Natural Remedies for Eye Issues

| Modified on Jan 21, 2024

Your eyes are complex and provide you with critical information as you work and play all day long! Eye difficulties can be painful and distracting. Natural remedies for eye issues can include herbs like chamomile or eyebright, supplements like vitamin A and vitamin C, or special eye exercises and rest.

Your overall health will affect the health of your eyes. Nutritional deficiencies will mean that your body, including your eyes, will lack the necessary building blocks for daily repair. Eating a variety of whole foods that provide a wide range of nutrients will benefit your eyes and your entire body.


Carrots supply your body with significant amounts of vitamin A, which is critical for eye health. Add a couple of raw carrots to your lunch or consider drinking carrot juice!


Beets contain lutein and zeaxanthin, both critical for eye health. Kale, spinach and eggs are other good sources of these critical nutrients.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is needed for all systems of your body, including the eye. Vitamin C supports collagen production, which is in the cornea of your eye.

Wear Proper Eye Wear

Wearing sunglasses that protect your eyes from UV rays. If you use a computer a lot, special glasses can be worn to reduce computer vision syndrome.


Some herbs like chamomile and eyebright are especially nourishing to your eyes. Moist chamomile tea bags over the eyes can heal eye infections and reduce eye pain.

Do you have a natural remedy for an eye problem? Please send us some feedback!

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Adult Strabismus Remedies

Posted by Sataybean (Boston, Ma) on 03/13/2013

Hello Earth Clinic, I have had debilitating adult strabismus for over two years caused by Myasthenia Gravis. Everything is under control except for my eyes. One eye goes up the other turns inward and I can only see straight if wearing a patch. I have tried homeopathy, acupuncture, craniosacral therapy, vision therapy, have a pretty good diet whereby I try not to eat healthy foods in moderation. Has anyone ever encountered any cures?

Replied by Christine

What may help is keeping your head still but moving your eyes in different directions - up, side, down, side. Diagonally - left to right and right to left. Do this especially when watching TV, reading, computer etc. Should be done regularly.

Replied by Americantwin

Manganese is supposed to help Myasthenia gravis (according to Adelle Davis).

Aloe Vera

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Posted by Patricia (Austin, Texas) on 07/01/2009

4 oz of Aloe Vera juice quickly helped my eye. I recently had a bad looking popped blood vessel in my eye. I read that it generally takes about 2 weeks to go away/heal. I immediately started taking 4 oz a day and it completely cleared up in 3 days. I have continued to take it because it has done wonders for my skin, has given me more energy,I am now back to having regular bowel movements.

Replied by Amy
(Charlottesville, Virginia)

Not sure what part of plan the juice used was from. After consulting a local health food store I purchased a more all-purpose aloe vera juice in an attempt to clear up a Subconjunctival Hemorrhage in my eye. By day 3 the entire white of that eyeball was completely red vs just half it. I understand that this can be a normal. Just wanted to say that I have had no change or improvement so far taking the aloe vera juice.


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Posted by Billie (Roy, Wa.) on 08/17/2011

For a cold in the eye(s), a sty, pink-eye or minor irratation of the eyes, try using an apple. Simply grate part of an apple (about 1/2), wrap it in a piece of cloth or paper towel. Place it on the eye for approximately 20 minutes. Repeat this process again every 2-4 hrs. Within about 24 hrs. The problem will be gone. We did this for our son when he was about 9 yrs. old and found that having him pretend to be a pirate along with eating part of the apple was the easiest way to get his co-operation. The apple is extremely soothing and works quickly.

Replied by beverly

Is that where "the apple of my eye" expression came from?

Apple Cider Vinegar

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Posted by Daffodil (Seattle) on 09/12/2014

My eyelids had been inflamed for a couple of months-- very puffy, red, itchy, teary. I finally was able to get this under control with apple cider vinegar by applying it to the outside of the lids. I made an ACV solution of 50% apple cider vinegar/50% water, dipped two cotton balls in it so they were drenched, closed my eyes and held the cotton balls there. The first time it stung like %#*@ so it was probably only 10 seconds or so that I applied the ACV mixture. I made sure to wipe the entire eyelid with the ACV mixture. Then rinsed well with cold water and patted dry, then once dry I applied a zinc oxide diaper creme and left it on for a few hours (I like sudocrem. Do this when you have some time to hang out at home- the diaper creme really soothes the sting). Initially it makes the eyelids very red and they appear worse, but the ACV mixture kills the infection and the eyes start to heal.

I did this once a day (after work, or right before bed)-- I think more is too often as the ACV mixture does tend to make the eyes very red initially. I don't recommend doing this in the morning if you have to leave the house. Keep doing this until after the eyes are healed to make sure the infection is completely gone.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Zozo9 (Miami Beach, Florida, USA) on 08/15/2009

I have trouble with one of my contacts and what happens is it floats around my eye, so at nighttime when I am ready to take it out, I have to find it. Consequently, I have pinched my eyeball several times thinking I had it.. The next morning I woke up with a nasty eye infection and like others here, it felt like I had a piece of sand in my eye. So, I found this website and tried what one of your other patients said to do... I mixed a half a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar in a shot glass and filled the rest up with filtered water. Then I put it up to my eye and did a quick rinse. Yes, it burned a little and my head felt like I had a headache for a couple of hours. I took some aspirin and I laid down for about an hour. My head swell cleared up and by about 4 hours later, I could tell my eye was well on it's way back to being normal. Of course the next day, it was. Thank you so much for this website! It saved me a lot of money for the doctor!

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Marty (Nashville, Tennessee -- Music City, USA) on 04/21/2009

I use organic apple cider vinegar for several things, and have noticed that the whites of my eyes do not appear blood shot anymore. They look white, white and crystal clear. Since I have severe allergies, this is a wonderful benefit from the ACV! Organic apple cider vinegar is simply awesome.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Angie (American Fork, UT) on 10/03/2008

If you have the little black floaties in your eyes, get ACV, mix with water and dip a cotton ball in it and wash your eyes out with it. Just brush it over your eyes in a few days they will be gone. As you brush your eyes lift your eye lids a little bit. It will sting a little but it works. Every morning and night or as often as you feel is right for you.

Replied by Francisca
(Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France)

Hi, I also suffer from floaters, how much water and how much vinegar did you use? I can hardly believe this helps but I am willing to try!

Replied by Pookie
(Berwyn, Il)

I too get floaters, but the thought of putting a cotton ball in my eye sounds dreadful! Won't pieces of the cotton ball get in the eyes? I might try an eye cup instead.

Replied by Coregon
(Medford, Or)

To Pookie regarding using cottonballs with ACV on eyes:
I think when Angie said to brush the cottonball over the eye.. She meant to say brush it over the EYELID, (not brush it directly on the eyeball), because she did say that it helps to "lift your eyelids a bit".. I took that to mean that you should open your eyes slightly so a little ACV gets in. Note: It really helps all readers if the suggestions are very specific, so there is no doubt what you meant.

Replied by Dorris Peters

I have serious itchy eyes, can apple cider vinegar help? can I use it as eyes drops?

Replied by Iowama
(Iowa, Usa)

Dear Dorris,

I am sorry to hear about your itchy eyes, but I want to warn you about using ACV as an eye drop. Always the experimenter, I tried a weak solution of apple cider vinegar mixed with filtered water in my eyes because I had read it might help with dry eye. I am sure it would have hurt less if I had figured out how to adjust the pH, but I want to warm you that it really stung! I stubbornly kept it up for at least 2 weeks and it never helped, although no damage came of it. I don't know if your itch comes from dry eye, but if it does, we have gotten a good bit of relief from sleeping with a crockpot of fresh water set on low power and placed on the floor near our bed. (Plus I use eye drops occasionally). As a wonderful bonus, we discovered that the crock pot keeps my husband from snoring. Best wishes in finding a discovery that works for you.


Perhaps the reason that vinegar didn't help with dry eyes is because it's astringent -- it makes your mouth pucker when you taste it -- so it would likely do the same thing if you put it anywhere. That's why it's good for diarrhea -- because it puckers up the gut.

Apple Cider Vinegar Formula

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Posted by Blue Silver (Santa Ana, Ca ) on 06/04/2011

Special Formula for Eye Drops by Stanley Burroughs from his book The Master Cleanser with Special Needs and Problemas. I recently had film in my eyes, I made the home remedy formula and my eyes cleared up. Based on the book if you take the drops, you should have no dangerous side effects. Many cases of glaucoma, cataracts, spots, film, and growth of varios kinds have completely disappeared. The drops may be applied one at a time to both eyes serveral times daily. Continue use until the condition has cleared up.


5 Parts (measures) distilled water

2 parts best grade of honey

1 part pure apple cider vinagar

(Sterlin or other good brand)

Mix together and store in a bottle. It need not be referigerated as contents will not spoil. If eyes are in good condition, keep them that way by regular use as no harm can ever come by using it. It has a strong smarting effect for a moment, then the eyes clear and feel very good after each use. The drops have proven to be superior to most commercial drops.

In my opinion, what really does the job here, is ACV, it's a cure all. Good luck!

Replied by Francisca
(Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France)

Hi, maybe you would like to tell us a bit more about that book in the book review section? I might be interested in reading it if I know a bit more about it. Thanks!

Replied by Janice
(Toronto, On)

I just made this but got the Manuka Honey it has a tonne of sugar, so with someone sensitive to lots of sugar I need to get some other honey tomorrow, but what particular type of honey did you use?

Replied by James
(Golden, Co Usa)

Hello and Thank You! I would like you to know that the information you posted is helping me through what was very upsetting and quite a concern only this morning. I have had some type of infection in my left eye for years and years. The eyelids have been partially swollen for all that time. I have used colloidal silver and pau d'arco drops and lots of other herbal eyewashes.

This morning I woke up and was quite concerned to see that my left eye was very inflamed and the tissue not only above and below the eye was swollen, but even the tissue on either side of the eye as well. This has never happened before. I found your post this morning and immediately mixed the honey and vinegar solution. There was a noticeable reduction in the swelling upon the first application!

After one or two more washes, I learned something after all this time. Thanks to Dr. Richard Schulze, I had learned the proper way to wash my eyes; that is to hold the eyewash cup (must be a good one, that actually is curved properly to conform to the shape of your eye) tight against the eye and tilt the head back and then to allow the liquid to soak the entire eye, while looking up, down, left, right, up/left, down/right, up/right, down/left, semicircle up, then semicircle down, and to repeat this a few times before letting the liquid run out of the eyewash cup by tilting the head forward. What I learned this morning was that for that procedure to really work, one must tilt that head all the way back, and possibly even lean back (a chair is a good way to do this), so that the eyes are looking straight up at the ceiling. For the last year or so when using the Schulze eyebright formula in this way, as well as other washes, including plain water, I wasn't tilting my head far enough back. This resulted in only partial coverage of the eyeball in the liquid. I found this out this morning because I happened to be using a new eyewash cup which is fully transparent, and I could see through the liquid (the vinegar and honey and water), and could tell that my head wasn't back far enough - that only the lower 2/3 or so of the eyeball was actually completely making contact with the liquid. So I leaned back a bit more and could clearly see that now every bit of the eye was "under water" so to speak. Once I began washing the eye in this way, the results were stunning.

I have repeated this now about ten times today, and not only is almost all of the swelling on the sides of the eye completely gone, the eyelids themselves are much closer to normal and looking just great. On top of that, my vision is sharper and my eye feels much, much better. Thank you so very much for posting this simple yet monumentally effective formula. The treatments do indeed sting, but I have found that if I relax and don't resist and tense up that it really isn't too bad at all. Additionally, sometimes I just allow the liquid to sit in the eye for ten seconds or so before moving my eyeball around and doing the exercises to ensure that every last bit of the eye is in contact with the liquid. This helps my eye to relax, and the sting mellows out enough to where I can really do all of the exercises two or three times before allowing the liquid to run out.

Bless you for taking the time and making the effort to reach out and share what you know to help a fellow human being. I sincerely appreciate that more than I can say. Please know that you have made a huge difference in the life of someone who was suffering greatly, just by your simple act of thoughtfulness and taking a few minutes to post this.

From my heart to yours, Thank You For Your Caring

Sincerely, James G.

Replied by James
(Golden, Co Usa)

One additional note on the above technique of eyewashing. I have since found that a recliner chair is the ultimate way to perform the technique. Simply place a towel on the top of the chair back, to keep the liquid off of the chair. Fill your eyewash cup (or cups if doing both eyes) about half full of the eyewash formula, walk over to the chair with the eyewash, and then sit down and kick up the footrest if it has one. Then place the eyewash cup tight against the eye, and gently and slowly lean back all the way and recline all the way, so that you are comfortably leaning back and your head is fully supported. You should be looking straight up at the ceiling, in total comfort because of the recliner. Now you can really relax properly, especially as regards the neck. I have found that it is a strain on the neck to try to do this eyewash procedure properly without a recliner. But with the recliner my neck muscles are totally protected and relaxed, and I can sit there for as long as I need to and comfortably wash my eyes out like never before. When finished with the eye exercises, slowly lean forward and then tilt the head forward so that all of the liquid runs out of the eyes quickly. It is good to have a towel across your lap and waist to catch the liquid. Or you can just wear work clothes or old clothes.

Try this also with your favorite herbal eyewashes. This technique is a winner, and if followed faithfully will give your eyes treatments that really can't be accomplished in any other way. Pamper your eyes with this love! They'll reward you famously!

James G.

Replied by Scott

Messed these things up something horrible. Did two parts ACV and one part honey like a dumbass. I maxy cranked this too, as in as much as I could do until I can't take it anymore, including opening up my eyelid when my head is tilted back with a fat amount of juice piled up on there. Stings like CRAZY.

I wake up with goo in my eye. I need to get my bad eye regenerated with quickness. I've been dizzy for over ten years, and I have to get a better job and make more money right now sailor moon.

Replied by Hal

Hi, I would like to know if this remedy will help with red eyes and what a sterling is on the list of items you stated? Thank you

Apple Cider Vinegar, Molasses and Cayenne

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Posted by Natalie (Evans, Georgia) on 10/31/2007

Thank you Elizabeth for posting on 10/08/06!! I have such bad congestion in the Fall that I cannot function without lots of medicine for several days just to go to one 4-hour social event, and then I have to be off of them for several days just to rehydrate and get some sleep. Most of the time I feel like a zombie and have chosen to stay home with the kids because I just could not function like every one else could. Reading Elizabeth's comments really hit home with me! I immediately went out to get cayenne pepper and felt unbelievably better. That night I also downed some ACV and could not believe how good I felt. It's been 2 days now and I can actually function somewhat and my eyes aren't nearly so swollen. I've also started taking lactobacillus probiotics and a quercetin Ester-C Bromelain complex. I also got some L-Theanine to help me sleep (I think the cayenne and ACV are keeping me up at night). I could not tolerate the taste of drinking down straight cayenne and water again, so I got some Wal-Mart supplements and they kind of burn a little going down, but that quickly goes away. I don't seem to get the immediate runny nose like if I sprinkle the cayenne on food (which I do), but I still think there are real benefits. The ACV and baking soda in a shot glass or bathroom cup was tolerable (poured it down my throat trying to avoid teeth) but I still felt like there was so much acid on my back teeth that I went out and got supplements. I tend to be super dehyrated from antihistamines, and I think excess salt in the baking soda might really bother me. After reading Ted's comments though, I wonder if I should add some baking soda and water to my diet every day. I guess I'll see how it goes. I plan on also trying tumeric, olive leaf and bee propolus also. I feel sooo much better! I had experimented with OTC and prescription drugs for 14 years, used a dehumidifier for 7 years (too dehydrating), eliminated junk foods and soda, took megadoses of antioxidant vitamins, exercised, and tried to be so healthy mentally and physically...nothing has helped like the supplements and advice I have discovered on this website. I've been thanking God all day!!! Love, Love, Love this website! I will try oil-pulling soon. Thank you so much!

B Complex For Yellow or Red Eyes

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Posted by Beehive (London, Uk) on 05/01/2013


For as long as I can remember the whites of my eyes were yellow. My eyes were very sensitive. Driving at night made my eyes go red (or bloodshot), going into a mall with the artifical lighting made my eyes go red or even stepping outside on a windy day would have this effect. I accepted the fact that the whites of my eyes were "naturally" yellow and that the little blood vessels in my eyes were very quick to appear prominent and angry and that my eyes would become very red at the drop of hat. I began taking a vitamin b complex supplement (sublingual liquid) as well as cod liver oil. I began taking the vitamin b complex in the hope of reversing grey hair. It has now been a month. A few days ago I noticed that the whites of my eyes are actually WHITE!! My eyes don't feel sensitive or irritated like they did before. I believe it is the b complex that has had this effect. I take double the recommended dose every day. It may be possible that the cod liver oil together with the b complex may be working well together. In the past I have taken cod liver oil on its own but still had sensitive eyes with "yellow" whites.


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Posted by Pomegranate (Sw Usa) on 10/17/2015

This is some info about high dose thiamine or B1. I read about it and tried it, I am now up to 1200mgs a day in spaced out doses of 100mgs each. It does not affect my sleep at all so I can take it quite late in the day. I have had only one side effect, a light frontal headache at times. I can also take it on an empty stomach OK.

Some people reported improvements in energy, and less pain. I do not have pain, except when I have a migraine, and I have not experienced increased energy, but I am not up to the maximum dose they used in the study yet.

What I have experienced is this...

Background: For a long time I have been having flashes of light in both eyes. Doc says could be retinal tearing, since I also have huge floaters in both eyes. He says "If you see a dark veil coming down over your field of vision, RUN, do not walk to the ER." Nice.

Anyway, my eyesight is suddenly improving! The flashes are not completely gone, but are SO improved. I was amazed last night when I was driving in the dark and in the grocery store. I was reacting just like when my son got his first glasses. WOW look at that! Etc. My eyesight is not as cloudy and my eyes do not feel as tired and strained. I don't frown as much trying to see.

I was shocked, because that is not the reason I tried the thiamine in high doses. I was trying it because of chronic fatigue and energy. So I don't think this is a placebo effect. I wasn't even thinking of my eyes. I had pretty much given in to the thought of future blindness. I went home and did some searches.

Mega-dose thiamine yall! Whoo hoo!

I also have added B2 (no side effects) and may add B5 as well later on.

If I do get an increase in energy, I will report it. It may be that my eyes are taking up all the energy in their healing, if that is indeed what is happening. (hope, hope)

Replied by Coodlepoodle
(Pilottown La)

I have had the same results with Vit. B1. Had eye floaters for about 2 year. This is the only thing that works for me. Helps my digestion and energy too.

Replied by Coodlepoodle
(Pilottown La)

I have had the same results with Vit. B1. Had eye floaters for about 2 year. This is the only thing that works for me. Helps my digestion and energy too.

Replied by Kelly

Interesting. A possible explanation for why the thiamine helped with floaters: Thiamine (B-1) helps reduced glycation. Glycation damages proteins, nerves and blood vessels among other things. The incidence of macular degeneration and vitreous detachment (which can cause floaters) is HIGHER in people with high blood sugar (like diabetics and pre-diabetics) -- SO, it's possible that taking thiamine or benfotiamine may have helped repair the damage from elevated blood sugar.

Baking Soda for Contact Lense Cleaning

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Posted by Gabe (San Pedro, California) on 05/19/2008

Rubbing a little baking-soda on each lens cleans heavy deposits. After rinsing the contact lenses can be applied immediately to the eyes. Another remedy I tried using is rubbing toothpaste on each contact lens. But after rinsing you need to store them in Saline Solution over night. If you try to put them in your eyes after cleaning with toothpaste, your eyes will get irritated from the peppermint. Learned from experience.

Black Tea Bag

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Posted by Tina (Chilliwack, Bc. Canada) on 10/11/2011

I did such a dumb thing- I really did not want to tell the tale, but to prove that black tea bags really work, I'll have to confess. I had 2 itchy eyes from too much computer. I was tired, went to the bathroom and thought I picked up the visine. It was not. A similar bottle with eye glass cleaner, was what I grabbed. I immediately rinsed with water. The more I rinsed the more it hurt. A trip to emerg did not make it better. As the lady in the forum metioned, they gave me antibiotic drops. 10. bucks 1 ml. gr. It did not get better, only worse. Pus, swollen eyelid and pain. I made a cup of strong tea, drank the tea and used the bag on my eye. Now, 15 minutes later, tea is gone and so is the pain and pus. The eyelid opens and no more sticky, yellow stuff, that kept my eye shut. Going to bed now and let you know tomorrow how I feel. Tina

Black Tea Bag
Posted by Adrian (Dayboro, Queensland, Australia) on 07/06/2008

If you suffer from sore itchy eyes, make a cup of tea using a tea bag and when the tea bag cools down, place the tea bag on your open eye (two if both eyes) and let sit there for a minute or so. Problem gone. This is an old Aboriginal remedy used by our Indigenous people.

Replied by Marcia
(Norfolk, VA)

Does it have to be a black tea bag. Will any tea bag, like Green Tea?

Replied by Grace
(Upland, Ca, Usa)

I believe Green Tea will also do the trick or Chamomile Tea. This are the only three I have heard works for problems with eyes and skin around eyes. Again, they are Green Tea, Chamomile Tea or Black Tea bags.

Blocked Tear Duct Remedies

Posted by Ruthie (Minooka, Il) on 12/30/2013

I have had a blocked tear duct for @ 3 years. I have had three surgeons want to do surgery. I am presently on a steroid eye drop for 3 weeks. For three days.....I had no weepy eye, however, it has started again. I do have a constant clearing of my throat and my sinus areas feel swollen. I don't have a sore throat, cold, cough, etc. Just mucus in my throat all the time. I don't know if the blocked tear duct and mucus is related or not. Any suggestions for how I can deal with both issues AND to escape from the eye surgery called DCR.

Replied by Dave
(Fountain Inn, Sc)

Dear Ruthie,

You relate blocked tear ducts, swollen sinus and mucus in throat and ask if possibly related.

A Big Fat YES. If this were me...

I'd try colloidal silver ... gargle with the CS, sinus irrigation with the CS...into both sinuses and I'd be aggressive; I'd really try to get the silver way back into the sinus cavity; part of irrigation is shooting CS into ear canal and finally, I'd drip CS into eyes, two drops into both eyes, twice in one day and repeat the next day. I've done the CS as eye drops many times. I don't apply in eyes more than two days (twice in two days) as the CS will take away the surface of eyeball if overused.

I'd keep up the sinus irrigation for two weeks. I'd also assume an infection as you describe might be system wide and so would begin drinking a tablespoon daily (oral) for three months.

Likely the virus has blocked the tear ducts. Same virus has caused all the other symptoms also.

Replied by Laureen

Dear Ruthie,

I am just reading your posting a year and a half since you wrote it and wondering how you have recovered? I appear to have similar symptoms also for several years and wonder is you tried Dave's suggestion of Colloidal Silver or remedied your distressing symptoms in another manner. It would be great if you or any reader sees my reply and has any other experiential solutions. Best of Health to All.