Fast and Effective Natural Remedies for Cough

Flaxseed Tea
Posted by Myway (Delaware, Usa) on 02/19/2015
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Last night I got up and was having a pretty bad coughing spell and fortunately had taken note last week of a boiled flaxseed remedy I thought may be helpful for these spells. Even though I could have taken a 1/2 tsp dose of black seed oil (nigella sativa) to quiet me down, at 1 a.m. in the morning, I wanted to try this flaxseed remedy. Here is what I did.


- 2 tablespoons of flaxseeds

- 8 ounces of water

- 2 tablespoons of lemon juice

- 2 tablespoons of honey


In a small sauce pan, boil the water with the flaxseeds. This rolling boil eventually will help the flaxseeds go into a gelatinous state. Once thickened (it happens pretty quick), take off the burner and strain the best you can. This mixture was so thick, it reminded me of a jelly fish. Ultimately, I had to manually take out most of the leftover flaxseeds with a spoon. Anyway, you should have several spoonful doses of thick, hot flaxseed gelatin stuff. Mix in the lemon juice and honey. Stir. While still warmed, drink a couple sips of this mixture. You should have at least a couple doses in the cup. Save the rest for later as needed. This remedy was effective within 10 minutes. The tickle in my throat went away, and I slept for 5 solid hours after that. WoW! In the spirit of keeping remedies simple, I hope this remedy finds it's way to the masses of people searching for relief.

Flaxseed Tea
Posted by Busy Mom (Ma) on 01/31/2014
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I just tried this earlier tonight and I didn't have whole flax seeds on hand but do have ground that I use. So I used that and after it thickened which took about 10 minutes I used a fine strainer and funnel to separate the ground seeds from the syrupy tea. I strained it 2x since the strainer was small and I didn't have a container to hold it properly. The tea was pleasant in taste and I did add some honey and fresh lemon juice to it. It seemed to help my cough a lot as I have been dealing with it for over a week I had gotten it after I got the flu and I think its because of a sinus infection I am on antibiotics to rid. Though they are low dose since I am pregnant. The coughing is less severe but has come back a bit since eating dinner. I am going to try making another cup before bed and I hope this will allow me to actually sleep. The only other relief I have been getting at night is to bite into a lemon wedge and swallow the juice. It stops my cough for about 5 min so I can fall asleep.

Flaxseed Tea
Posted by Uncle Richie (Chicago, Il, United States) on 09/29/2012
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My wife caught a "flight cough", after flying for business.

Her cough was really nasty. Lasted about a week... I did a search and found this site. I had some golden flax seed. Boiled it up (you were right, it sure did take long, to thicken up).

I used: 2 cups of water, 1-1/2 Tablespoons of golden flax seed. After it thickened, I strained the liquid out with a colander. Put a Tablespoon of brown sugar in it.... Her cough has been pretty much silenced. She is finally sleeping. :)

I registered for the site... I will find it useful.

Flaxseed Tea
Posted by Grannyguru (Oro Valley, Az, Usa) on 03/21/2010
5 out of 5 stars

Flaxseed tea cures those awful coughing spasms that won't stop until you gag. It stops them whether they are from a bad cold, or from other reasons, including the cough that comes from taking medicines for high blood pressure.

I got this from my doctor many years ago when I was pregnant and got a bad cold with a cough that wouldn't go away and would make me cough so hard my doctor was afraid I was going to lose the baby.

He was emphatic that I should only use whole flaxseed. Why, I have no idea. But he said it was something I could use as much as I wanted, because it had no bad side effects.

I gave this recipe to a friend who was coughing continuously from taking medicine for high blood pressure and then developed bronchitis where the cough just hung on and would not stop until she gagged, then would start again. Before she got the cold she complained about the constant hacking cough from the medicine to both her doctor and her pharmacist and both insisted there was NOTHING that could get rid of it, and she'd just have to learn to live with it.

She tried the flaxseed tea and the cough was almost immediately stopped, so she could get some sleep. She used it to stop the coughing for a day or two, and it COMPLETELY GOT RID OF THE COUGH. Even the cough that she had had from the high blood pressure medicine.

I've discovered that for the cough from the medicine you have to take it for a couple of days or so, and then the cough is gone...for months. If you keep taking the blood pressure medicine, then the cough will gradually come back (people describe an itch or tickle in their throat that starts it).. but once you again take the flax seed tea the cough goes away again... again for months.

With colds it works best with coughs after you have had the cold for a couple of days. That dry hacking cough that makes you cough and cough and cough until finally you gag.

Of course if you take vitamin c and other remedies when the cold starts, you may never need flaxseed tea.

But if you've ever had a cough like that, the tea is amazing.

You put about a tablespoon or so of whole dark brown flaxseeds (for some reason golden seeds do not work anywhere near as well) into 2 cups of water and boil it until it just begins to thicken. It will seem to take forever, then suddenly it thickens quickly, so the minute you notice it thickening, remove it from the heat.

Add lemon juice or vitamin c and sweetener, like grade b maple syrup, or even just sugar. Drink. I found I did not like it when it was thickened, but I could put it in a thermos and keep it by my bed, and it would break down into just a soothing liquid, but would work just as good as the thick syrup I didn't like.

And of course if you add honey and vitamin c it tastes like apple juice.

I put it out here because I realized a lot of people are being told there is NOTHING that can help the cough they get from taking high blood pressure medicine. Seems to me just the constant coughing is going to raise your blood pressure. In any case, it is not true that nothing can help that cough. Cough drops may seem to help but in the end they just make it worse and pretty soon you are always sucking on a cough drop, but coughing more and more. Flaxseed tea works immediately to stop the coughing, and then works to take the cough away...for months. Plus my doctor said back then that there was nothing that could hurt me ...or my unborn child.

So I thought I'd mention it here.