Natural First Aid for Wounds

Gotu Kola and Sea Buckthorn Oil
Posted by Pocahontasspirit (San Luis Obispo, California) on 01/19/2018
5 out of 5 stars

Skin abrasions, Road rash, Skinned knees, Burns. (Probably Cuts and Incisions.)

Buy online and Twice a day (am and before bed) apply:

Gotu Kola (non-alcoholic extract! )PLUS Sea Buckthorn pure oil. Just put enough drops to cover wound. A typical knee scrape is about 2 drops of each. Touch the oils lightly on the skin with your finger to ensure absorption. Cover with Bandaids until oozing stops, then cover only at night to prevent rubbing of wound until skin looses it's pinkness.

Amazing combination for difficult abrasions and burns!!!

I've used it many times with quick, non-scaring results. Pass it on...

(I imagine it would work great on cuts and incisions, I've just never have had the opportunity to try it on those yet.)