Cure for Endometriosis

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Selenium +
Posted by Sue (Wales, UK) on 12/10/2023

I suffered endometriosis beginning aged mid/late 20s. I am now 65. It took the medics 11 years to diagnose (prior to which they wrote me off as 'over-emotional'). I underwent an investigative operation. The surgeons were 'surprised' to find multiple cysts. I was put onto strong hormone therapy, to stop my periods. Several years later - still suffering - I underwent a full hysterectomy. That started me on research. I since discovered the work of Andrew W. Saul, PhD. In his book 'Doctor Yourself' (2nd ed.) he gives information on endometriosis (pp. 123-125). Basically endometriosis in cattle is due to a deficiency in selenium.

Saul writes, 'Selenium is probably important in stopping endometriosis because this trace mineral works so closely with vitamin E. Vitamin E has been known to ensure that animals have healthy uterine linings since the 1930s). The research trail on this is as long as your arm. (Bicknell and Prescott, The Vitamins in Medicine, 3rd edition.) Therefore, supplementing the diet of a human female with natural vitamin E, 400-1,000 IU daily, plus around 200 mcg selenium, is a good move.'

Sual also adds suggestions about Folate (folic acid) and magnesium being deficiency factors in endometriosis. To anyone tackling this condition, and who is willing to take this protocol on, I highly recommend his above mentioned book. I only wish I had it when I was young. But if I did not go through all the pain I would not have started my research.

Sea Moss, Burdock Root
Posted by Zara (Ontario ) on 12/02/2023

Hi Henrietta, we supply wildcrafted seamoss directly from Grenada's Prestige Ocean in the Caribbean. If you visit on our blog page there you will see our directions on how to make the seamoss gel. We also sell the seamoss on our website. Hope this helps.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Pam E. (Riverside County, California, USA) on 11/02/2023 140 posts

Jane, you asked Robin:"2 glasses a day, concentrated?"

No...NOT concentrated!

Earlier in the same post, Robin clearly stated:

"I tried ACV w/Baking Soda (2 Tbs. ACV w/ 1/4 tsp baking soda) mixed with a tall glass of water every morning and evening."

Dietary Changes
Posted by els7 (USA) on 10/23/2023

Thanks for the advice, and I would like to add that people suffering from endometriosis might want to avoid frozen fish sticks. I'm not sure what specifically it is about frozen fish sticks that causes my endometrial cysts to suddenly flare with irritation and cause cramps, but I do know that this doesn't happen when I eat homemade fried fish, or most other frozen foods that need to be heated in the oven. Just the fish sticks, and it doesn't even seem to matter much which brand, it's always the breaded frozen mystery fish sticks that cause the problem.

Homeopathic Remedy Sepia
Posted by Mayvong (Laos) on 08/07/2023

Thanks for sharing. Where can I buy this herb?

Sea Moss, Burdock Root
Posted by Henrietta (South Carolina ) on 03/12/2023

Hi! I am an Endometriosis sufferer as well. I have totally stopped the Depo Provera shot I have been on since about 2005 (this one is different from the 1st one I was on from 2001 till then) and am wondering how the sea moss gel is made. Does anyone know? Also, I really believe this shot has given me Fibromyalgia too and I am also dealing with that pain. Any advice would be appreciated.

Chaste Tree Berry
Posted by Heather (Ohio) on 03/21/2022

400 mg of Chaste Tree Berry (Vitex) cured my pain related to endometriosis and a fibroid after the first dose. I've been taking it for 4 days now and I have my life back.

Posted by Malissa (IN) on 10/27/2021

Try Using yarrow, black seed oil and also sea moss complex. I had severe endometriosis I've had two surgeries every since I started this regimen I have no more endometriosis and no more painful periods! Hope this helps!

Sea Moss, Burdock Root
Posted by Malissa (IN) on 10/26/2021

Hi, I suffer from endometriosis. I was diagnosed back in 2009! I've been struggling with it ever since I started doing some natural research because I believe that God gave us the green earth to heal ourselves. What helped me is sea moss and burdock root. I make my own sea gel and order organic burdock root off of Etsy. I make a tea out of it every morning and afternoon. It helps a lot with the mucus and extra minerals in my body.

Serrapeptase, Progesterone Cream
Posted by Fay (London ) on 06/29/2021


Serrapeptase 250,000 iu per evening before bed on an empty stomach (to literally dissolve the excess fibrin) plus natural progesterone cream (to balance estrogen) rubbed into skin at night is the winning combo to put endometriosis into remission. Find your dose of natural progesterone cream. I personally take 150-200mg per eve which is 3-4 pumps of the cream.

Posted by Ann (Michigan) on 02/11/2021

Cinnamon for Heaving Bleeding From Endometriosis

Take cinnamon pills 500-1000mg it slows the heavy bleeding.As long as I took the cinamon I stayed pretty controlled symptom wise from 30 yrs old till menapause.i still ache some I wish I knew about serrapeptase in my 20's.

Posted by Tina (London) on 02/05/2021

Yes, serrapeptase 250,000 iu at night plus progesterone cream at night works.

Homeopathic Remedy Sepia
Posted by Selva (Port Townsend, Wa) on 02/12/2019

I cured all the symptoms of endometriosis using a homeopathic remedy called Sephia many years ago. I do not remember the quantity taken, but I do remember the time for the treatment was about 45 days.

Posted by Eve (West Indies) on 08/25/2018

Like Maria from Sydney, I've had success with watermelon as well, the only pain-free period I've had in my entire life! My friend had experienced a great deal of relief as well by eating it. I'm currently trying to eat it daily in hopes of having a break from the dreaded cramps. I will report back and update on how it turned out!

Coconut Oil, Turmeric
Posted by Beth (Vista, Ca) on 05/22/2018

Dear Pradeep,

I read a book by Dr. John Lee called Hormone Balance Made Simple (available on Amazon) that details how hormone imbalance can cause the problems your wife is experiencing, as well as many others. He recommends first doing a saliva test to test the level of hormones. Then adjusting accordingly through bio-identical hormones which do not cause breast cancer and other cancers as synthetic hormones do. That book will provide so much information to help your wife bring her hormones into balance and regain her life. And she will be able to have the children you both desire!

Vitamin E and Borage Oil
Posted by Harper (Ga) on 05/10/2018

I have endometriosis and have very painful periods (understatement). One capsule of vitamin e (natural) and one capsule of borage oil have helped and I no longer have pain. It took 2 menstrual cycles to work. Hope this helps someone.

Chinese Herbs
Posted by Karen (Lakeview) on 03/24/2017

Nat, Can you share how much gentian and buplerum you take?

Chinese Herbs
Posted by Tarcela (Philippines) on 12/16/2016

Where to buy the buplerum and gentian in the Philippines?

Chaste Tree Berry
Posted by Ami (Tn) on 09/01/2016

Thanks. I had a rough week with my cycle and was diagnosis with adenomyosis my uterus is 4 months size and have not had children. Don't want a hysterectomy.

Chaste Tree Berry
Posted by Mama To Many (Tennessee) on 08/30/2016

Dear Vibapia,

Thank you for sharing this remedy! I hope you will keep us posted. I am wondering if the chaste tree berry will even heal your endometriosis with time.

A friend of mine was dealing with prolonged bleeding from adenomyosis (basically endometriosis on the outside of the uterus) and chaste tree berry stopped her bleeding pretty quickly. She was taking 1/2 teaspoon of the dry chaste tree berries (aka "vitex") daily. She would just slowly chew them through the day.

So glad you are feeling better!

~Mama to Many~

Chaste Tree Berry
Posted by Vibapia (San Antonio) on 08/30/2016

Re: Chaste Tree Berry (Vitex) for Endometriosis Menstrual Cramping

Every month since I've had my period, I've experienced terrible cramping to the point that I can't function, bloating, pain, irritability. It affected my work, and normal activity for a week leading up to my period and the week of. My doctor suggested putting me on birth control to thin my blood but I decided against it and looked for natural ways to heal. I bought organic non gmo chaste berry supplement (440mg) after hearing when how it brought my friend's period back after her not having it for months. I took 2 the day before my period, 2 the morning of the first day of my period, 2 that night, and 2 the next day. Basically whenever I felt symptoms of PMS I took 2 which is exactly 880mg of chaste berry herb. The pain vanished each time, I experienced hardly any pain on my period while using the chaste berry and no longer need NSAIDs or pain meds.

Coconut Oil, Turmeric
Posted by Lena (Melbourne) on 08/03/2016

EVCO - extra virgin coconut oil.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Twins Mama (Los Angeles) on 02/20/2016

TY for your story! Very helpful!! I had exactly your degree of endo and had endless infertility issues for 7 years and wish I had had this kind of information back then!

Gluten Free, Supplements
Posted by Therese (Norway) on 02/08/2016

I have had endometriosis for several years. The first few years my period pains grew more and more intense. At the worst I was in agony for three days every month, and in moderate pain/considerable discomfort for the rest of the month. Painkillers rarely worked at all.

When I cut out wheat and all grains containing gluten, my period pains lessened considerably, and I am now completely pain free for 26-27/28 days every month. I still miss one day of work every month due to period pains, but cutting out wheat and eating healthily has given me my life back. Painkillers also work much better now.

In addition, I take quite a few supplements and make sure to eat a healthy diet, with lots of fruit and veg, nuts, and fiber. The most important supplements are vitamin C, evening primrose oil and good quality omega 3.

Beware that it may take weeks, even months, for this to give full effect. For me it was more than a year before I gained my present state of health, but I hear from others that they generally experience effect sooner after cutting out wheat. I know that the regiment works, however, because of the few times I have eaten wheat by a mistake and been in a lot of pain for days afterwards. I once went on holiday without my supplements, and within three days abdominal discomfort started growing, increasing day by day until I got my hands on vitamin C.

To be honest it is quite a bit of hassle to always mind what I eat and don't eat. But when the alternative is giving up on my life (my job, an active social life, excercising), it is still the easier path. I have also come to embrace the fact that a varied and healthy diet with good quality ingredients is a more delicious way of eating! I eat lots of healthy fats, never skimp on calories, and try new foods all the time. It is a rich way of eating.

Dietary Changes
Posted by Elli (Utah) on 01/14/2016

I suffered from crazy pain and debilitating cycles. Really, I was 22 and considering a hysterectomy. Then I found how diet can play a part. ELIMINATE WHEAT, SOY, AND SUGAR. also look into Oxalates. Too many oxalates can cause vulvodia pain. High Histamine. Soy is sooo bad for endometriosis..

It sounded extreme to me too, but it has Helped so much. And its not hard. Its just life. And I (Thanks to Prayer) have a life again.

Coconut Oil, Turmeric
Posted by M (Nashville, Tn) on 01/11/2016

You sound like a very compassionate partner. You're right, there is no cure. Tell your wife to stop eating soy, dairy, and gluten and instead eat a lot of green vegetables, particularly cruciferous vegetables. The more raw food the better. She can also take serrepeptase, which is an enzyme from bacteria native to the digestive system of silkworms. It is the enzyme responsible for dissolving a silkworm's cocoon. This enzyme can breakdown scar tissues, adhesions, cysts... As far as her fertility, I'm sorry she is taking it so hard. She should not give up but perhaps look at other options like surrogacy or adoption. Many people have fertility success from acupuncture treatments. Since the disease is hormonal, it can make us very depressed and moody. Hopefully if she can get a better balance on her hormones, she can start to find joy again. You are doing the right thing by seeking help and loving and supporting her. Good luck to you two.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Katie (Uk ) on 08/17/2015

I have had endometriosis for the last twenty years, and was also diagnosed with adenomyosis last year after several miscarriages, and continuous bleeding for over a year. I was told by my very trusted gynaecologist (as far as im concerned he made it possible for me to have my daughter) that I had two options - have the coil fitted or a hysterectomy. I went for the coil which helped for a few months but then the constant pain and bleeding returned gradually. Not wanting a hysterectomy I went to see a chinese herbalist who said that both conditions can be caused by the body producing too much estrogen. This also explained lots of other conditions and symptoms I was experiencing such as cervical polyps, insomnia, fatigue, anemia, mood swings, low libido etc. he suggested I took milk thistle, wild yam root and horny goat weed. Now a year later and I feel fantastic!

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Big C (Philippines Now) on 08/16/2015

You did not mention iodine. Read for a further clue to fixing your thyroid - it is very likely not genetic. Then I'd suggest reading the rest of their iodine info on that site. Also read iodine under remedies here on earth clinic. That should help you a ton with balancing hormones, thus losing puffy water retention weight, and losing solid fat weight over time. Hope this helps.

Coconut Oil, Turmeric
Posted by Lena (Dallas) on 07/13/2015

My daughter had the worst endometriosis since she was a little girl. She (we) did not know about it until she was in her early 20s. Believe me, her every period was like going through a labor contractions with "delivering" large pieces of endometrial tissues. Not a single doctor we went to had experienced anything like it in his or her practice. As usual, she was offered a hysterectomy.

Long story short, she went on a raw food diet, no grains of any kind or milk products for 2 years. Her endometriosis is gone. She still eats very healthy, but not 100% raw.

Coconut Oil, Turmeric
Posted by Pradeep (Sri Lanka) on 07/13/2015

My wife suffers from endormetriosis and doctors said there is no cure for this illness. she is really disapponted and has given up all hopes of living. She really wanted to have a kid but not successful because of this problem. I want her to be happy and live together. I am trying my best to help my wife to fight this diseas and new to give her a new hope of having a baby as she has nothing to live for. I was very happy reading articles here. If possibe give us more advice as to how we fight this illness.

Posted by Nicole (Melbourne) on 02/14/2015

Thanks Timh, that's really helpful. I think if someone tried making a smoothie with Kale and tomato, a couple tsp of tomato paste, a tsp of ACV and some fruit like watermelon to help with the taste. They could probably drink this throughout the day :)

Posted by Timh (KY) on 01/28/2015 2063 posts

Lycopene may be best obtained from "Tomato Paste" as the condensation process increases Lycopene from it's source Tomato.

Posted by Nicole (Melbourne ) on 01/28/2015

A study shows that a nutrient called lycopene which is found in Guava, Watermelons, tomatoes, papaya, grapefruit etc, has been very helpful in helping women with endometriosis.

I don't have endometriosis or at least my doctor doesn't think I do but seeing so many women suffer with this just breaks my heart.

I heard a lot of women had success with tomatoes and watermelon, even someone on this site wrote that she found relief from watermelons.

It may take time and you may need to be patient, but I hope there is a cure out there and we can all be healthy and happy. Good luck everyone, God bless.

Iodine Deficiency
Posted by Klady (Atlanta, Usa) on 01/21/2015

I was advised by an endocrinologist specialist to seek advise/communicate with doc if you are going to supplement with iodine (beyond typical amount found in daily vitamin), as, if you have hypothyroid it can cause difficulty in the monitoring of your thyroid levels. I would also like to recommend, in my opinion, for hypothyroid, seeing an endocrinologist over primary care (or talking to obgyn- in relation to pregnancy) to monitor your thyroid levels if at all possible, especially awaiting conceiving and pregnancy. Or if you don't have access to endocrinologist, speak up to the doctor you see about monitoring levels for these situations. Its a delicate balancing. Hope this is helpful. I also love safe natural cures. Cheers.

Endometriosis Remedies
Posted by Endoended (U.k.) on 01/17/2015

Hi Amina

I cured my endometriosis.

I had endometriosis for over 10 years.
For over 2 years I tried all sorts of alternative therapies with little or no relief, these included a parasite cleanse, as sometimes parasites can be what is causing the endometriosis. I also used acupuncture and Chinese herbs for over 2 years to manage my pain but unfortunately for me it could not stop the progression of the endo.

5 months before I considered myself cured, I started taking (LDN) Low dose naltrexone which really helped with general pain relief, depression, ME and fibromyalgia. It was challenging to get a prescription. LDN is a medication that works with your body's immune system through its interactions with your body's endorphins. Endorphins play a role in pain relief, immune system regulation, growth of cells and angiogenesis (the growth of blood vessels that feed a tumor). It is also sometimes used to improve fertility in endo patients.

Posted by Alicia (Spain) on 01/14/2015

Did it work with your endometriosis?? I've been recently diagnosed of endo and I'm searching for a natural cure to avoid the surgery. Is there any treatment that works?? I've been reading about MMS in other websites but it's not clear if it really works for endometriosis or not.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Alicia (Spain) on 01/14/2015

I've been rencently diagnosed of endometriosis, I've been reading this post and i's sorry to ask this but what does ACV mean?? I would like to try it, if it really helps against pain.

EC: ACV = Apple Cider Vinegar

Coconut Oil, Turmeric
Posted by Dave (Fountain Inn, Sc) on 07/21/2014

Hey Marina,

TVCO can mean Tropical Virgin Coconut Oil and

EVCO can mean Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

Does that fit the context?

Coconut Oil, Turmeric
Posted by Marina (Philadelphia, US) on 07/21/2014

If you don't mind, tell me what TVCO is? EVCO, what is it? Thanks

Posted by Sam (Miami, US) on 06/22/2014

If anyone had the worst endomertriosis ever it was my daughter. Since early teens her life was hell.The things that were happening to her you would only read in medical encyclopedia with an annotation "very rarely", and no doctors ever heard about it. She almost died from birthcontrol pills, slowly deteorating to the point that she had to walk with someone s help and looked like the last stage cancer patient.She was 19 at that time and running out of diagnoses; her doctor said it was all in her head. She run out of birth control pills one day and immediately felt better and better with each day with no birthcontrol pills.

She married her bf and they had a baby girl right after that as she was afraid she won't have children as doctors said. But the life of hell continued and all her doctors were saying that she had the worst endo ever. And there is nothing they could do but remove her organs. She did not want to live her life like that and was depressed. Fast forward, she went on a one full year of raw food only diet, no meat, gluten, etc. Her endo is a history now. She is not on a 100% raw diet anymore, but pretty strict on what she eats. No gluten for sure. One more note, she always had breast lumps, just like I did, and there is one supplement that really worked for us, especially for me-Bupleurum Entangled by Health COncerns. After one bottle course I was free of lumps for a year or two.

Chinese Herbs
Posted by Nat (Washington, Dc) on 06/20/2014

I as well was lucky enough to come across the sensible health website which explains endometriosis to the T! After becoming fed up with the conventional way of treating my endometriosis stage 4, meaning doctors wanted to place me on lupron to cease my menses or birth control to cease my menses. That was a no no I did not want to go through menopause at 23, also these meds do not even cure the disease just make you stop producing your own hormones therefore putting endometriosis to "sleep". I searched natural remedies for endometriosis and my life was changed ever since.

In addition to refraining from soy (MAJOR CULPRIT TO HORMONAL IMBALANCES) AND SWITCHING TO ORGANIC MEAT AND DAIRY and taking the recommended chinese herbs on the site which are buplerum and gentian (in order to detox the bad hormones accumulated in the liver), I can officially say that I have conquered my life again. I no longer feel the daily deliberating pain I once felt prior to getting on this regimen. I have completely forgotten that I dealt with this dreadful problem and instead of taking a hefty amount of pain killers during the time of the month, I now knock out the mild pain which I experience the first hour of starting my period with 1 advil. 1 advil a month VS 10 advils a day in the past. The sensible health author literally saved my life bc nothing else has worked

Posted by Silvermist (Bar Harbor, ME) on 05/25/2014

I used this for a couple months prior to endo surgery. I had the surgery a few years back and had severe endometriosis and all my sx had returned so I was expecting another big removal. This time- nothing! No endometriosis at all. I think this may be the reason. I also use iodine, coconut oil, and acv, all only occasionally over the past 3 years. The serrapeptase was the only treatment I did daily.

However, I am still having heavy, painful periods. Cayenne, coconut oil, acv, mag oil, castor oil packs have not helped. Haven't found a solution yet. Also, I think I may have overdone the iodine because now I sweat massively at night, a sign of hyperthyroidism. I still use 4 drops of lugol's into my farm milk to sterilize each half gallon when I get it home.

I plan to continue using the iodine for my milk because the farm has campylobacter, but I won't but pasteurized milk and I have to drink milk to help with kidney stones. The iodine has defintely helped my interstitial cystitis dramatically, though. Borax helped that also, fyi, but again, that's not a super safe sounding cure to me, although I do use it on a rare occasion.

Iodine Deficiency
Posted by Anna (Uk) on 04/25/2014

Yes iodine deficiency could definitely be the cause or part of the cause of your endometriosis.42% of women with endometriosis have thyroid problems.1 woman cured her endo by taking iodine and quite a few women have cured their PCOS by following the iodine protocol.

Posted by Becca (Abilene, Tx) on 03/10/2014

If you are taking IC3...change over to the stabilized version called DIM as soon as possible. It is the derivative of IC3 without the volatile molecules contained in IC3. My doctor put me on this 14 years ago. It does elimate cysts and calcium deposits.

Posted by Gee (Nyc ) on 03/10/2014

Hi, would like to know how did Indole-3-carbinol (I3C) help you?

Adenomyosis Remedies
Posted by Mmsg (Somewhere, Europe) on 09/28/2013

Sarah, it wouldn't hurt to try Blackstrap Molasses. Start with 1/2 teaspoon daily. Read up on it.

Adenomyosis Remedies
Posted by Mama To Many (Tennessee, Usa) on 09/26/2013

Dear Sarah,

I am so sorry about the terrible pain and stress you are having. So many have been relieved of disease with natural remedies and I am hopeful it will be the case for you as well.

I think it is possible that there may be some natural treatments for Adenomyosis that would be ones that work for Endometriosis. So many natural cures are solving the root problem. And many of us have the same root problem. Apple Cider Vinegar and Blackstrap Molasses help a shocking variety of health conditions. Probably because they are balancing the body PH and addressing nutritional deficiencies, respectively. They help the body to work better and heal from disease.

And those are two things that are inexpensive and easy to try. 1-2 T. Raw Apple Cider Vinegar morning and evening. 1 T. Blackstrap molasses, twice a day. It may sound too simple, but I personally have had great results with these two things.

Another thing is charcoal poultices. Charcoal works on bacteria, toxins, inflammation and pain. It has healed endometriosis and other female troubles among countless other things. I would try charcoal poultices on your abdomen, over your uterus 5 nights a week. If you go to the Activated Charcoal page on EC, How to Make a Charcoal Poultice is listed in the Table of Contents.

Red Raspberry Leaf is helpful to many female conditions. I would try drinking a couple of cups of the tea each day.

All of these things can be done together (though you may want to add just one a week to see how your body responds. ) Just one may work, but sometimes it helps to do several things.

You are having a lot of stress... if you can take a walk a few times a week, that would be good for stress and for general health.

Please keep us posted on your progess! May God give you healing and your heart's desire for children some day!

~Mama to Many~

Adenomyosis Remedies
Posted by Sarah (Los Angeles, Ca) on 09/25/2013

Just received diagnosis of adenomyosis, which is similar to endometriosis except it is within the uterine wall. Experiencing debilitating pelvic pain, heavy periods and abdominal bloating. Western medicine provides only hormonal options or hysterectomy - neither of which will work as I am 'allergic' to synthetic hormones and still would like to become pregnant and have children. Please if anyone has natural remedies, if you could share them with me. I am scared and devastated. Recent history of physical and emotional trauma, PTSD may be contributing. I believe treatments for this ailment will differ from those for endometriosis.

Endometrial Ablation Remedies
Posted by Tom (Fort Worth, Texas) on 09/22/2013

Hello to "A Smith"... Good article at "Steady Health" with key words endometrial ablation added. Since the uterine lining was removed, if ovulation does produce a fetus, the uterine wall is too thin to safely accomodate pregnancy; at least safely, in fact could be quite hazardous. So "yes" pregnancy is possible but possibly life threatening for the mother... according to the Steady Health article.

Endometrial Ablation Remedies
Posted by A. Smith (Fort Worth, Tx) on 09/22/2013

I wanted to start a new thread and I am not sure how/where to do it. I had an endometrial ablation. Six months afterwards, I met my new husband who doesn't have any children and wants one. How can I repair my uterine lining? Thank you!

Endometriosis Remedies
Posted by Racheal (U.k) on 08/06/2013

Hi, also just diagnosed with "mild" endo yesterday - scan showed right ovary attached to bowl, am petrified seriously phobic of surgery. Want to do everything I can to try without. Really amazed by how many others suffer, love to all. Question is - is better to be vegetarian and how long roughly will diet change take to lower symptoms? Thank you.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Lynne (Dallas, Tx) on 07/04/2013

Did you eat anything when you were on this regimen or did you use it as a diet?

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