Natural Remedies for E. Coli - Colloidal Silver, Garlic

Apple Cider Vinegar, Turmeric
Posted by Cory (West Jefferson, North Carolina) on 11/15/2007
5 out of 5 stars

4 days ago I cut my finger pretty deeply while chopping some beef. I was in a rush so instead of disinfecting it the propper way, I just super-glued it shut and went on my way. The next morning I woke up with abdominal cramps, slight nausea, slight fever, fatigue and feeling generally bad. My bowel movement was quite dark. I assume it was E. Coli, though i never went to see a doctor. I've felt ill the past 4 days but have noticed two things:

ACV relieves most of my ill feelings like fatigue and nausea.

Tumeric, though it has not prevented a lot of cramping, has kept my bowel movements fairly regular (though still very dark)

blackstrap molasses didnt do much.. hydrogen peroxide made me throw up but i may not have waited long enough after eating. its the 4th day of this and i am beginning to feel better. Ill stick to ACV and Tumeric.

I've been eating only carbs (meat and dairy apparently can make e. coli worse) with lots of garlic and ginger since they apparently help your immune system but cant really tell if that has had much effect..