Natural Detox: Complementary and Alternative Medicine

Bentonite Clay
Posted by Hb (Spokane, Wa) on 11/15/2011
5 out of 5 stars

I wanted to add something that I had not read in the comments.

I did an external detox that worked very well instead of taking it internally.

What I did was use one teaspoon in a plastic bowl with enough filtered water to more than cover the dry clay, swished it around a bit, put it the window sill in the sun for 2 hours to charge the clay. Next, I 'massaged' the clay with my fingers to get the clumps to become creamy. Once done, it was ready to use.

This may seem unorthodox, but the plastic bags you get at the grocery store come in handy for this detox. I do this in the evening an hour or two before bed, as this detoxes the body while I sleep.

Make sure your feet are clean and apply the clay all over your foot up to the ankle, between the toes, even under the toenails. You should have enough clay to apply 3 coatings to each foot. When you finish with one foot, put on a plastic bag, tie it gently above the ankle and pull the bag forward to allow ample toe room and gently slip your foot into sandals or slippers without ripping the bag in the toe area. Do the other foot the same way.

It will feel slippery, so be careful when you walk around. (Do not walk around with just the bags on your feet, they may tear and allow air to get in and dry out the clay before it can be absorbed).

Drink some water before bed and leave the bags on your feet until morning. Take off the bags and before getting into the tub use a warm moist washcloth to clean the bottom of your feet. (The clay under your feet can be very slippery! )

Keep in mind, if/when you urinate in the morning, if it worked well for you, it may look orange, (much darker than you are use to). That is toxins that were taken out through your system in the absorbtion process during the night.

Never do a facial more than 15 minutes after the clay dries or essential oils will take some time to return and you may get a dry and unnatural tight feeling in your facial skin. If that happens, you can use organic coconut oil to ease the tight feeling and reduce redness. Or use something natural that you feel comfortable with.

I wrote this note so that those having problems ingesting FOOD GRADE Bentonite clay have options for detoxing.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by A (Any, Usa) on 11/14/2011

Hi-everyone-you all inspire me with your healing! Hope you all feel better soon. I am already taking a lot of advice.

I used Calendula ointment yesterday when I naively punctured the boil on my finger to release the pus. I soaked the finger for a long while in water as hot as I could stand it, lemon juice, honey, ACV, H.P. I massaged my finger as well. Then put calendula ointment (homeopathic) and a bandaid. I feel better today. This is my first time after a hospital stay for one day or possbly from visiting a friend -her son had MRSA-anyway-I'm going to the doc today for anti-biotic and am taking garlic, turmeric, vit c, honey, lemon and green tea and have been detoxing luckliy after the hospital stay - might have had a low grade infection from the start-so.... the detox is super healing including a lot of hydration, enemas, some juice fasting (celery excellent) no sugar/flour/meat..meditation, music, and healing and loving thoughts for all... Wshing you al the best!

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
Posted by Rsw (Uniontown, Oh) on 10/29/2011

Good luck trying to get any help from a doctor, unless you went to the emergency room immediately after exposure. I was subjected to lethal levels of CO at work when the furnace behind my office developed a crack. We had a person who had a machine to check the air quality and he had repeatedly said the gas was high. I couldn't even imagine that it was CO and with full knowledge, no one was called in. Only the doors were opened until it cleared temporarily. I kept thinking I had the flu and felt sick every evening, but by morning I felt better and went back to work.

One night I figured it out, called the air quality guy at home and asked him if it was CO that he was measuring and he said yes. I called my Dr. and they wouldn't even give me an appointment. Told me evening appts. were for people with on-going illnesses, like headaches. I told them I would wait for my turn but said they had nothing available. Went to another dr and was told all they would do at the emergency room was give me oxygen and that is what I had been doing all along (I guess she meant I had been breathing).

It was obvious to me that CO poisoning was taboo to the doctors, maybe OK at the ER. I asked if I should have my brain, heart or liver checked for damage and that was a no, too. I have never filed any lawsuit in my life, have good insurance so it had to be the Drs unwillingness to get involved with any possible workers comp patient. I finally bought a CO monitor and put it in my office. It went off at very high readings and finally someone was called to fix the furnace. It was never my intention to hurt the company but I would have liked to have gotten checked out for my own peace of mind.

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
Posted by Nancy (Colorado Springs, Co Usa) on 10/29/2011

I was exposed to exhaust fumes inside my car and was sick off and on for 3 weeks. I have stopped driving the car (last Wed was last time) but still feel ill off and on. I've been doing hydrogen peroxide footbaths and inhaling, coconut oil and ACV daily. Do I need to go get oxygen therapy at a doctor's or will these symptoms go away now that I'm not driving it?

Master Cleanse
Posted by Jen (Bozeman, Mt, Us) on 10/26/2011
5 out of 5 stars

I just wanted to share my recent experience using The Master Cleanse as a detox. I decided to try this cleanse because I have been experiencing very frustrating and strange swings with my thyroid, adrenals, and weight. I normally eat a somewhat healthy diet and take good care of myself physically. I exercise 5 to 7 times a week using my stairstepper, treadmill, free weights, and the great outdoors. I have been regularly gaining weight over the past few months for absolutely no apparent reason. I have researched possible causes and treatments for this strange weight gain and tried just about every supplement, remedy, and post on EC as well as many others that I've found in books and online. Nothing was changing my increase in weight. The only diet changes that I had made in recent months were supposed to be good ones not bad ones. I stopped eating anything with aspartame, msm, and tried to only use extra virgin coconut oil if I used oil at all. I started oil pulling, drinking ACV 2x per day, take 50 mg of iodine per day, and switched my salt to sea salt. I am gluten intolerant so I don't eat bread or anything with gluten in it.

I have graves disease and still have my thyroid in tact. I have been treating it with supplements for almost a year now and it has been fairly normal for most of that time. But the most recent labwork I had done showed a higher TSH (Hopefully due to the recent addition of iodine which caused an unloading of TSH) than I have ever had with normal T3 and T4. My adrenals have been tired for a while as well but after getting diagnosed with adrenal fatigue I have also been treating them with supplements and have found much relief using them. So I was completely at a loss for why my weight was going up (20 lbs in 2 months). I decided the best way to find out what is causing it was to detox and then get a fresh start. I researched some different detox programs and decided to go with the popular "Master Cleanse" which consists of nothing but liquid for at least 10 days. I have never done anything so drastic but was very determined to try it at least once. I drank the concoction 8 to 12 x a day, for 10 days straight. Some days I felt amazing and others I felt drained to the point of giving up. I couldn't exercise as my energy levels dropped drastically over the week and a 1/2. I lost about 1.4 pounds a day with a total of 14 pounds on the morning of the 11th day.

It was very hard to complete some days but now that I am done I am so grateful that I did it. I feel like I have a fresh start. If I start gaining weight now I might be able to pinpoint what it is that I am consuming that is causing it. I am only on the 5th day after completing the cleanse but I feel amazing. I have so much more energy now and am able to stay away from foods I think might be the culprit. Like dairy, chocolate, sweets, or bananas. I used to eat 2 banana's per day, I occasional had some chocolate, and every now and then I ate a gluten free muffin or cinnamon raisan bread w/ coconut oil. I have no desire for any of them now. I have continued to lose a little even after beginning to eat again. I am not tired and lethargic around 1:00 or 2:00 in the afternoon like I was before. I feel like my head is more clear and my will power is rebuilt. I also have a lot more respect for my willpower which I think was lost for a while. I know there are many cons with this diet/detox as well. You loose muscle from not intaking protein. You are drinking 1200 calories a day but there aren't many vitamins and minerals or at least not enough. You gain most of the weight back from what I've read because it is mostly water that you lost. And on and on. I would not suggest that anyone try this detox without researching it forsure. If you have health problems you should definately research it. I still took my supplements because I worried about causing harm to my thyroid and adrenals but you are not supposed to take any vitamins, supplements, minerals, or even medication while on it. I found that there were no strange side effects from taking my supplements and I think it helped to keep my energy up somewhat.

The Recipe: 6 to 12 of these per day

2 tblsp fresh squeezed lemon

2 tblsp grade B maple syrup

1/10 tsp cayenne pepper

8 oz water

You are supposed to do a salt water flush in the morning but I did it at night every other day because it sucks.

2 tblsp organic sea salt

1 liter of (warm to hot) water

Chug this and within 30 minutes you will need to be near a toilet for around an hour or so:)

This is to clean out your bowels which would otherwise be static with no food intake.

I also had a few cups of tea per day. Peppermint 1 or 2 x a day and 1 cup of Smooth Move tea to help on the days I didn't drink the salt water drink.

You are supposed to do an "Ease Out" after the cleanse which consists of fresh squeezed orange juice on the 1st and 2nd day. Then raw veggies, broth, and raw fruits and seeds on the following day. Then you can choose to add things that you feel are good for you. You will find that your digestive system will take some serious adjustments. I began taking refrigerated probiotics on the first day of the "Ease Out. " Just to put back the vital bacteria I had washed away.

I will try to update you when I have had a little more time to adjust and see what happens with my thyroid, adrenals, and weight. Good luck to all that choose to do this detox. There is lots of helpful videos on youtube if you want to see how people make it all the way through the 10 days.

General Feedback
Posted by Timh (Louisville, Usa) on 10/20/2011 2077 posts

Jil, if you are serious about not getting cancer, and living a long, healthy life, it is only prudent to do the cleanses as our environment is so toxic nowadays. The body has not sufficient alert system for many diseases for many people. You may look fine, feel fine, then 1 week later nearly dead from some underlying chronic condition that's been eating away at your defenses.

General Feedback
Posted by Jil (Hendersonville, Tn) on 10/19/2011

Do I need to do a liver/kidney/colon cleanse if I am in my 50's and feel healthy? I take meds for hypothyroidism due to Graves and RAI, and more meds for menopause.

Liver Detoxification
Posted by Sahd (Gwent, Uk) on 09/17/2011

How often do you have to take this - just the once or daily?

Liver and Kidney Cleanse
Posted by Jen (Bozeman, Mt, Us) on 09/12/2011

Hi Jeff, I was just wondering how the cleanse worked out? I have been researching Chanca Piedra and wondering how effective it is. I would love to get your feedback and see how you are feeling now? Thanks!

Diatomaceous Earth
Posted by Dede (London, Ont., Canada) on 09/02/2011
5 out of 5 stars

In response to the Detox with DE, I can personally say that after 2 weeks on DE I feel great, it has detoxed me and is working on my energy level as well as some other ailments I suffer with. I found the first few days I was going to the bathroom more frequently.... But that only lasted a short time.... this product is amazing, I use it everywhere, for insects, in my garden, and around my home....

Posted by Mary (Fresno, Ca) on 09/02/2011

I recently started using the trampoline everyday for about 5 minutes and love it. But, after several days I noticed that for about 3-4 days I had a sore throat and in the morning some congestion. It's gone away now. But, I got the feeling that maybe it was my lymph glands clearing out from the excercise. Has anybody else had this happen or know anything about it.

Diatomaceous Earth
Posted by Ellen (Raleigh, Nc) on 08/22/2011
1 out of 5 stars

I took diatomaceous earth (1 to 2 tbsp per day) for 6 months and got no benefit whatsoever. I had high hopes based on everything I'd read. I'm left wondering if the websites peddling this are a scam. I still give it to my dog daily in hopes it will prevent heartworm.

My husband took DE as well and did not see any help for his problems (skin issues, depression, anxiety, digestion, etc.).

Diatomaceous Earth
Posted by Annie Mae (East Coast, New England) on 08/21/2011

Hello. I use a tablespoon of DE in simple water, not juice... Just pure liquid to get it down. The next day I felt only mildly different, not negatively. But looking in the mirror I said ok, no makeup today. My eyes were stunningly 'nice', I usually put a touch of liner, and usually darken my brows. Small touches. So I left it at just using moisturizer, and went out. A woman and I were chatting and eventually she said "you're so beautiful'. I tell you this because I had not heard this in decades, and it was day 1, following use of DE. The down side for me is that on the 2nd, 3rd day I am a bit constipated....

Diatomaceous Earth
Posted by Bev (Long Beach, Ca Usa) on 08/21/2011

I have just begun taking this in the mornings. According to information I have researched, it's good for just about everything and filled with all the minerals the body needs. Wondering if anyone else has used it and what results you have had.

Colon Cleanse
Posted by Julie (Gainesville, Fl) on 08/09/2011

I do 20 minutes oil pulling with organic virgin coconut oil first thing in the morning. I brush my teeth, dissolve 1 TB baking soda in 2 TB ACV, add 8 oz. Purified water and drink. From 30 to 60 minutes thereafter I purge anywhere from 1 to 3 lbs of foul water from my bowels. I feel like crap (sorry) during this time, but then I feel really good, and this doesn't happen again all day. My routine is just as I described; I'm not eating anything to provoke this reaction. It feels like detox and smells like detox (sorry! ) sometimes skunky / sulphery odor. I figure it's better out than in :P Any feedback or similar experience?

Liver Detoxification: Epsom Salt
Posted by Donna (Bakersfield, Ca) on 08/04/2011
3 out of 5 stars

Better But With Side Effects

Well, i did everything as directed. although i did not eat properly leading up to the day of the detox, i had not planned to do it. i had already done the enema, so i just decided to do it. i never had any bowel movement at all until the next morning when i threw up the epsom salt and water. maybe an hour later i had a bowel movement, not diarrhea, i did not take the last epsom salt drink though, i just couldn't do it. i did not have another bowel movement until the next day, just regular. i will never do that again. but i would like to try another easier liver detox. any suggestions... i do think i have extra long colon. my turn around time has alway been about 48 hrs. thank for any suggestions

Liver Detoxification
Posted by John (Plymouth, Ma) on 08/03/2011

The protocal for the drink is to liquify a whole lemon in a blender (skin and all) and add 1-2 tablespoons of olive oil... Drink in one or two servings... Liquified skin and all... Take seeds out of lemon first then dice up lemon in small pieces before liquifying...

John from Plymouth

Liver Detoxification
Posted by Jeri (Murphy, Tx) on 08/02/2011

For Liz in Irving Tx

I am wanting to know how much olive oil and how much lemon juice in your cocktail. Do you need a specific olive oil or lemon juice as in real lemon or juice in a bottle?

General Feedback
Posted by Miabella (Atlantic City, Nj) on 07/31/2011

Has anyone tried olive oil and distilled water as a mouth rinse? What about drinking this to cleanse?

Liver Detoxification: Hulda Clark Cleanse
Posted by Miki (Magnolia, Ms, Usa) on 07/10/2011

I use her liver cleanse about once a year and it works great. I went a little over a year recently and actually had some pain in the gall bladder area. I passed dozens of stones this time and no more pain since.

Liver Detoxification: Hulda Clark Cleanse
Posted by Leila (Minneapolis, Mn) on 07/10/2011

I have a question for Ted. What is the best way to detox the liver?WHat do you think about Dr. Hulda Clark Liver & Gallbladder Cleanse? Does realy help or not? Looking forward for your answer!

Dietary Changes
Posted by Diamond (Salisbury, Usa) on 06/24/2011
5 out of 5 stars

I buy a huge bottle of green tea with ginseng & honey, I also gargle with salt, tea tree oil and warm water, it had to be a snap choice as my mouth felt and tasted like a cotton ball riding a garbage truck, my food tasted bad or no taste at all.

I also take cell food and colloidal silver, I'm hoping whatever I am doing is slowly working.

I read where most wheat has mycosis which is mold, chickens eat a lot of this and get mycosis then we eat chickens, maybe a lot of other animals as well.

I also plan on trying Ted's remedies. I need all the help I can get. I hope to start a program like Montel's program of juicing my own veggies/fruits etc. I have been doing whatever is easy or quick, I gave up red meat where I cheated last week an got a negative feeling body wise.

so I hope to keep trying. I know there is hope & keep trying.Thanks/Peace"

Diatomaceous Earth
Posted by Ebru (Indianapolis, In, Usa) on 06/24/2011

First of all, i'd like to thank everyone who has contributed to this wonderful site. My question is about the human consumption of food grade diatomaceous earth. I've been reading some very impressive feedback on its use, however I am sceptical. Has anyone tried it for detox or any other reasons? Thank you.

Liver and Kidney Cleanse
Posted by Jeff (Mckinney, Texas) on 06/15/2011

I haven't received any feedback so I decided to go it on my own. I went to WholeFoods and it just so happens that someone ordered a StoneBreaker (Chanca Piedra) extract and never picked it up. It's in liquid form and contains StoneBreaker herb, Hydrangea root, Celery seed, and Burdock seed. Directions say to take one dropper in a full glass of water 3 times/day. I'm starting with this and I am also going to take 1000mg of Milk Thistle with my evening meal.

I will also be taking Vitamins E, C, and D3 along with some Cholorphyll for additional support. I will report back and let you know the outcome.

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