Natural Remedies for Cysts

Castor Oil

Posted by Daisy (Jacksonville, Florida, U.s.a) on 09/12/2011 9 posts
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I have a small cyst on my face that I have been ignoring for at least a year, but then got hard and started to be annoying. I have no insurance right now, and money is VERY tight, so laying out hundreds of dollars to have it cut out is not an option right now. I've tried a number of things -- iodine, tiger balm, campho-phenique, coconut oil -- but the only thing that even remotely began to be of assistance was holding a hot compress to it for 10-20 minutes twice a day. After a couple of days, it softened it up to the extent that I could get some of the gack out, but only with *tremendous* pressure, and not enough came out to make a significant difference anyway. Repeated efforts didn't do much; it's like whatever got hard in there stayed hard and the heat only got to a small part of it, no matter how often or for how long I applied the hot compress. (I think this is because I ignored it and let it get old and hard, instead of dealing with it when I first got it. ) I didn't want to break the skin over it or get it infected, so I stopped mashing on it and kept looking for something else.

I saw the posts here on EC about castor oil, and after googling for more info I saw where it had worked for other people with stubborn sebaceous cysts, so I got some castor oil and put it on under a band-aid before going to sleep. Already, just after the first application, it's drawing the cyst up and out and softening whatever's in there: it never hurt before, but it did a little after putting the castor oil on, kind of like a tiny bruise, and then when I woke up and took off the band-aid, a bunch of nasty-looking stuff came out with almost no pressure. It's not gone at all, but it's flatter and the castor oil is definitely working to break it up. Many thanks to Abigail from Lawrence, Kansas for taking the time to describe exactly what she did, because that's what I'm doing and it's already working after so much else has failed.

Thanks, EC!

Replied by Daisy
Jacksonville, Florida, U.s.a
9 posts

Update to my last post: you can go ahead and call it a cure! I have been applying a bit of gauze saturated with castor oil to the cyst morning and night, and every time I change the bandage I try to express whatever's in there. Over the last several days, slowly but surely, most of it has come out (there was even a hair buried in there! ?! ) and now whatever comes out is mostly clear.

One thing that became obvious is that it was a lot deeper and more substantial than I gave it credit for. I think it must have had a few loculations too, because when I'd try to express it I'd change the direction of my fingers, and then feel a little pop and get more stuff out. It was a nasty and complex cyst.

I'm going to keep going with it for the next few days, but the area is already flattened out and just about gone altogether, which is what I was hoping for. Will it come back because I didn't get the sac? No idea, but today I'm thrilled that I no longer have the pea-sized lump on my cheek!

Thanks, EC!

Posted by Brooke (Montgomery, Tx, Usa) on 02/28/2011
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I have had a small milia on my right eye for about 6 months. I have been putting Castor Oil on it, and it is gone. I put the Castor Oil on it with the intent that the Milia goes away, and viola! It went away! It took a long time, about 6 months, but no medicine and no Doctor!

Replied by Bridget
Russellville, Kentucky

I have a bump near my eye that randomly popped up about 6 months ago. At first I thought it was a infected pimple and tried to pop it swelled and became very big. After a few weeks of leaving it alone it went back down. A lot of people say it could be a wart but a pharmacist told me to not use the wart removal because she never seen a wart look like that. Looked more of a cyst. I've tried everything.. I've read alot of people say use castor oil on here. DOES IT WORK?? What are the pros and cons of using?! Thanks!


I used the herb Echinacea for 2 weeks and the same bump you mentioned on your eye, I had the same on my lower eye lid near my tear duct. It just disappeared. My pharmacist told me he had the same thing and to take the herb and it was gone.

Replied by Joyce
Lansdowne, Pa
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Last Saturday night I was about to get into the shower and I looked in the mirror and noticed a bump (sty) on my lower eyelid. It itched slightly. I took a q-tip with some castor oil and applied it to my eyelid. The next morning the bump (sty) was no longer there.

Replied by Alan
Homestead, Fl.
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Castor oil has worked for me in this very application on many occasions. Put it on heavy and keep covered with a band-aid. If you search this out you will find it can be used for many EXTERNAL applications with amazing results.

Replied by Maggie
Lansing, Mi

My husband has been taking _____s apple cider vinegar for about 6 months, and olive leaf extract for two months. Suddenly his body is like a sebaceous cyst factory. They are popping up everywhere. He has had 3 removed, we got rid of the infected one with castor oil and manuka honey, and just today he showed me a new cyst on the back of his neck. These cysts have just kind of appeared on stage and I'm wondering if the vinegar and OLE have created a detox or cleansing thing in his body and the toxins are coming out as cysts. What do you think?

Replied by Sara
The Beach, Canada

One thing is certain when you take these things is that you have to take a lot of water with it as well so that the toxins have an avenue to release in... Otherwise they will find their own way, and they do it through the largest organ... The skin

New Zealand

Hello Mary,

Years ago, back in the day, I would use a roll-on, underarm deodorant before going out on a date! (We usually washed as well! ). It was quite fashionable back then. Trouble was the kick in the teeth that came along with it!!

The following day I would get a sty in one of my eyes - always the same eye but I have forgotten which one. Took me a while to join the dots as it were but I would normally NEVER get an eye sty. What was going on? Dashed uncomfortable - felt like a rock in the eye.

Someone alerted me to the fact that there was aluminium (or 'a-luminum' as you say over there) listed in the fine print on the back of said container.

I kicked the thing into touch and have never looked back as it were. Smelly dates were better than styed eyes.

Hope this major scientific discovery of mine helps some other folks as well!

Cheers from Down Under


Posted by Abigail (Lawrence, Ks) on 12/26/2010
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I developed a sebaceous cyst on my back about 1-1/2 inches in diameter! I had it checked by a Dr., who said it was just a sebaceous cyst and wasn't dangerous, and there's not much they can do about it. She said even when people get them surgically removed, the cysts sometimes come back. When I got pregnant the cyst started itching and got bigger and turned red and purple. This concerned me. My midwife sad that all the extra hormones during pregnancy can cause cysts to behave like this. She suggested trying castor oil, and warned that it might take awhile to fully go away.

Here's what I did:
Squirt some pure cold-pressed castor oil onto a cotton round pad. Apply the pad to the cyst. Apply medical tape to hold the pad in place. Change the pad once or twice a day. Sometimes when changing the pad there would be yellowish pus on the pad. Sometimes there was nothing. The castor oil did at least relieve the itching, but there were days I thought that this wasn't working. However, the cyst was actually slowly deflating. It took about three months, but the cyst went away! I still have a small, very light red circle on my back where it was, but the skin is flat and smooth, and I never have any itching. It's been gone for about 2-1/2 months now, so I think the cure was effective.

Replied by Diane
Berkeley, Ca

I had about 10 of them on my scalp for years. Tried a lot of things, none of them very effective, and finally chose surgery. I am so glad that I did. It's super easy (typically done in a dermatologist's office in less than an hour), and a HUGE relief to have it all gone. One started to come back, but I was able to extract its core and it went away after that. None of the others have come back, and it has been five years. Honestly, it wasn't worth all the mental anguish over a decade trying tons of things and hoping they would go away. Surgery was by far the best choice.

Clay Tablets

Posted by Philippa (Surrey, BC, Canada) on 03/17/2009
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I have problems with cysts/ganglia developing on my wrists and finger joints. I usually have to have them removed surgically. This was a real problem as I had to limit activity and keep the surgery site dry for several weeks after each surgery - not to mention the pain.

I had started developing another cyst on my left wrist that was becoming big enough to be considered my parasitic twin. I was putting off having it looked at due to the pain, the surgery, the inconvenience, etc.

I had previously been taking Terramin Clay tablets (1 tablet per 50 lb. of weight) to help cleanse my system; but, had stopped for some unknown reason. I started taking the clay tablets again without realizing that they could help my cyst.

Over a period of several days, my cyst shrank and disappeared. I had no idea how it happened; but, was delighted nonetheless. Two days later I happened to stumble upon the Terramin site at a place that was explaining how the clay in the tablets was small enough to break through the blood/tissue barrier. These particles were so small they had the ability to enter the cyst, start cleansing it and eventually remove it.

I'm back on my clay and loving it!

Replied by Nancy
Boston, Us

Hi I am very interested in your post about taking clay tablets for the shrinkage of cysts... Was this for a Baker's cyst behind the knee... If so how long did it take to shrink?
I have one behind the knee that is causing me a lot of pain right now... The pain is intermittent but am anxious to find a home remedy that really works... Thanks so much for sharing what worked for you!

Replied by Jigi

I have a sebaceous cyst in my scalp due to over production of sebum. After taking clay tablets will it heal my cyst, if yes, how should I take clay tablets what are the doses?

Coconut Oil for a Sebaceous Cyst

Posted by Maria P. (Australia) on 06/10/2019
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I dissolved a large sebaceous cyst on the head successfully by rubbing in some virgin coconut oil every night and pressing as I did so. I had this idea from reading about the dissolving of acne in "Coconut Cures" by Bruce Fife N.D. 12 weeks later, it was reduced to a large flat dark scab which could be picked off leaving behind a teeny hole.

Dandelion and Viola

Posted by Heather (Ny) on 01/22/2012

Infected Sebaceous Cyst

Epidermal cyst; Keratin cyst; Epidermoid cyst

Any MD will automatically give you antibiotics for an infection! Try this instead. Dandelion and Viola clear out toxins in your body and will get rid of the infection. If you have a sensitive stomach you may want to eat before drinking the remedy.

Remedy: Go to Chinese Herb Shop. Get 8-10 bags of a mix of Dandelion and Viola. Each day bring to a boil one bag of herbs in 4 cups of water and then simmer for 45 minutes. Drink this mixture throughout the day and also wash the cysts with this mixture. (I even took some of the warm herbs and put them on my cysts for 10-15 minutes) Make sure to finish the herbs even after the cyst is gone. (drink herbs for 8 - 10 days) Amazing!

Dermoid Cyst Remedies

Posted by Snehanshu (Kolkata, Westbengal) on 04/22/2013

Sir, I have been suffering from painless cyst/tumor on my forhead for last four years.

Initially it was very hard and small in size. But now it has grown to 3.0 cm. Surgeons have diagnosed it as a benign growth and recommended for surgery. But I don't want to go for any surgery. Meanwhile I have undergone various homeo treatment but without yielding any positive result excepting that the cyst which was very hard has now become little bit softer Homeo medicines that I have already taken under Registered Practitioner are L.V. Alb., Canghis, Calc. Fluor., Slirrhinn, Phosphorus, Nat. Mur., Acid Fluor., Conium Mac., Tub. Borium, Thuja, Baryta Carb30, Aurum Metallicum 200, Medorrhinum, etc..

I shall remain ever grateful if you suggest the remedy.

Allopath surgeons have diagnosed it as Dermoid Cyst while homeopaths term it Lipoma.

One of my friends have advised me to take Thiosinaminium 6x.

Regards, Snehanshu

Replied by Bill
San Fernando, Philippines

Hi Snehanshu... Ted from Bangkok advises using a topical mixture to be applied to the lipoma consisting of DMSO (Dimethyl Sulfoxide), clove oil and castor oil in the following mix:

DMSO 70%
Castor Oil 25%
Clove Oil 5%

Ted also advises treating with supplements like bromelain (a protein digesting enzyme which acts to digest and remove the cyst), Vitamin B3 as niacinamide and L-Lysine. Dosages etc are shown in this link:

Stay away from dairy foods like milk, yoghurt, cheeses etc because excess calcium in the diet actually promotes cyst formation. Take regular daily dosages of Kelp seaweed as well if you can -- this contains iodine which also has anti-cyst activity.

Supplementing Black Seed Oil (Latin: Nigella sativa) for cancers and cysts is also useful. You should have no trouble finding Black Seed Oil -- called Kalaumji in Hindi/Urdu - where you live in India. But be sure and get the organic pressed black seed oil. I have been taking a tablespoon of black seed oil with food every day which has successfully reduced and flattened a small sebhorreic cyst on the back of my neck.

From all the research, it also appears that black seed is capable of healing allergy problems -- in other words black seed acts to heal the intestines thus preventing foreign protein bodies leaking from a damaged intestines into the blood -- creating allergies.

Dietary Changes, Colloidal Silver

Posted by Jane (Michigan) on 12/19/2013
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Batholin Cysts are a tricky thing. For one thing, doctors just want to poke holes in you, and for another, there isn't much out there on how to effectively deal with these.

I have had 2 bouts of a cyst over the course of 2 years. They were both badly infected, and painful, and I healed from both of them using home remedies.

I think its imperative first off that women look at the root cause of this issue. I know for sure that these cysts are formed as a byproduct of sex - and on each account when mine have formed I have been stressed, and not "in the moment" of sexual acts. This is stressful on your body. If you aren't feeling 100% pleasured by sexual experiences with your partner, its important to have these communications. If you are having sex and thinking about a million other things, its important to do things to relax, and "get into the mood". Things just work better that way. And if you feel soreness after sex, be proactive about it. Don't push your body past its comfort, and manage your stress. There are great herbs you can take to increase your sexual urge, such as an awesome formulation from Jing Herbs called Three Sisters. I take this every day, and right before sexual intercourse to really make sure my body is prepped, and that I will be producing adequate fluids in a healthy way.

So. For treatment of a bartholin cyst, I suggest to stop eating all processed sugars, dairy, & grains, and start eating/drinking lots of vegetables and fruits. Think green smoothies, and cooked veggies. You will need to load up on pro-biotic rich foods & supplements such as organic sour kraut, kim chi, coconut water kefir, or just general very high quality supplemental probiotics. You can treat yourself with honey and stevia chai smoothies if you need something sweet. But this is very important. It is also important that you mentally prepare to REST. Give yourself 3-5 days to deal with this, and allow yourself this.

What helped the infection most is douching with Silver Sol & Apple Cider Vinegar. Silver Sol will knock out infections, but it is more expensive. I took Silver Sol internally 6-8 times per day, and douched with it once every 2 hours for the first 2 days. Once the swelling & pain started to drastically come down, I started douching with Apple Cider Vinegar. The best way to do either of these douches is with a medicinal squeeze top tube - the kind that comes in a lot of herbal tincture bottles. For the ACV I mixed 1/2 cup of ACV with 1 cup of warm water, and used this throughout the day, on the hour.

The douches will knock out a lot of the infection & help with the pain. You will most likely notice changes happening quickly. Make sure that if you are in pain, that you are taking Silver Sol internally as well, in order to keep your whole system strong. Also be sure to be taking powerful strains of Probiotics, and treating our body extra well with nourishing foods. While you are resting and healing, consider the possible causes of the issue, and allow yourself to let go of anger & any resentments that you may be harboring towards your partner, or life in general.

To help with letting go of the emotional aspects that are so highly related to this issue, taking Epsom Salt baths will clear these emotions and toxic energies from your body. Allow yourself to soak in them for at least 20 minutes once a day. You will probably feel like crying~ allow yourself to do so. Being real with yourself about your feelings, and expressing them will quicken your healing, and help to eliminate these issues in the future.

Replied by Ashley

Thank you so very much!

Replied by Georgia
East Sussex
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Very helpful advice. I had Bartolin's cyst which had gone to abscess stage, had to sit down, walking painful; I took homeopathic thuja 30, sliica 6, had hot bath, prayed that any bitter feelings I was holding on to would come out. I had a night of quite intense emotional pain and hey presto in the morning the cyst broke/ antibiotics!

Afterwards urination was very painful, open wound really. The doctor advised antibiotics but am using colloidal silver to stem infection. There's also a homeopathic mix you can get from Helios pharmacy Uk which fights infection. The doctor suggested holding a wet flannel over the painful area where cyst had broke to make peeing less painful, stopping urine going over the infected place.

DMSO, Colloidal Silver, Turpentine

Posted by Dave (Fountain Inn, Sc ) on 05/05/2015
5 out of 5 stars

I have used a few methods of dealing with surface cysts and below skin cysts. I say cysts; but I "lump" fatty tumors; cysts of mass as well as fluid in a single group.

I first want to make sure the cyst is not caused by infection or accompanied by infection. So I place on the site a poultice of colloidal silver mixed with DMSO. I let that sit for fifteen minutes on the surface.

I have also used a charcoal poultice and a turpentine poultice. I mix the turpentine with DMSO and colloidal silver. The turpentine is caustic so I don't put too much on skin for too long.

I've used Healing Clay. Not as a poultice. I just put a half spoonful of the clay with colloidal silver and then place the "goo" onto the site. I let dry.

All the above I repeat many times.

JUST in the past three days I found a number of "nodules" on my chest wall. They were sore and the size of a pencil eraser. I used the colloidal silver and turpentine plus DMSO on day one. Day two I used colloidal silver with tea tree oil and DMSO as a poultice and then did a colloidal silver with turpentine and DMSO poultice. The nodules covered an area about the size of three by four inches.

In only two days the sensitivity is down by 80 percent and the size of the five or six nodules is reduced by over half. I theorize I had an infection perhaps in my lymph glands. I will continue this poultice application for a month.

DMSO, Lugol's Iodine

Posted by Colleen (Wisconsin) on 12/26/2018
5 out of 5 stars

I had a sebaceous cyst in my groin area for years that was pretty small, not really visible, but if you felt around for it, was always there. I had one bout with a cyst in this spot as a teen; it appeared suddenly, got quite big within a few days, and drained on its own. Painful but over with quickly and no recurrence until I was in my 30s. This time it was a bit bigger but never irritated and sadly never threatening to burst or progress at all. So I finally decided to see if I could make it go.

I started with castor oil, which did seem to shrink it a little, but after several days seemed to stop having any further effect. I next tried ichthammol salve, which smelled god-awful to me, but if it made this thing come to a head and be over with, was worth enduring for a few weeks. After several days of keeping it coated, not much was happening so I started taking warm epsom salt baths while continuing with the ichthammol.This did make it slowly start to grow in size, soften up, get irritated, and kind of come to a head. It was not totally effective though. I think the warm baths may have had as much to do with it progressing as the ichthammol, not sure.

But regardless, although this protocol did bring it to a head (I could see a white dot forming) when I went to express it, maybe only a third of the material (white stuff) came out. Huge disappointment. I considered going back to the ichthammol again, but I was starting to suspect that a true boil might be better treated with that stuff. My cyst was perhaps too old and dry to be coaxed out.

I decided to totally switch to another remedy I'd seen hinted at: Lugol's iodine. I've had really good success with other ailments by increasing iodine in my diet (eating dulse flakes) in the last few years, and I know I've been deficient of this essential element in the past. I'd also read that mixing Lugol's with DMSO (50/50) would do a better job of getting it to absorb at the site. I had both ingredients on hand though I'd never used the DMSO before.

Mixed up a few ounces in a small glass container and applied it twice a day for about a week. (I used Crow's 5% iodine and pharmaceutical grade DMSO--both purchased on Amazon.) Right away I could feel something happening, a tingling. Within a day or two, the cyst, which as I mentioned had become larger and inflamed and only partially drained, was much smaller and starting to dry up. It was probably less than ten days before it was entirely healed over.

What really surprised me was that it was completely flat at that point--no sign of a bump--for the first time in maybe ten years. It's now been about three weeks. I stopped applying the iodine/DMSO once it was healed and flat and it so far has not come back at all. If it does, I won't be going back to the ichthammol again. I'll just try the iodine/DMSO.

One tip: I used a Q-tip to apply the solution directly on the cyst and would "paint" it thoroughly for about a minute to get as much of the stuff to absorb as possible. Because of where this thing was, I didn't bother to try to get a band-aid to stay in place and just used panty liners to keep my underwear clean. Once absorbed it didn't seem to be very wet or getting all over the place, so this was more of a precaution than a necessity, but keep in mind iodine does stain clothing. Also, iodine will spread all the way up the Q-tip, which seems to waste it. I wanted to saturate just the end, so I eventually figured out that dropping oil (I used castor oil) onto the part of the cotton about halfway down from the very tip would block the iodine solution from "running, " if that makes sense.

Definitely try this if you have a stubborn old sebaceous cyst. Hopefully you can avoid the attempts to poke at it and get it to come to a head--it really is possible to get even an old cyst to absorb and clear out with your body's help if you use iodine. Good luck!

Ear Cyst Remedies

Posted by Cindy (Cochrane) on 10/05/2013

I would be grateful for information on remedies for a cyst I have been diagnosed with on a nerve ending in my ear. The past two months I have been to ER three times with severe vomiting attacks thought to be from meniere's disease and an MRI showing the cyst, though the doc doesn't seem to think it is causing me these problems. Does any one know what to do for meniere's or have information on chinese herbs for congestion in the ear and or dissolve the cyst? Thank you so much. I am feeling totally helpless with this situation and worried about keeping my job from having to leave work when one of these attacks comes on.

Replied by Dave
Fountain Inn, Sc


About the inner ear problem... You can find some sources on the internet that mention a viral connect to the inner ear issue; the semi-circular cannals/ or labyrinth/ or endolymphatic sac... Can get virally infected. This condition can cause your vertigo and might have nothing to do with the cyst or the cyst might be a manifestation of the infection; assuming an infection is the cause.

My favorite for getting rid of an inner ear infection is colloidal silver. Obtained on line or at a health food store. Use an ear syringe to squirt into ear, gently the first time. Repeat twice daily for a week. A cyst can be caused by any number of things, but a good guess is that the same thing causing the menieres diagnosis you got may be the root cause of the cyst.

Other posts about infection include the use of tea tree oil, hydrogen peroxide and even apple cider vinegar. Those are anti virals. Look on the "ailments" section of Earth Clinic under ear infection or menieres and you'll find good posts.

Still my fav is CS for knocking out an ear infection is CS.

By the way, when you use the syringe make sure you are physically secure because the liquid going into the ear will REALLY make you dizzy especially given that you already have vertigo.


Eliminate Gluten

Posted by Gorettia (Lena, Louisiana) on 02/27/2012

Just want to help anyone suffering from chronic painful cysts... Gluten intolerance may be your problem. It was mine. After YEARS of fighting a loosing battle, my bloodwork came back positive for celiac (over the limit anitbodies showed up). I had to give up soy, dairy, sugar, gluten, wheat, yeast, and most starchy foods like white potatoes, corn and beans... But I thoroughly enjoy healthy eating... Broccoli, cabbage, carrots, sweet potatoes, lean ground beef, salmon, turkey and a few other foods. For years dermatologist told me diet had nothing to do with it... But I am now convinced diet has everything to do with it ... Plus getting your stomach in good working order. Pantothenic acid (b5) in 500 mg per day and acidipholus and digestive enzymes are a must in my daily regimin.

Just hope I can help someone else with this advice... Give up the junk food and gluten and see if it helps. God revealed to me what I needed to do... So I give him all the praise and glory for my progress. Believe it or not, I now actually like the taste of FOOD without all the sauces, toppings and added "stuff" we destroy it with. Blessings!!! In the name of my Lord Jesus Christ!!!

Replied by Joelle
Price, Utah

My daughter has one of these cysts, and unfortunately she is already gluten and dairy intolerant, and she's not eating grains or sugar right how either. I am wondering if this is some how her body doing a little bit of a cleanse. She drinks a ton of water because her body is not producing the horomone to retain the water. I am going to suggest the castor oil and maybe some lemon, oregano and melaleuca essential oils.

Replied by Joy
Battleground, Wash

Salt holds the water in the cells, so a good sea salt with iodine would probably help, and a multi mineral and a good mutli vitamin because she has been drinking a lot of water. When you go to the emergency room they give you a salt and potassium IV with water and most people feel a lot better after that and go home. She could get some pediolite to start out.

Coconut oil is amazing if she can tolerate it. Put some in oatmeal or drink in hot cocoa. Start slow because there can be die off symptoms.

Epsom Salts, Heating Pad

Posted by Ashley (Houston, Tx) on 12/21/2010
5 out of 5 stars

Hi I too suffer from vaginal cyst they were always on the side. I have had this problem since I was 13 I am 20 yrs old now. The first time I got it I was so terrified especially me being at the age 13 I didn't know what the crap was going on. I had it for a whole week until my mom finally noticed that I was walking funny and couldn't sit down right. So I went to the doctor and got it sorted out. I literally had about 50 of them and let me tell you it was so not comfortable.

Here are some tips that helped me get a hold on this situation. First you can use about 2 1/2 cups of Epsom salt in warm water. Then when it is time for bed use a heating pad and put it in between your legs that usually helps. Also shave down there that has helped me a lot and use vaginal wash those are most what helped me. Trust me on this because no one wants to go to a doctor and get it popped.

Replied by Mjb
Arlington, Virginia

I'm not trying to be rude but aside from the epsom soak everything sounds like a horrible idea. The shaving and vaginal wash thing will cause a whole bundle of other problems like infection in and outside the vagina. ( yeast ect. ) And shaving can cause follicitus which can lead to blocking and locking in sebum leading to a cyst... I know this because I've accidentally done this to myself because I was uninformed. Seriously, it causes more problems then when you started that are even more painful and harder to be free from... Yea thats a no.

Replied by Charlotte
Denton, Tx

Trimming might be still be okay, as long as the hair is not shaved low enough to grow inwards, and washing is okay if the soap is not antibiotic; try to keep it away from the urethra and vaginal opening.

Replied by Lou
Tyler, Tx

I just saw something on TV that said shaving sometimes is what causes boils, etc. Be careful with that!


Posted by Nicole (Montreal) on 09/09/2016
5 out of 5 stars


I had a cyst on my forehead, for the last 4 years, the size of a green pea.

Last night (2016/09/09) at 2:30AM, I crushed a clove of garlic and applied it on my cyst and around it. I held the crushed garlic in place with scotch tape. It burned quite a bit for half an hour. I went to bed with the garlic and scotch tape in place.

7 hours later, I woke up and looked at my forehead. Under the scotch tape, the crushed garlic had turned green overnight.

I removed the scotch tape and garlic.

To my great surprise, the cyst had COMPLETELY DISAPPEARED. A small puncture mark was left, probably due to where the liquid was drawn out by the garlic.

Also redness of the skin; better than that cyst that reminds you of witches.

I am on a waiting list to get a family doctor. I should be waiting another 4 years to get one.

That is the reason I tried the garlic treatment and it WORKS.


Replied by Evy
East Coast

This is cool report. Thank you! Did you have any skin damage from the raw garlic straight on your skin (other than the burning after you first applied it.) Do you think it would work to put some olive oil on the skin before the garlic to protect the skin from the garlic?

Thanks again.


Posted by Leah (Toronto, Select) on 06/01/2011
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I have a cebacious cyst on my back and tried a crushed garlic clove on it but it stung and burned my skin (I have sensitive skin). I'm now using a turmeric paste which is slowly but surely flattening the cyst.