Natural Remedies for Eye Issues

Apple Cider Vinegar Formula
Posted by James (Golden, Co Usa) on 02/06/2014

Hello and Thank You! I would like you to know that the information you posted is helping me through what was very upsetting and quite a concern only this morning. I have had some type of infection in my left eye for years and years. The eyelids have been partially swollen for all that time. I have used colloidal silver and pau d'arco drops and lots of other herbal eyewashes.

This morning I woke up and was quite concerned to see that my left eye was very inflamed and the tissue not only above and below the eye was swollen, but even the tissue on either side of the eye as well. This has never happened before. I found your post this morning and immediately mixed the honey and vinegar solution. There was a noticeable reduction in the swelling upon the first application!

After one or two more washes, I learned something after all this time. Thanks to Dr. Richard Schulze, I had learned the proper way to wash my eyes; that is to hold the eyewash cup (must be a good one, that actually is curved properly to conform to the shape of your eye) tight against the eye and tilt the head back and then to allow the liquid to soak the entire eye, while looking up, down, left, right, up/left, down/right, up/right, down/left, semicircle up, then semicircle down, and to repeat this a few times before letting the liquid run out of the eyewash cup by tilting the head forward. What I learned this morning was that for that procedure to really work, one must tilt that head all the way back, and possibly even lean back (a chair is a good way to do this), so that the eyes are looking straight up at the ceiling. For the last year or so when using the Schulze eyebright formula in this way, as well as other washes, including plain water, I wasn't tilting my head far enough back. This resulted in only partial coverage of the eyeball in the liquid. I found this out this morning because I happened to be using a new eyewash cup which is fully transparent, and I could see through the liquid (the vinegar and honey and water), and could tell that my head wasn't back far enough - that only the lower 2/3 or so of the eyeball was actually completely making contact with the liquid. So I leaned back a bit more and could clearly see that now every bit of the eye was "under water" so to speak. Once I began washing the eye in this way, the results were stunning.

I have repeated this now about ten times today, and not only is almost all of the swelling on the sides of the eye completely gone, the eyelids themselves are much closer to normal and looking just great. On top of that, my vision is sharper and my eye feels much, much better. Thank you so very much for posting this simple yet monumentally effective formula. The treatments do indeed sting, but I have found that if I relax and don't resist and tense up that it really isn't too bad at all. Additionally, sometimes I just allow the liquid to sit in the eye for ten seconds or so before moving my eyeball around and doing the exercises to ensure that every last bit of the eye is in contact with the liquid. This helps my eye to relax, and the sting mellows out enough to where I can really do all of the exercises two or three times before allowing the liquid to run out.

Bless you for taking the time and making the effort to reach out and share what you know to help a fellow human being. I sincerely appreciate that more than I can say. Please know that you have made a huge difference in the life of someone who was suffering greatly, just by your simple act of thoughtfulness and taking a few minutes to post this.

From my heart to yours, Thank You For Your Caring

Sincerely, James G.

Apple Cider Vinegar Formula
Posted by Blue Silver (Santa Ana, Ca ) on 06/04/2011

Special Formula for Eye Drops by Stanley Burroughs from his book The Master Cleanser with Special Needs and Problemas. I recently had film in my eyes, I made the home remedy formula and my eyes cleared up. Based on the book if you take the drops, you should have no dangerous side effects. Many cases of glaucoma, cataracts, spots, film, and growth of varios kinds have completely disappeared. The drops may be applied one at a time to both eyes serveral times daily. Continue use until the condition has cleared up.


5 Parts (measures) distilled water

2 parts best grade of honey

1 part pure apple cider vinagar

(Sterlin or other good brand)

Mix together and store in a bottle. It need not be referigerated as contents will not spoil. If eyes are in good condition, keep them that way by regular use as no harm can ever come by using it. It has a strong smarting effect for a moment, then the eyes clear and feel very good after each use. The drops have proven to be superior to most commercial drops.

In my opinion, what really does the job here, is ACV, it's a cure all. Good luck!