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Posted by Jack (Lexington, KY-USA) on 12/25/2008

I can't figure this out: I live healthy, look 10+ years younger than I am (45) but am really tired-exhausted and have almost no ability to store up energy. I have no endurance. Sometimes I feel slightly dizzy or "off" as I stand or walk.

Everything seems to be working right. I'm currently testing my PH and it seems normal. I had blood tests from a traditional MD doctor and nothing showed up. I've had treatments--they've helped but I am pooped again. I've varied my diet big time over the last 12 years: vegetarian; vegan; big meat eater; raw foods-juicing; supplements galore $$; organic. I've done fasts, cleanses, energy work---weaker than ever. It gets worse every year. I'm colder than most people. I don't do junkfood, food additives (I do organic) or fast food.

I've tried working out at a gym 3x a week but am too tired for that. It's like I can use up my energy and be wasted tired until it builds up again. Aerobic exercise gets my breath and everything going...feeling good, but a week later of that and I will crash. I don't do: drugs, prescriptions, tobacco, drink (I'll have a beer once a month but no side effects) alcohol.

Needless to say, I have trouble just doing my job, getting around, and staying positive...really hard to do when others my age can play hockey, run marathons, etc (others that exercise and eat right).

I'm at the end of my rope with this stuff. I'm really discouraged with the medical industry as anyone I see wants to do lots of Tests $$$ and then guess what drugs I need to take.

I live in Lexington, KY and haven't found anyone out here who can put a finger on it. A chinese medicine guy could tell I had something really wrong with my Chi-Qui and gave me a supplement to strengthen my Kidney Chi but that didn't seem to do anything...Oh yeah, I tried Qui-Gong--nada. Zilch.

Any ideas would be great!


Replied by Peter
(Sao Paulo, Brazil)

Hi Jack, Have you tried fasting? There are many ways you can do it (do your homework and research "natural hygene" before you attempt anything). I personally have been doing "The Master Cleanse" for a few years now. The longest I have been on it was for 21 days, and everytime it has been the MOST amazing experience. My energy levels go through the roof, to the point where 6 hours of sleep a day are enough, and I even manage to go jogging and exercise with no problems at all.

Just a thought... keep looking for something that works for you. I'm sure you will eventually hit the jackpot.

Good luck!

Replied by June
(KC, KS)

Hi Jack, It sounds to me like you need to SWEAT! Go to a spa or club where you can sweat. You are likely overloaded with toxins. These can make you feel like you are dragging an anchor. And you can have them (we all do) even though you live a healthy lifestyle.

A naturepath friend I've been working with recommended this for me. I bought a steam cabinet from her but wasn't using it. I was working on draining toxins, heavy metals, etc with her products...and would be so exhausted I could hardly move. She said I needed to go sweat. I didn't believe her, but tried it anyway. I couldn't believe the difference, like night and day! Now I try to sweat as often as possible.

If you can't find a way to steam, at least draw a hot bath and pour in a cup or two of epsom salt. This salt can help leach toxins from the body. Massage will help too, just drink lots of water afterwards.

Native traditions the world over know the value of sweating. It's wise medicine!

Good luck. I hope you feel more energetic soon!"

12/25/2008: June from KC, KS writes again: "Hi Jack,

I forgot to mention H2O2. I have been using it at work when I haven't gotten enough sleep. It's a fantastic remedy for waking me up. I'm not a coffee drinker at all, or caffeinated tea, and need to avoid these because of adrenal issues anyway.

But, you might try the food grade hydrogen peroxide. I saw it recommended here by someone who used it to stay awake. I haven't noticed any other benefits from taking h2o2 internally, but on days I haven't gotten enough sleep it helps tremendously by oxigenating the body.

My dosage is 4-5 drops of 6% h2o2 in herbal or fruit-based tea. The herbal flavor helps disguise the slightly odd h2o2 taste. You can find h2o2 in your health food store (mine is 12% strength). I found mine on, told my hfs about it and now they carry it.

What you describe sounds like cfs, chronic fatigue syndrome, and also fibromyalgia symptoms. All this is due to toxic buildup in the body and a lack of drainage. H2O2 is also great for fibro and cfs problems, among others.

Again, good luck.

Replied by Robin
(Rural, VA)

You might consider the possibility that you have depression. It affects different people in different ways. I would suggest trying Rhodiola. Even if it is not a matter of depression, athletes use it to help build stamina.

Replied by Teresa
(Santa Monica, CA)

To Jack: sorry you are experiencing this and having no luck with any remedies. I had a flu virus a couple of years ago that caused me to be extremely weak for several weeks after the usual symptoms disappeared. I was really worried and had just symptoms like you describe. I bought a bottle of food grade peroxide, but after researching hydrogen peroxide far and wide on the net, came across Bill Munro's hydrogen peroxide inhalation method, which made a lot of sense to me. I never ended up using my food grade. I did Bill's method and started to feel better after 48 hours. I was completely back to normal after a week. I inhaled 3% drugstore every 2-3 hours for the first 48 hours (but not during the night of course). Then I started to cut back and inhaled every 4-5 hours for the next 5 days. It was my life saver. I now never travel anywhere without my little sinus inhaler bottle filled with h202. Before I take off I inhale. After I land I inhale. And when everyone else is catching viruses from planes, I never get sick. This is the very best remedy for viruses in my opinion. Good luck to you. Hope you will find something that works very soon.

Replied by Jude
(Louisville, Ky)

Hi Jack, If I were you I would do a spit test for candida, and I am 100% for the sweat box it brings such great relief just make sure if you replace your electrolites.I live in the Ohio valley too and in the summer time when everybody is running for the air conditioner I am outside trying to stay out in the humid weather as much as possible then go in and shower all the funk you have eliminated you will feel like a new person but the shower is most important if you allow yourself to dry up everything will be reabsorbed into the system GOOD LUCK

Replied by Lauren
(Santa Cruz, CA)

Hey Jack. One thing that I find that isn't mentioned on this site is the importance of sexual continence. Refrain from ejaculating as much as possible and avoid sexual stimuli. Semen is vital energy and you need all you have to heal your body. Secondly I would suggest cold showers, both for general health and to combat CFS, as well as taming any sexual desires you may have as you reduce your sexual activity. Good luck and don't give up!

Replied by T
(Maryland, USA)

The fatigue and coldness may indicate a thyroid problem. Get your TSH, Free T3, and Free T4 tested (make SURE they do the *FREE* T3 and T4). Don't take a doc's word for so-called "normal" results. Get the lab figures and research them yourself online; there's great thyroid forums out there with very knowledgeable people. Thyroid problems are widely misdiagnosed and many if not most doctors are appallingly ignorant about them. You can order the tests I mentioned for yourself online if you have an uncooperative doctor. But do get them one way or another just to be sure. Untreated thyroid disease can have devastating consequences from bone loss to heart disease, not to mention plain old quality-of-life issues. Good luck, and I hope you find the answer and solutions very soon.

Replied by Lisa
(Coto De Caza, Ca)

In response to Jack from Lexington, KY-USA on Chronic Fatigue:

It sounds like you have Chronic Fatigue syndrome. Most regular MD's can't treat you for this. See if you can find an Alternative Dr, an ND instead of a MD. Try searching under Environmental Doctors. There's a website for Environmental Dr's that might help.

1. Check thyroid. Find Dr. that knows Wilson's protocol.
2. Check Adrenal levels for Adrenal Fatigue. Inability to workout can be adrenal fatigue.
3. Test for Epstein -Barr virus.
4. Test for Candida. Those with weakened immune systems often get candida.
5. Maybe check into Heavy metal toxicity. Most regular MD's won't do the right test for this. Standard blood test will only pick up a recent LARGE exposure to metals, not small chronic exposures. Red Blood cell test can check better. I don't think I'm allowed to give the labs that does this test
6. Check Andrew Hall Cutler book, it may help on Mercury/metals. He has a Yahoo health group

To help a bit with energy while trying to find a decent Doc. Try
7. Sublingual Methyl B-12 everyday, 1000 mcg. B-12 Shots work best if you can find a Dr to give an Rx. make sure it is not preserved with aluminum

8. Sublingual B complex. Shots work best

9. Co - E1, NADH Sublingual, 10 mg, everyday.

10. Many people with CFS are low on the zinc, selenium, chromium, magnesium. Some of these are sublingual. Taste bad but work good.

11. Many people with CFS have digestion problems and malabsorption problems, that's why the sublingual vitamins/minerals. Maybe try Betaine and enzymes with meals to help with absorption. DR can check for pancreatic insufficiency. Test can be done without DR through directlabs, but test is expensive.

12. If Epstein-Barr virus or candida, try a "Wellness Formula" that has herbs to help weakened immune system.

13. Adrenal Cortex glandular, 3x times a day may help a bit with Adrenal fatigue. Cortisol from a DR is best, but an Rx.

Replied by Catherine
(Wellington, New Zealand)

Jack from Lexington re Chronic fatigue: I realise your post was made some time ago but I have only just now read it. If you are still checking out your posting may I suggest you have your ferritin levels checked. This is just a blood test to see if you are STORING iron. Look up Iron overload disorder (IOD) on internet.

Replied by Anonymous
(San Fran, Ca)

I done lot's research and I think parasites may be the reason many of use are tired, exhausted, sick , foggy headed my acupuntrist says simple test is just to look in your eyes and it there are any lines or marks redness raised bumps then you have parasites.. The Journal of Nutritional Medicine 93% of 400 patient that had chronic fatigue syndrome (CFIDS) had some form of parasitic infestation. I Think there are several parasites that can cause the symptoms one is Blastocystis hominis. I went to my ND rest assured because it I know they will use the right labs to send my test too.

Glycine and Melatonin

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Posted by Molineux (Jacksonville, Florida) on 02/09/2015

I googled restful sleep so that I may be able to more properly deal with my chronic fatigue. The search came up with glycine and ZMA. I take the glycine and seems to work well mixed with a little Klonopin and Inderol/propranolol. I'm sure everyone is different so you may have to try and adjust it yourself. I started off taking only an 1/8 to 1/4 tsp glycine and 5 mg melatonin before bed without the other medicines and it seemed to also work well. If you wake during the night you can take another 1/8 tsp of glycine. I'm not a doctor so use your best judgement on this. Thanks.

Replied by Kim

Don't take Klonopin. You can build tolerance and inter-dose dependence. It can make your insomnia 10 times worse. If you are feeling agitated for no reason, it could be because of the Klonopin.

Humidity + Sweat

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Posted by Mel (Auckland, New Zealand) on 02/05/2013

I too was in steel construction and have been tired for so long (14yrs). My iron was too high. Levels have come down since donating every 3 months. This made me feel much better, but in the last 4 years, the iron level is good, but I have gone back to tired. Resent tests show I have tendonitis accompanied with rhumatoid arthritis. I agree with the parasites and everything June from KC said. I just spent 9 months in South East Asia, mainly Vietnam. 33-35c with 98% humidity and came up with a good sweat each day. Showered at least twice a day and a massage at least twice a week, and I felt great. No problems at all. I have only been back in NZ for 2 months and have the heater going and the body has packed it in. My knee, elbowes and ankle have packed it in, on top of just feeling tired. I am taking Anti inflammitory 1000mg, Zinc plus, Vitamin D3, Magnesium and calcium. I also have a bottle of apple cider in the fridge. All this just to keep my head above the water line. Even when I feel good, I still need to be very careful of what I do. I think I will do away with all these pills and pain and go back to Vietnam to retire it out on massages, sweat and showers. I honestly "DID"feel great! there. Rent, food, power, motorbike, sat tv, internet... $450 month, , , , beer 70c bottle or buy a 2br condo for 30k

Hydrogen Peroxide

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Posted by James (Winnaleah, Tasmania Australia) on 05/30/2011

I have had chronic fatigue for 30 years and have spent a small fortune on trying to find a cure. From the result of doing web searches, I realised that my ph was low so set about to correct it.

Cider vinegar and H2O2, as well as being careful with what I eat, have been the means to correct my ph. You need to check your saliva and urine, not just your blood. Blood ph can be good and saliva and urine can be low as a result of the body correcting the blood. Our system knows that the blood needs to be right for our body's sake, so our saliva and urine systems will lower to counteract it. Therefore once we get our saliva and urine neutral things are rosey! Now after 30 years of pain and confusion, I am a different boy!

I have been buying 50% H2O2 solution for spraying crops for insect and fungi control at a 3% mix. I rinse my mouth with straight water and then sip a mouth full of H2O2, hold it in my mouth and swerling it for a minute or so and then swallowing it. I chase it with another sip of water. --don't know why I do that :)

H2O2 works on my crops and has worked on me. Who can argue with that?

Replied by Frances
(Cabarlah, Qld.)

During CV19 flu scare, I started nebulising with hydrogen peroxide, using a nebuliser that cost $25. on eBay. The 3% was too strong for me so I diluted it down. I prefer to nebulise rather than drink or snort, etc.

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Terry (Aloha, Oregon/ Usa) on 09/05/2009

I have had some bad breath and chronic fatigue for quite a few years. I was just trying everything I could think of . The doctors were of no use. I used a cap full of drug store hydrogen peroxide to brush my tongue. I was pleasantly surprised to find my chronic fatigue was greatly reduced in just days. I have only been using it for about three weeks. I recently got some food grade which I reduced to 3%. I am going to start taking it by spray since I have asthma. The asthma seems a bit better just from the little bit I have used to brush my tongue. Oh yeah, the first night It was hard to go to sleep. I didn't know that this is a common effect.

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Alan (Sydney, Australia) on 01/22/2008

Hydrogen Peroxide major turn around then not.

I have been rebuilding my health following CFS for many years but in June 07 I had "Influenza A" which really knocked me around. I thought I was recovering ok but the old CFS symptoms re -emerged ie headaches, brain fog, unrefreshing sleep, fibromyalgia, blurred vision, sleeping all the time. In November 07 I found EC and tried H2O2 food grade. At first I tried the inhalation method for a couple of weeks but progress was not really fast enough so I took it internally. Due to my low energy and fogginess I managed to take the upper end dose on the first day (normally people build up to this over a few weeks) ie. 150ml of .50% 1/4 tsp baking soda three times in one day. This is equivalent to 25 drops in 150ml of water three times in a day.
Results: first intake - nothing Second intake - my vision improved markedly over a ten minute period. It was as though a veil had been lifted from my eyes. Everything was sharper colors were brighter. I also began to feel more energy. (Since the flu my eyes have detiorated, I had to get a new prescription for my specs. And they had to make them 3 times because my vision varied so much from day to day. ) Third intake - nothing noticeable.
The following day I woke with a headache and fogginess and figured I was in for a detox reaction. This lasted until around 2pm and from then on I felt fantastic. I mean I felt exceptionally good. I felt like hugging strangers in the shopping mall. Giving money away, imagine no possessions and so on. It was exuberance, lightness, abundant energy. It lasted about 3-4 weeks. During this time I did some maintenance doses on a lower scale.
Results not: Anyway I have since had a garden variety bug and many of the symptoms have returned but to a lesser degree except for one debilitating condition that is worsening. When I eat - anything - I get a hangover and overwhelming fatigue for about 90mins. I have to sleep it off. I have tried various alternatives ie ACV & BS but to no avail. Does any one have any ideas what might cause this? I can't go out or for very long because if I have to eat I have to sleep.
I do not have any apparent digestive problems but it is probably connected in some way.

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Susan (USA)

Sent to us by Bill Munro of Michigan, one of the most promising remedies we have heard about for CFS consists of inhaling hydrogen peroxide from a nasal pump 6 times a day. Click here to read up more on this important cure. Bill (83 years old) believes the peroxide has cured him of prostate cancer and also prevented him from getting a cold or flu for the past 13 years.

Hypothalamus Glandular Pill

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Posted by Dutchie (Toronto/Amsterdam) on 08/28/2014

How I cured my Chronic Fatigue Syndrome virtually overnight:

Let me just say I'm a 38 yr old male, I been suffering from CFIDS for almost 15 yrs now. This is a very frustrating disease. You go through periods where you'll feel well, then you'll go out and play some sports, and the next day you are so exhausted you cannot get out of bed.

So how did I cure myself?? Well, it wasn't by going to doctors, although they were helpful here and there. But to cure yourself you most likely won't get it from a pharma script, at least that was the case with me. You need it from a natural source.

Every CFIDS is different, so I can't guarantee this will work for everyone. If you have Lyme disease this may not work. But it might help some people who are going through the same thing I was.

The main reason why people suffer from CFIDS is because their hormonal system is out of whack. Hormone comes from the Greek term meaning “to spur on”. If your body isn't producing hormones at an optimum level, you will most likely have very little energy and feel tired all the time.

The master hormone gland in your body is the Hypothalamus gland. It controls the pituitary, adrenal, thyroid and all other sex hormone glands. Anyone who has CFIDS will tell you besides feeling tired all the time, they also probably don't feel like having sex very much.

So how do you fix your hypothalamus gland if it's not functioning properly??! Real simple answer. You take a hypothalamus glandular capsule or pill once or twice a day. There are only a handful companies who sell hypothalamus glands in North-America. They should come in strengths of 500 mg. You take 1 or 2 of these a day, and within hours you'll start to feel your energy building up again.

To get the full benefit you need to take it for a few months. Then when your body has recovered you can gradually wean yourself off by cutting capsules in half, or even down to 1/3 a capsule.

You can also after a few weeks add adrenal glandulars, pituitary and/or thyroid glandulars to see if that makes a difference. I did notice my recovery went a bit quicker when I added the adrenal glandular.

All these glandulars are available on “google shopping” for a reasonable price.

One of the theories out there why so many women get CFIDS is because in some women the contraceptive pill can throw your hypothalamus out of whack if you take the pill for a long time. But that is just a theory so far, no scientific proof.

I got CFS after taking cortisone pills for a skin problem I had. It even says right on the official website that cortisone can depress the hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal axis. In my case that axis never quite returned to normal, and the only way to fix it was by taking the glandular pills

See here:

Long-term effects have included hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal activity suppression, Cushingoid appearance, hirsutism or virilism, impotence, menstrual irregularities, peptic ulcer disease, cataracts and increased intraocular pressure/glaucoma, myopathy, osteoporosis, and vertebral compression fractures

15 years I suffered with this disease. I'm glad I finally kicked it to the curb.

Replied by Loraine
(Orlando, FL)

Hi Dutchie....what an inspiring there any way you can give me the name of the adrenal glandular that you used? I have adrenal issues for a long time and many days I can barely function.....thank you.....

Replied by Dutchie

Hi Loraine,

The hypothalamus glandular I used was by a brand called 'Nutricology'. You can find them online at google shopping. They come in 500mg strength, I highly recommend you buy empty gelatin capsules and divide one capsule into two 250mg capsules and take one after breakfast and one after dinner.

Also you'll wanna get adrenal glandulars as well. Very important!! The brand I used was by 'Genestra'. They come in 165mg strength, also take one tablet after breakfast and one after dinner.

You will also need to start taking extra Vitamin C (calcium ascorbate). Take 500mg of Vit. C 3 or 4 times per day after meals.

Do all this and within a few days you'll notice a huge difference in your energy levels. I went from moping around with little energy to feeling great within a couple of days.

Replied by Maria


I know this post is getting on for 3 yrs old but can you recommend the pills you took. I have looked on Google as suggested but can't really see specific ones for hypothalamus

I really hope to receive a reply as I have been very ill fir a long time and have no life/
Would be keen to to try these. Thank you

Replied by Anne


Just wondering if you ever received a reply

Would be keen to find out as I have the same health problems

Very ill with this progressive disease and can feel it getting worse. Had this for about 20 yrs and tried all sorts. Sadly also have I.b.s and Osteoporosis

My mum has Alzheimers and Vascular Dementia and it makes it so difficult when I am trying to help my mum

Replied by Dee Kay

Yes, this is an old post but I am hoping someone can help with this. Did you take Hypothalamus or Thymus glad. I am unable to google a Hypothalamus gland tab or capsule, but Thymus seems to come up when I search for it. I want to be sure I take the right supplement. Thanks to all!


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Posted by Karla (Baltimore, Md Usa) on 05/07/2010

I too recently reaped COLOSSAL success by taking apple cider vinegar (ACV) for my fatigue, indigestion, cold hands and feet, dry eyes, EXTREME dry skin, and stomach pain. I drank 1Tblsp ACV [in about 4oz. of sweet ice tea] 2-3 times per day everyday of April 2010 because I felt so good when I did! I am more energetic and warmer than I've been in months, maybe years. But the ACV was inconvenient to take. I searched and found that the relief I got from the ACV meant I had LOW stomach acid. I searched more and found LOW stomach acid is caused by LOW iodine (a trace mineral).

Now I take an iodine/iodide compound (5mg/7.5mg). The transition from ACV to the compound was seamless! In other words the iodine caused my body to make more stomach acid and the stomach acid caused my thyroid to do its job better and my symptoms did not return when I switched! I must be one of the 740 million iodine deficient people the WHO writes about.

Remember the answer to a sluggish thyroid is the iodine/iodide compound (5mg/7.5mg)!

Posted by Ian H. (Marton, New Zealand) on 01/09/2008

Three members of our family have been seriously affected by three different sensitivity disorders. Myself with fibromyalgia for 11 years, my daughter with MCS (multiple chemical sensitivity) for at least two years and my wife with chronic fatigue syndrome for about two years.

I recently read the articles on iodine use for mammary fibrocystic disease and decided to treat us all with 12.5 mg iodine/iodate (50:50). The results after two weeks have been very promising. All three report increased energy and better sleep.

The MCS patient lowered reaction on exposure to voc, mold and carpet, absence of morning nausea.

The CFS patient: less depression, better hearing and better appetite, no headaches.

The FMS patient: less pain in major sites (cervical, thoracic and lumber spine), arm-wrist, better cognition, better tolerance to aerobic exercise, fewer migraine headaches. I will follow this up for six months and report again.

Replied by Heather
(San Diego, Ca - California)

I am a 41 year old female with CFS for 7 years.

After only one month on iodine, starting at a few mg a day and more recently working up to 100 mg a day (as recommended by Dr. Guy Abraham for FMS and CFS patients; and in addition to avoiding as much fluoride as possible by drinking only distilled water and a no-flouride toothpaste, I am happy to report a reduction in brain fog by about 50-60%; all my chronically swollen lymph nodes are gone; my previously scaly feet and heels are now pedicure perfect; my body temperature is completely normal for the first time in a decade; my mystery fevers have disappeared, and I'm sleeping better.

I'm doing many other things: Ted's alkalizing formula; Lysine; multi vitamin, b vitamins, 3 grams vitamin C, and an additional brazil nut each day (for the selenium), progesterone for 2 weeks per month, 1 tbs nutritional yeast when I don't have b-vitamins, magnesium citrate (600 mg/day) and only use coconut oil and butter. However, I'd done most of those things before the Lugol's iodine solution -- which I take in 3 divided doses of 33 mg each.

The other thing I started soon after the Lugol's was taking 1tsp 2x day of turmeric. That may be an important factor, esp re. the lymph nodes if they were caused by bacteria/virus.

The painful swollen lymph nodes have been a problem for about a year, and were usually accompanied by a low grade fever.

My waking body temp was usually around 95.2, although sometimes is was 94 and others 96. It is now consistently 97.8-98. 2! A couple of times my evening temp has risen to 99 but I'm not worried about that because I didn't feel feverish.

However, I haven't seen much improvement in my energy levels. That said, having my brain back is a Godsend and I'd choose a working brain over energy any day. Nothing is worse than a malfunctioning brain.

It's only been a little over a month on the Lugol's, and only 3 days on the 100 mg. Today I am starting d-ribose and L Carnitine to help with the energy. I intend to continue the 100 mg of Lugol's for 7 weeks, which is what Dr. Abraham recommends to reach saturation, then will consider tapering back down to about 25 mg a day.

This does not contradict the flouride toxicity theory as a cause of CFS Fibro: Iodine/iodide is one way to help flush out flouride, chlorine and metals and that may be a reason it is working so well.

I also posted in this category about coconut oil a few weeks ago.

Replied by Rosie
(Bedford, Tx)

Dear Heather, I have CFS for five years, if it's possible can you tell me exactly what to take (dose). Thanks, Rosie


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Posted by Jane (Texas, U.S.A) on 09/21/2008

I just wanted to let you know that I after suffering from serious adrenal burnout and chronic fatigue and now found more energy by taking L-carnitine. I couldn't even get off the couch before and now I have 80% percent more energy. I also eventually added in q10 and that together with magnesium put me back to being the energizer bunny. I have read several times that people with CFS also have depleted L-carnitine. Hope this can help someone suffering from this horrible fatigue.

Replied by Tina
(Dartmouth, NH)

Dear Jane, wow! Thank you so much for suggesting L Carnitine. I immediately ordered some liquid, pharmaceutical grade after reading your post. (Is liquid better than powder?) You are absolutely right, it is the energizer bunny remedy, holy moly! I usually get super fatigued in the afternoon, but a tablespoon of L-C on an empty stomach 3x a day has stopped my desperate desire to take a long nap. Are there any side effects to taking this for long term? I have noticed (sorry to sound gross) that it turns my stools orange though! I don't eat red meat, so this amino might be fixing that...

Liposomal Glutathione

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Posted by Pen (VIC) on 10/06/2023

I had a heap of luck with liposomal glutathione. Has to be liposomal. I also had luck with liposomal methyl B vitamins, I do have the genetic MTHFR mutation (A1298C and C677T) and I include high folate food and have that once or twice a week only. It's been really great for me.

Lithium Aspartate

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Posted by Stacy (Kernersville, Nc) on 10/03/2012

Hi, I've been helped with several problems on this website, and I just wanted to give back. I started using a Lithium Asparate supplement a few weeks ago, 5mg twice a day. In that time, I have noticed a few positive changes.

I have had chronic fatigue issues since I was in my late teen. I am now in my thirties, and virtually all aspects of my life revolve around being exhausted. I have problems sleeping, which contributes to the problem. When I was younger, I went to a doctor for this, but I was just put on a antidepressant, which was on no help--it just made me not care.

Since I have started the lithium, I have had more sustained energy and my mood has improved. I've taken a lot of stimulants to survive day to day over the years, and it's not like that. Rather, when I get off of work, I can actually clean or prepare food for my self instead of waiting to drag myself to bed (some days as early as 7:00pm). I've basically gone from forcing myself to go through the motions of life to being able to do daily activities normal people do.

I just wanted to share this because it has given me some hope for my future. As oppose to seeing my life as years if maintaining the facade of energy to those around me a crashing the minute I am alone, I might actually be able to do the things normal people do, like clean, prepare food, or spend an evening with friends without feeling that I am sacrificing "rest" time.

I think that the lithium dietary supplements are worth a try.

Replied by Aleeza
(Mannheim, Germany)


Hi Stacy, you must google the side effects of Lithium. My brother who has bipolar used Lithium for a long time. In the begining it helped my brother but then it made his bipolar symptoms more worse and also made him bald and hypothyroid. It can harm your liver and kidneys too. Instead of Lithium you can try Magnesium for your sleep problem. This is my personal observation that Lithium has ruined my brother's life.

Replied by Stacy
(Kernersville, NC)

Hi Aleeza, Could you let me know what form of lithium your brother was using? I think that the official pharmaceutical lithium is lithium carbonate at 250 mg per does. As I understand the literature, lithium orate and aspartate are more on the dietary supplement level and used at 5-10mg per day.

I use an iodine supplement to help with the hypothyroid issue. I know that my diet has very little in the way of either mineral, so that may also contribute to the positive effect.

I'ved tried magnesium in several forms, but found no noticible difference in my health over a 3 month period. I due use magnesium chloride brine as a deodarant, so I suppose I still get it transdermally.

Please let me know what form of lithium did this to your brother.

Replied by Aleeza
(Mannheim, Germany)

Hi Stacy, sorry I could not tell you that which form of Lithium my brother used because ten years ago he has stopped taking Lithium. At that moment I was not aware of holistic approach of treament. Although I could tell you that he took Lithium as a prescription drug by his doctor.

Low Blood Volume Cause

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Posted by Judy (Auckland, New Zealand) on 02/01/2008

This is really a response to [FIRST YEA, THEN NAY FOR CHRONIC FATIGUE - Posted by Alan (Sydney, Australia) on 01/22/2008]

The problems you describe are common in CFS/ME and are caused by low blood volume, a common problem with this illness. They are in no way related to the hydrogen peroxide. What happens is that after a meal, blood concentrates around the stomach as part of the digestive process. There is less blood flow to the brain and the symptoms you describe occur. It is possible that you were not aware of this when you were really ill because you ate your meals lying down. The remedy is to do that. Lie down immediately after eating and the symptoms won't occur. As you continue to improve, your blood volume gradually increases and these symptoms disappear. You won't ever get rid of CFS/ME completely but you can get back to living an almost normal life if you create an envelope for yourself and don't go outside it. I've had it for 12 years, spending six years almost totally in bed, and now lead a quite vigorous life as long as I don't push myself beyond my limits.

Replied by FranSix
(Toronto, Canada)

Thanks to the writer from Australia who described peroxide "hang over effect." If after eating you notice a higher heart rate, strong fatigue, sweating and sleepiness, this is probably due to peroxide hang over. Like coffee or alcohol, peroxide will build up in daily use.

I had noticed these effects with daily footbaths/baths/shower use after 5 weeks, and into my sixth week, I was into peroxide hang over. I stopped using peroxide for the time being and its been about 5 days of after effect.

So anyone with chronic fatigue or post viral fatigue will see a return of symptoms after several weeks of peroxide use. Don't worry about losing ground, the hang over effect goes away after a few days, and the peroxide being worked through the system will continue to work. If you wish to continue, make certain to give it a bit of a rest and not try a miracle cure in the shortest time possible. It will be disappointing for chronic fatigue sufferers to hear this, but having serious peroxide hang over effect will almost certainly not help.

Its best to determine a maintenance dose once a buildup of peroxide occurs, and remember to drink lots of herbal tea or water afterwards. It would be interesting for the medical community to study peroxide hang over as it is exactly similar to chronic fatigue.

Marshmallow and Astralagus Root

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Posted by Tara (Lexington, KY) on 02/13/2009

My sister was sick for 2 years with Mono that turned into Chronic Fatigue. We tried many things and nothing seemed to work. Finally a Naturopath told us that her immune system was over active which he said happens a lot in cases like these. He told us to take Marshmallow Root & Astragalus Root. We found a combination from Dr. Christopher's but that is just the one we went with, I'm sure there are others out there. She takes it religiously and has gotten back to her old self. I don't know how long she will have to take it, she's been on it for about 5 months and did try going down once and was able to, however when she tried going off of it she was getting the old symptoms back. It was such a blessing that someone recommended this to us. God Bless!!!

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