Natural First Aid for Cuts


Posted by Sonia Azooz (San Antonio, Texas) on 12/30/2008
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I had cut my finger with a knife while cooking, I was worried because I am a diabetic, it wasn't healing properly. I decided to cook another day and I was chopping some garlic, the juices got on my cut finger and like a miracle my wound was completely healed and dried like the next day.

Garlic-Infused Yogurt

Posted by Carra (San Diego, California) on 07/13/2008
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I have had two startling healing successes using fresh plain yoghurt with active cultures infused with fresh raw garlic and I wanted to share this.

Recently I had a tooth unexpectedly abcess so swiftly that my jaw swelled overnight and became extremely painful. I had transportation and schduling problems and couldn't get into a dentist, didn't know what to do. Until I re-red an old herbal of mine that listed clinical studies on the antibiotic prpperties of fresh garlic on wounds and infections. I then went on the internet for more current information.
I had a container of fresh, plain yoghurt with probiotics /active cultures and I had cloves of fresh garlic on hand. I decided to peel and slice several cloves of garlic and infuse the yoghurt with the garlic as a means to get fresh garlic into my system and directly on the affected tooth as well. My decision to use the fresh yoghurt as a medium for the garlic was based in the research that has sown raw garlic to be supportive of friendly bacteria and to target harmful ones. I figured that the yoghurt's having the probiotics would support my system and help cushion the shock of my suddenly ingesting the raw garlic.

I started eating the strongly-inflused yoghurt before I went to bed that night and then again when I woke up the next morning. My stunned family and I watched as the swelling in my jaw decreased almost on the hour. Within in 24 hours after starting the garlic-infused yoghurt my jaw was back to normal and I had no tooth pain.

My second occasion to turn to garlic-infused yoghurt occured several moths later.

When a mis-step sent me sprawling and I caught the corner of a concrete step on my right shin I found another use for garlic-infused yoghurt that was equally amazing.

In the process of falling and trying to catch myself I had one small gouge in my right shin right beside a very deep gouge that took out several layers of skin-- through a boot no less.

I tried the topical antibiotic ointments that are typically recommended on gauze as the doctor recommended and had a painful mess.

Following traditional doctor's orders I either had a gash that wouldn't close or a bandage painfully stuck to the wound. In desperation one night I soaked a painfully stuck and encrusted gandage in garlic-infused yoghurt before I went to bed. lightly covering it with a thin layer of more gauze.

The next day when I went to tend the wound the garlic-infused bandage had painlessly released. I began to put the garlic-infused yoghurt on fresh clean gauze and continued to tape around the bandage. Not only did the bandages never stick -- the yoghurt dries and released apinlessly--- but the rate of healing and cell regeneration was astounding.

I had no stitches and I have no scar today.

I was pleased by the way the wound stayed clean, and healed so rapidly.

Since I have never heard of anyone using actife culture yogurt infused with fresh garlic before this, I thought I would share my experiences in case this remedy can open the doors for healing for others.

Within the past two days I have just begun the oil-pulling and I plan to try the apple cider vinegar remedy -- I hope to be writing again with successes there as well.

Thank you for all the work you do and for the doors of healing you are opening to all of us!

Gotu Kola and Sea Buckthorn Oil

Posted by Pocahontasspirit (San Luis Obispo, California) on 01/19/2018
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Skin abrasions, Road rash, Skinned knees, Burns. (Probably Cuts and Incisions.)

Buy online and Twice a day (am and before bed) apply:

Gotu Kola (non-alcoholic extract! )PLUS Sea Buckthorn pure oil. Just put enough drops to cover wound. A typical knee scrape is about 2 drops of each. Touch the oils lightly on the skin with your finger to ensure absorption. Cover with Bandaids until oozing stops, then cover only at night to prevent rubbing of wound until skin looses it's pinkness.

Amazing combination for difficult abrasions and burns!!!

I've used it many times with quick, non-scaring results. Pass it on...

(I imagine it would work great on cuts and incisions, I've just never have had the opportunity to try it on those yet.)

Herbs, Honey, Castor Oil, Lanolin

Posted by Mama To Many (Tennessee) on 02/17/2018
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I am always tweaking my wound treatment protocol. And my children keep giving me opportunities to do so!

My son was on a construction project at work and fell backwards and gouged his hand on a cinder block. He ripped off layers of skin in a line and his hand was sore and swelling.

The cinder block had been dirty. He did immediately clean the wound with peroxide.

I had him shower when he got home and we began treating the wound. I gave him turmeric internally to help with pain, swelling and infection prevention.

I mixed together equal parts of powdered goldenseal (for infection), Plantain (for skin regeneration) and slippery elm (nutrients for skin and a "natural" bandage) This powder I sprinkled generously onto the wound.

I took two strips of old clean t-shirt. I applied a thick layer of a mixture of castor oil and lanolin down the center of the t-shirt strip. Then I applied a layer of honey onto that. Then I applied this "bandage" to the wound.

So the wound had the following on it, in order from the wound site - herbal powder, honey, castor oil/lanolin, t-shirt bandage. I held all of this on with a cohesive tape that I buy by the case!

I changed the bandage every 24 hours. Within 24 hours we could see new skin growing in the wound.

He missed 2 days of work because he thought he was at risk for re-opening the wound with the type of work he does. He was able to return to work after that. I think another day or two of the bandages and he won't need them any more.

A difficulty with wounds is that moist wound healing is ideal. But the skin can get kind of waterlogged with no air. I did not use any plastic to hold in moisture this time, just oil, lanolin and honey to keep in moisture. I think this was better than anything plastic but the wound did not dry out.

~Mama to Many~


Posted by Teena (Melbourne Australia) on 11/21/2017 180 posts
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Honey for Healing of Wound With Grit

I recently went on holiday to Thailand with the family and thought my health kit was well stocked. I had tea tree oil and Vicks for bug bites and repellant, also tto is antiseptic, magnesium malate for magnesium and as an apple cider vinegar replacement, Olive leaf for antibiotics should anyone develop sickness, a wholefood multi vitamin to replace the many tablets I use at home, borax for laundry and head to toe body wash inc teeth brushing (add water) rosehips for wholefood vitamin c, beet root for my husband's blood sugar, kids organic multivitamin and melatonin for sleep assist with the added benefit of gut health. I thought I had every situation covered! Until I fell in the street (narrow foot path) directing all sorts of filth into the soft part of my inner ankle and foot. I had twisted my ankle in the fall as well but did not realise for a few days.

Not in much pain but embarrassed and bloody, I returned the short walk to the hotel and passing the bar collected some salt. In the room I soaked my foot in the salt and water, cleaning it was difficult it now hurt sooo much and to my dismay I saw grit embedded in the wound. I hobbled to the couch whereas before treatment I was walking normally, albeit slowly, the attention I had paid to my injury had been rewarded with large pain increase. I applied the tto oil and researched poultice that I could access in Thailand. If I was at home there would be at least twelve plants in my garden I could use for this purpose, my husband calls some of them weeds. I could have really used one of Mama's charcoal poultices!

I found that honey could be used as poultice which I was not confident of but thought at least it has healing properties, so when hubby and kids returned from foot massage (! ) I asked him to get the purest honey they had at the chemist. I applied the honey, covering with tea bag wrapper (limited supplies) so it wouldn't stick to the wound, and a sock to hold it in place. I rested it by having a few days just watching the kids in the pool. Twice a day I applied the honey, I didn't have to touch the tender skin which was a plus, just plopped the honey on it till it was covered. The grit was still there though, but I couldn't touch it still and would not allow my husband to either.

When the wound scabbed over I was a little concerned because I knew the grit had not come out, but I had put my faith in the healing properties of the honey. I stopped applying the honey once the scabs formed. Couple weeks later when the scabs came off, the skin was pink and healthy. I guess that as much as I thought I was prepared you cannot prepare for everything, but EC got me through.

Replied by Teena
Melbourne, Australia
180 posts

Update on using honey for wound, no scar.

Posted by Brandy (Troy, MI) on 05/22/2009
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I have found the best remedy for open lesions - Manuka honey. I have had two small lesions open up in the last few days - probably from the heat and greater activity level from me. I started putting the honey on the cleanesed area two days ago and I am already seeing major improvement. One is almost all the way closed, with no more discharge. Another is almost all the way closed with very little discharge. I have never had one of these clear up so fast. This is miracle honey - I keep calling it magic honey. Expensive, but the jar will last me forever and the freedom from bandages and smell is totally worth it!!

Posted by Linda (New Port Richey, FL) on 06/27/2008
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Manuka Honey from New Zealand. My son, Brad, had a lymph node removed from behind his heart. There was a tube inserted in his lung so it wouldn't collapse. When the tube was removed the would care team at the childrens hospital was he was being treated for Hodgkins tried everything to close the hole where the tube came out. One day a young doctor which was not part of the wound team told us that Manuka Honey was used at this hospital but because it was termed alternative they discontinued using it. At that time I had to order it from England. It comes in the kind you eat and the medicinal kind. I applied it to Brad's wound and the next day it had closed up by 50%. In a week it was completely. Just any honey will not work. If you investigate Manuka Honey you will find that honey is rated by a IMP factor and Manuka is the highest. Try it, it works. Linda Brads Ma and Champion

Posted by Omar (Khobar, Saudi Arabia) on 02/23/2008
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Hello, My name is Omar, and I am from Saudi Arabia. First of all I'd like to express my appreciation for such valuable rich site. What I want to share with you is about using honey on the skin of a diabetic. As you know, an injury could be very fatal for a diabetic. My father developed a very late stage of diabetes. Once he had an injury in his hand, and the wound developed very badly. The doctor put him under a very strict diet with daily dressing for the wound, by water and salt. We know from our relegion that Honey is a cure, in general, and for specific health problems like dierea. So we tried to apply honey, after washing the wound and surrounding area with water and salt, on the wound(externally on the skin) that had 1.5 cm height full of buzz. We did this every day, continously for 10 or 15 days. We were amazed to see the wound noticably decreased in height and buzz material started to disappear from the first day of application. The wound was completely healed with no scars or a trace that there was a wound in that area.Thank you for readig and hope this was useful.

Posted by Brenda (Albertville, AL) on 01/24/2008
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i had surgery in Nov.,2007 to remove damaged breast tissue caused from a car accident. a couple weeks after surgery, I had what looked to be a blood blister. It proceded to open up, drain and cause considerable pain and redness accross almost the entire breast. The cream the Dr. gave me seemed to keep the area too moist and it kept oozing. After talking and research I decided to try honey. The area which had started to look like a diabetic ulcer or bedsore, looked better the next morning , I continued to use about 1/4 tsp of raw honey on a cotton pad, I just placed it so the honey would be sure to get completely into the wound. It has been a little over a week and my Dr. was amazed at how well it is now healing.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Posted by Man (Sojouring America) on 02/27/2014
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Worked Temporarily

I have a painful under fingernail unhealing thing going on. I spray Hydrogen Peroxide on them twice a day and it heals but then the issue returns.The stinging of the H2O2 under the finger nails is every time I spray H2O2. Like an infection under my finger nails, all of them). I have a wound on the thumb, a slight cut that will not heal. It keeps on painful and comes and goes. It heals and then if I do any work with my hands, the thumb wound opens up again.

Iodine and Honey

Posted by Mama To Many (Tn) on 05/18/2018
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An adult son of mine cut his finger at work with a utility knife. The blade was a new one and the cut was to the bone. He had a hard time getting the bleeding to stop but eventually taped it up and kept working.

I dressed the wound each night with iodine an honey. A friend of mine had cautioned me that a bone infection could result if the bone had been nicked.

Each night, when he got home from work and after showering, I put one drop of 5% iodine in the wound and then a few drops of honey. I covered this with a fabric adhesive bandage and secured it with cohesive tape. He wore a splint on the thumb for the first 5 days because movement was likely to re-open the wound. I think I did the iodine and honey treatment for 6 or 7 days total.

For the first two nights I also applied a cooled, blanched plantain leaf before the adhesive bandage since that would not stick to the wound at all. Plantain also helps with pain relief and wound healing.

He does have a scar but the wound has healed nicely and never had a single sign of infection. And he is currently working outside in the heat, so the bandage would be wet all day from sweating.

He was making sure he had full motion of his finger. With deep wounds there are many risks, including nerve and tendon damage, infection, etc. I did ask if he wanted to go get stitches but he did not.

Iodine is a great antimicrobial and so is honey. Honey is also excellent for wound healing.

~Mama to Many~

Jalapeno Powder

Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile, Tn) on 09/30/2018
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HI U OLD PATOOTS DOIN,,,,,,,,,, my pastor told me that he cans Sweet Jalapeño Peppers....... Never tried that so picked a bunch at the garden and proceeded to slice them with my Tractor Driver's vegetable slicer. Since the holder was too big, I just held the peppers with my thumb and fore finger....... wrong thing to do. Finally got the blood stopped and cleaned with H2O2 and thought of the pictures in a recent EC post and I had a choice. Coat the cut with Habanero @ 400,000 Scoville units or Jalapeño @ 50,000 units. I chickened out and used the Jalapeño powder. No pictures, but it is healing nicely. Finished the job the old fashioned way... with a knife.

Gonna be smart in 3 years at age 85.


Kelp, Himalayan Salt

Posted by Hercy (Brownwood, Texas) on 07/20/2013
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A skin wound on my forearm became infected. The arm swelled up to the elbow, and an angry red color ensued around the site. The Ocean has healing power, so in West Texas, I adventured to prepare a solution of Ocean Water:

I combined Kelp and Himalayan salt in water, dipped my arm in solution covering the wound site for approx 15 minutes... Amazing how the swelling was descending, so repeated soon thereafter. Then the next morning I prepared a fresh solution of "Ocean Water". Repeated treatment thru a 3rd day, and the problem was solved.

Today we use this solution on any fresh wound to accelerate healing.

Multiple Remedies

Posted by Miracles (Santa Monica, Ca, United States) on 07/11/2013
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So I've used Earth Clinic for a few cures since I discovered it and loved it! I even turned on my clients to this wonderful site - as I totally believe in holistic healing & alternative medicine - and would prefer to do something natural than put chemicals into my body!

But something happened this past week that made me think, I must first listen to and follow my intuition! In my excitement to "test out a remedy" from EarthClinic, I ignored my intuition and pain - I have a high tolerance for pain!

One week ago, I was not paying attention to where I was going (another message to pay attention and stay in the moment! ) - and I slipped on asphalt while wearing my barefoot tennis shoes. I scraped both knees and they were bleeding profusely. I cleaned it up with apple cider vinegar (or so I thought! ). And put comfrey and calendula on the wounds. Then I went about my merry day working out and having fun! I wasn't sure whether to keep the wound dry or wet so I kept a bandage on it and then, removed it to let it air out!

A week later --- one of the knees healed beautifully and started scabbing. The other knee, however, got infected and it was hurting even more. I was tempted to not go see a Western medicine doctor - but when I visited a homeopathy pharmacy, both technicians there recommended I go see one as it looked infected. I immediately went to Urgent Care!

The Urgent Care doctor said I must keep my knee wet at all times - covered by a bandage - and clean it with just water and soap three times a week - then, apply the antibiotic ointment he prescribed (stronger than Neosporin which I had been using as well).

In short, all is great and healing - but I just wanted to let everybody know - first and foremost, run every remedy by your intuition - and don't risk your health or anybody else's. Each person must listen to his/her intuition when it comes to his/her body's wisdom.

Thank you so much to Earth Clinic and everybody who writes in with their remedies/cures!


Posted by R.K. (Biloxi, MS) on 10/07/2006
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