Natural Remedies for E. Coli - Colloidal Silver, Garlic

| Modified on Jun 01, 2022

Several different types of bacteria exist in the body to maintain the effective function and health of the body. E. coli or Escherichia coli line in the intestines of healthy individuals. Typical strains of E. coli are harmless and cause few symptoms but slight diarrhea; however, more intense strains, including E. coli O157:H7 can cause more severe health concerns including abdominal cramping, bloody diarrhea and intense vomiting.

Generally, symptoms associated with E. coli infection occur three to four days following exposure to the bacteria; however, an individual may become ill as soon as one day or as late as a week afterward. Typical symptoms include diarrhea, abdominal pain and tenderness, nausea and vomiting. Depending on the severity of the infection, diarrhea may range in intensity from mild and water to more sever and even bloody in extreme cases.

Intestinal illness is one of the many diseases caused by bacteria, yet only a few strains of E. coli actually cause illness. One of the most commonly contracted forms is O157:H7, which produces a powerful toxin that attacks the lining of the small intestine. Contamination is often caused by contaminated food including ground beef, unpasteurized milk, fresh produce and restaurant meals. Likewise, contaminated water and personal contact with an infected individual are other pathways of infection.

Natural Remedies for E. Coli

Generally, illness caused by E. coli must simply “run its course.” However, many natural treatments can alleviate symptoms and shorten the course of illness. Apple cider vinegar, turmeric and blackstrap molasses help boost the immune system and eradicate toxins. Likewise, garlic and ginger support overall immune health. Cranberry juice, pink bismuth, grapefruit seed extract, colloidal silver and DMSO also work to eliminate toxins and support nutrition. Cleansing the system using a mixture of thyme oil and oregano oil also shortens the lifespan of illness.

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Apple Cider Vinegar

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Posted by Crystal (Mt) on 05/31/2017

Hi my name is crystal. I took a trip to Africa for work and I had, also caught E Coli. I caught 5 different strains of E Coli. I had a temp of 105 twice. Got home off plane, went to doctor and they told me E coli. I stayed, in hospital for 5 days. They couldn't believe why I got better so, fast. My mom told me to do the Apple cider vinegar with honey. I thought she was crazy, so I looked, it up and it said yes. So I tried, it. I felt so, much better after each dose. It mixes well with apple juice. Do about 1 ounce of apple cider vinegar and about 2 TBL spoons of honey and the rest apple juice. Mix it all up in about 4 ounces. Do this about 4 times a day and see how you feel.

Apple Cider Vinegar, Turmeric

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Posted by Cory (West Jefferson, North Carolina) on 11/15/2007

4 days ago I cut my finger pretty deeply while chopping some beef. I was in a rush so instead of disinfecting it the propper way, I just super-glued it shut and went on my way. The next morning I woke up with abdominal cramps, slight nausea, slight fever, fatigue and feeling generally bad. My bowel movement was quite dark. I assume it was E. Coli, though i never went to see a doctor. I've felt ill the past 4 days but have noticed two things:

ACV relieves most of my ill feelings like fatigue and nausea.

Tumeric, though it has not prevented a lot of cramping, has kept my bowel movements fairly regular (though still very dark)

blackstrap molasses didnt do much.. hydrogen peroxide made me throw up but i may not have waited long enough after eating. its the 4th day of this and i am beginning to feel better. Ill stick to ACV and Tumeric.

I've been eating only carbs (meat and dairy apparently can make e. coli worse) with lots of garlic and ginger since they apparently help your immune system but cant really tell if that has had much effect..

Replied by Nigelsmum
(Boston, Ma)


Apple cider vinegar not for active e-coli uti -

I have read taking apple cider vinegar during an active uti/kidney infection may increase the acidity of the urine further inflaming already raw and inflamed tissues in the urinary tract.

(Santa Barbara)

Contrary to what you may think, apple cider vinegar is actually not acid once consumed. Instead, it has an alkaline effect on the body when taken internally. Many people add apple cider vinegar to a glass of water with 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda to alkalize.

Cranberry Juice, Pink Bismuth

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Posted by Tenderfoot (Las Cruces, NM, USA) on 06/21/2009

Several years ago I had persistent stomach pains with no known cause or prior illness which I suspected was e. coli. I did not see a doctor as from past experiences I tried to keep my dr. visits way down and just use natural remedies when possible. Here is an inexpensive e. coli treatment you can try that I fortunately found in an article by a cranberry juice company and was very effective in relieving my symptoms: On an empty stomach drink 8 oz of pure (no additives) cranberry juice followed immediately by 2 tablespoons of pink bismuth. Do this 3 times a day for 1 week. In theory, the cranberry juice dislodges the e. coli from the stomach and the pink bismuth carries it out to the bladder for expulsion.

EC: Pink Bismuth = Pepto-Bismol or Kaopectate

E-Coli Sinus Infection Remedies

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Posted by Smartattimes (La, California) on 02/25/2013

I finally figured out the simplest, natural and most powerful way to get rid of my long standing E. Coli sinus infection. I purchased garlic liquid extract and I put a few drops in my Neti Pot with distilled water a few drops of natural apple cider vinegar and a pinch of baking soda and then I rinsed my sinuses with this mixture 4-5 times daily this wash really worked wonders and I also put this in a nasal spray bottle to use when I'm out. I think the key is to be consistent. Also drank ACV 3 times a day.

Replied by Vivianne
(Los Ãngeles, Ca)

Hi! I hope you get this! Just read about what you did about your e-coli and sinusitis. I was just told that I have e-coli in my sinusitis also and that I have to take antibiotics. I have always hated them but now more because I am nursing!! But the doctor says I HAVE to do it and that it's very dangerous. I want to know if yours really went away and if it ever came back. Thank you so much. Vivianne

Replied by Smartattimes
(La, Ca)

This was my experience. I had CAT scan which showed fluid in the sinuses, which meant sinus infection. I saw 3 ENT doctors and all suggested neti pot with sterile water and salt plus taking a course of antibiotics (clindamyacin and prenisone) for three weeks. If you have a chronic sinus infection and antibiotics are not curing it then sinus surgery is the next step. They open the sinus holes slightly larger, this keeps the sinuses easily draining and cleaner less susceptible to infection.

My ND said he has cured many sinus infections using ozone injections directly under the cheek bone and into the sinuses along with bi- weekly nasal simpatico.

My MD said the only way to clean out the maxillary sinus cavity of an ecoli infection is to go in and have sinus surgery have them scrub it clean it and sterlize it Since my sinus problem kept reoccurring, I choose ozone injections with bi-weekly nasal simpatico ( differenty types of wonderful essential oil on q-tips stuffed into the nose ) Oregano oil kills ecoli. I also used my ozone generator in my bedroom for 20-30 minutes daily it works! Since you're nursing, of course you would have to check it out with doctor. What I learned is this: sinus infections are very serious. Do not mess around. Get with an ND or MD get a plan together.

Replied by Trudy
(Waynesboro, Va)

Check out Oxine in a vaporizer to disinfect respiratory tract.

Replied by Autumn
(Louisville, Ky)

Trudy from Waynesboro, Va - I have been looking into Oxine for use in a vaporizer because of mold in our home but I cannot find any information on if this is okay for human use. I know it is okay for farm animals though. Any help on this?

Replied by Shawn Kislan
(Edison, NJ)

How long did the baking soda, apple cider vinegar, and oil of garlic take to wipeout the e coli in the sinuses?

E-Coli Sinus Infection Remedies
Posted by Sickcat (Portland, Or) on 09/11/2012

Seriously sick for 13 mths, began with abdomen pain/ aches, , low grade fever, chills, rash on neck wt loss to l02. The doc ran all types of tests. Then dizziness shortness of breath Then my dentist told me I had sinus infection, I went to ENT had a nasal smear. Results indicated Ecoli. Now I wonder can Ecoli in sinuses make you this sick? I no longer work I just stay home. My dentist thinks antibiotics are not effective with Ecoli in sinus cavity. He is sending me to and ND. Please help any idea of how to cure this once and for all? One other thing that was discovered is small 2.4 ovarian cyst that is filled with blood and is collapsing their concerns over this seemed minimal.

Replied by Penny
(Hygiene, Colorado Usa)

I would try the nose spray with grapefruit seed extract in it, gse kill more than colliadal silver.

Replied by Jessica
(Vancouver, British Columbia)

Last Thursday I ate at a questionable establishment and I came down with what appeared to be flu-like symptoms. Assuming I had come down with a cold or flu, I immediately started taking the regular immune-boosting supplements. When the innoculation period hit today (3-5 days later, typically) I started to realize this wasn't my common flu. Symptoms were pain in my kidney area, diarrhea, vomiting. After vomiting I ran to my vitamin store and immediately I downed 500 mL of colloidal silver. A little while later I replaced my gut with healthy probiotics. I haven't felt better since I came down with this "flu". Well, I have a feeling it was E.coli.

Replied by Sickcat
(Portland, Oregon)

Thanks for your advice, I have been on chinese herbs to kill parasites which eliminate most of the symptoms except the E coli sinus infect saw. Went to 3 ND since I cannot take regular medication- I'm allergic to all of it. Anyhow I was give two nose sprays from each one, One was given mix of DMSO with SSKI, mixed with saline to spray into my nose 2 sprays, twice a day, but the other ND gave me garlic mixed with DMSO two spray in each nostrils twice a day that last person have me silver with dmso same two sprays each nostril twice a day.... So I could decide between the three I went with the garlic and silver but I was to first put 1 capsule of Interfase in the Neti pot use it first to get rid of the biofilm of the Ecoli, then to spray the nose with one of the sprays which is very smart. Perhaps this info will help somone else.

Replied by Sickcat
(San Fran, Ca)

Ecoli sinus infection I finally found the fastest most effective simple natural cure that stopped dizziness, shortness of breath and headache. The first thing I did was follow Ted's remedy for viruses using lysine, aspirin and vitamin C. Please read Now here is the simple natural cure for an Ecoli sinus infection First get a pan and put water in the pan boil the water for five minutes ( this sterlizes the water) then let cool, once cooled put the water in Neti Pot ( the water MUST be cooled or it will kill the enzymes in apple cider vinegar ) then add some natural apple cider vinegar it is about 75% water and 25% apple cider vinegar. So put the water and apple cider vinger mixuture in the Neti pot and flush out your sinuses 3-4 times a day. This works! I will do it for few mths because I had a severe sinus infection. The apple cider vinegar and water may burn in your nasal passages so please find out what your comfort zone is then simply adjust up or down. Good Luck !

Replied by Anonymous
(Nomansland, Wash)

This is what I've done. This is an all day thing... Consider steaming with ACV and garlic or you may use oregano oil which is supposedly the most effective and one of the strongest E. coli killers, so I would put thyme oil 1 to 2 drops and 1-3 drops oregano oil in pot of water let it boil turn it off and breath in the steam drape a towel over your mouth and nose except keep you eyes out. Do this every 19 minutes throughout the day to kill the lifecycle of E. coli.

New E. Coli Strains

Posted by Oscar (Syracuse, New York) on 12/19/2013

NEW E. Coli Pandemic. These new dangerous strains of E.Coli first emerged in the mid 1970s but new strains are evolving and it is spreading throughout the world. The mainstream news media is NOT reporting about it.

HERE is what the OXFORD JOURNAL has to say in it`s CONCLUSIONS. Article entitled: Escherichia coli O25b-ST131: a pandemic, multiresistant, community-associated strain.

Replied by Oscar
(Syracuse, New York)

These new E. Coli strains are a serious problem for everyone. It is NOT being reported about on TV. Congressmen who have introduced bills to help deal with this problem have had their bills squashed because it will effect many food producers. Vegetarians are as likely to be exposed as meat eaters. Organically grown vegetables are very likely to have these bacteria on there surfaces because manure is used to grow them. Here is what the CDC has to say about this. They also offer useful information on how to avoid becoming infected here:

If you think this for some reason does not concern you, please do read what the CDC has to say....Oscar

Replied by Bill
(San Fernando, Philippines)

Something else which has not been reported in America is that certain bacteria -- 14 separate species to be precise -- now have the unique ability to produce a new enzyme(the NDM-1 enzyme) that is able to cleave and render useless the molecules from antibiotics. Bacteria with this ability now includes certain strains of E. Coli, Klebsiella pneumoniae, dysentary and cholera. See these articles from the UK Guardian newspaper for more details.

Antibiotic resistance: Bacteria are winning the war

Anti-biotics Efficiency Wanes Due to Global Spread of Drug-Resistant Bacteria

What is most disturbing about the spread of this NDM-1 enzyme is that it is capable of being transferred across entirely different species of bacteria. How bacteria are able do this is unknown.

This means that antibiotics will now be useless against any bacteria that have this new NDM-1 enzyme. This therefore means that diseases such as E Coli, which used to be debilitating and could perhaps be cured with anti-biotics in the past could eventually turn into a killer bacterial strains with a much higher mortality rate.

So now we have bacteria that can hide in biofilms, breed with host cells and adjust to medicines and, finally, we have bacteria that are now able to produce a special enzyme that renders all anti-biotics useless.

In case there are any doubters out there, it is also a fact that no new anti-biotics have been invented by Big Pharma since 1987. Why is that a fact? It is well known that the effectiveness of any new antibiotic against bacteria his a lifespan of usefulness for only about one year before bacteria can adjust to it. Unfortunately, this short timescale does not give enough time for Big Pharma to recover its research costs for a profit. I also believe that Big Pharma has known about this for some decades now, that they have been in retreat, and therefore we are losing the war against bacteria. I also consider that Big Pharma's biochemical strategy against bacteria of using synthetic yeast/fungal extracts in their anti-biotics(their only tactic) are now all but defunct and obsolete. What's more, they have nothing else left in their drugs arsenals that is consistently effective against bacterial disease.

So, it seems to me that Big Pharma now has regressed with no consistent cures for bacterial, viral or fungal diseases. A damn poor record -- we appear to be right back in the 1800s.

And, of course, not a squeak about this in the American press.

Replied by Prioris

In regard to "So now we have bacteria that can hide in biofilms"... Bromelain removes the biofilm of bacteria so traditional antibiotic can be more effective. Natural cures will always be better than the Big Pharma sythetic supposed cures. There are other natural enzymes also.

Conventional Medicine was more advanced in the 1800s. Probably since around 1916, medicine regressed in the worst ways.

We don't need Big Pharma. We need the food and water supply cleaned up and vaccines discontinued. Also the biochemical warfare assault against the population shut down.

Replied by Oscar
(Syracuse, New York)

These NEWLY evolved strains of E. Coli present new dangers to everyone. The kidneys are the most prone to infection by these dangerous new strains of E.Coli. How bad is it ? Well, only 10 years ago there was only one strain of E.Coli that produced extremely harmful pathogens. Now there are the quote " THE BIG SIX ". And as much as 60% of some herds of cattle are infected with these strains of E.Coli. There are NO effective antibiotics for these bacterial infections. These E.Coli bacteria show up on vegetable produce also, and very much so. There are things you can do to protect yourself. Here is what the Center for Disease Control [ the CDC ] recommends:

There are many other websites that discuss all this.....Oscar

Replied by Oscar
(Syracuse, New York)

CDC shows raw fruit and veggies #1 cause of food disease

Yes, raw fruit and vegetables are the leading cause of food bourne diseases. It was bad enough learning about meat bourne diseases, but now this. Green leafy vegetables lead the list. One out of six Americans will come down with a food bourne disease every year. So, chances are every 6 years YOU will get one. Many of these diseases are severe and can cause death and lifelong infections. Women are especially prone to urinary tract infections which include the kidneys. The kidneys are the most likely organs to become infected with the newly evolved and very dangerous strains of E.Coli.

So it is time to rethink all of the popular health food diets. Here is a link to this latest CDC report:

Ridicule it if you wish to. I do not. I stopped having chronic diarhea once I stopped eating green salads and other uncooked vegetables....Oscar

Replied by Man
(Sojouring America)

Now it is time for my two cents, and I charge two wheat back pennies and they should be in decent condition. As soon as I saw these posts I am hot under the collar.

Now that the fear mongering about E-coli has happened and I have read it above.

These statements that Fresh Vegetables are dangerous has got to be the most irresponsible writing I have seen. (Who is Oscar?)

How many people are going to read that Fresh Vegetables are going to make them sick and then stop eating fresh vegetables? Fresh Vegetables are part of the solution to poor health not the cause of poor health.

There is a chance that a man will get sick eating an uncooked thing but the general overall health of the man will improve if that man has been eating a wide variety of fresh vegetables over the course of a life time.

So if there is an issue with the clean ness of Vegetables, buy from your local grower at the farmers market if possible.

Question, who is responsible for the false report that was put out about the later to be discovered fake pandemic of the H1N1? Did not the CDC put out false reports?

Do an search on this.

The CDC is in bed with the FDA and the massive Drug manufacturers.

How much time has to go by before anyone remembers that Bayer corporation made the poison gas that was used in the gas chambers to murder six million Jew?

Now Bayer makes baby aspirin.

Who is responsible for producing and pushing these vaccinations that are full of toxins and poisons such as squalene, and thimersol (sic) (which is mercury)?

I feel pretty certain that the readers here have a bit of common sense to discern between propaganda and fear mongering real information.

That was my two cents, and I was just kidding about needing to be paid, I do all my work and writing for the King of Kings.

Replied by Prioris
(Fl, Usa)

Vast majority of food caused illness is minor and people recover in short time. There are a few like E coli which are devastating but they happen in very small numbers. Everyone will get some food poison in their life time.

The important thing to know is what you do when you get food poisoning. Apple Cider Vinegarm Activated Charcoal and colloidal silver are remedies. Check out earth clinic treatment under ailment for food poisoning.

Here is nih extract on using activated charcoal on E coli

I always keep food poisoning remedies on hand. Activated charcoal is also good for removing toxin build up in gastrointestinal. It helps minimize reaction to eating foods in general.

Replied by Mike62

Oscar: I am not trying to be a closed minded fanatic who adheres to a particular ideology, or a know it all who knows everything or an egomaniac whose bragging maintains my superiority complex. I am simply trying to function optimally because suffering is not enjoyable. During the past 7 years I have experimented with isolates from supplement manufacturers, herbal remedies, folk medicine, and a variety of food programs. I evaluate the way these make me feel. I have 1 rebuttal to your point. The 700lb. silver back gorilla who pound for pound is twice as strong as the strongest human spends all day every day of his life eating 1/2 leaves and 1/2 fruit. Need I say more.

Replied by Cheri
(Somewhere In Michigan)

Oscar, can you tell me if you got sick from salads that you ate in restaurants or homemade?

Replied by Oscar
(Syracuse, New York)

Dear Mike, What on Earth does the size of gorillas have to do with foodborne diseases. Get real or get back....Oscar

Replied by Oscar
(Syracuse, New York)

The CDC published that report. I was very clear about that and that link is to a CDC report as is clearly stated at that link. Believe what you want, These are NEW diseases. I could not care less what you make of their statistics or what you eat....Oscar

Replied by Prioris
(Fl, Usa)

In regard to "The CDC is in bed with the FDA and the massive Drug manufacturers."

The CDC has the CIA train the epidemiology people that work in the CDC. The Pentagon oversees the CDC and even the NIH. The pharma drug companies are just extensions of the military industrial complex. They get funded by government indirectly via health care insurance. The health care system has been covertly militarized.

Replied by Man
(Sojouring America)

Well, that explains the fluoridation of the water supply.

Replied by Prioris
(Fl, Usa)

I keep forgetting about this but they use fluoride water on the crops hence we are still be contaminated with fluoride. I guess one needs to use borax to remove any build up in the body.

Replied by Corinna
(Texas, US)

If this is an issue with the digestion system, consider reading the article 'Adsorption effect of activated charcoal on enterohemorrhagic Escherichia coli'. This study was done with the big bad E Coli O157:H7. Treat this for what it poisoning. My personal regimen: 8-260 mg caps taken once an hour for 8 hours or until charcoal is seen in the stool. Then take 4-260 mg caps 4 times daily until condition is fully resolved. Make sure there is charcoal seen in the stool for the duration of treatment. If not seen, add additional 4-260 mg cap doses as needed.

Probiotics and Enzymes

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Posted by Ma (Washington, Dc) on 10/21/2018

20 billion Acidophilus Enzyme combo 2X a day. I was soooo sick severe cramps, bloody mucousy diahrrea. I took a supplement with 20 billion acidophilus and enzyme combo, about 2 pills a day, pain starts subsiding within a couple of hours. I take them for a few days twice a day to make sure it's gone. It's worth it!