Colloidal Silver Treatment for E.Coli

| Modified on Dec 06, 2020

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Posted by Rob (Kentucky) on 11/28/2020
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Colloidal Silver and Garlic for Spinal E. Coli

I want to share a story with EC readers. Recently my aunt called me about a friend of hers that had got an infection in his spine in his lower back from E coli after eating contaminated lettuce. It affected him so bad he had to be life-flighted to the big city hospital twice. Put on anti-biotic IV many times and nothing worked so now he was at home suffering and the doctors told him there was nothing else they can do for him. They said the infection was to deeply entrenched into the tissue that the anti-biotic's could not reach the place of infection.

So, when my aunt asked if there was something he could do, I said “sure” but will he do it? No matter how stupidly simple it sounds? She said, he is desperate to try anything.

So here is what I made for him.

Colloidal Silver 10ppm in a 17oz bottle. Drink 1oz in 3oz clean water 3x/daily.

Garlic Salve in a small 2oz tin. Apply this to the skin over the area of the infection 2x/daily.

7 days had past and I got a call from my aunt again. She had just spoke with her friend and he said he is in no more pain. It's like it never happened.