shampoo bottles are plastic.... So even the organic products are in plastic containers.... So I don't know what it means to NOT USE PLASTIC?

I know not to microwave my foods in plastic for sure. I try to drink out of glass. Email me if you have answers on PLASTIC usage. But mainly.... Please email me on uterine fibroids. Let me know how you shrunk yours. I so appreciate your time and I can't express how upset/depressed it has caused me on this subject. Please help.
Thank you so much, Maylin

Replied by Sindhu

Great post and informative.Thank you for sharing. I had the same problem and I was searching for treatment in many hospitals. At start I had irregular periods, later I was diagnosed with Fibroid. I was told to go for surgery. I went for non-surgical EVLT procedure and now I am fit and getting back to work.

Replied by Melissa
(Houston, Tx)

What is EVLT? I am scheduled for a laparoscopic hysterectomy in a couple of weeks. I'm having second thoughts. My fibroids have tripled in size in the last two months. I have a lot of stress in my life. Caring for my disabled father. He had a stroke and was left paralyzed. Plus he has a 10 year old son, no wife. Lots of debt, etc. I have a family of my own. If stress causes fibroids, I'm afraid mine will never go away.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Cathy013 (Monroe, Louisiana, USA) on 11/10/2009

I suffered from VERY heavy bleeding and was diagnosed with uterine polyps and possible fibroids. First was told hysterectomy; I didn't want this so I was prescribed a hormone; made the cramping, etc., WORSE; a year later I had more tests - same problem, heavy bleeding & cramping - the tests (such as saline ultrasound) were so UNCOMFORTABLE and no relief, still recommended surgery which I really didn't feel comfortable about. I searched "natural remedies for fibroids, heavy bleeding, etc." and found this site. Tried ACV and black strap molasses first (1 dose of the molasses-could NOT handle that!); then tried the ACV with baking soda (2 TBSP natural ACV from health food store and 1/2 to 1 tsp baking soda dissolved in 8 oz water once daily has worked for me). I started this in August; it is now November and I feel SO MUCH BETTER! It is unbelievable - very little bleeding at regular cycle time - little to no cramping; and I was in misery before-periods lasted for weeks and would only stop for a few days and then start again. I no longer have that problem-haven't since I started the ACV & baking soda in August. It WORKS!

Replied by Sarah
(Chapel Hill, Ncc)

I started taking ACV about a month ago for fibroid relief and I noticed a significant, positive change in my heavy flow and cramping. For the last year or so, I would have to remain inside and well medicated for the first few days of my cycle. I even had a recent, 3-day hospital stay in October for severe anemia, due to blood loss and received a blood transfusion during that time. It was a scary ordeal. In November, after trying ACV, I noticed my cramping had subsided and my flow was lighter. The first two days were still a little heavy, but I could visit my family during Thanksgiving and enjoy the holidays without any "accidents". I'm still taking it and can't wait to see how this month goes!

Replied by Yoli0226
(Durham, Nc)

Sarah-how long did it take for you to notice a change?

Replied by Sarah
(Chapel Hill, Nc)

I was admitted into the hospital in Oct. for excessive bleeding after fainting in the shower. I found this website the following week. I began drinking a shot-glass of apple cidar vinegar daily immediately. I also ordered the blackstrap molasses tablets, which I've been taking daily for 2 months. So I would say I started seeing positive results during my Nov. and Dec. menstral cycles. I just received my shipment of ACV tablets. Good Luck!

Replied by Poetess
(Irvine, Usa)

Thanks everyone for great input regarding Fibroids. Since most of us are in the dark & trying to avoid surgeries with massive fibroids [10cm ].. I have a SERIOUS PLEA for every woman posting here. It's great to hear that your "symptoms" have eased up a bit or a lot BUT what would really be helpful to all of us here would be an organized & measured report of your progress, starting with:

1. The size of your [biggest] Fibroid initially

2. Remedies you followed with measurements

3. Proof of "size reduction" with the latest size from your latest ultrasound > for this you may have to REVISIT the site and update us. Please take a bit of pain so the rest of us can have a calming assurance that Yes.. Indeed.. the SIZE CAN SHRINK TOO ..


1. After consulting numerous doctors, a few surprised me with the fact that the menstrual pain/cramps are actually due to Anemia & prolonged blood depletion instead of the Fibroids themselves. So don't just treat your Fibroids, but also take Iron Supplements such as pills and spirulina powder [mixed in carrot or apple juice]. Do not just depend on BSM if you have severe Anemia, get your #s checked. It turns out, the more anemic you are, the more you will bleed. YIIKEESS!!! Its a cycle. My fibroid is still there.. but I've seen the miracle of treating Anemia with 90% pain reduction! And reduced bleeding as well! It will take you 1 or 2 months to see dramatic results! :) Just STICK to the regimen.

2. Many women here have complained of constipation etc due to IRON pills. Did you know that there are Iron pills in health food stores that are made of whole foods & are vegetarian and hence more absorbable and not upsetting your stomach at all! Try them before giving up. But add some spirulina or BSM to this. If you are severely anemic, take 2 to 3 pills a day for a few months. Then taper down to 1, for maintenance. Do get blood work done to see your requirements.

3. Many women here have also complained of ACV's taste and I had the same issue. But reading its wonders, I had to come up with a way, and I did! Its the most delicious concoction/cocktail ever. Instead of taking ACV straight or mixing it up in water, I am mixing 2tbs in Lychee Juice with 1/4 tsp Baking Soda. You can use apple juice or use any sweet juice to counter it's sourness. You will be addicted to this delicious drink.

4. Rinse your mouth right after as ACV could be bad for teeth enamel.

5. Other women have complained of BSM's strong taste. The best way to take it is to add it to some hot water and enjoy it like tea. Others here have drizzled it on ice cream too! So don't give up. Be creative. Don't mix it up with your coffee or tea as Caffeine tends to feed fibroids! That's what I've heard.

6. Additionally, you could take DIM supplment to balance fibroid-causing Estrogen

Again .. I wonder if one should just sit back & relax just because the symptoms have disappeared. Your fibroid could still be there or growing! So do go for a 2nd scan and definitely report your findings here specially the SIZE-CHANGES or Shrinkage! This is the only site where we can truly trust the testimonials. So please ladies, keep us updated with your measurements! Don't abandon us once your symptoms subside. Keep us posted. THANKS - poetess

Replied by Tania
(Houston, Texas)

Hello, I am so glad I found this forum!

i am due to have a massive exploratory abdominal laporotomy in the next few weeks which may end up in a hysterectomy which I am trying to avoid.

i just got married in may and have never had children. I am an older bride, but I still want to try for a family if at all possible.

my chances of coming out with my uterus after surgery are next to nothing, so I am anxious to try any means to keep my fertility intact.

1. I have 3 to 4 fibroids, the largest is 30 cm and my belly is swollen[watermelon size]

and the others ares softball to melon size.

2. I am beginning a regime of the Apple Cider Vinegar baking soda. Going to try aas many times a day as I can

with 2 times a day being my standard time

3. I will keep you posted on if there are any changes.

i also did an olive oil and pineapple cleanse last night, and that really wiped my insides out.

feel free to give me any specific advice or recipes. Thank you!!

Replied by Saphire
(White Plains, Ny, Usa)

Tania, Just curious to know if you had any shrinkage of fibroids since taking Apple Cider Vinegar in nov 2011? I just started taking Apple Cider Vinegar a week ago. Today my period started and over 7hours and still haven't change a pad... Just spotting. Hoping this will continue. Would like some feedback on possible shrinkage or fibroids be gone.

Thanks Saphire.

Replied by Deborah

Thanks for all the comments shared. I have learned a lot. Please is baking powder same as baking soda? I have fibroid too and the last time I checked the size in April this year, it was 4.1cm. Since then, I have been taking ACV, and juice made from beet root, Apple, lemon and carrots. I have lost so much weight and my protruded tommy has reduced drastically.

EC: No, Baking Soda is Sodium Bicarbonate here in the USA.

Replied by Peta

I have had fibroids for more than 10 years and they have been getting worse. I didn't know until reading this report that the more anemic you are the more you bleed. I recently had an iron infusion and in the past have had iron injections. I have been anemic for the 10 years also which I think I have become accustomed to feeling the way I do. Anyway I have been taking hydrogen peroxide food grade in my water each day and have noticed my blood is definitely redder. I started taking 3 drops in every glass of water I would drink and have increased it to about 7 now. I am not going any higher because I don't like the bleach taste being too strong and I can cope with 7 drops. It must be food grade though. Any other hydrogen peroxide has toxic chemicals in it.

Replied by Genna-wae
(South Africa)

I have started taking over the last week, a teaspoon of fresh lemon juice with virgin olive oil which is about a table spoon qty when you combine the two. My period started 3 days into this and I have had no cramping and no clotting. I will definitely add ACV and molasses to the mix now. I also feel that a little high intensity training helps a lot with health so please consider a min of 30min a day 3x a week. A natural healer told me once that fibroids were created out of a past male hurt . Once I left my husband the symptoms improved drastically too so perhaps look at men in your life both past and present and see what issues you need to work through so you arent indirectly making yourself ill by holding onto pain.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Steff (St Thomas, USVI) on 07/28/2009


Hi, I have been diagnose with Fibroids, I had a myectomy before. I was looking forward to having more kids, I have two boys, my husband has none so I wanted at least one with him. Over the last three years my cycle got so bad that I was bleeding for two weeks straight. Then I would go to the Dr. to get pills to stop the bleeding. Then over the last couple years my cycle started becoming irregular, the clots were heavier and more painful. I started really praying that God would shot the mouths of the fibroids so that they would shrink. When my cycle stopped for a month or two I would go back to the Dr. to get pills to make it come again. But recently, I noticed that I have lost some weight, got more energy and the itching stopped, well, I have been drinking ACV every morning to start my day before working out and now I have gone from heavy periods to no bleeding. I'm concern about that and wondering if the ACV could stop one's cycle. I feel great. I don't have pain and large clots, my energy is up, my weight is coming off, the varginal itch has stopped; these are great things but I wanted more kid(s) and I'm in my early 40's and concern. Any ideas or comments or suggestions. I'm curious as to my next sonogram which is scheduled for next month. So will ACV stop or slow down cycle?

Replied by Ikhlas
(Montreal, Quebec)

This is my answere to STEFF from ST.THOMAS. I experienced the same problem, what i did, i stopped having the acv one day before my cycle,and also during my cycle.And then i continue using it again and, every thing goes normally. The measurements is 2tbs disolved in 1 cup of water three times a day. GOOD LUCK.

Replied by Elaine
(Sligo, Ireland)

Hi Steff, I'm just curious about the vaginal itching that you mentioned you had because I also have it for a long time. Is it associated with fibroids as I also have a large one? You are the only one that has mentioned itching here so I would so appreciate if you could reply back. Many thanks, Elaine

Replied by Dee
(Baton Rouge, La)

I don't even know if I have fibroid tumors - I just know that I've been passing huge clots for the past few days. I'm 43, and had tubal sterilization surgery in 1998 after the birth of my 2nd child. This happened to me before about 8 years ago, but without the clots. I went to the emergency room, and was told I had a hormonal imbalance. I don't want to deal with this for weeks, so I'm trying the ACV treatment right now. I'll let you know how it works...

Replied by Dee
(Baton Rouge, La)

I tried the ACV for a few days but had no success. After going to the doctor, he revealed that I did indeed have a fibroid, but because I had bled out over 60% of my normal blood supply and I was severely anemic. I had emergency surgery last Wednesday (complete hysterectomy). My prayers and well-wishes go out to the rest of you ladies dealing with this issue...

Replied by Abigail

Thank you to everyone that has responded, I have really learnt a great deal. My question here is what's the precise measurement of ACV and Bicarbonate of soda to shrinking and possibly eliminating large fibroids? Please an urgent response would be appreciated.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Melanie (Venice, Florida) on 05/27/2009

I was wondering if i am using ACV correctly and how long it actually takes to see improvements. I started to drink ACV in a 16 ounces bottle everyday since my last menstrual hoping it would help (I was diagnosed with fibroids 4 years agao) but 1 month later i can sadly report that nothing has changed. I still have terrible abdominal pain and heavy bleeding.. :( Please help me i am going crazy!!!! Also, can someone tell me where to find blackstrap molasses??? Thank you in advance.

EC: Most grocery stores carry at least one brand of blackstrap molasses. If not, Whole Foods Market has a good number of brands.. Finding it online will be a piece of cake, too.

Replied by Candy
(Fort Madison, IA)

get yourself some transdermal magnesium or you can find a good magnesium supplement if you look hard enough. hope this helps you.

Replied by Melanie
(Venice, Florida)

Thank you Candy. I will try that!

Replied by Dibenja
(New York, New York)

You can get Blackstrap Molasses from any healthfood store and many supermarkets.

Are you using baking soda with the ACV? I have large fibroids and have just discovered this site. I tried the BS and ACV and am amazed at the relief I have experienced. I had very very heavy bleeding. I could soak a pad in 15 minutes. Now with this "cure" I have more normal cycles. I have been using this for 3 months and happy with the reduced hemoraging. I'm not exactly sure how it works but I think it has something to do with alkalizing the blood and blood calcium levels.

good luck

Replied by Liz
(Tampa, Fl)

I've just started reading a few responses & haven't seen anyone discuss UTERINE ABLATION. I had it done about 5-6 yrs. Ago. It worked wonders for bleeding (only a few spots now) & my gyn now does them routinely in the office. Look it up - google it! My fibroids are no longer an issue either. The cramps are much better also and although my diet isn't great, I started jogging, which does help the cramping to where they are practically non-existent. I am also on a topical progesterone cream.

Replied by Yvette
(Turlock, Ca. Usa)

I had an awful experience with endometreal ablasion and some of the risks include vaginal burns, bowel perferations, and uterine rupture. My proceedure was with Gynecare Thermachoice and it was as painful as childbirth. The machine malfunctioned and I have been left mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually traumatized! I am glad your experience was good and you have achieved relief, but I have no relief from baseball sized clots and changing pads every hour. I read the risks and thought- That won't happen to me... Well, I was wrong! Be very careful with your body- it's the only one you've got!

Replied by Patty
(Miami, Florida)

I did Uterine Ablation last March in 2010 and now for the past couple of months have started bleeding again. I really don't think surgery is really necessary. Many natural remedies that we have around us work just as good. I started using ACV tablets in April and began to see a big improvement right away. Make sure that the tablets you purchase only have ACV some will have Soy in them which actually will feed your fibroid. So if you want to get rid of it stay away from Soy and Caffeine it has made a BIG improvement.

Replied by Nitya
(Fremont, Ca)

I am 46, have the same problem and I took ACV+BSM and baking soda regularly for 3 months. Unfortunately no change. Now I am totally disappointed. My best wishes are with all ladies who are struggling with fibroids.

Replied by G
(Atlanta, Ga)

You may want to try zinc +vitamin d, good luck!

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Candy (Nashville, TN) on 04/27/2009

I can truly say that when taking 2tbs. of ACV and a squeeze of lemon juice, it cured my fibroid and I lost weight. I went to the doctor and had the Mirena (IUD) placed in to control the heavy bleeding. During my 6weeks checkup the IUD apprently came out. I was sent to have an ultrasound done and the fibroid had degenrated. I also lost 22pounds in 6weeks. My doctor wanted to removed my uterus, but I prayed about it said no to the surgery. Thank God for ACV!!!!

Replied by Trisha
(Jerset City, Nj)

How big was the fibroid that was cured using this method?

Replied by Lekisha
(Logansport, Louisiana)

hi candy from tn, i have fibroid tumors and want to try this method that u did, how many times a day did u take the 2 tbsp of acv and lemon use? how long before you saw results and when did u take it? did you have one or multiple fibroids. thanks i really want to know.
kisha louisiana

Replied by Lekisha
(Logansport, Louisiana)

glad i found this website, i donot want to have the surgery, and i want to have children, i am 35 yrs old and now the fibroids are causing alot of bleeding, i am anemic and i have been put on iron because my iron level is 9, i want to try candy from tn, method with the acv and lemon juice but i would like to know how many times a day did she take the two tablespoons and if she took them with water or not? thanks everyone for all the info, it has been very helpful.

Replied by Mia
(San Francisco, Ca)

When do you take the diluted ACV with water? With meal or in between meals? Thank You!

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Marina (Cape Towm, South Africa) on 01/25/2009

I live in South Africa and have a friend who had been suffering with seven painful uterine fibroids for four months. Unfortunately, she couldn't afford health insurance, and in the Township where she lives, the hospital facilities are not exactly confidence inspiring. As result, she was afraid to go there for a much needed operation.

In desperation, she came to stay with me. She was at her wits end and almost suicidal from the never ending pain. I took her to my local doctor. After examining her he announced he could do nothing further, except prescribe pain killers and give her a letter of introduction to a much better free hospital. That hospital scheduled an appoint for a consultation some three months later. She was sleeping most of the day, unable to eat without vomiting afterwards. Could not bend over, nor have a proper bowel movement.

Even after the hospital consultation, she'd probably have to wait six months to year to actually have the op, as fibroids are not regarded as priority cases. This made her even more depressed and tearful. I started juicing for her; fresh fruit and veggie juices in place of meals. She got somewhat better and the pain was less, but she was still in very bad shape and zonked out from the pain killers and stress. Finally I gave her apple cider vinegar. One tablespoon in a little water, three times a day. Within two days she was totally free of pain. She had good bowel movements and regained ALL of her previous strength, energy and vitality within a week.

That was two months back. Since then she has telephoned me to say she feels terrific and thinks the fibroids are gone. She will not be going for that operation now! ACV IS A MIRACLE. (I understand it also works just as well for period pains.)

Replied by Pat Johnson
(Kingston, Jamaica)

A Question How do you use the ACV for fibroids?

EC: Per the feedback below: Drinking "One tablespoon in a little water, three times a day."

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Judy (Cincinnati, Ohio) on 11/05/2008

I have to say I was a total skeptic when I was reading about ACV & how it helps with menstrual problems. I suffered from fibroids & had 5 pounds of them removed last year. I also had been having a cycle about every 2 weeks which was driving me crazy that I thought having the fibroids removed would have cured. I tried ACV during the beginning of my last cycle & am very happy to report that it gave me a regular cycle of 28 days!!!! It has been over 2 yrs since I had a regular cycle of 28 days & this was done without the aid of birth control pill ~ YEAH!!!! Also, when I went back to the surgeon who removed my fibroids last year, he was surprised to find only 1 small growth of a fibroid. He said that he thought for sure that he would be going back inside of me again to remove more fibroids because typically they grow back after a year. I was so very happy about this :)

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Tijuana (Chicago, Illinois) on 08/16/2008

I just want everyone out there to know that I suffer from fibroids (the heavy cycle, anemia...). On August 12, 2008 I began using apple cider vinegar after visiting the site. Now almost a week ago whenever I would bend over it would feel as if I had a cramp right above my stomach. As of today August 16, 2008) I cleaned my whole house-bending and stretching. I didn't feel a thing! I hope that these pesky fibroids are beginning to shrink. Thank you so much for the useful site info.

Replied by Eva
(Sydney, Australia)

Hi, Can you tell me if you only used ACV or added anything else like lemon or baking soda. If you used ACV only how many times did you take per day and in what quantity. I am booked in for an operation in June for fibroids and would like to try it out. I dont want to lose my uterus as I dont have any kids yet.

Replied by dawndaisy
(Los Angeles, Ca)

I have been taking 2-3 TBSP of ACV in water with either 1 TBSP agave or 1 TBSP grade B maple syrup mixed with 20-30 oz of water and ice. I drink this all day. Since I was 16 I've bled mid cycle and self diagnosed myself with fibroids (no insurance). I've been with this regimine for over a year and all the bleeding midcycle has stopped and my periods are 5 days long, whereas before they were 7-9 days. I also take 1 TBSP black strap molasses everyday in yogurt, smoothie or raw milk. I credit these two things to regulating my period and am now working on getting pregnant!

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Barb (Tucson, Arizona) on 04/30/2008

I used to use apple cider vinegar years ago - never had fibroid pain. Currently I have terrible pain caused by fibroids. Thank you for opening my eyes to the awesome healing power of ACV. As a pharmaceutical sales representative I can admit the side effects from most drugs are not worth it. Natural remedies are truly the way to go - I should switch to the other side - we need more naturopathic sales reps in our country! I will report my progress w/ACV & grape seed extract soon. Thanks!

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Tara (saskatoon, saskatchewan) on 08/23/2007

I have not taken anyting yet. I am scheduled for urinary artery embolizatoin next week I have a fibroid on my uterus that is 8" and I just read this website today as a lady I met today told me about apple cider vinegar she took for her fibroids 15 years ago and they are gone! I did not beleive her. I am thinking of reschuling my surgery and giving this a try. Also I do not know where to buy the molasses?

Replied by Jennifer
(Mount Vernon, WA)

Does anyone know if they make ACV in a pill form? I am sure it would be missing something, but it would be better than not taking it at all!Thanks

EC: Yes, acv in pill form is available online and at health food stores. However, it's not nearly as effective as drinking acv!

Apple Cider Vinegar and Baking Soda

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Posted by Louise (Liberia) on 01/03/2017

I discovered the remedy of fibroid on this website, I know that the fibroid maybe getting smaller after taking apple cider vinegar with baking soda as directed by this website, I notice reduction in the size of the fibroid. At the hospital I diagnosed 23cm, I could not lie on my belly, but now I sleep on my stomach with out feeling that sharp lump in my belly. I am very greatful to this website. The problem I am confused with is the heavy discharge, I mean heavy clear Water discharge.

My question is am I getting better or is this fibroid dissolving? I don't like this discharge, please help me.

Replied by Rita

Good day Ted,

I have read all the write-ups for Fibroid. Please, my question bothers on the type of water to be used for mixing ACV and Baking Soda Tonic. Is it going to be hot or a luke-warm water? I pray I get a fast result because am in my mid 30, single, wish to marry soon and bear children.

Kindly reply please.

Apple Cider Vinegar and Baking Soda
Posted by Jane (Saint Lucia) on 11/22/2014

I came across Apple Cider Vinegar baking sida for fibroids on this site. I decided to try it after the molasses seemed to be ineffective. My lower abdomen was growing like a pregnant belly. I couldn't sleep on my belly, there was a hard lump on the right side where my three small fibroids are. Within a month of taking it 2 tablespoons Apple Cider Vinegar and 2.5 ml aluminum-free baking soda with a cup of water first thing in the morning and last thing at night, that lump was gone and I realized some weight loss. I haven't gone to do the ultra sound to see the size of the fibroids but my belly looks flatter, I've lost some good weight, my clothes fit better, and I have more energy. I cut out gluten, and animal products from my diet about one year now and there had been no weight loss, but the acv/bs has shrunk me, lol. I was about 160 pounds before starting d regime and had to be getting new clothes for work but in this my second month I can fit into clothes that I couldn't even get on me 2 months ago.

Different things work for different folk but this one surely works for me. I've had some very wonderful "side effects" for example increased vaginal lubrication. I hope that this helps someone as others have helped me too.

Replied by Anj Sans

Hi, can I take the acv+bsm+baking soda while still in oral contraceptive (this pill is to control my heavy and prolonged bleeding)? Thanks.

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