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Chaste Tree Berry

Posted by Vibapia (San Antonio) on 08/30/2016

Re: Chaste Tree Berry (Vitex) for Endometriosis Menstrual Cramping

Every month since I've had my period, I've experienced terrible cramping to the point that I can't function, bloating, pain, irritability. It affected my work, and normal activity for a week leading up to my period and the week of. My doctor suggested putting me on birth control to thin my blood but I decided against it and looked for natural ways to heal. I bought organic non gmo chaste berry supplement (440mg) after hearing when how it brought my friend's period back after her not having it for months. I took 2 the day before my period, 2 the morning of the first day of my period, 2 that night, and 2 the next day. Basically whenever I felt symptoms of PMS I took 2 which is exactly 880mg of chaste berry herb. The pain vanished each time, I experienced hardly any pain on my period while using the chaste berry and no longer need NSAIDs or pain meds.