Cure for Endometriosis

| Modified on Dec 10, 2023
Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Robin (Shakopee, Minnesota) on 01/24/2009

In August 2008, I was diagnosed with endometriosis after I was awakened at 3:00 A.M with very severe abdominal pain. Two weeks and three tests later, while still in pain my doctor told me 'when' the pain becomes severe for 'most of the month' and is 'unbearable' there were surgical options. At this time although I was still in pain all the time, the pain was much duller but it never went away. I tried ACV w/Baking Soda (2 Tbs. ACV w/ 1/4 tsp baking soda) mixed with a tall glass of water every morning and evening. After the 1st dose, the pain lessened in a matter of hours (after being constant for 3 weeks!). I started this regime on a Saturday, by Monday I was at work pain-free. I have had no problems at all since then. I did stop taking it for a month or so, but whenever I felt a 'pinch' or 'twitch' right around the time of my cycle, I'd start it back up. Now, I take two glasses every day to help with my fibroid, I'll never stop taking it again AND my cycles are not only regular, but pain-free also. BTW.. lost a few pounds too... a bonus!

Chaste Tree Berry
Posted by Vibapia (San Antonio) on 08/30/2016

Re: Chaste Tree Berry (Vitex) for Endometriosis Menstrual Cramping

Every month since I've had my period, I've experienced terrible cramping to the point that I can't function, bloating, pain, irritability. It affected my work, and normal activity for a week leading up to my period and the week of. My doctor suggested putting me on birth control to thin my blood but I decided against it and looked for natural ways to heal. I bought organic non gmo chaste berry supplement (440mg) after hearing when how it brought my friend's period back after her not having it for months. I took 2 the day before my period, 2 the morning of the first day of my period, 2 that night, and 2 the next day. Basically whenever I felt symptoms of PMS I took 2 which is exactly 880mg of chaste berry herb. The pain vanished each time, I experienced hardly any pain on my period while using the chaste berry and no longer need NSAIDs or pain meds.

Chaste Tree Berry
Posted by Heather (Ohio) on 03/21/2022

400 mg of Chaste Tree Berry (Vitex) cured my pain related to endometriosis and a fibroid after the first dose. I've been taking it for 4 days now and I have my life back.

Serrapeptase, Progesterone Cream
Posted by Fay (London ) on 06/29/2021


Serrapeptase 250,000 iu per evening before bed on an empty stomach (to literally dissolve the excess fibrin) plus natural progesterone cream (to balance estrogen) rubbed into skin at night is the winning combo to put endometriosis into remission. Find your dose of natural progesterone cream. I personally take 150-200mg per eve which is 3-4 pumps of the cream.

Chinese Herbs
Posted by Nat (Washington, Dc) on 06/20/2014

I as well was lucky enough to come across the sensible health website which explains endometriosis to the T! After becoming fed up with the conventional way of treating my endometriosis stage 4, meaning doctors wanted to place me on lupron to cease my menses or birth control to cease my menses. That was a no no I did not want to go through menopause at 23, also these meds do not even cure the disease just make you stop producing your own hormones therefore putting endometriosis to "sleep". I searched natural remedies for endometriosis and my life was changed ever since.

In addition to refraining from soy (MAJOR CULPRIT TO HORMONAL IMBALANCES) AND SWITCHING TO ORGANIC MEAT AND DAIRY and taking the recommended chinese herbs on the site which are buplerum and gentian (in order to detox the bad hormones accumulated in the liver), I can officially say that I have conquered my life again. I no longer feel the daily deliberating pain I once felt prior to getting on this regimen. I have completely forgotten that I dealt with this dreadful problem and instead of taking a hefty amount of pain killers during the time of the month, I now knock out the mild pain which I experience the first hour of starting my period with 1 advil. 1 advil a month VS 10 advils a day in the past. The sensible health author literally saved my life bc nothing else has worked

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Josey (East Troy, WI) on 06/28/2007

I found the information provided in "Endometriosis Cures" went pretty much right along with what I have researched myself, and with what my naturopath has recommended to me for the management of my endometriosis.

First off, I was diagnosed with stage 4 endo via laparoscopy in March of 2007. I am in my early 30s. Currently I am using a B vitamin supplement twice daily (NutriCalm by Nature's Sunshine), magnesium (250mg) twice daily, Red Clover blended tincture three times daily and T.-W tincture (dulse, bladderwrack, wild lettuce & irish moss) three times daily, evening primrose oil (1300mg once or twice daily), digestive enzymes (OmegaZyme by Garden of Life), and Carlson's Cod Liver oil once or twice daily. In addition, I use a low-dose progesterone cream twice daily (Phyto Prolief.I may switch; I prefer not to use products containing parabens. Any suggestions or opinions on progesterone cream?).

I am not clinically hypothyroid, but am on the low end and it runs in the women on my mother's side (my great grandmother even died of goiter). My naturopath said I exhibited many symptoms of a declining thyroid and I felt the same, which is why I am on the T.-W.

The Red Clover Blended and primrose oil have estrogenic properties; however research shows when ingested, the body uses it to balance out estrogen levels as I am estrogen dominant (one of many indicators I have-I started my period at age 10!). Also, the Red Clover Blended will help "clean up" the areas where endo was/is, which is a result of balancing the estrogens.

The B vits, magnesium and cod liver oil (I love omega 3s!!) have drastically balanced my mood and reduced my anxiety/panic attacks. I still have my days, but it is much much better than it was just a few months ago.

The enzymes I have actually used for a few years now, before I even knew I had endo. Now I realize how much they benefit me in helping my body digest and utilize all the foods I eat, especially proteins (and especially cooked meats, which have no enzymes at all).

In regards to food, I have done hours and hours of reading and research on my own. By far, the best book I have read is Endometriosis: A Key to Healing Through Nutrition by Dian Shepperson Mills & Michael Vernon. Some of it is a tough read, but I soaked it up, wanting to know so badly now my body works and what I can do to help it heal. I think one can make nutrition very complicated, but from all the information I have gathered, it is very simple, basic nutrition to me! Eat lots of organic (when you can) vegetables, fruits (avoid moldy fruits like cantelope), lean meats and eggs (absolutely no antibiotics or hormones and pasture-raised when possible), nuts (organic is really important here), wild caught small fish, and no-gluten or low-gluten organic grains. Healthy oils are super important-of course the fish oil, but on salads using olive oil is great and in addition I occasionally use coconut oil in other dishes (smoothies, etc.). Avoiding most dairy is a good idea, I believe, as it has helped lower my inflammation levels (an easy sign-less phlegm in the mornings!). I still have raw milk organic cheese, organic kefir or yogurt a few times a week, and soon we will have access to raw milk to drink (cow share program), which I will have once in a while, but not daily like I used to.

I believe if you follow a healthy diet as I mentioned above, in addition to drinking water or green tea with lemon every day, your body's pH will naturally become less acidic and more alkaline. I have pH strips that I use every few months and so far it has gone up almost .5 (I'm at about 6.45 using saliva.). I don't see a need to use baking soda or vinegar (unless the vinegar is part of homemade salad dressing) to up the pH unless you like that sort of thing. It may, however, speed up the process. I have also always been a "no salt" kinda girl, but recently I started using a good quality mineral salt on my foods (just a dash here and there-and not on canned/high sodium foods, but raw or gently cooked foods). It really helps with flavor and is decently good for you.

As far as the nanoinsects and fungus, I am a firm believer in garlic, onions, ginger and turmeric! I eat one or more of them almost every single day in some form (garlic and onions raw, ginger crystallized and turmeric powdered). If you are getting those and plenty of fiber from fruits and veggies, I believe this is a great cleanse for your intestines and also for your whole body in general. I have not had a cold or flu for over 2 years! This is something we should do our whole lives, as those foods are so beneficial, in so many ways.

In addition, other important foods I consume several times a week are flax seeds (fresh ground from whole as needed in a cheap coffee grinder), organic raspberry leaf tea, dried fruits such as figs and currants (great with nuts!), organic local broccoli (The perfect vegetable! However, it is a goitrogen which may hamper thyroid function, so I don't go overboard). And of course, lots and lots of fresh, filtered water.

I feel so very fortunate to live in a small eco-minded community, as we have many local farms growing organic produce and pasture-raised livestock. This gives me the opportunity to support my community, eat seasonally (which I have been trying to do-I love it!), in addition to having organic, freshly harvested produce and clean, nutritious meats! And even for those who are not that lucky, if you look around, there are great little shops with food sections and even some of the bigger chains are carrying lines of organics (which usually is better than conventional at least). With all these options, there's no reason to resort to trans-fatty fast foods or pre-packaged, preservative-laden convenience foods!

One other important thing I have changed in my life is what goes ON my body. It's taken me a few years (as I had interest in this, yet again, before endo), but I have drastically reduced what I use in the shower and for toiletries. I try to get products with no parabens, lauryl/laureth sulfates, phthalates, or any other weird stuff that I don't know what it is. Just don't be fooled by stuff that says "all natural" until you read the ingredients list. Burt's Bees is a pretty good brand that is more affordable than some. And most recently, I got an inexpensive shower filter (less than $100) that removes chlorine and VOCs which may be directly related to endo, and a host of other problems/diseases. For lotion, I use the same organic virgin coconut oil that we eat!! I really feel these small changes have drastically reduced the toxic load on my body, and I hope within the next year or two it really shows. One crazy thing I have noticed-my sweat only stinks when I eat junk! (I don't wear deodorant anymore! Will sometimes spray lavender hydrosol under my arms.) To me, that says a lot!

The last, but not least, of the changes I have made is movement. I have been pretty sporadically active in the last decade, and need to lose weight-about 60 more pounds (Excess body fat = excess estrogen! Not to mention contributing to many other problems!). My naturopath suggested yoga for me for activity but even more importantly, reducing stress and anxiety. I have fallen in love with it. I recommend it especially to women who don't like strenuous exercise or just need to slow down (which is all of us, right?? (: ). You would be shocked at what you can do in yoga class-and will love how it helps you focus mentally AND reshapes your body. I am slowly working in more aerobic activity (biking, walking, etc.).it gets easier as I become more fit and more self-confident.

As for my own rate of healing, I feel I have really taken control of a few areas of my health-less stress and more activity. The food changes have come slowly and not always consistent, but I am still trying and know that a year from now I will be a different woman!! I never had debilitating pain, but my pain is much much less now, and only seems to flare up when I am eating non-nutritious foods for more than a day or two (aka fast foods or junk food!). The more I read and hear about other women and how they are changing and bettering their health, and the more knowledge I have on endometriosis and also how our amazing bodies have the capacity to heal themselves, the more motivated I become!!

So, after this novel of information (it's so easy to go on and on.there's so much to learn!), the main ways I believe to support your body and "heal" endometriosis include: balancing body pH, supporting thyroid function, boosting immunity through correct nutrient intake (including temporary supplements if necessary), detoxing often (but gently through daily diet and drink and no crazy fasts or diets!), and moving more. Those are the main things, and there's so many little things that help you support them. One other suggestion-even if you have already seen many doctors, I think seeing a naturopath or kinesiologist is so important, so you can find out what you specifically are deficient in nutrient-wise. Although there seems to be emerging constants for us with endo, everyone is still different. I am finding my naturopath a continual and necessary resource for my endo.

So, that's my story. I hope this has been a source of good information for anyone wanting more on how we rise above endometriosis and receive good health in return. I would love to hear from anyone regarding your experiences!!

Sea Moss, Burdock Root
Posted by Malissa (IN) on 10/26/2021

Hi, I suffer from endometriosis. I was diagnosed back in 2009! I've been struggling with it ever since I started doing some natural research because I believe that God gave us the green earth to heal ourselves. What helped me is sea moss and burdock root. I make my own sea gel and order organic burdock root off of Etsy. I make a tea out of it every morning and afternoon. It helps a lot with the mucus and extra minerals in my body.

Posted by Tina (London) on 02/05/2021

Yes, serrapeptase 250,000 iu at night plus progesterone cream at night works.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Shereen (Montego Bay, Jamaica) on 12/09/2010

Well I weigh abt 310 lbs, however I have been bleeding for more than two months with all the doctors visit now seem to help until one afternoon my mom said I should try and use the vinegar on my sanitary napkin so I research the vinegar and found your site I tried the Apple Cider Vinegar with water and it help me so much I even feel like am losing pounds thanks, earth clinic

Posted by Tracie (Moke Hill, California) on 09/08/2010

Chantel, don't let anyone tell you it's impossible. I had a fertility specialist tell me it was impossible. I had endometriosis, ovarian cysts, and a blocked fallopian tube. My eggs also dropped down before optimal time to get fertilized. I can't remember the name of this condition. There was also at least three other problems. Long story short, I gave up, and after two years of no drugs, and no doctors. I got pregnant. Suprise suprise... Doctors don't know everything. They only know what they've learned in a book. Do what you need to to clean your body of the endometriosis. But, give your body the time it needs to heal, the less you focus on getting pregnant, the more relaxed you'll be to get pregnant. Good luck to you.

Coconut Oil, Turmeric
Posted by Lena (Dallas) on 07/13/2015

My daughter had the worst endometriosis since she was a little girl. She (we) did not know about it until she was in her early 20s. Believe me, her every period was like going through a labor contractions with "delivering" large pieces of endometrial tissues. Not a single doctor we went to had experienced anything like it in his or her practice. As usual, she was offered a hysterectomy.

Long story short, she went on a raw food diet, no grains of any kind or milk products for 2 years. Her endometriosis is gone. She still eats very healthy, but not 100% raw.

Vitamin E and Borage Oil
Posted by Harper (Ga) on 05/10/2018

I have endometriosis and have very painful periods (understatement). One capsule of vitamin e (natural) and one capsule of borage oil have helped and I no longer have pain. It took 2 menstrual cycles to work. Hope this helps someone.

Coconut Oil, Turmeric
Posted by Stella (South Portland, Maine) on 03/27/2008

I have been suffering from severe endometriosis for the past eight years. I have had multiple surgeries and a virtual chemical cocktail of pain meds and hormones. This is the first month in five years that I have not had to use pain medication and have not been bed ridden for three days. What I did-- 1 T. EVCO 1 T. Tumeric in hot water as tea every night for a month. The first month I didnt notice a change in pain, but I did sweat and obnoxious amount at night. I attribute the sweating to my hormones becomming balanced. This month I am pain free. I have also stopped eating out of plastic containers--removed any skin cleaning products, shampoo or tolitries with any suspect ingredients, stopped using tampons, and taken 3 T. of ACV daily. I am truly amazed, I'm not sure what is working but something is. Those of you who have suffered with this know-- I was ready to try anything to avoid another surgery--compared to the spectrum of options I was given by the medical community (removal of more intestines, colon, bladder, or take bunches of hormones) the EVCO & Tumeric is pretty tame. Good luck.

Posted by Ann (Michigan) on 02/11/2021

Cinnamon for Heaving Bleeding From Endometriosis

Take cinnamon pills 500-1000mg it slows the heavy bleeding.As long as I took the cinamon I stayed pretty controlled symptom wise from 30 yrs old till menapause.i still ache some I wish I knew about serrapeptase in my 20's.

Adenomyosis Remedies
Posted by Mama To Many (Tennessee, Usa) on 09/26/2013

Dear Sarah,

I am so sorry about the terrible pain and stress you are having. So many have been relieved of disease with natural remedies and I am hopeful it will be the case for you as well.

I think it is possible that there may be some natural treatments for Adenomyosis that would be ones that work for Endometriosis. So many natural cures are solving the root problem. And many of us have the same root problem. Apple Cider Vinegar and Blackstrap Molasses help a shocking variety of health conditions. Probably because they are balancing the body PH and addressing nutritional deficiencies, respectively. They help the body to work better and heal from disease.

And those are two things that are inexpensive and easy to try. 1-2 T. Raw Apple Cider Vinegar morning and evening. 1 T. Blackstrap molasses, twice a day. It may sound too simple, but I personally have had great results with these two things.

Another thing is charcoal poultices. Charcoal works on bacteria, toxins, inflammation and pain. It has healed endometriosis and other female troubles among countless other things. I would try charcoal poultices on your abdomen, over your uterus 5 nights a week. If you go to the Activated Charcoal page on EC, How to Make a Charcoal Poultice is listed in the Table of Contents.

Red Raspberry Leaf is helpful to many female conditions. I would try drinking a couple of cups of the tea each day.

All of these things can be done together (though you may want to add just one a week to see how your body responds. ) Just one may work, but sometimes it helps to do several things.

You are having a lot of stress... if you can take a walk a few times a week, that would be good for stress and for general health.

Please keep us posted on your progess! May God give you healing and your heart's desire for children some day!

~Mama to Many~

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Katie (Uk ) on 08/17/2015

I have had endometriosis for the last twenty years, and was also diagnosed with adenomyosis last year after several miscarriages, and continuous bleeding for over a year. I was told by my very trusted gynaecologist (as far as im concerned he made it possible for me to have my daughter) that I had two options - have the coil fitted or a hysterectomy. I went for the coil which helped for a few months but then the constant pain and bleeding returned gradually. Not wanting a hysterectomy I went to see a chinese herbalist who said that both conditions can be caused by the body producing too much estrogen. This also explained lots of other conditions and symptoms I was experiencing such as cervical polyps, insomnia, fatigue, anemia, mood swings, low libido etc. he suggested I took milk thistle, wild yam root and horny goat weed. Now a year later and I feel fantastic!

Coconut Oil, Turmeric
Posted by Stella (South Portland, Maine) on 06/27/2008


Update on my experience with coconut oil and tumeric. To my fellow sufferers out there like everything else this seems to have only had a one time relief effect. So without many options I am soldiering on to the next maybe-cure. What I am trying now is large doses of b-complex vitamins along with liver supportive teas such as milk thistle and nettle. The theory behind this being that the liver is what balances hormones and excretes excess hormone. The belief being that a body suffering from endometriosis has an overload of estrogen or estrogen mimickers (ex. plastic, bisphenol-a etc.) That being said... b-complex appears to assist the liver in getting rid of this excess estrogen. Good luck--i will keep posting my results.

Dietary Changes
Posted by Elli (Utah) on 01/14/2016

I suffered from crazy pain and debilitating cycles. Really, I was 22 and considering a hysterectomy. Then I found how diet can play a part. ELIMINATE WHEAT, SOY, AND SUGAR. also look into Oxalates. Too many oxalates can cause vulvodia pain. High Histamine. Soy is sooo bad for endometriosis..

It sounded extreme to me too, but it has Helped so much. And its not hard. Its just life. And I (Thanks to Prayer) have a life again.

Serrapeptase, Pine Bark, Turmeric
Posted by Raymond (Matawan) on 06/20/2013

One of my daughters suffers from Endometriosis; the other from fibroids and cysts. They both have gotten a great deal of relief from using Serrapeptase (Enteric coated), Pine Bark Extract, and Turmeric. Good Luck on Journey to Heal!

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Linda (London, Uk) on 11/28/2011

Have you tried using serrapeptase? It is a miracle enzyme that eats all the dead tissue and helps descrease inflammation and pain. It is very good for endometriosis as it will not only alleviate pain but would also eat the scar tissue or any cysts you have. Just make sure you take high potency (at least 90 000 IU) and also it should be enteric coated capsules. Best of luck, Linda

Selenium +
Posted by Sue (Wales, UK) on 12/10/2023

I suffered endometriosis beginning aged mid/late 20s. I am now 65. It took the medics 11 years to diagnose (prior to which they wrote me off as 'over-emotional'). I underwent an investigative operation. The surgeons were 'surprised' to find multiple cysts. I was put onto strong hormone therapy, to stop my periods. Several years later - still suffering - I underwent a full hysterectomy. That started me on research. I since discovered the work of Andrew W. Saul, PhD. In his book 'Doctor Yourself' (2nd ed.) he gives information on endometriosis (pp. 123-125). Basically endometriosis in cattle is due to a deficiency in selenium.

Saul writes, 'Selenium is probably important in stopping endometriosis because this trace mineral works so closely with vitamin E. Vitamin E has been known to ensure that animals have healthy uterine linings since the 1930s). The research trail on this is as long as your arm. (Bicknell and Prescott, The Vitamins in Medicine, 3rd edition.) Therefore, supplementing the diet of a human female with natural vitamin E, 400-1,000 IU daily, plus around 200 mcg selenium, is a good move.'

Sual also adds suggestions about Folate (folic acid) and magnesium being deficiency factors in endometriosis. To anyone tackling this condition, and who is willing to take this protocol on, I highly recommend his above mentioned book. I only wish I had it when I was young. But if I did not go through all the pain I would not have started my research.

Posted by Eve (West Indies) on 08/25/2018

Like Maria from Sydney, I've had success with watermelon as well, the only pain-free period I've had in my entire life! My friend had experienced a great deal of relief as well by eating it. I'm currently trying to eat it daily in hopes of having a break from the dreaded cramps. I will report back and update on how it turned out!

Posted by Samantha (Carlsbad, Ca) on 07/17/2012

I use serrapeptase especially when I wake up in the night from pain in my uterus or ovaries due to endo and fibroids. Serrapeptase always seems to really help with the pain and really seems to clear any congestion or heaviness from that area. You must take it on an empty stomach though.

Eliminate Wheat
Posted by Lauren English (Whitehorse, Yukon) on 11/12/2008

Endometriosis: A remedy that will actually stop the swelling in your stomach, and make the pain dull so much you can barely tell you have it. And help your chances of getting pregnant. Simple, don't eat wheat. Wheat makes endometriosis in your stomach swell. There is a hormone in there. Don't eat it, feel great. Don't believe me, look it up. There has been a lot of research on it now. 95% of people with endometriosis are irritated by wheat. It worked for me. My doctor said when i had surgery a few years ago, i would never have kids, and i had over 40 endometriosis "seeds" in my stomach. He opened me up a few months ago. NOTHING. And i was no longer in pain. I also add a lot of ginger to my food. If your tummy hurts, get a towel, soak it in ginger, and put it against your stomach. The ginger helps. dull the pain for a little bit anyways.

Coconut Oil, Turmeric
Posted by M (Nashville, Tn) on 01/11/2016

You sound like a very compassionate partner. You're right, there is no cure. Tell your wife to stop eating soy, dairy, and gluten and instead eat a lot of green vegetables, particularly cruciferous vegetables. The more raw food the better. She can also take serrepeptase, which is an enzyme from bacteria native to the digestive system of silkworms. It is the enzyme responsible for dissolving a silkworm's cocoon. This enzyme can breakdown scar tissues, adhesions, cysts... As far as her fertility, I'm sorry she is taking it so hard. She should not give up but perhaps look at other options like surrogacy or adoption. Many people have fertility success from acupuncture treatments. Since the disease is hormonal, it can make us very depressed and moody. Hopefully if she can get a better balance on her hormones, she can start to find joy again. You are doing the right thing by seeking help and loving and supporting her. Good luck to you two.

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