Beat Chronic Fatigue: Top Natural Remedies Revealed

| Modified on May 05, 2024
Liposomal Glutathione
Posted by Pen (VIC) on 10/06/2023

I had a heap of luck with liposomal glutathione. Has to be liposomal. I also had luck with liposomal methyl B vitamins, I do have the genetic MTHFR mutation (A1298C and C677T) and I include high folate food and have that once or twice a week only. It's been really great for me.

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Frances (Cabarlah, Qld.) on 09/28/2023

During CV19 flu scare, I started nebulising with hydrogen peroxide, using a nebuliser that cost $25. on eBay. The 3% was too strong for me so I diluted it down. I prefer to nebulise rather than drink or snort, etc.

Posted by Barb (Grantville Ga) on 06/18/2023

Have you check to make sure there is no interaction among your supplements/ also you might try 1-2 tabs of blackstrap molasses a day

Best wishes!

Hypothalamus Glandular Pill
Posted by Dee Kay (Ohio) on 05/17/2023

Yes, this is an old post but I am hoping someone can help with this. Did you take Hypothalamus or Thymus glad. I am unable to google a Hypothalamus gland tab or capsule, but Thymus seems to come up when I search for it. I want to be sure I take the right supplement. Thanks to all!

Raw Cabbage Salad
Posted by GertJr (Madison) on 01/15/2023

I finally got relief for my ibs-d when I started taking L-Glutamine. I'd rather worry less about needing a change of clothes during the day than potential cancer.

Raw Cabbage Salad
Posted by Sam (Miami) on 01/15/2023

I disagree.

Raw Cabbage Salad
Posted by Andon Science (Limassol) on 01/14/2023 21 posts

Avoid cabbage salads. Cabbage has L glutamine and L glutamine feeds cancer, in case there are cancer cells in the body. I am a researcher thus I suggest avoid cabbage salad.

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Terry (Aloha, Oregon/ Usa) on 09/05/2009

I have had some bad breath and chronic fatigue for quite a few years. I was just trying everything I could think of . The doctors were of no use. I used a cap full of drug store hydrogen peroxide to brush my tongue. I was pleasantly surprised to find my chronic fatigue was greatly reduced in just days. I have only been using it for about three weeks. I recently got some food grade which I reduced to 3%. I am going to start taking it by spray since I have asthma. The asthma seems a bit better just from the little bit I have used to brush my tongue. Oh yeah, the first night It was hard to go to sleep. I didn't know that this is a common effect.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Daviola (Boston, MA) on 05/22/2022

I am still fighting the good fight against chronic fatigue of unknown origin. This is what has helped me. I learned much of this from the various naturopaths I have worked with.

1. I try to support my body's HEALING as much as possible. I do this with pacing/rest, by improving my sleep, getting as good nutrition as possible, reducing stress. With regards to my sleep, I switch off the electricity to my bedroom at night *at the fuse box* to reduce appliance hum and also turn wifi off. I find I get much better sleep this way! I also use mute rings and a special mouth guard designed to keep my airways open at night. I also don't watch TV within 1-2 hours of bedtime, and I get to sleep much earlier now and it's more restorative.

2. I try to be very mindful of my ENERGY ENVELOPE and always remain within it. This means I minimize standing, I pace my chores and activities (even socializing, which I can find tiring). I can do a bit of exercise, but I tolerate weight-bearing exercises better than aerobic exercise.

3. I have worked to support my LIVER HEALTH. This means I cut way back on alcohol. I frequently eat dragon fruit, which has liver-supporting properties, and I take milk thistle regularly. I also drink dandelion tea occasionally. And I minimize prescription medications and am mindful of the amount of supplements I take.

4. I avoid TOXINS as much as possible. This means I buy as high-quality food as I can afford, especially for foods that tend to be ‘dirtier' or more moldy (for example, nuts and “Dirty Dozen” fruits and vegetables, which I try to get organic). I avoid fluoride (to the point of avoiding fluoridated toothpastes and not allowing my dentist to put a fluoride treatment on my teeth, etc.). I have tested the water where I live and luckily it is pretty clean, but otherwise I would be looking into bottled water. I use a sauna whenever possible to aid detoxification via sweat. I avoid walking in high vehicular-traffic areas to avoid pollution. And, VERY, VERY, VERY important, I avoid mold in the environment at all costs!!! That means, keeping your house clean, dry, and well-maintained as possible and looking for hidden sources of mold. In my opinion, if you are having breathing problems, you should consider that the source *could* be mold in your environment.

5. I have focused on GUT HEALTH AND NUTRITION. At the advice of a naturopath, I have treated for both leaky gut and candida. Supplements like marshmallow and garlic oil have helped, as well as herbal drops used for parasitic infections (some of which have anti-candida properties). (For a long time I avoided a long list of foods that were causing sensitivities, but nowadays I tolerate most foods much better.) To enhance vitamin absorption, I do juicing now and again. I also eat a food product, Acai Energy, which contains guarana and never fails to give me an energy boost when I need it.

6. I have been tested for basic VITAMIN DEFICIENCIES and have been told to supplement with B12 (I use a methylated version), iron, and D.

7. I keep a SYMPTOM DIARY to determine if there are patterns I can identify on my good days and my bad days (for example, foods I eat, supplements I've taken, etc.)

8. I stay aware of the MIND-BODY CONNECTION. I try not to get *too* mired in negativity. I work on things like vision boards to inspire my hope and healing. And I say health affirmations like “my body is wise and is healing itself, I get better every day, ” etc. And rather than say things (out loud or to myself) like, “I'm so sick” or “I'm not better” I try to say “I'm not better YET, ” or “I've been sick but hopefully not for much longer, ” etc. I do believe our language matters.

9. I do believe there can be a link between chronic fatigue and CERVICAL INSTABILITY. I did have a neck injury around the time I developed CFS. I avoid many movements and exercises that cause my migraines to flare up and I see an osteopath who has helped treat the migraines that I was having daily for years. (If you aren't familiar with osteopaths, they are wonderful! )

There has been no magic bullet for me thus far. However, I have improved slowly. The body is a miraculous thing, and with the right support, I hope to be able to heal. So, my advice is, look at the air you breathe, the food you drink, the mold in your environment, the nutrients in your food (and wehther or not you are aborbing them), the ways you can add to detoxification, etc. ALL of these things will relieve the burden on your body, allowing it greater ability to heal. I wish that everyone had access to all of the funds and support that they need to pursue all of these avenues, but we all just have to do the best we can. Knowledge is power and there is a lot of great information on the internet. All the best to you xx

ACV, Cayenne, Molasses
Posted by Patrice (Nashua, NH) on 05/09/2021

Mama to Many,

Thank you for your it is 2021 and I just found it 4 years later....going to try it anyway as I have no energy and still want to sleep and sleep.

Coconut Oil
Posted by Laura (TX) on 02/04/2021

I know when my CFS started, I had a particularly bad flu my freshman year in high school 64 years ago. I have been in and out of remission several times since then but know that I have to eat right and rest extra, and avoid stress, or it is going to get me down.

Coconut Oil
Posted by Laura (TX) on 02/04/2021

I am sorry that you are having so much ill health, I know how you feel. I've had CFS for 64 years, after a nasty flu my freshman year in high school. It took me 5 years to stop running a low grade fever every day and start feeling better. I didn't even know what it was until the Incline Village outbreak. I've had several relapses since I got this. Stress does it every time. I take enough supplements that I should have opened my own health food store so I could get a discount. But that is daydreaming, my health wouldn't permit it. I am presently taking tyrosine for sleep, and I found that the PABA and DMAE combination is great for the brain fog. I pray that you will soon be in remission.

Evening Primrose Oil
Posted by Jackie (Midwest) on 04/22/2020

Chronic Fatigue and Evening Primrose Oil

I got some evening primrose oil 1000mg./ capsule last evening. Took 3 when I got home Slept very well last night felt more rested this morning took 3 capsules again this morning. It's really helped. Directions are to take 1 three times a day but I really need a push to get going. I am just physically and mentally drained and my thinking is foggy. So glad this helped. I dont know if it's the complete answer but it has definitely helped. I ordered some hypothalamus extract from amazon. Will try that too. Just wanted to relay my experience with evening primrose oil for this horrible fatigue.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Pj (Holiday, Fla) on 01/01/2018

Yes, Apple Cider Vinegar is amazing and great for the pets too, it just saved me a vet bill for my cat's upper resp infection :)

D-Ribose, Creatine
Posted by Timh (Ky) on 11/28/2017 2063 posts

I have been taking 750mg D Ribose for couple yrs but still wasn't getting anything significant for energy. Recently I increased by using the bulk powder form by spoon & mouth or as a sugar substitute. Still needed more for energy so I began taking Ribose with Niacin and/or Niacinamide which converts to Nicotinamide Riboside which converts to NADH which is very important for energy and proper DNA or cell reproduction aka anti-aging.

As for cycling supplements, this usually applies to herbs or compounds not originally manufactured in the body, so with nutrients like Ribose you can take lots of it daily with only benefits.

As for your ADD/chronic fatigue/anxiety and depression issues, you definitely need to improve your natural detoxification system (which also improves energy); for starters I recommend 500mg L-Methionine + B-12/Folic Acid 1000/400 mcg + Dimethylglycine (DMG) 125mg. Take these together once a day preferably at the start of your day so you will have energy & clarity & a better mood thru the day.

D-Ribose, Creatine
Posted by Mar (Cartersville Ga ) on 11/26/2017

I'm happy for you. My question is, can you take this regimen long term? I know it's all natural but from what I have read even with all natural they suggest you cycle off and use natural remedies like this only when needed because it affects your brain chemistry. My problem is I need something I don't have to cycle off. I have ADD/chronic fatigue/anxiety and depression issues that all cause lack of energy and focus and extreme fatigue and I need something that I can stay on because this never seems to go away, battled it my whole life. My point is, I can't just “ take it when needed “ because my body needs it all the time, not in an addictive way, it just seems my body lacks these supplements to make it function properly.

Any advise? Trying to find natural remedies with no side affects or long term affects so I can take it nonstop and continually because nothing else has or is working.

ACV, Cayenne, Molasses
Posted by Mama To Many (Tn) on 10/06/2017

Dear Patrice,

Doses for ACV, blackstrap and cayenne vary, mostly according to the individual, but some typical doses would be:

  • 1 -3 t. Apple Cider Vinegar in water once or twice a day.
  • 1/4 t. cayenne pepper 2-4 times a day.
  • 1-2 T. blackstrap molasses.

Have you looked into the viral link to Chronic fatigue?

Antiviral remedies like coconut oil or bht may be worth considering as well.

~Mama to Many~

ACV, Cayenne, Molasses
Posted by Patrice (Nashua, Nh) on 10/06/2017

Yes I would like to know also. I've tried those products and nothing. so perhaps I was using an incorrect formula...hope someone answers.

Hypothalamus Glandular Pill
Posted by Anne (Uk) on 09/08/2017


Just wondering if you ever received a reply

Would be keen to find out as I have the same health problems

Very ill with this progressive disease and can feel it getting worse. Had this for about 20 yrs and tried all sorts. Sadly also have I.b.s and Osteoporosis

My mum has Alzheimers and Vascular Dementia and it makes it so difficult when I am trying to help my mum

Hypothalamus Glandular Pill
Posted by Maria (Uk) on 08/15/2017


I know this post is getting on for 3 yrs old but can you recommend the pills you took. I have looked on Google as suggested but can't really see specific ones for hypothalamus

I really hope to receive a reply as I have been very ill fir a long time and have no life/
Would be keen to to try these. Thank you

General Feedback
Posted by Granny Laura (Tx) on 06/29/2017

I came out of remission 11 yrs ago due to taking a beta blocker for 3 1/2 years. The regular MDs and the docs at the Fibromyalgia clinic are always asking me if I am depressed. I keep telling them that if I wasn't depressed I'd be CRAZY!

Posted by Jane (Uk) on 04/11/2017

& might have high level of arsenic.

ACV, Cayenne, Molasses
Posted by Gabbysue (Haltom City, Texas) on 02/21/2017

I know it has been 11 years since this post, but can anyone tell me the amounts/measurements Lynette used?

Chronic Fatigue and Mold Link
Posted by Brass Player (Sw Usa) on 01/12/2017

CFS is well known among those of us who have the mold-susceptible haplotype to be caused by toxic mold exposure in a water damaged building. For some, early on, simply getting out will restore health. For others, with lengthy exposures, it can take years and specialized medical treatment will be required. Doctors in general are not cognizant of this or will say it can't happen because they cannot get away from the concept that this is not an allergic reaction. 24% of the population has a mold-susceptible haplotype, and we are the ones who get extremely ill when living or working in a water damaged building (the water damage may not be visible.)

D-Ribose, Creatine
Posted by Timh (Ky) on 10/31/2016 2063 posts

You should feel the results very soon, and if not, likely underlying issues. Adrenal fatigue, chronic inflammation are, among others, common causes of low energy.

Low hormones and aging are common factors in low energy. If over 40 or 50 try supplementing 25-50mg DHEA daily. 500-1000mg Tyrosine will help. Low antioxidant status is another big fatigue culprit; to correct this take 500mg Quercetin daily.

D-Ribose, Creatine
Posted by Daniel (New Jersey) on 10/31/2016

How long should it take for these supplements to work? I've had chronic fatigue for 6 years and I'm taking D-ribose, creatine, acetyl carnitine and COQ10. I've been taking them for a few days now to no effect. Please help!

Posted by Nanowriter (Hotspot, Tx) on 04/01/2016

Try cutting out the red yeast rice. I think this is supposed to act like a statin, but has the same side effects such as muscle weakness and brain fog.

Posted by Timh (Ky) on 03/31/2016 2063 posts

Amy: You are taking a very good regimen for the CFS but one word of caution is the problem of absorption. This very much seems like your case.

If you have pets a parasite infection is very possible. Two good herbal complexes to consider is Nature's Answer "Black Walnut Complex" and Kroger Herb "Wormwood Complex". Also add (rotate) Garlic (I like the oil softgels) and Oregano (softgels again). To help clear parasites & pathogens (dead or alive) from the gut take one spoon Milled Flax Seed with meal once or twice daily. You may also consider rotating or including Turpentine as it is one of the most powerful natural antimicrobial and antiparasitic.

Ginseng and Pantothenic Acid will improve adrenal function. Raw Bovine Pituitary will help both Adrenal & Thyroid glands.

One last item that will help by itself or especially in combination with the herbs or Turpentine is Zapping. There are many types of Zappers with a price range of under $50 up to several thousand. A good beginner is a 30 KHz Hulda Clark Zapper. You will experience an immediate increase in energy from Z'ing.

The Flax should help clear the die-off but you may need to take some Charcoal or Clay prior to meals to avoid headache and other bad side effects. Digestion should improve shortly after the Herbals/Turpentine/Zapping.

If you have a Mycoplasma Infection the Borax will be most effective as 1/4 cup in a hot bath rather than drinking. It would be most beneficial to add 2 or 3 grains of Sodium Thiosulfate at the beginning of the bath to remove heavy metals from the water and your body. Fluoride is a likely culprit in many CFS folks so water purification is a must, and the above baths will remove existing fluoride as well as other heavy metals. When supplementing Iodine, do so several hrs away from the bath.

Posted by Amie_says (Southern Us) on 03/30/2016


I'm really frustrated. I thought I had my CFS under control, but I obviously need something else, because what I'm doing just isn't working anymore. I'm so tired that on some days, I feel like I'm just going to die. My brain fog is so bad that some days I can't even concentrate long enough to watch a 30-minute t.v. show, much less work.

I get plenty of sleep, work at home, no heavy physical activity, but I do get out and walk or garden every day, and if the weather is bad, I'll do some aerobics inside.

I eat fairly decently, depending on how much I have to spend on food during the month. I don't eat a lot of meat, so try to get enough protein from other sources (dairy, nuts, brown rice).

These are the supplements I'm taking. Please tell me if you see anything wrong that I should take out of add. I know this is a lot, but I have to try to work as much as possible, and I just kept adding things that were supposed to help. For awhile, this worked, but now it seems to be harming me more than hurting me.

I thought one thing might be that I have a parasite, strongyloides, and some of these are also anti-parasitic, so maybe some of my problem is constant die-off, but if I stop taking them, the worms take over again and I get sicker.

Multi-Vit-Min tablet
Biotin 5000 mcg
Dopa Mucuna 15% L-Dopa
Potassium Gluconate 595 MG
C 1000mg
Hawthorne Berries 565 mg 2 x day
D3 3000 iu/day
CLA 1500 mg 2 x day
B-Complex & B-12
CoQ10 50 mg 2-4/day
MSM 500 mg 2 x day
Red Yeast Rice 600 mg
Iron Glycinate 28 mg take 1 every 3rd day since multi has iron in it too
Cal-Mag-Zinc (chelated) 3/day
Triple Omega (flaxseed, fish, chia oils) 3 x day
Serrapeptase 2-4/day
L-Tyrosine 1-3/day
Lugol's 5% - 1/2 drop/day (I'm very sensitive, so I'm working up to higher dosage)
Selenium 200 mcg 1 every other day (since I'm on such a low dose of iodine)
Diatomaceous Earth - 1 tablespoon/day
Borax 1/4 tsp./day dissolved in 1 liter of water and drunk throughout the day.

Probiotics, Vitamin D3
Posted by Amie_says (Southern Us) on 03/30/2016

I was excited about the research on D3, but it seems to have no effect on my CFS.

Clove Oil
Posted by Gracie (Pdx) on 10/28/2015

I agree with Ted that cloves help. I take clove oil a just couple drops in water. Cloves kill parasites, my doctor has me change the herbs every month one month GSE Berberine following month Allimax which is mega garlic it was suggested I do this for two years which is a very long time, but that is the time it takes to kill them. A study found that one-third of people with chronic fatigue that were tested, were found to be infected with Giardia lamblia. Another study found one-half of people tested were infected with Candiada albicans, which is yeast. Getting checked at the right lab with right experts make all the difference in the world, Also mold poisioning can look like chronic fatigue since most doctor are not trained in diagnosing mold illness they don't even know what tests to give you. You have to find a mold doctor that is specialized pr an environmental illness doctor they will know how to treat you. Mold illness symptoms are as intense as Lyme.

Posted by Brightday (North Carolina) on 09/23/2015

I'm wondering the same thing. I was all ready to begin the turpentine treatment when someone told me that doing it before removing my amalgams would deposit the mercury in my brain! I would be relieved to learn that sulfur will chelate the mercury, as I haven't the wherewithal to remove the amalgams now. I began a new thread on this issue yesterday but haven't received an answer yet, so thought I'd try here, as well. Thanks!

Posted by John (Uk) on 09/11/2015

Any feedback on this now?

I still have my amalgams...cant really remove them without having my liver and kidneys super strong and healthy.. as well as my adrenals.

So sulphur wont help?

Posted by Kim (Petaluma) on 08/21/2015


Did you have your amalgams removed? I understand you're not supposed to chelate until after all amalgams are gone.

How are you doing now? I'm curious - did you get CFS from mercury exposure? I have severe CFS and my symptoms started a month after a bad dental procedure involving copious amounts of mercury vapor. I now feel as if I'm dying.

I hope you continue to do well.

Raw Cabbage Salad
Posted by Mama To Many (Tennessee) on 08/22/2015

Organic saurkraut is really good for you. Sure seems worth a try!

~Mama to Many~

Raw Cabbage Salad
Posted by Kim (Petaluma) on 08/21/2015

Interesting. How did you learn about cabbage? I'm wondering if organic, raw sauerkraut would have the same effect. (I'm not a fan of plain cabbage).

My skin is severely dry, loose and thin. And I have severe CFS.

Glycine and Melatonin
Posted by Kim (Petaluma) on 08/19/2015

Don't take Klonopin. You can build tolerance and inter-dose dependence. It can make your insomnia 10 times worse. If you are feeling agitated for no reason, it could be because of the Klonopin.

Chronic Fluoride Poisoning Link
Posted by Om (Hope, Bc Canada) on 07/27/2015

Leigh Anne, Belleville, Ontario

It was some years back on EC when Ted whom we all know and appreciate, told of this as he was then in the US. Much of what you have recounted.

Namaste, Om

Chronic Fluoride Poisoning Link
Posted by Leigh Anne (Belleville, Ontario, Canada) on 07/26/2015

I agree with you Aidan, re Biological Weapons as the cause for M.E. / CFS in North America. I became very ill in 1985. Was diagnosed by Dr. Byron Hyde in 1989 with M.E. I was represented by a Professor who had worked with Garth Nicholson at the Institute for Molecular Medicine, in Irvine California, I believe. It was Nicholaon who was working on a Mycoplasma that would become a Bio Weapon , and was used by the U.S. Govt and patented by them...Mycoplasma Fermentans Incognitis, to be exact. It was weaponized and dusted with crystalline Brucellosis , which was "dusted " on mosquitoes and released on the public by aemail methods, from airplanes, over Eastern Ontario, where I live, but also released in other areas!

Do an online search for " biological weapon testing in the United States, and do the same search for "Canada" , it will all come up. Also " Google search" The same for the U.K. And Australia!

Posted by Mama To Many (Tennessee) on 06/29/2015

Dear Connie,

For me, I would be comfortable with taking astragalus root and melatonin together.

~Mama to Many~

Posted by Alex (London, Uk) on 06/29/2015

I too tried d-Ribose, after reading one raving revue on here. Initially I was quite impressed - almost felt like 20 again (44 now and, had 10 years of CFS in my 30s). I took anything from 5g to 20g per day. Initially building up the dose, but after 2 weeks I went down to 5g per day for another 3 weeks.After a week or so the initial high abated. Seems that if I get negative/ grumpy energies, even Ribose cannot kick through. Furthermore I developed digestive problems, seems Ribose was quite the Laxative for me (and left a constant funny tummy feeling). The strangest side-effect was hurting teeth. I thought that a couple of months old filling was playing up, and that I would require a root canal now, but when I discontinued Ribose the teeth/ nerves calmed down again. It was not just the one tooth that was affected too, but pretty much all molars which could get painful and very sensitive (and had not suffered from sensitive teeth before).

The phenomenon repeated when taking Ribose for 2 days (a few weeks later) as needing to finish some time-sensitive decorating.

To conclude - the side-effects definitely will, for now, keep me from adding Ribose to my supplement regime. I might take it occasionally, when requiring an extra boost of energy, but only if absolutely unavoidable.... That is not to say though that Ribose might not work (side-effect free) for others.

Posted by Connie (Mayer, Az) on 06/27/2015

Can astragalus be taken with melatonin?

Cold Showers
Posted by Timh (KY) on 03/14/2015 2063 posts

Thanks L for this observation as it does make good sense from a physiologic perspective.

Fortunately there are remedies to this loss of adrenal function. Raw Pituitary or Adrenal Glandulars are excellent for preserving these glands. 500mg Pantothenic Acid one or twice a week during the cold showers period helps. Adaptogenic herbs like Ginsing, Foti, Ashwanghanda help adrenals. Tyrosine is amino fuel for adrenaline.

Posted by Timh (KY) on 03/14/2015 2063 posts

L: Quercetin and Pyroquinelonequinone (PQQ) are also good for restoring Mitochondria, as are most all antioxidant nutrients, preserving cell integrity to some degree; so supplementing the diet insures the loss of M decay.

There is probably a correlation w/ the Astragalus anti aging effect on the Mitochondria and Chromosome or Telomere. The antioxidant nutrient Resveratrol is also known longevity supporter.

Posted by Lorica (Indiana, US) on 03/13/2015

Mitochondira are organelles in cells that provide oxygen and energy. Their decay and death leads to our decay and death over time. Astragalus protects them! Here is research to prove it: I have found that with chronic fatigue it helps to take 3 capsules 2X a day - not near bedtime. Really chronic fatigue is just adrenal weakness. See Dr. Frank Shallenberger's Youtube vids to learn more about that.

Cold Showers
Posted by Lorica (Indiana, US) on 03/13/2015

Cold showers can maximally tax your adrenals. You may not feel it at once at all since there is a reserve, but over time that reserve can be used up if too many cold showers are done.

Glycine and Melatonin
Posted by Molineux (Jacksonville, Florida) on 02/09/2015

I googled restful sleep so that I may be able to more properly deal with my chronic fatigue. The search came up with glycine and ZMA. I take the glycine and seems to work well mixed with a little Klonopin and Inderol/propranolol. I'm sure everyone is different so you may have to try and adjust it yourself. I started off taking only an 1/8 to 1/4 tsp glycine and 5 mg melatonin before bed without the other medicines and it seemed to also work well. If you wake during the night you can take another 1/8 tsp of glycine. I'm not a doctor so use your best judgement on this. Thanks.

Clove Oil
Posted by Stephanie (Worcester, Ma, United States) on 01/11/2015

Hi, Yes I also have CFS and Fibromyalgia which I know I encountered living in my old apartment where I was for 13 years. I was getting sicker and sicker, sleeping all day, severe migraines. I finally found out when I was remodeling the bathroom. When we took down the shower walls, the mold was so thick it looked like pudding painted all over the walls. At that point it attacked me and my children violently. We have now been out of that house for a year. I have 6 children, I can no longer work due to my health conditions. The mold was eating the nerves in my body. Mold is so bad... Most people dont even know about it.

Hypothalamus Glandular Pill
Posted by Dutchie (Toronto/Amsterdam) on 09/03/2014

Hi Loraine,

The hypothalamus glandular I used was by a brand called 'Nutricology'. You can find them online at google shopping. They come in 500mg strength, I highly recommend you buy empty gelatin capsules and divide one capsule into two 250mg capsules and take one after breakfast and one after dinner.

Also you'll wanna get adrenal glandulars as well. Very important!! The brand I used was by 'Genestra'. They come in 165mg strength, also take one tablet after breakfast and one after dinner.

You will also need to start taking extra Vitamin C (calcium ascorbate). Take 500mg of Vit. C 3 or 4 times per day after meals.

Do all this and within a few days you'll notice a huge difference in your energy levels. I went from moping around with little energy to feeling great within a couple of days.

Hypothalamus Glandular Pill
Posted by Loraine (Orlando, FL) on 08/28/2014

Hi Dutchie....what an inspiring there any way you can give me the name of the adrenal glandular that you used? I have adrenal issues for a long time and many days I can barely function.....thank you.....

Hypothalamus Glandular Pill
Posted by Dutchie (Toronto/Amsterdam) on 08/28/2014

How I cured my Chronic Fatigue Syndrome virtually overnight:

Let me just say I'm a 38 yr old male, I been suffering from CFIDS for almost 15 yrs now. This is a very frustrating disease. You go through periods where you'll feel well, then you'll go out and play some sports, and the next day you are so exhausted you cannot get out of bed.

So how did I cure myself?? Well, it wasn't by going to doctors, although they were helpful here and there. But to cure yourself you most likely won't get it from a pharma script, at least that was the case with me. You need it from a natural source.

Every CFIDS is different, so I can't guarantee this will work for everyone. If you have Lyme disease this may not work. But it might help some people who are going through the same thing I was.

The main reason why people suffer from CFIDS is because their hormonal system is out of whack. Hormone comes from the Greek term meaning “to spur on”. If your body isn't producing hormones at an optimum level, you will most likely have very little energy and feel tired all the time.

The master hormone gland in your body is the Hypothalamus gland. It controls the pituitary, adrenal, thyroid and all other sex hormone glands. Anyone who has CFIDS will tell you besides feeling tired all the time, they also probably don't feel like having sex very much.

So how do you fix your hypothalamus gland if it's not functioning properly??! Real simple answer. You take a hypothalamus glandular capsule or pill once or twice a day. There are only a handful companies who sell hypothalamus glands in North-America. They should come in strengths of 500 mg. You take 1 or 2 of these a day, and within hours you'll start to feel your energy building up again.

To get the full benefit you need to take it for a few months. Then when your body has recovered you can gradually wean yourself off by cutting capsules in half, or even down to 1/3 a capsule.

You can also after a few weeks add adrenal glandulars, pituitary and/or thyroid glandulars to see if that makes a difference. I did notice my recovery went a bit quicker when I added the adrenal glandular.

All these glandulars are available on “google shopping” for a reasonable price.

One of the theories out there why so many women get CFIDS is because in some women the contraceptive pill can throw your hypothalamus out of whack if you take the pill for a long time. But that is just a theory so far, no scientific proof.

I got CFS after taking cortisone pills for a skin problem I had. It even says right on the official website that cortisone can depress the hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal axis. In my case that axis never quite returned to normal, and the only way to fix it was by taking the glandular pills

See here:

Long-term effects have included hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal activity suppression, Cushingoid appearance, hirsutism or virilism, impotence, menstrual irregularities, peptic ulcer disease, cataracts and increased intraocular pressure/glaucoma, myopathy, osteoporosis, and vertebral compression fractures

15 years I suffered with this disease. I'm glad I finally kicked it to the curb.

Posted by Kay (Fl, US) on 06/03/2014

My reply (above) got separated from the Original Post and now is confusing, so I'll add more info so others can benefit more.

SS Disability for CFS is not impossible to get, nor improbable, but many applicants do get discouraged because they are often too sick to the research, understand, and get through the process; which unfortunately is often lengthy and stressful; (and can take more then 2 years in cities with many applicants and very few disability judges). Anyone considering SS disability MUST read the info in the SS website (or have an advocate do so to/for them) so they know what is required. This is often "too much" for CFS'ers, so here's a brief summary of the key points (and some helpful tips):

REQUIREMENTS: All SS Applicants require a Medical Doctor's diagnosis; and requires you complete several applications forms over a period of many months (and usually Appeals forms too). The forms ask several key questions that act as evidence, which is used to determine the likelihood of a valid disability claim. The application process also requires your doctor's support (i.e him/her submitting a lot of paperwork on your behalf); so you simply must ask him/her directly, if he/she will support you! If he/she can't or doesn't want to, for any reason, either plead with them, or go find another doctor who will support you (then start seeing them immediately).

If you get past the first 2 (of 3) application stages, then (approximately 6-24 months after your initial application) you must see several SS doctors for interviews, exams, physical and mental/cognative tests. Stay aware: All SS reviewers are doing their best to eliminate you/your paperwork from their mile-high pile of applicants, so keep this in mind at all times when answering questions, and when seeing doctors (don't slack off)! You can only prevent your elimination by giving them plentiful, relevant precise evidence of your disability, so they can forward your file to the next reviewer. IF each reviewer gets adequate, convincing evidence of disability, they will (eventually) send you to a Disability Judge (the only impartial person in the process; but unfortunately, the last person to see your case file)! If you do not provide plentiful, relevant, convincing evidence (with ALL your applications & during exams), you/your papers won't ever get to a Judge (period)! BEWARE: The forms are designed so there is NOT NEAR ENOUGH SPACE for you to provide an adequate amount of evidence to validate your claim! Therefore you must attach additional sheets of paper full of relevant, convincing evidence of your disability!

TIP: Each SS Rep must be able to easily VISUALISE (from your paperwork) exactly how & why your illness prevents you from working. In addition, all your SS doctors will need to see evidence (with their own eyes), in your person, that you are indeed disabled! They will judge your disability by how you/your body responds (or is unable to respond) to various stimuli. (Note: Your doctor provided a diagnosis and medical records full of symptoms; but YOU MUST provide SS with evidence of their disabling effects on YOUR body, mind, and life; and such that they prevent you performing normally/adequately (in major areas of your life)!

WARNING: Don't consider applying unless you're seriously, chronically ill (longer than 6 mo's) AND you really REALLY NEED financial and/or housing assistance because you have no other option. Living on SS is very difficult; and HUD/Sec 8 is no prize (and has long waiting lists)! BEWARE: Many/most CFS treatments, meds, supplements, etc, are not covered by Medicare (but many/most can be deducted as medical expenses which helps with benefits). Going on disability is a Major Life Decision. BEWARE: Once you go on disability; if you later get well, and decide to go off disability, you'll (virtually never) be able get it again, no matter how disabled you become! However, once you're on disability, you are allowed earn up to @$900 per month without it affecting your SS disability status (but the work/earnings may also reduce/prevent you from getting other benefits/assistance).

BE FOREWARNED & BE PREPARED: 98% of all SS applications for CFS (and most other non-life-threatening illnesses) get denied on their 1st AND 2nd applications; so you must Appeal (in writing) after each denial, within the deadline written on your denial notice. If you get to round 3, plan to see at least 3 different SS Doctors, on their schedule (no rescheduling allowed). You MUST NOT miss any application or appeal deadline, or appointments no matter how sick/bedridden you are (so plan ahead: find/rent a wheelchair/gurney, and a driver on your appt day)! BEWARE: If you miss an application, deadline, or appt, you must restart the application process over again, at round 1 (at the back of the line). This is why many people need Advocates or Lawyers especially when their claim has been denied a second time.

Lawyer Legal Fees: If your claim is awarded with the help of a lawyer, the law allows them [if you agree via contract] to take up to @1/3 of your monthly disability award for the first 3-5 years or so. So be ready to negotiate attorneys fees; and don't hesitate to ask them to take your case pro-bono if you're in dire straits! Many Low Income and Indigent people can get free legal advice and legal help from most city/county Legal Aide Offices [on a free, reduced, or sliding scale), and also through many Foundations, Societies, Charities, Support Groups, Churches, and similar Orgs!

ADVOCACY: If you have family/friends/co-workers/church members (who can do research, and comprehend the SS disability criteria; and can see, apply, and transcribe how your illness/symptoms is disabling you, [and fits the criteria]) they often make great advocates as well! They certainly will make the process much easier on you/the patient! (Most lawyers do a phone interview or two, then they expect you to fill out forms, so they can build your case; if you cannot communicate effectively or fill out forms adequately, you must tell them this; and/or you must find someone else to help you communicate effectively! ).

This is how YOU CAN prepare your case while you are sick: 1) Start gathering witness testimonies (as many as possible): Ask all your family members, and friends, associates, neighbors, (even children! ) who know of/witness your illness, to write/dictate a reference letter to the Judge that A) states your relationship, and how you know one another (i.e. how long, from where, the nature of your relationship, etc). B)Then ask them to then write/dictate several paragraphs comparing/contrasting the "old" healthy you (your abilities, achievements, hobbies, sports, travels, physical/mental prowess, personality etc) with the "new" disabled you (always sick, doesn't call/go out, cant do activities/hobbies/sports/socials; and cant concentrate/remember things because of exhaustion/illness/confusion/fainting, etc; and describe how you have a totally different persona now [a very ill person]). 2) Next ask someone to find/make a lined "chart" with @8 columns (1 wide column for recording Symptoms; 7 narrow columns for Mon-Sun) for you to record your symptoms. On that chart (column 1) list every CFS symptom you have, starting with the most disabling and the most frequent; fill up as many pages as you can. NEXT: Near the very bottom of the last page, add 3 new Headers (in the Symptoms column); Functional Hours(how many hours you were up, functioning each day); below that your overall Abilityto perform hygiene tasks + food prep + basic household chores: (Unable, Minimal, Somewhat, Able). Below that, your Mobility Status (Bedridden, Couch/Chairbound, Housebound, NH needed help to leave house, ND needed a driver, NW/C/C needed Wheelchair or Scooter/Crutches/Cane, etc). Below that, include a key for any/all abbreviations you use on your chart. (Make at least 10 copies of this "weekly template", then put your original aside for making copies for next months charts).

NEXT: Date the page and fill in todays column, putting a check-mark next to every symptom you experience today (do this for each and every day from now on; this is evidence/testimonial proof, a legal record of your day-to-day ill-health). Fill in your charts daily; if you miss a day go back and fill it in to the best of your recollection; or write in why you missed your charting (too sick, too tired, too weak, too confused, I can't remember, I forgot, I lost the paper, I couldn't hold a pen, It was too depressing/confusing, I slept all day, etc). Once your charting habit gets rolling; on another page (or on a calendar or computer file, or diary, or phone-a-friend-and-dictate), start documenting/dictating how your symptoms prevented you from doing normal tasks/activities throughout your day(s) that week. Any kind of general or specific summary is OK (don't bother correcting your typos/mistakes; you're sick, don't waste precious energy unnecessarily). Example: Sunday: Too weak, can't get out of bed. Cant sleep, muscle spasms. Sickly, too exhausted to shower. Bad stomach can't eat today. Sore glands, to weak to eat/talk. Tues?; Soo tired, not sure what day it is, no energy, to weak to shower. Need rest. Ate tuna from can again. Mon : read 5 pages, can't remember any of it. Feel brain dead; can't calculate bills. Forgot to call bank again. Ears ringing, huge headaches 3 days now. To weak to cook, ask Dale to make pot of soup. Call mom, need help bathing ASAP. Thurs; Migraine, too sick/dizzy can barely move. Barfing all day, dry heaves FRI?: I dont know, I can't remember...

Make copies of everything; BEWARE: SS often looses paperwork, even complete files so do not give them your originals unless you have copies! If you are alone/immobile call the nearest church and beg for their help: most will send someone to help you!

Hope this help someone; Good Luck; Blessings to All

Posted by Kay (Fl, US) on 05/25/2014

Sorry you suffer CFS; your frustration is understandable. This post is about CFS & Disability (not conspiracy theories). In my experience, so much is inaccurate including (but certainly not limited to) diagnosis & disability criteria (which does not require EBV or depression, etc). I've suffered CFS since 1994, and got diasbility awarded (for myself, and @100 patients others over the decades since) based on how CFS symptoms affected our ability (in-ability) to function in several major areas of life, rendering us unable to work reliably, consistantly 35 hours per week (SS disability criteria). Contrary to your claim, severl of us (including me) got retro-awards of more then 2 years, back to the day we/I submitted my application (less the 30 days initial waiting period), plus SSDI (and for some TDI) back pay as well.

Yes CFS patients face ignorance and many hurdles, including problems getting awarded disability (because their applications do not provide specific enough details on how exactly CFS limits their ability to perform/manage day to day tasks, enough to render them unable to work); often because they are too sick/fogged to read/concentrate/complete paperwork on time; and/or they miss their SS deadlines and/or SS doctors appts; and/or fail to effectively communicate the debilitating EFFECTS of symptoms to SS officials/authorities and their own lawyers! Thus, many CFS sufferers NEED an attentive focused ADVOCATE (*who has read and understands the criteria for a disability award)! For those with limited finances or resources, FREE (or reduced cost/sliding scale) Advocates may be available thru Legal Aide Offices, and at/thru local and online CFS Support Groups! *Many good reference materials are available online. Patients simply must understand what information SS NEEDS before they apply for SS disability, or their application will be denied (for not providing sufficient evidence of disability)!

Thankfully, knowledge of CFS is growing rapidly; there are now many good doctors, nurses, PA's, chiropractors, therapists, even masseurs, etc. that are highly educated about CFS nowadays! One of the best (IMHO) is Joseph Teitlebalm MD, and his End Fatigue website (which hosts a free diagnostic test online, that provides personal results and recommendations for supplements, and/or RX's and/or alternative therapies, for various income levels; and even a report for your doctor too! ). His free newsletter is a great resource for CFS sufferers!

FYI: the CDC has (for several years now) publicized/advertised (pubs, radio/TV etc) that CFS is not a psych disorder; and they are sponsoring PSA's and educational materials so those hurdles are coming down as well!

Chronic Fluoride Poisoning Link
Posted by Messenger (La) on 02/27/2014

I absolutely believe that fluoride chemical makes us sick. We are lucky to have fluoride voted down here, This is interesting I read that Dr David Bell made a striking discovery on the cause of Chronic Fatique Syndrome there is a cause, the blood circulation blood value and plasma is not circulating the way it should be that CFIDS may have "extraordinarily" low circulating blood volume this is NOT low blood pressure. What would cause that toxins or a deficiency maybe a microscopic bacteria or an infection?

Coconut Oil
Posted by Prioris (Fl) on 01/15/2014

In regards to ... "since we're all under the impression that Omega 3's are the ticket to health and longevity. Those scientists were perplexed and disappointed with the results: There was a significant trend toward the opposite: Lower IQ's in the babies."

Studies have also shown aging. The reason why these unhealthy effects occur is likely because fish oils cause oxidation in the brain. One needs protection against the oxidation. I always take krill oil because it has much lower oxidation risk and highly absorbs. Fish oil has a tiny bit of astaxantin but not enough.

More importantly I take at least 4 mg of astaxanthin to protect myself from the oxidation that could come from the fish oil along with other beneficial effects. Alternatively, there are non fish oils but they seem more expensive.

Adrenal Dysfunction Connection
Posted by Prioris (Fl) on 01/15/2014

Epstein virus doesn't have anything to do with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome except that it could be one or more of the secondary conditions that it could result from it. Many CFS people also have FMS. CFS causes immune dysfunction opening you up to many possible infections.

The hallmark symptom of CFS is neuro cognitive dysfunction syndromes and not fatigue. The name CFS was intentionally created by the powers that be to as a psyops weapon to be used against people with CFS. CFS is also called Myalgic Encephalemyelitis and Chronic Farigue and Immune Dysfunction Syndrome.

The term Chronic Fatigue and Chronic Faigue Syndrome are two different things. The former is a waste basket diagnosis. Many who think they have CFS, really have CF. There are very few doctors who know anything about the disease so many people will get misdiagnosed.

Cortisol studies were done by the NIH a long time ago. I followed their studies long time ago. Their primary motive was political in which to get CFS classified as a psychological disease - depression.

When the NIH study tested CFS people cortisol levels, they found that the cortisol levels were at opposite levels from people with depression. So they just lied again and concluded that no matter what the cortisol levels were, CFS was just a depression.

The entire cortisol thing was a sham with political motives behind it. Deposit the cortisol thing into the waste basket. There is a lot of people with CFIDS who just don't want to know so won't touch the political aspects with a 100 foot pole. The lies comfort them more.

Many people have no history of the disease. There is a large government disinformation program on the internet to steer people away from the real cause.

Please read the Q & A thing under CFS for information relating to the ciguatoxin link.

Chronic Fatigue and Ciguatoxin Link
Posted by Prioris (Fl) on 01/14/2014

Just to let people know. I have added some more additional information regarding the ciguatoxin to the Q & A page - "Do I have Chronic Fatigue syndrome." There is also information in the Q & A page - "Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Disability." that I added. Please read them if you think you have the disease.

Clove Oil
Posted by Prioris (Fl, Usa) on 08/19/2013

Most doctors don't have any idea what CFS is so many people get misdiagnosed. One should get a ciguatoxin test done for confirmation.

Clove Oil
Posted by Kath (Bangkok) on 08/18/2013

Clove oil - Bangkok Ted hello - is it possible to get that in Bangkok? If so, where? I cannot even find tea tree oil here. I made my own solution with cloves and water - seel below.

Also... I have long running fatigue / breathing problems and since addressing them with a breathing therapy that detoxes the body... (past nearly 4 years) I've noticed it's all happening in the bowels / digestion. As the liver and kidneys are kicking out a lot of stuff - both foul smelling bio-nasties, and some kind alcoholic / aldehydic unpleasant volatile organic chemical.

Anyway one thing I've noticed is sensitivity to mould - in aircon units / damp hotels etc. In my old apartment in Bangkok I discovered mould in the aircon when I was very sick and got a company round to clean the units (the landlord was terrible).

So outside my window was a shelf where aircon cooler sat and where the rain water collected. The aircon guys had stripped away a big carpet of moss for me, but whenever I went past that room my breath caught me with a coughing fit and wheezing.

As part of that demoulding, I had made clove tea - from boiling up a lot of cloves in water. So thinking maybe the ledge was the culprit for much bad air, I poured the clove mixture all over the ledge, and used a sweeping brush to scrub it in.... Strangely 15 minutes later.... It's like the air had transformed.... I am with Heidi in the Alps, singing Sound of Music. No more tightness / asthma... feeling of suffocation.

Cloves do seem to do something very powerful.

OUt of interest, while that external drama was going on I was finding I was getting very itchy feet and hands. I have a feeling there is mould contamination of my body and it's trying to fight it. I have something under my big toenails. And very dry skin hard skin like a camel's on the knuckles of my big toes.

Inspired by Bangkok Ted's points about clove oil, I am wondering whether to make more of that clove tea and soak my feet in it.

I would also like to understand the mechanism / history of this mould stuff in the body. I do know that as a baby my mum and I lived in a damp unheated basement in a very cold part of Northern Scotland - there were slugs inside and I got very sick with bronchitis. I wonder if I was first attacked by mould then and developed a low-level infection / alllergy that has continued to this day, dragging me down?

A good thing is I seem to be getting more aware of mould. I am staying right now in Chiang Mai for a few days and they put me in a room where I didn't like the smell. Everytime I went in I could smell it. I selpt for 3 hours in there and then went up on the balcony and slept sat up on a lounger the rest of the time. I asked to see a new room and they happily changed it for me. I also got a - much much mouldier - room changed in Laos in a cheap hotel about 3 months ago. I asked to move upstairs which was better - for 1 night it didn't matter so much. But I find mould has a big effect on my breathing and energy levels. So I would definitely advise anyone with CFS / health problems to be assertive if you're staying somewhere - get out of any place that is mouldy. If it's a damp climate, take a room on an upper floor because these are better. In these tropical climes it's better to find a living space where you can get air flow right through the room (with mozzie screens) and fans... this is healthier than air con.

If anyone has had health gains from demoulding - both the body and environment... Please can you advise on resoures / sources of practical advice?

Food Sensitivities
Posted by Jeannie (Ventura, Ca) on 04/06/2013

Emilia, you are right on! I am still trying to figure out exactly what has invaded my body or whacked it out. I know I have heavy metal poisening from dental work. My earliest symptoms even started after I first had mercury fillings placed. And then later more severe symptoms correlated with more dental work. Pregnancy, sadly, caused the toxins/infection to really spread. So many other factors mixed in.

Our conventional medical system is generally of no help (and my experience is even alternative doctors, although more open minded and knowledgeable, often just do not get what we are going through either... but learning).

I am amazed at how the average person thinks you can put chemicals and other known toxins into your body or on it and it is acceptable and then completely disregard that it could be the reason for any illness that conventional medicine will never find the cause of. The correlation between the rise in illnesses we had never even heard of 30 years ago and just how messed up our food supply has become... just unbelievable the denial.

Unfortunately our generation is caught in the middle of the "awakening" (seems to be the case in all areas of our life/generation..Ugh! )... But hope we can figure it out enough that our children do not have to suffer or have less of a life like I feel happened to us. Slow decline where I knew something was just not right. Basically feel like a zombie... Brain knows what I WANT to do, but body will not cooperate. That is no life. Not giving up though!!

Posted by Rosie (Bedford, Tx) on 03/14/2013

Dear Heather, I have CFS for five years, if it's possible can you tell me exactly what to take (dose). Thanks, Rosie

Diatomaceous Earth
Posted by Heather (San Diego, Ca) on 03/06/2013

NAY. Diatomaceous Earth had no effect on my littany of Chronic Fagtigue related symptoms.

I used it for 7 or 8 weeks with no change or improvement in any of the things it is supposed to change or improve, and concluded that people writing in with testimonials are probably just experiencing placebo effect after taking it a few days.

It did kill earwigs (paper eating bugs) in my home though, so that justified buying it.

Coconut Oil
Posted by Heather (San Diego) on 03/06/2013

I used borax (20 Mule) per Ted's instructions, 1/8 tsp in a liter of water 4 days per week.

It seemed to help a lot. I was using it with Lugol's. After a few months, I developed cysts in my liver and kidneys, which were painful. I was afraid it could be related to the Lugol's or the borax, so I stopped them both for 6 months.

Now I am taking tiny doses again, i.e., a small pinch of borax twice per week and lugol's 5% 1 or 2 drops a few times per week as well. I am not sure there was any connection, just stopped taking them because they were the only things I suspected might be a cause. I am doing well on the lower doses.

Chronic fatigue still much improved but not cured with the above protocol.

Humidity + Sweat
Posted by Mel (Auckland, New Zealand) on 02/05/2013

I too was in steel construction and have been tired for so long (14yrs). My iron was too high. Levels have come down since donating every 3 months. This made me feel much better, but in the last 4 years, the iron level is good, but I have gone back to tired. Resent tests show I have tendonitis accompanied with rhumatoid arthritis. I agree with the parasites and everything June from KC said. I just spent 9 months in South East Asia, mainly Vietnam. 33-35c with 98% humidity and came up with a good sweat each day. Showered at least twice a day and a massage at least twice a week, and I felt great. No problems at all. I have only been back in NZ for 2 months and have the heater going and the body has packed it in. My knee, elbowes and ankle have packed it in, on top of just feeling tired. I am taking Anti inflammitory 1000mg, Zinc plus, Vitamin D3, Magnesium and calcium. I also have a bottle of apple cider in the fridge. All this just to keep my head above the water line. Even when I feel good, I still need to be very careful of what I do. I think I will do away with all these pills and pain and go back to Vietnam to retire it out on massages, sweat and showers. I honestly "DID"feel great! there. Rent, food, power, motorbike, sat tv, internet... $450 month, , , , beer 70c bottle or buy a 2br condo for 30k

Colloidal Silver
Posted by Granny On The Go (Waco, Tx) on 12/30/2012

My CFS started when I was a freshman in high school, 1957! I had a really bad case of the flu. Although I finally got up and went back to school I still ran a low grade fever every day, My glands were swollen and painful, my throat sore, and I felt ill, all the time. I kept a sinus infection and bronchitis at least half of the time. It lasted 5 years that time. I relapsed a couple of years later after falling and hurting my back. It stayed with me that time until I was 38 and had myself tested for allergies. By that time I had Multiple Chemical Sensitivities, couldn't eat most foods, and was sensitive or "allergic" to most chemicals and medicines. After being treated for Candida I finally regained my health, at least to a degree. I was given a heart medication in November '06 that brought on a relapse. I hadn't been able to shake it this time no matter how much time I spent in bed or what health supplements I take (and I take a lot of them). Lol AND THEN I READ ABOUT COLLOIDAL SILVER IN EARTH CLINIC!! I was skeptical at first, and only used it in a mixture of salt water for my sinuses. That worked so well that I decided to take some by mouth. At first it didn't seem to do anything, but I was being very careful about the dosage, and I am well aquainted with Jarish Herxheimers so I didn't want to overwhelm my system with die off. But when I started taking a teaspoon or more of CS 3-4 times a day I began to get better. My sinus infection got better right away, so that my immune system wasn't fighting virus, and Candida, and infection at the same time. I finally decided to try my hand at making my own CS as I could see that I would never be able to afford enough of it commercially to ever get well. I checked Amazon and found some. 9999 silver, got a gallon of distilled water, went to the hardware store and got a lantern battery and 2 small alligator clips. I had some copper wire here at home. It is an extremely primative (simple) method that works fantastically. As I was able to take more CS, about 3 tablespoons a day, divided into 3-4 doses, I felt better and better. My health began to improve by leaps and bounds, as did my back pain, etc. ( I was taking Vicodin and pain shots in my spine) just to be pain free enough for the sleeping pills to work. But, still I lacked something. So I tried some L Lysine..... Which seemed to be the missing ingredient. Not only is my health greatly improved now, but the vitamins, minerals, herbs and other concoctations I take actully STARTED TO WORK!! Instead of seeing a small improvement from what I was taking, I had to cut back on some supplements because I was seeing the kinds of improvements that other people talk about when they start a supplement. I am not well, yet. But, I am better than I have been in years. I no longer take 3 different herb products, Vicodin, a muscle relaxer, 10 mg of Ambien (or more), melatonin, and liberal amounts of alcohol to make them work just to go to sleep at night, and throughout the night, because I was going to wake up several times a night and couldn't go back to sleep. You can't heal if you can't sleep! I am now sleeping through the night, without waking, (for the first time in years! ) by only taking some Valarian, Hops, and half a muscle relaxer. Since drinking very much alcohol always gave me an aversion to alcohol, I am pleased to be able to skip that item altogether. If you've never found yourself at 4 AM having never gone to sleep that night, and sitting in the kitchen with a double shot of 40 proof in a glass, telling yourself that if you throw it up you'll just have to do it again (big sigh and a grin)... Because it triggered a memory of my mom telling me the same thing when she gave me castor oil! Ha ha Now don't be fooled, I still have to take some Diflucan from time to time when I've over indulged in sweets. The holidays are all the more difficult when you think because you are better you can handle the wheat and sugar. I can, a little, but thinking about ever getting where I can eat the Standard American Diet (SAD) is insanity talking. And, if you eat wheat and sugar several days consectutively, you may relapse, like I do! Grrrr I realize that I must stay on my allergy diet to get well but am able to tolerate more of regular foods when I do eat off my diet for a meal. Other people may not have the immediate results I've mentioned. I have come to realize that the vitamin C palmitate I take and the Allergy Multi that I take are free of most common allergens and make a large difference in my health. The vitamin A that I take is vitamin A palmitate, I am allergic to carrots and fish. I take chelated minerals when I take separate minerals. I take CoQ 10, and L Carnitine for my heart problem (aortic valve). But, all the extra supplements I was taking were only helping keep me alive. I have been battling CFS for 55 years, years longer than CFS has been even recognized by some of the more astute medical establishment. It was called Nuerasthenia in the first edition of Adelle Davis' book, Let's Get Well, in the 50s. All that was recommended as a cure at that time was bed rest, preferably in a clinical setting, good nutritution, and importantly, no stress whatsoever. Oh yes, a little psychiatry to help you get over being a hysterical female. LOL I will be happy to have my email address published in EC if I can be of any help to those who have spent their life being called a hyperchodriac, drug addict, and just a plain old nut case, as I have. Contact me at ladylauranwaco(at)yahoo(dot)com. I cannot prescribe, or suggest treatments. But, I can tell you what has worked for me. I will be the first to tell you all bodies don't work the same. But, nobody should have to spend most of their lives sick and be degraded for being ill. I assure you, your friends and family don't have a clue what you are going through, nor does your doctor!

Food Sensitivities
Posted by Lloyd (Charlotte, Nc) on 12/10/2012

Two solutions: If the CFS began following a serious or persistent infection like Strep, Mono or ear infection or sinus infection and then a month later there persisted fatigue, the problem might be that the infection (virus or bacteria) still is latent in the system.

Use colloidal silver to knock it out. I took it for four months, a tablespoon twice daily and in a week felt much better. But it took a ful four months to completly finish off the infection. I also sprayed into the sinus cavity a few times and irrigated the ear canals.

Second, CFS can be caused by depletion of the adrenals. First time I felt that fatigue was following a lot of high pressure in the business world. I took two adrenal caps after lunch and supper and within a week my energy exploded back. Dropped the dose down to two a day with meals, usually at lunch. If I took them at supper (following my recovery) I found that sometimes I had so much energy I couldn't sleep. That's why I take them at lunch.

General Feedback
Posted by Anonymous (San Fran, Ca) on 10/25/2012

I done lot's research and I think parasites may be the reason many of use are tired, exhausted, sick , foggy headed my acupuntrist says simple test is just to look in your eyes and it there are any lines or marks redness raised bumps then you have parasites.. The Journal of Nutritional Medicine 93% of 400 patient that had chronic fatigue syndrome (CFIDS) had some form of parasitic infestation. I Think there are several parasites that can cause the symptoms one is Blastocystis hominis. I went to my ND rest assured because it I know they will use the right labs to send my test too.

Lithium Aspartate
Posted by Aleeza (Mannheim, Germany) on 10/06/2012

Hi Stacy, sorry I could not tell you that which form of Lithium my brother used because ten years ago he has stopped taking Lithium. At that moment I was not aware of holistic approach of treament. Although I could tell you that he took Lithium as a prescription drug by his doctor.

Lithium Aspartate
Posted by Stacy (Kernersville, NC) on 10/05/2012

Hi Aleeza, Could you let me know what form of lithium your brother was using? I think that the official pharmaceutical lithium is lithium carbonate at 250 mg per does. As I understand the literature, lithium orate and aspartate are more on the dietary supplement level and used at 5-10mg per day.

I use an iodine supplement to help with the hypothyroid issue. I know that my diet has very little in the way of either mineral, so that may also contribute to the positive effect.

I'ved tried magnesium in several forms, but found no noticible difference in my health over a 3 month period. I due use magnesium chloride brine as a deodarant, so I suppose I still get it transdermally.

Please let me know what form of lithium did this to your brother.

Lithium Aspartate
Posted by Aleeza (Mannheim, Germany) on 10/04/2012


Hi Stacy, you must google the side effects of Lithium. My brother who has bipolar used Lithium for a long time. In the begining it helped my brother but then it made his bipolar symptoms more worse and also made him bald and hypothyroid. It can harm your liver and kidneys too. Instead of Lithium you can try Magnesium for your sleep problem. This is my personal observation that Lithium has ruined my brother's life.