Natural First Aid for Wounds

| Modified on Mar 30, 2023
A & D Ointment
Posted by Cindy (Illinois, USA) on 03/28/2023 431 posts

DIY A & D Ointment

Found an old A & D Ointment jar listing only 2 ingredients - Petrolatum and cod liver oil. In other words, Vaseline and cod liver oil. Which would actually BE perfect A & D Ointment. I made a small amount and, sure enough, that's what it was.

I would only make it in small amounts - rather than the huge jar I found - keeping the two ingredients clean and properly stored but it does make perfect sense. Cod liver oil IS, basically, vitamins A & D which makes an excellent antibact combination.

I may have written about this before (or meant to) and forgotten...LOL - I do have vague memory of CLO and Vaseline being A & D ointment...I used to use A & D on just about all skin conditions. Plus, of course, on the kid - whom I don't recall ever having diaper rash.

Posted by Pandora (Mount Olympus) on 12/29/2022

I think the salt may have caused the pain. Have you heard of the expression “like rubbing salt into a wound?” The fact it did not hurt right after is likely due to cayenne!

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Jack (Mosier, OR) on 05/21/2008

I have been using H2O2 for ear infections, to prevent colds and flu from taking hold, tooth whitening and healing wounds for over 4 years. It has never failed. I use 3 drops in each ear when I feel any symptoms of a cold or flu. I rinse my toothbrush in it prior to brushing. I also use it directly on wounds to prevent infection. It is truly wonderful.

Posted by Chris (Florida) on 04/15/2022

My husband's mom, 93 and a diabetic with neuropathy cut her finger while grating veggies. It bled profusely and my man had trouble stopping it. I sent a screen pic of EC's Cayenne pepper cure and this was his answer:

Ground Black Pepper
Posted by JoJean Nelson (Oregon) on 10/13/2021

my husband sliced his finger deep while cutting meat. I filled a shot glass with ground black pepper and had him stick his finger in it for 5-10 min. It built a crust and the bleeding stopped.

Plaintain and Slippery Elm Powders
Posted by Mama to Many (TN) on 10/02/2021

My family was at a wedding reception last evening at our friend's home. When things were winding down I was helping in the kitchen with some clean up. While putting away a knife on one of those magnetic knife holders, something jerked and my finger grazed another very sharp knife which effectively carved off much of my fingernail, leaving the nailbed open and bleeding.

In spite of ice, elevation and pressure, the wound bled for 2 hours. Bandages were useless. Once I was home my husband mixed up a teaspoon each of plantain leaf powder and slippery elm powder. We sprinkled the dry powder on the still oozing nail bed. I covered that with a bandaid with a salve on it. It did not bleed or leak another drop of blood.

Even with ibuprofen, I had to sleep with the finger iced and elevated.

I am sure my friend had cayenne pepper and I considered trying it for bleeding, but I knew it would initially sting and I was already in a lot of pain. I was afraid I would pass out at my friend's house. I don't usually get faint but was feeling ill over the cut. Fingers are so sensitive.

Today I am keeping a bandage and healing salve (made with plantain, comfrey, mullein, and burdock). I will keep this up for a while. I assume the rest of the nail will fall off. Ick.

Possibly just plantain would have stopped the bleeding. And the powder did honestly hurt quite a bit.

Moral of the story? Keep some plantain powder on hand and don't keep your knives too sharp. :)

~Mama to Many~

Flour Poultice
Posted by Rita (TN) on 08/17/2021

My mother always used a Poultice on wounds. She made a poultice of flour. 2 to 3 Tablespoons of Unbleached flour and just enough non- chlorinated water to make a very thick paste. Stir well. Using sterile gauze or bandage material of choice, place a portion of the poultice on the gauze, large enough to cover the wound. Use tape to hold in place. Leave on overnight. As it dries, it pulls out the infection! You will not believe the drawing/pulling, power of this plain and simple poultice. Change daily!

Zinc Wrap
Posted by Barbara B. (Denver, CO USA) on 08/03/2021

I had something similar that wouldn't heal. After a few months of visits to dermatologists to find an answer, I finally went to a sports doctor. She applied a zinc wrap around the affected area, and it healed it quickly and easily. Within two weeks it finally started to make new tissue. And it was painless and not expensive. I think they can be purchased online through amazon, and possibly other sites. The bandage comes with the sink ointment already in it. Hope this helps! Good luck

Posted by Maryellen (Boston USA) on 08/03/2021

My mom had a vein removed from her arm to use in a live reconstruction of her jaw from cancer. They used medihoney. It was flat piece of medicinal honey that you applied to the wound and then covered with gauze bandage. It worked great. Closed up the wound, which was 1.5 inches wide by 8 inches long.

Posted by Sharon C (Sparks, Nv) on 05/07/2021

What kind of mustard?

Posted by mmsg (somewhere, europe) on 05/01/2021

Sprinkling regular kitchen cayenne on a cut that kept opening and bleeding, stopped the bleeding with a minimal sting. Quite amazing!

Posted by Teena (Melbourne, Australia) on 06/23/2019 233 posts

Cayenne powder for cut:

I received an awkward injury in the fleshy part of my palm, I decided on Cayenne powder to assist the clotting. Once bleeding had stopped I got assistance to add some castor oil, it was the closest healing one, to create a bit more of a paste.

Ultimately the paste formed with the scab, attempts to wash off after 6 hours proved this, and has healed well.

Olive Leaf
Posted by Teena (Melbourne, Australia) on 04/20/2019 233 posts

My son's (10) thumb became severely infected, had swollen to three times the size, and a large yellow mass of infection was clearly visible in the centre. I was giving the occasional vitamin C, but unable because of work to do the usual two hourly dose, also increased zinc and attempted to soak in mineral rich water, again he would not sit still for the required 6 hours, which was what it took for healing to begin for mine previously.

The pain was increasing so I took him to our doctor, who very carefully pieced each side of the swollen thumb and expelled much pus and infection, until the pain became too great. The skin also split between the two piercings, flesh extruded, it looked quite horrific. He wrapped it in gauze. I enquired, "Will you put some iodine?" "No point." he said, "it is already infected, he needs antibiotics." I thanked Dr, and left with the script.

At home I decided on olive leaf. I could have chosen many things, garlic, GSE, ginger, oregano oil, the most important factor is the frequency it is given.

Gave him the 2 olive leaf capsules (antibiotic), one Bromelain capsule (for tissue trauma and pain) added about a half tablespoon colloidal silver to his drinking water, and gave a heaped teaspoon of organic coconut oil. To the fleshy mess of his poor thumb, I applied a paste of castor oil and turmeric, because I know turmeric is great at pulling out infection, applied fresh guaze swab and bandaged it well. I changed the dressing every 24 hours after shower, and I am pleased to report the infection was drawn out and significant healing has occurred. We are at day 8 and there is only a small hole in his thumb, and after 4 days it was well enough that the intensive regimen below was stopped, both internally and externally. Olive leaf capsules every 4 awake hours, with alternating vitamin C, zinc, Bromelain, colloidal silver or probiotics X3 capsules. This was for the first two days, days 3,4 was olive leaf and vitamin C 1000mg. There was no pain from the first treatment on.

*If I had not had such immediate improvement I would have used the Dr's antibiotics, well no, I would have first given OLE every 4 hours including waking up at night to administer, and increased the probiotics intake. Fortunately for my little boy's gut health, this was not required.

Best to you and yours

Surgical Wound Remedies
Posted by Teena (Melbourne, Australia) on 04/10/2019 233 posts

I have had great success using raw honey on open wound, I would also suggest you look at the amazing wound healing benefits of the comfrey plant. Best to you

Surgical Wound Remedies
Posted by R. (Orange, CA) on 04/09/2019

I had minor surgery on my chest almost a year ago. The area is about an inch and a half long and it always so close to healing, but it keeps reopening. I've been putting bacitracin on it per my doctor's suggestion. I've upped my protein intake and have been drinking plenty of water along with making sure not to put stress on the area. I'm not sure what else I can do. Any suggestion would be appreciated.

Posted by HisJewel (USA) on 10/25/2020

Hello Everyone.

I want to motivate you to pray or at least talk positive. Hope will help you to press on. When you have done all you know to do, and the doctor's office is closed it's time to pray.

We have a powerful privilege through prayer, what you ask believing can happen. In the movie, "Angels on the Outfield" the little boy liked to say, "It can happen." When we desire some good we have to stick to our confession that, it can happen and hold on to faith, hope and love.

For over a year I had been dealing with a scab on the inner side of lower thigh, wanting it to disappear I would pull the scab off, but it would only come back until it began to grow thicker and longer. It had begun to rub up against the other lower thigh as I walked. I did not want to go to the doctor, but twice it came to my mind to go to the doctor to get it removed. Now it was June 3,2020 and I had a ticket to visit some loved ones out of town. When I returned to New York I heard things we were getting better concerning COVID 19. I tried to make a doctor's appointment at the Clinic that I go to, but they were only taking Virtual, that is video doctor's appointments. I could not see how that was going to help me so I decided that I would call when they reopened. I said Lord I tried to make a clinic appointment but they are not opened. I asked God to please take the sore off my leg and heal the wound. Remember I did try to make a doctor's appointment but they were not yet working properly. There is more than one way to get our healing, only believe. After the prayer, I began to talk to the sore every time it annoyed me. I said, "Scab you will fall off and the skin under will heal properly."

One day in July there came up a sudden big windy pouring rainstorm and my window was opened. I reached over my chair to quickly close the window. The leg with the sore scraped up against the chair and Ooh the pain. Crying I said, "Lord that hurt! " I talk to the Lord a lot. I thought my leg had merely hit the chair and thus the pain. O' to my surprise when I looked and realized the scab was completely gone. To comfort the area I did like someone on EC. I mixed some coconut oil and baking soda and applied it daily for several days. This is October 2020 the area is completely healed there is only a little discoloration as the skin color is returning. No more soreness or pain there, praise God!


Potato Poultice
Posted by Mama To Many (Tn) on 09/10/2020

My daughter was running barefoot and cut the bottom of her foot. She didn't clean it and kept doing what she was doing. It didn't really bother her until the next day when she showed it to me. The site around the cut was red and inflamed and she was in pain.

Over the next few days I alternated different types of poultices, Epsom salt soaks and essential oils.

I used poultices overnight - charcoal one night, clay one night. I had her use tea tree essential oil and frankincense essential oil on it during the day. She also took turmeric twice a day.

The inflammation, redness and pain had improved, but when the results aren't coming as fast as I want, I change tactics. I decided to try a potato poultice. I have read about them with fascination but never tried them.

I grated some potato. I mixed in a little raw honey. I placed that on her foot and covered it with some plastic wrap and a bandage. I do think I saw the most improvement in one night with the potato poultice. She continued with the essential oils during the day a couple of more days.

She now has a healthy scab and normal color.

I love having another remedy up my sleeve (or in my pantry! )

You never know where you will be or what you will have on hand. Lots of possible remedies is always a plus.

~Mama to Many~

Posted by Teena (Melbourne, Australia) on 10/23/2018 233 posts

Update on using honey for wound, no scar.

Jalapeno Powder
Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile, Tn) on 09/30/2018

HI U OLD PATOOTS DOIN,,,,,,,,,, my pastor told me that he cans Sweet Jalapeño Peppers....... Never tried that so picked a bunch at the garden and proceeded to slice them with my Tractor Driver's vegetable slicer. Since the holder was too big, I just held the peppers with my thumb and fore finger....... wrong thing to do. Finally got the blood stopped and cleaned with H2O2 and thought of the pictures in a recent EC post and I had a choice. Coat the cut with Habanero @ 400,000 Scoville units or Jalapeño @ 50,000 units. I chickened out and used the Jalapeño powder. No pictures, but it is healing nicely. Finished the job the old fashioned way... with a knife.

Gonna be smart in 3 years at age 85.