Castor Oil for Cyst Removal: A Guide

| Modified on May 24, 2024
Castor Oil for Cysts

Castor oil has long been a popular remedy for cyst removal on Earth Clinic, owing to its unique properties that aid in promoting blood flow, breaking up stagnation, and softening masses in the affected area.

This versatile oil is derived from the seeds of the Ricinus communis plant and has been used for centuries in various cultures for its medicinal and therapeutic benefits. With its potential to reduce inflammation, enhance circulation, and support the immune system, castor oil has become a go-to natural solution for those seeking to shrink and remove cysts without resorting to more invasive procedures.

In this article, we will provide an easy guide on creating and using a castor oil pack for cyst reduction. We will also discuss the supplies needed, step-by-step instructions, post-application care, and additional information to ensure the safe and effective use of castor oil packs for treating cysts.

How to Create and Use a Castor Oil Pack for Cyst Reduction

Castor oil packs can help reduce and eliminate cysts while providing soothing effects, promoting blood circulation, boosting white blood cell production, and relieving pain.

Supplies Needed 

To create a castor oil pack, gather the following items:

  • 100% cotton or wool cloth
  • Castor oil
  • Plastic wrap
  • Heat source (hot water bottle, warm rice sock, or heating pad)
  • Ace bandage or clothing to secure the castor oil pack in place


  1. Fold the cloth to the desired size, ensuring it has several layers for thickness.
  2. Lay the cloth on a piece of plastic wrap.
  3. Pour castor oil onto the cloth, allowing it to soak in until the fabric is saturated but not dripping.
  4. Place the castor oil-soaked cloth on the area of the body requiring treatment.
  5. Cover the cloth with plastic wrap, extending at least an inch beyond the material in all directions.
  6. Secure the castor oil pack with an Ace bandage or suitable clothing. For example, use a long sock for the lower leg or a sock with the foot removed for the elbow.
  7. Apply the heat source (heating pad or hot water bottle) for one to two hours or overnight (do not use a heating pad overnight).

Post-Application Care 

After using the pack, fold the castor oil cloth and store it in a ziplock bag. It can be reused up to 25-30 times, with more castor oil added as needed every few days. Replace the cloth if it becomes soiled.

There may be some residual castor oil on the skin, which can either be rubbed in or washed off during a shower. To remove oil residue, use a baking soda solution (1 teaspoon of baking soda in 1 cup of water).

Using a Castor Oil Pack for Cyst Treatment

The frequency of castor oil pack applications may vary depending on your needs. It might take several applications to shrink or remove the cyst effectively.

It is crucial to note that while castor oil packs can help reduce cysts, they may not be suitable for all types of cysts or medical conditions. It is recommended to consult a healthcare professional before using castor oil packs to address your specific situation, especially if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or have a pre-existing medical condition. A medical professional can guide you on the appropriate action and ensure the treatment is safe and effective.

Explore the experiences of Earth Clinic readers who have successfully used castor oil to treat their cysts below. Please share your experience, and let us know if this remedy worked for you!

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20 User Reviews

Posted by MGA (Sydney) on 02/12/2024

My brother had a massive and painful cyst on his back. he was going to have it operated on. I put a castor oil poultice on it, and I also put castor oil in his navel before bed and got him to sleep with it in place. The VERY NEXT DAY the cyst burst and drained and has not come back. Incredible. For some reason castor oil in the navel seems to help a lot of issues. Give it a try! Good luck!

Replied by Karen
(Western Australia)

I have a question. Can castor oil packs be used for Cysts on my right kidney and tight adrenal?

Replied by Katzie
(Cancun, Mexico)

Yes, just place the castor oil pack over your kidney and lay on your stomach for 20-30 minutes. C.O.P.'s bring forth healing cells to the area. Best of luck!

Castor Oil
Posted by Tom P (Middleton, WI) on 02/18/2023

I had a myxoid cyst on my right-hand ring finger next to the nail. I have before and after photos but don't see a way to upload them. I've had this cyst for well over 5 years and at times it was a bit painful. On the insistence of my daughter, I wrapped my finger with a band aid soaked with castor oil. After several days it started to get smaller and smaller to the point that it almost was gone. I still have some discoloration where the cyst was but when I run my finger over the area it's completely smooth. It worked for me and I'm so happy to have gotten rid of the cyst.

Replied by Sophia
(Los Angeles, CA)

Can anyone recommend how to use the castor oil to get rid of cyst on the back of my gums. Obviously I can't use a warm pack and if I use it with a cotton ball in that area, the saliva washes it away immediately. I absolutely love this website and reading everyone's post on the various uses and remedies of castor oil.

(somewhere, europe)

Sophia, you can try applying a Castor Oil pack on the outside, on your cheek.

(Indianapolis Indiana)


Please please go to a dentist. My mother's oral cancer showed up this way. It was removable and she's doing well now. Best of Luck.


Maybe you could put a castor oil pack on the lymph glands closest to the gum cyst; perhaps this will help? There are glands just at the top of your neck near your ears and under the chin.

Replied by Tiena

Has anyone had luck with removing breast cysts with Castor oil?

(Kitchener On)

Hi Tiena,

I came across this, just what the Dr. ordered..

Posted by Nixpix (Daytona Beach Fl) on 05/14/2022

I have had breast cyst several times. They often came up quickly and were very painful. I went through my Doctor and other treatments, but finally found a solution that works quickly (with in a day or two the pain was gone) and over a period of a week of doing this every night the cysts dissolved.

The solution was to use a teaspoon of Raw Manuka Honey and a about 3/4 teaspoon of Turmeric. I mixed them together in a bowl before bed or early in the evening. I put the mixture all over the area of my breast with the cysts or pain. Then I covered the area with a clear plastic wrap so it would not get on my clothes. Wore a bra at night to keep plastic in place....

This has been a life saver and I hope it helps others.

God Bless


460 posts

I had a lumpy sore breast and used povidone iodine. I just smeared it all over. It's kinda sticky but dried quickly and completely disappeared within a minute or two the first time I did it. I did this after reading about the prevalence of iodine deficiency and the suspected relationship between iodine deficiency and both thyroid and breast cancer. As well as other hormone related issues for both women AND men, like prostate and testicular cancers. Which makes sense, given the thyroid's hormonal duties.

Castor Oil
Posted by James (Wilmington NC) on 02/04/2023

Why do I seem like I'm the ONLY person here that Castor oil isn't working it's magic on to drain and get rid of my cysts?? I've done everything to the T like everyone has said to do in all the posts that speak so highly of this remedy and it's NOT doing anything!! Uhg, I wanted it to work SO bad but I'm seeing no results after 6 to 7 days using the castor oil packs 4 to 5 times a day… am I using the wrong kind/brand/strength?? Anyone with any additional advice on what I can do OTHER than a DR visit of any kind, I would be MOST grateful!! Please help! 🙏🙏🙏🤞🤞🤞

Replied by M in M

I don't know a lot about cysts but I'd check out earthclinic pages on cysts. There are many types of cysts.
I know your frustration, but keep at it until you win!

Replied by Gary
(Kitchener On)

Hi James

Whenever I had issues I would make a paste with Caster Oil and baking soda..

Apply overnight and it will soon be gone.

Best of luck,


Replied by RH

James, I get continued cysts on my head as did my mother. She swore by castor oil mixed with baking soda (Edgar Cayce remedy) but said it takes months of daily application. I have not had luck with this however. I never last doing this more than a week or two at a time. I usually wait till they get huge and have a doctor remove them. I now have one in my private area and am taking turmeric. Only been doing for a couple days now but does seem to be less irritating.

Replied by rayven
(Victorville, CA)

I read recently that the length of treatment varies on how long the cysts have been there. For example: 3 years may take 3 months of treatment, 3 months may take 3 weeks and your diet and exercise heavily affect the length of treatment as well.

Replied by Renre
(Garland, TX)

Hi. Try the oil itself, not a pack. Warmest regards.

Replied by Val
(Omaha, NE)


I understand your frustration. I had no luck with castor oil packs for multiple cysts after several attempts over two years. I have started seeing results at last. From my readings, the length of time before seeing results may vary from one person to another, so please don't give up. Here is what is finally working for me: I am now using organic, cold-pressed, hexane-free castor oil. Previously, I was using a cheaper quality, non-organic brand. I warm the oil-soaked cloth by draping it over my electric tea kettle. In the past, I skipped the warming step because of the risk in microwaving the oily cloth. The tea kettle works beautifully. I have also switched to unbleached wool flannel, where before I used cotton flannel. Lastly, instead of a heating pad, I have switched to a microwavable gel pack with a cloth sleeve. I use a sheet of plastic wrap between the gel pack sleeve and the flannel. I use the pack once or twice a day. I don't know why these details are important but they have made all the difference to me. I wish you luck.

Replied by Beljun
(Melbourne, Australia)

Maybe it's a boil & need take antibiotics to help with bacterial infection along with warm compress?

Replied by Pamela
(Lawrenceville GA)

I've started using Heritage Organic Castor oil.]

Replied by Natura
(Prescott AZ)

Organic Cold Pressed Castor Oil. It is slow to absorb and takes time to work, meaning weeks or months depending on the size of the cyst.

Replied by Adrienne

Should be 100% natural, cold pressed, hexane free in an amber brown glass bottle.

Replied by Vicky
(Naples, Gl)

A reply to the person applying castor oil numerous times a day to the cyst on the finger- Do it once a day so the warmth of your skin enables it to absorb.

Replied by L

It didn't work for me at first either. Then I dug further and found (I think it was on this site in the comments) that I needed to pair the castor oil with magnesium. Topical was not as effective as taking a magnesium supplement and I found out that I have to make sure to take a high absorption one. You can't absorb your magnesium if you are low in vitamin D, so I was taking D3 50,000 once a week also. Couldn't believe how fast it worked after the vitamin and mineral part were good. So happy to have found that and wish that information was more accessible elsewhere.

Castor Oil
Posted by Beth (Alabama) on 01/25/2021

My husband has had terrible cysts his entire life. Many times he has been forced to undergo surgery to remove them. I saw the castor oil remedy on your site and it has worked every single time we've tried it for his cysts.

Most recently he had a large/painful one coming up and immediately smothered it in castor oil. Within two days it was gone.

Replied by Michael
(Cullman, Alabama)

2 days?! Lord I truly hope it will only be 2 days for this one to be gone…. 🙏

Replied by Martha

Anyone have success with using castor oil for removing lumbar synovial cyst?

Castor Oil
Posted by Karen (San Francisco, Ca) on 06/07/2017

I had a painful cyst between the skin and muscle on my hip, about the size of a grape. My doctor said that it was unlikely to go away, and that I should consider surgery. Instead I consulted Earth Clinic and tried the castor oil suggestion. I rubbed the oil onto the skin over the cyst a few times a day. When I had time, I used a heating pad after application. Day 2 and the cyst was the size of a lentil. By Day 3 it was nearly gone. Gone on Day 4. Miraculous, really.

Told my daughter about my experience. She is a gymnast and has always had large marble-sized ganglion cysts on her wrists. They are painful and inhibit movement. She has been using the castor oil for a few days (only 1-2 times a day), and the cyst is nearly gone! Truly amazing.

Replied by Karen
(San Francisco, Ca)

Update on my daughter's ganglion cyst. In a week, the cyst (which she had had for over a year) was completely gone. She also had a bump on her achilles from gymnastics strain, and after a few days of castor oil application, that is also gone.

Replied by Randle

I have a tarlov cyst on S3 and was considering castor oil. I just read your thread and will indeed give it a try.


Did you have any success treating your tarlov cyst with castor oil? I also have a tarlov cyst at S3. Really trying to avoid surgery for this thing.

Castor Oil
Posted by Rtd237891 (A) on 02/11/2017

I had cyst on my back in the same spot I had one before, went to a walk in clinic for the first one after it was drained they had me come back for a follow up and was told it wasn't done properly and I had to go to the hospital turned out to be a very long day . So when I felt that lump in the same spot looked here seen all the positive reviews for castor oil.

If you're interested in trying this the sooner you start the better I waited a little longer than I would now that I know about this method.

Found some at the drug store put some on the back of my fingers it is very thick and massaged it onto the lump. Did this daily for 3 day and it drained while I was sleeping it felt so much better but I could tell there was another right under the first so continued with the castor oil after week it drained also!

Wish I knew about this method sooner, I would have begun it at the first sign!

Castor Oil
Posted by Myway (Usa) on 10/11/2015

A cyst that can be felt will respond to daily massages of castor oil if done daily. Consistency is key. It takes time.

MyWay :D

Castor Oil
Posted by Karen (Richmond, Va) on 06/22/2015

To all those suffering with deep cysts, I am please to report that the use of hot castor oil packs really work! I have suffered with both deep ganglion cysts in the balls of my feet and an ovarian cyst.

When a flair up occurs for my feet, I apply the castor oil pack (can purchase at the vitamin shoppe) and a good brand of castor oil (about 1 -2 teaspoons worth ) with a sheet of plastic over cloth and rest on a heating pad for 20 - 30 minutes a day.

A few days of this and they are dramatically reduced. I have changed the type of footwear I wear to low padded souls and good width to prevent compression. I had extreme pain last year and very little this year.

For my ovarian cyst, the same as above applies but I take the heat off after 20 minutes and leave pack on the rest of the night. Gone the next day. This stuff is truly a miracle. The ovarian cyst often left me in a fetal position for days and severe pain in the middle of my back.

I have so much relief now. Acupuncture has also helped with my ovarian cyst.

Definitely give the castor oil hot packs a try!!

Replied by Jezza
(Manila, Philippines)

May I ask what specific type or brand of castor oil did you use for your ovarian cyst? I also want to try this because I too have ovarian cysts. Thank you!

Replied by Mama To Many

Dear Jazza,

I have used several different brands of castor oil for cysts and other things; always with good success.

Heritage, Home Health, Mountain Rose Herbs are the ones I have had around the house the most over the years. I hope castor oil helps you as much as it has me!

~Mama to Many~

Castor Oil
Posted by Kacy (New York) on 03/12/2014

I found a humungous cyst about 10 days ago above my butt (sorry to be gross, but that's where it is), was quite alarmed and looked online and was relieved to find it was something called a pilonidal cyst. I felt how wide it went underneath my skin and it was maybe 2.5", like a volcano forming! It was nice to know it wasn't anything serious, but not so great to read everywhere that I'd need surgery or to go on antibiotics. Anyway, I happened to be on earthclinic for treatment for wrinkle cures, saw castor oil, and then upon further reading saw it was also recommended for removing cysts! A great coincidence!!

I ordered castor oil on amazon (cold-pressed, but I dont know if that matters) and didn't even make a castor oil pack. I have just been rubbing castor oil straight on the cyst with my fingers a few times a day. Within days, it has drastically reduced in size and it is almost completely gone. I'm not sure HOW this is happening, nothing is coming out. It's just...dissapearing!

A doctor took a look at it (i as going to a doc for another reason) and she looked shocked. She couldn't believe castor oil could just get rid of it like that so quickly, as when I had previously emailed her about it before I met her she too told me I'd need surgery or antibiotics. When I met her in person and she saw it, she said "dont go on antibiotics or get surgery! Just keep doing what youre doing! " and indeed it is almost gone. Within days. No medicine, no surgery, no embarrasment. and CHEAP. and the stuff makes my skin look amazing too. I've never even heard of castor oil before earthclinic. I saw so many posts on all the other sites where people talked of getting surgery, etc etc. This is incredible, it bypasses all that trouble, expense, and pain.

I would LOVE to know how castor oil works, but wow does it ever. In a few more days it should be completely gone. THANKS to all of you who posted and let me know about this cure!!!! I used to get sebaceous cysts on my head, and if I ever get them back, castor oil will be the first thing I do! Good luck everyone!

Replied by Sheila Joy

Hi good evening, can I ask you where can I buy the castor oil, my mom had a cyst on her neck and I am worried and afraid for her, she had a lump on her neck and she go for ultrasound this morning and the doktor said it a cyst and she need to check again by biopsy..

Replied by Pinetreelady

Castor oil must be hexane-free and cold-pressed and preferably organic, if you can get it. Don't buy from drug stores. Buy from health food stores.

Replied by Marjorie
(St. Croix, USVI)

I had several surgeries for removing cyst on my body and I woke up asking the Lord to remind me if I should use castor oil and turmeric powder for these cysts. However, I am happy to hear from many who have seen results using the castor oil. Thanks

Castor Oil
Posted by Sonja (Florida) on 02/08/2014

My husband had a small bump in the middle of his back. I read about castor oil packets. We soaked some fabric with the oil, then covered with plastic , then applied heating pad for 30 minutes. Did this every night for about 5 days. The bump started getting bigger, after a few weeks it was completely gone. I believe it was a sebacious cyst

Replied by Common Sense

Re: Castor Oil Packs Healed Sebaceous Cyst. A few weeks? maybe it healed naturally, castor oil did not do anything

Replied by Satya
(California, US)

Just because you don't believe, don't tell someone else what their experience was. I've used castor oil for removing cysts on skin before. It's amazing. You need to realize not everything needs to make sense to you to be viable.

Castor Oil
Posted by Janie Y (Illinois) on 10/17/2013

I was born with a very rare disease called Pachyonychia Congenita which causes problems with the hair, nails, and skin.

I am more susceptible to skin problems, one of which is being very prone to (sebaceous) cysts. I was excited to try the castor oil remedy that is being mentioned on this wonderful website! I have had a good-sized (very noticeable) cyst in the outer corner of my left eye for more than two years now. The outer part appeared plump and soft to the touch, somewhat yellowish in color, and puffy.

I could see and feel the hard-like fluid inside of it, but while poking at it down deep, I could feel what felt like a pea. I had messed with with before, but had given up - Seemed I wouldn't excrete the substance underneath it very well.

The stuff was very hard to get out. I would always get a little liquid from it and a little blood, causing it to swell up a bit, then got it infected... I thought it useless to try anymore, so I just left it alone.

That is until I discovered the Castor OIL Remedyl!!!

Anyway, after reading the posts here, I decided to tackle it again. On Sept. 1st, I started poking around at the cyst, squeezed at it, and got it to secrete some oily like substance and some blood out of it. It was still hard though! I musta messed with it for about an hour. It was really swelled up great by then. It looked like someone had punched me in the eye ( I was squinting by the time I was finished with my treatment of it for the day)! I was determined however, to march on... Well, after poking and prodding at it for an hour, I cleaned it up, rinsed it with warm water, dried it, then dabbed it with the castor oil, and covered it up with a bandage. I did this twice a day. Morning and night. I squeezed it each time, to get more liquid and blood out of it, and then repeated the castor oil/bandage thing.

About 7 days later, Sept. 7, the cyst and my eye were still puffy (I got a lot of stares), but I could tell that the cyst was getting a smaller.

The castor oil was softening it up, which made it easier for me to squeeze the substance out of it! It was coming out pretty good by then, with hardly any effort on my part by that time. I could tell that the castor oil was really pulling the stuff out and causing the cyst to drain more! I continued this for about two more weeks. I could really see a big difference by then, so that was great for me. I was trying to be soooo patient, seein' as how patience is not one of my better virtues! After all, I told myself - I did have this thing by my eye for at least two years! By week 3, my eye was looking normal again.

The puffiness/swelling was all gone - the liquid was drained from the cyst. The area felt flat! And, it was starting to scab over. All that was left of the cyst was this little pea- sized knot by then). I continued to rub and massage the castor oil into this area each morning and every night before going to bed. I woke up one morning - Sept. 26... to find a small "pimple" had formed in the spot where the cyst was. I squeezed it, and this stringy thread- like substance snaked it's way out. This was the "pea" that I had been feeling for the last two years!

I write this on Oct. 17th, and as I run my finger over where the cyst had been... I smile (: The cyst had been my unwelcoming companion for the past two years or so, and it is NOW completely gone, and has been for a couple weeks!

The area around my eye is nice and smooth. Yayyyyyy.... Oh - I might also add that... During the time that I was treating this particular cyst, I had several smaller ones on my face, as well. I would massage the castor oil into them all the while and... They are gone too!!!

This will now become my ritual for every cyst I see poppin' up on my bod!! We gotta "Zap em before they Happen".. Castor Oil is definately the trick!

Thanks be to you guys who write in with your wonderful remedies!!! Have a great "Cyst-free" day!!!

Castor Oil
Posted by Joyce (Lansdowne, Pa) on 02/09/2012

Last Saturday night I was about to get into the shower and I looked in the mirror and noticed a bump (sty) on my lower eyelid. It itched slightly. I took a q-tip with some castor oil and applied it to my eyelid. The next morning the bump (sty) was no longer there.

Castor Oil
Posted by Alan (Homestead, Fl.) on 02/09/2012

Castor oil has worked for styes on many occasions.

Put it on heavy and keep covered with a band-aid. If you search this out you will find it can be used for many EXTERNAL applications with amazing results.

Castor Oil
Posted by Hef (Mississauga, Ontario) on 12/10/2011

I was wondering if any one has experience in using Castor Oil packs on Submandibular cysts.... My nephew has a cyst below his jawbone, which is growing ENT Surgeon has recommeded surgery removal. To me it sounds very convincing to use the packs on the cysts... Anyone else would like to share their experiences in this regard and suggest any pros or cons, if any?

Replied by Kmcgee
(Portland, Oregon)

I had surgery on a cyst that was located on my neck. It got very big and uncomfortable. So I had it removed. The surgery was easy and over in an hour, but eventually the cyst came back. My docter warned me this might happen, but not much is known about cysts. It hasn't got really big again but comes and goes. I think the surgery is worth a shot.

Replied by Jane
(Alameda, Ca)

Hi! Turmeric is an incredible remedy for any kind of cyst and may help you. You might also look at other remedies on EC for cysts, including drinking pure spring water!!

Replied by Dar

My personal submandibular gland cyst was surgically removed and after testing was a calcium cyst just like a kidney stone. From my understanding that is what most mandibular gland cysts are. However, it wouldn't hurt to try the Castor oil and at the very least is really good for the skin.

Castor Oil
Posted by Daisy (Jacksonville, Florida, U.s.a) on 09/12/2011 8 posts

I have a small cyst on my face that I have been ignoring for at least a year, but then got hard and started to be annoying. I have no insurance right now, and money is VERY tight, so laying out hundreds of dollars to have it cut out is not an option right now. I've tried a number of things -- iodine, tiger balm, campho-phenique, coconut oil -- but the only thing that even remotely began to be of assistance was holding a hot compress to it for 10-20 minutes twice a day. After a couple of days, it softened it up to the extent that I could get some of the gack out, but only with *tremendous* pressure, and not enough came out to make a significant difference anyway. Repeated efforts didn't do much; it's like whatever got hard in there stayed hard and the heat only got to a small part of it, no matter how often or for how long I applied the hot compress. (I think this is because I ignored it and let it get old and hard, instead of dealing with it when I first got it. ) I didn't want to break the skin over it or get it infected, so I stopped mashing on it and kept looking for something else.

I saw the posts here on EC about castor oil, and after googling for more info I saw where it had worked for other people with stubborn sebaceous cysts, so I got some castor oil and put it on under a band-aid before going to sleep. Already, just after the first application, it's drawing the cyst up and out and softening whatever's in there: it never hurt before, but it did a little after putting the castor oil on, kind of like a tiny bruise, and then when I woke up and took off the band-aid, a bunch of nasty-looking stuff came out with almost no pressure. It's not gone at all, but it's flatter and the castor oil is definitely working to break it up. Many thanks to Abigail from Lawrence, Kansas for taking the time to describe exactly what she did, because that's what I'm doing and it's already working after so much else has failed.

Thanks, EC!

Replied by Daisy
(Jacksonville, Florida, U.s.a)
8 posts

Update to my last post: you can go ahead and call it a cure! I have been applying a bit of gauze saturated with castor oil to the cyst morning and night, and every time I change the bandage I try to express whatever's in there. Over the last several days, slowly but surely, most of it has come out (there was even a hair buried in there! ?! ) and now whatever comes out is mostly clear.

One thing that became obvious is that it was a lot deeper and more substantial than I gave it credit for. I think it must have had a few loculations too, because when I'd try to express it I'd change the direction of my fingers, and then feel a little pop and get more stuff out. It was a nasty and complex cyst.

I'm going to keep going with it for the next few days, but the area is already flattened out and just about gone altogether, which is what I was hoping for. Will it come back because I didn't get the sac? No idea, but today I'm thrilled that I no longer have the pea-sized lump on my cheek!

Thanks, EC!

Castor Oil
Posted by Brooke (Montgomery, Tx, Usa) on 02/28/2011

I have had a small milia on my right eye for about 6 months. I have been putting Castor Oil on it, and it is gone. I put the Castor Oil on it with the intent that the Milia goes away, and viola! It went away! It took a long time, about 6 months, but no medicine and no Doctor!

Castor Oil
Posted by Abigail (Lawrence, Ks) on 12/26/2010

I developed a sebaceous cyst on my back about 1-1/2 inches in diameter! I had it checked by a Dr., who said it was just a sebaceous cyst and wasn't dangerous, and there's not much they can do about it. She said even when people get them surgically removed, the cysts sometimes come back. When I got pregnant the cyst started itching and got bigger and turned red and purple. This concerned me.

My midwife sad that all the extra hormones during pregnancy can cause cysts to behave like this. She suggested trying castor oil, and warned that it might take awhile to fully go away.

Here's what I did:

Squirt some pure cold-pressed castor oil onto a cotton round pad. Apply the pad to the cyst. Apply medical tape to hold the pad in place. Change the pad once or twice a day. Sometimes when changing the pad there would be yellowish pus on the pad. Sometimes there was nothing. The castor oil did at least relieve the itching, but there were days I thought that this wasn't working. However, the cyst was actually slowly deflating. It took about three months, but the cyst went away! I still have a small, very light red circle on my back where it was, but the skin is flat and smooth, and I never have any itching. It's been gone for about 2-1/2 months now, so I think the cure was effective.