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Top 10 Remedies for the Common Cold

Honey Lime Drink for Summer Colds  

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Posted by Mama To Many (Tennessee) on 06/13/2017
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We have a bit of a summer cold going around. I offered one child some hot vinegar tea but no one wants a hot drink when it is hot outside. So off to the kitchen to make a healing summer cold drink.

  • 1 tablespoon of raw honey
  • 1 ounce of hot water to dissolve the honey
  • 3 ounces of cold water
  • juice of 1 lime
  • ice

Dissolve honey in hot water. Add cold water, lime juice and ice. Mix. Enjoy!
My kids loved this drink. It tastes like limeaid.

Son: Mommy, what is in this?

Mommy: Lime juice, honey, water

Son: What in this is good for a cold?

Mommy: Lime juice, honey, water

Lime has vitamin C, other nutrients and is alkalizing.

Honey is antiviral and antibacterial.

Water is hydrating.

So there you have it. A yummy drink for when you are sick or when you are not! :)

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Mmsg
Somewhere, Europe

MtM, last summer I was making lemonade with honey and it took forever to melt the honey by stirring. Now I see how to do it: melt it in a little hot water!! Thank you!!

Hot and Cold Foot Baths  

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Posted by Gusztav (Veszprem, Hungary) on 10/04/2007
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Dear EC, I would like to post an effective treatment on cold. I learned this cure from a healer.

1) Prepare a basin of HOT water (as hot as your skin can just tolerate).
2) Prepare another basin of COLD water (as cold as possible - from the tap, is usually enough).
3) Put your two feet in the basin containing hot water, keep them in it for 2 minutes, then quickly put them in the other basin and keep them in it for 10 seconds, then back again in the hot water.
4) Repeat these steps for about 15 minutes.
5) Repeat the whole procedure 2-3 times a day. After 1-3 days, you'll definitely get better.

I have applied this treatment for almost 10 years now: it always helped me get rid of cold. Also, I got the positive feedback of some people who I told this.

I hope everyone suffering from cold will find this treatment useful.

Hot Tea with Lemon and Honey  

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Posted by Marcin (Toronto, Canada) on 07/05/2015
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A few years ago I believed that drinking hot tea with lemon juice and honey will cure my cold, sore throat and phlegm congestion. It failed every time I tried it. I wish I had known about ACV, cayenne pepper and ginger at the time. I believe that cinnamon, black pepper would also work, as well as other warming and decongesting herbs.

Hot Water  

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Posted by Hawaiian_nut (Stenungsund, Hi) on 02/21/2012
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Let's just say, I've tried everything for common colds, especially during winter season. When it comes to catching any kind of sinus or chest cold I am like a magnet.

Preventative measures by gargling anti bacterial whether it be mouthwash, peroxide, vinegar, or salt water seem to be an important step, but once youre in the middle of the gritty cold then its really buggin and I would not suggest too frequent ingestion of vinegar or other acids as they can, in fact, have negative affects on the body and internal organs if overused.

ACV works a miracle on my skin problems but when it comes to beating a cold in the middle of its worst, it just didn't do it for me. A friend suggested to me as I was coughing, to drink hot water. Not hot tea, not hot chocolate, not hot anything else, just plain hot water.

Sip hot water throughout the day all day long, from morning to night, no sugars or dry/solid foods, the cold will clear in a very short amount of time.

Replied by Olddude
Chattanooga, Tn, Usa
15 posts

I'm new in here. I experimented with a cold by adding 2 oz of white vinegar into a cup of water and a teaspoon of cayenne pepper and heated that mixture almost to a boil and breathed the vapors. Wow, did that wake me up, slight stinging/burning sinsation in the nostrils, but no pain really. Now that cleared me up fast so I could breathe easier! It was not a cure all, but it did give relief and I would do this several times a day when I got real stuffy. IMHO it did a good job.

P.S. I drink or attempt to drink ACV daily with Mothers, 3 teaspoons, a pinch of cayenne pepper and a pinch of baking soda in 24 oz bottle of water. It has killed my acid reflux so I don't have to take pills for that, but I have to take my mix daily or the acid reflux will return, but that's due to my love of food, but I'm off my pills. Walk daily if u can, watch the sky, and read some good thoughts................. best to u all.

Hydrogen Peroxide Baths  

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Posted by Cleoppa (Cleburne, Tx) on 05/03/2011
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There are a lot of excellent remedies on this site that I use. However, to really halt a cold it has to be stopped early. I thought I had allergies, so I didn't catch my cold early. I tried everything: apple cider vinegar, Jean's famous tomato tea, cayenne pepper pills, colloidal silver... Maybe some more I'm forgetting. Nothing seemed to help and I was definitely sensing that this was a cold that wasn't going to go away for at least a few days.

So, I went back to my favorite site and saw Ted's cold remedy. I didn't follow the whole thing, but I tried a hydrogen peroxide bath. The first time, I read it wrong and ended up putting the equivalent of a cup of 35% hp (about 12 cups of 3% hp). I immediately felt better--could breathe better, wasn't snotting everywhere, etc.

I wasn't totally better, but that was definitely the start of getting better. Went to work the next day, took a few more hp baths. This is definitely my new remedy I'll be researching and trying out!

Hydrogen Peroxide in Humidifier  

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Posted by Sharon (Greenville, S C Usa) on 08/12/2011
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You can also use peroxide in your humidifer when suffering from flu, colds, etc. Add 1 cup of peroxide to the tank and fill with water. Set humidifer close to your bedside so you can breathe the mist. Works wonders in stuffy nose and congestion.

Posted by Alexandra (Toronto, On) on 11/11/2009
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Thank you to everyone who has contributed to all of the wisdom on this site. I have been using all of the information for a couple of years but haven't written in till now. Two of my kids (14 and 18) came down with colds this week and then started running fevers. My daughter has also been vomitting so has not been able to do the lysine/Vit C remedy for flu. She also threw up the capful of HP in 1 litre of water remedy so I tried the HP in a cool mist humidifier... I added 2 capfuls to the resevoir of water and after 12 hours of sleep she woke up - no fever, no sore throat!

Replied by Lucia
Moscow, Russia
5 out of 5 stars

I have just started this and it makes a difference.

Hydrogen Peroxide in the Ears  

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Posted by Anne (Chicago, Il) on 09/24/2009
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H2O2 in ear for colds: I get sick almost every month, usually with a bad cold during, or right after, my period. I tried H2O2 in my ears right when I was getting that familiar tingle in the back of my throat and tired feeling I always get before a cold. I used about a half a capful of 3% hydrogen peroxide poured into my ears, one at a time, lying on my side and let it sit and fizz for about 10 minutes each before dumping it out. The itchy feeling started disappearing right away and the next day I wasn't sick as I was sure I would be. I normally get sick for a good week or two when I do, so I was really glad it worked!

Posted by Rosan (Kalsipell, MT) on 04/13/2009
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I have a cold and decided to try the Hydrogen Peroxide remedy I read about here. Took two drops hydrogen peroxide and deluted with 4 drops water. Gently put a drop in each ear while sitting up. Within a short time I was very dizzy and had a hard time walking for quite a while. Won't try that again. But I love this site and have found several remedies that have worked wonders for other things like my eye sty and migraines. Thank you so much.

Replied by Ki

Of course , misuse of 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide can be dangerous. Use 1 drop Hp and 11 drops Distilled water to make 3% . Then it safe to use.

Posted by Theresa (Auburn, Indiana ) on 01/02/2009
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Hydrogen Peroxide kept me from getting the cold/flu I felt coming on. The first time I tried using Hydrogen Peroxide in my both of my ears was when I was visiting my sister in Illinois, about 5 years ago. I had just arrived from the 5 hour drive and could feel that I was getting a cold or flu. My sister suggested placing a few (6 to 7) drops of hydrogen peroxide in my ear, letting it fizz, then let it drain and repeat the process in the other ear. I went to bed that evening after using the hydrogen peroxide and woke up feeling great! I never did get that cold... I've repeated this process each time I felt as though I was coming down with the cold or flu. It has worked 90% of the time. The key is to catch it early! The longer you wait to use the hydrogen peroxide once you have the first symptoms, the less likely it will work. I've shared this with others, but most are hesitant to try it. I haven't had any bad experiences with this method.

Replied by Kari
Phoenix, Az
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Hydrogen Peroxide did not work for me at all! In fact, I went on to have the worst cold ever. I then tried the 3x a day raw garlic and that works like a charm.

Posted by Jill (Chicago, IL) on 11/19/2008
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Hydrogen Peroxide in the Ears: This method didn't work for me. I tried it last both ears at 15 mins each....and I feel worse today. Not sure if I didn't catch it time or if I just was a dud for me. I am at least drinking the ACV but let me warn you ladies. I started out with 2tsps in 16oz of water 3x/day and I got a yeast infection. I stopped for a few days until the infection went away then started up with 1tsp in 16 oz of water and sipped thru out the day. After a week I upped it to two 2tsps and I think that is my limit. Still got a cold to that.

Posted by Susan (Springfield, Missouri) on 03/31/2008
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I tried using the Hydrogen Peroxide in my ears for my Cold. As I was waiting for it to bubble holding my head sideways - the room started spinning. I couldn't wait the 5 minutes suggested so I just drained it and tried the other ear. Again the spinning started so I endured as long as I could. I ended up getting very dizzy and queasy and lost my dinner. It's now the next day and I'm still feeling horrible. Not sure why it affected me like this - is it my cold or the procedure??

Replied by Norm
Melbourne, Australia

I'm inclined to think it's more likely the symptoms of the cold or possibly even an inner ear infection as well. I've had H2O2 put into my ears since being a small child, although generally for wax build-up, and never experienced dizziness or biliousness. I've also suffered vertigo from a middle ear infection and your symptoms mirror that problem.

Replied by Kiti
San Diego, CA
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I did that one day and i had a violent dizzy spell it scared me so much but mainly it's the temperature of the peroxide. If you put anything in your ear that is room temperature it is still colder than the temperature in your ear so it causes the dizzy spell you need to warm up the bottle in warm-hot water filled sink before doing that.

Replied by Lisa

The same happened to me. I tried H2O2 in the ears and the next morning woke up to some distressing vertigo. Room would spin every time I lay on my side. I swabbed my ear out the evening after and it got better. Since I've had many colds in my life, and this is the first time trying hydrogen peroxide in the ears, I'm inclined to think it's the hydrogen peroxide that caused the vertigo. It may have something to do with the temperature of the fluid, as another poster suggested.

Replied by Simone

I think everyone who has had a problem with dizzy is because they didn't lay down when they did this. The inner ear helps your balance, thats why you feel dizzy.

Posted by Ria (NYC, NYS) on 03/15/2008
5 out of 5 stars

I had pink eye and cold at the same time. I tried hydrogen Peroxide in ear stuff (3%) in my ears in 10 min also sniffed peroxide into my nose it was painful but I wanted to ged rid of cold completely then gargled with cayenne pepper with camomile tea after I had some of them. 5 hours later no more itchy throat, and I felt much better. For pink eye I tried tea method it was fine and got rid of some of redness but what worked for me was wash it with bottled water and salt. my pink eye got instantly became clear!

Posted by SHIRLEY J (Ft. Myers, Florida) on 07/02/2007
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# 1 cure. My grandson, age 11, had about 20 warts on his abdomen. Some had been removed by his Doctor but was a painful experience. I recommended he tape a small piece of banana peel to each wart. He did. Within a week they were all gone! Thanks you Earth Clinic! #2 Cure At the very first sign of a cold or flu put 3 drops of Peroxide in one ear. Lie still for 20 minutes. Repeat in other ear. A miracle!

Posted by Regina (Seoul, South Korea) on 06/09/2007
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I really can't believe this. But I'm an insulin dependent diabetic so my immune system is compromised and I get more colds. I felt a cold coming on but I have two finals next week and a thesis due the week after. In addition, I'm working and have my job duties to attend to too. Basically, I CAN NOT get sick. I found a great apple cider vinegar cure when I got a bad bout of food poisoning from this site and decided to see if there was anything on how to prevent that developing cold in its tracks. Well, I found the hydrogen peroxide remedy. It sounded completely crazy, but I figured what the hell - why not try it? It's cheap and at least my ears would be cleaner ;-) I tried it. I bought some peroxide on the way to the library. I set my cell phone timer for 10 minutes, had some tissue handy, tilted my head to the side, poured the peroxide in (I bought a small bottle with that has a nozzle so it was easy) and let the peroxide go to work. I switched ears and then did it again on both sides for about 5 to 10 minutes for each ear. It worked! That itchy throat I had is gone. That feeling that I was going to wake up sick tomorrow is gone. I truly can't believe it but I'll be doing this again at the first sign of a cold. This is great!