Top Natural Remedies for Fibroids

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Steff (St Thomas, USVI) on 07/28/2009


Hi, I have been diagnose with Fibroids, I had a myectomy before. I was looking forward to having more kids, I have two boys, my husband has none so I wanted at least one with him. Over the last three years my cycle got so bad that I was bleeding for two weeks straight. Then I would go to the Dr. to get pills to stop the bleeding. Then over the last couple years my cycle started becoming irregular, the clots were heavier and more painful. I started really praying that God would shot the mouths of the fibroids so that they would shrink. When my cycle stopped for a month or two I would go back to the Dr. to get pills to make it come again. But recently, I noticed that I have lost some weight, got more energy and the itching stopped, well, I have been drinking ACV every morning to start my day before working out and now I have gone from heavy periods to no bleeding. I'm concern about that and wondering if the ACV could stop one's cycle. I feel great. I don't have pain and large clots, my energy is up, my weight is coming off, the varginal itch has stopped; these are great things but I wanted more kid(s) and I'm in my early 40's and concern. Any ideas or comments or suggestions. I'm curious as to my next sonogram which is scheduled for next month. So will ACV stop or slow down cycle?