Natural Cures for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Posted by Heather (San Diego) on 06/22/2012
1 out of 5 stars

I eagerly tried d-ribose after reading "From Fatigued to Fantastic". The best price I could find was about $25 for a month's supply in powdered form. Because I am on disability and already spending $50 a month on supplements, I did not also get the co-Q10.

I used the d-ribose for two months. I took it without creatine but with L-Carnitine, and all the relatively affordable recommended vitamins.

It did nothing for my long term chronic fatigue syndrome, which is now significantly improved using Ted's recommendations for CFS Lugol's iodine protocol for 6 months following a healthy, wholesome diet devoid of processed foods, and putting the bulk of my focus into getting quality sleep. As a 20 year insomniac, sleep issues are the main thing the book really helped me to see the importance of getting a handle on in order to recover. (Doing whatever it takes to get a reasonable amount of sleep - melatonin, sleeping pills, ear plugs, eye mask, herbal teas, avoiding caffeine, herbal sleep remedies, exercise and sunlight when possible, etc.)

But, everyone is different and we have to keep trying different things so I'm not saying not to try D-Ribose. My chronic fatigue was very serious. I was completely bedridden for years. Perhaps in the future, when I'm actually trying to hold down normal responsibilities, I'll try d-ribose again to see if it gives me what I need to get through the day energy-wise.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Heather (San Diego) on 06/21/2012
5 out of 5 stars

I tried many things for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome that did not work. D-Ribose was one of them.

Things that did work: Coconut oil, eliminating fluoride, iodine, bed rest, Ted's borax advice (baking soda/sea salt/selenium/ACV or lemon/lime that go with the borax too).

One thing that worked that really surprised me was a liver detox. I used both NAC and milk thistle for two months, and then did one of those hokey sounding apple juice/grapefruit juice/olive oil liver and gallbladder fasts/ cleanses along with water enemas for two days. I felt so much better a few days or a week after the fast/cleanse that I felt like a different person so will do one again soon. It may be hokey but it worked. I'd done one about 12 years ago when I was in my early 30's (before I got sick/disabled) and didn't think it helped me then.

You can find references to all of these things on earthclinic.

Oh, and one more thing, before I got better, the thing that launched me into kidney and liver cleansing was severe, acute abdominal pain that an MRI showed out to be benign cysts on my kidneys and an infection above my kidneys. It wasn't kidney stones or gallstones but I felt the area needed some help. That happened about 4.5 months after starting the borax and Lugol's, and about 5 weeks after starting the NAC. I was feeling so much improved in my CFS at that time that I suspected that the general virus/infection/cause of my CFS came to a head in the form of this infection, which I have since healed from. After recovering from this infection, I was almost back to feeling like a normal person again. (After 7 years of disabling CFS that took my life from me.)

Coconut Oil
Posted by Heather (San Diego, Ca, Usa) on 06/20/2012

Update: My chronic fatigue syndrome is going away! Ted's borax remedy, avoiding as many sources of fluoride as is possible, liver detoxing, sunshine, coconut oil, magnesium citrate, NAC, milk thistle, and iodine seem to be the remedies that have led to my improved health.

Additionally, I've gotten as much rest as possible (in bed most days until recently) and lots of love and support from my darling husband -- which was hard to accept because I was so ashamed to be sick all the time.

I've tried many things that did not help such as Lysine, D ribose, mega doses of vitamins, various drugs from the doc, lethicin (although I may try it again for a different purpose).

I've gone from being cold, sick, brain foggy and bedridden to having a normal body temperature, enough energy to interact with people and to essentially cook my family's meals, get some exercise, and to be a fairly good housewife. (I used to work two jobs so although this is a big step, it's not enough to make me feel completely cured.)

My severe depression and anxiety are nearly completely gone and I believe I may be able to return to school soon. My brain issues are so much better that I'm even considering going for a biology degree.

I still have many issues, such as continual abdominal cramping, insomnia (although much, much improved - I use natural remedies for that but believe the borax was the main factor), PCOS and weight gain that isn't resolving with dieting, but energy and health are the most important things. I can work on the rest if my brain is functioning and I have energy to shop for healthy foods and to exercise.

Feel free to ask questions. It occurs to me that I may have had adrenal fatigue and all the time and bed rest may have helped to cure that aspect of my chronic fatigue, but the change from pre coconut oil, Lugol's and borax to post was fairly dramatic.

Posted by Joyce (Dallas, Tx) on 06/03/2012

Hi, You do not need a "Prescription" to take Homeopathic Sulphur... I bought it at Sprouts Health Food Store in my neighborhood. The brand I used is called Boericke and Tafel, but there are other brands that offer the same thing... If you purchase on line they will be a potency of 30c or sometimes 6x... You don't need a prescription though at all... I don't know where Tashimoto got that from... At the health food stores there are other Homeopathic supplements that you can take like "Kalium Iodatum", which is also known as "Potassium Iodine", which is basically what Lugol's Iodine is... And again, you don't even need a prescription for that either...

Chronic Fluoride Poisoning Link
Posted by Aidan (Southampton, U.k., Hampshire) on 05/23/2012

i have read numerous responses here on flouride and other remedies or possible causes... i can say to all of you here now that the real cause is a cover-up... i was tested by drs. garth and nancy nicolson and i am positive to mycoplasma and i am also positive to 45% of the hiv virus envelope... these are all biological weapons that were released by the military and these same weapons were sold to suddam hussein to be used on the iranians during the 10 year war with iraq... when things soured between the u. s. a. and iraq the military was sent in to retrieve these biological weapons and decided instead to just blow them up... the mistake they also made was that these same weapons contained depleted uranium compounds and once these were burning thet released their toxic affect but also remember these weapons did not originate just prior to the gulf war they have been around for decades, in fact the dept of science and technology requested a $26 million dollar grant because these are the words they said way back in 1969 'we need these funds because 'we already have ways to spread these biologics' and they went on to say these exact words but remember these were words they used prior to any 'aids epidemics before anyone really knew immunodeficiency' they said to create 2 diseases, ' one where the host would become 'immunodeficient', two, to make the host incapacitated... xmrv does not cause cfids but a piece of hiv does play a major role but i still to this day feel that 'mycoplasmas and radiation' are what is causing disease and all this cure all meds people say they feel better on are actually only reducing inflammation in the body but not curing anything... i believe the u. s. military is responsible for the hiv/45%hiv epidemics and the reasons for all these cover-ups... why is it the nih/cdc is slow at anything they do and that is solely because the cdc/nih knows why people are sick and are part of this massive cover-up... let's see now the results from detroit michigan on broken cromosones and translocation all as a result of biological radiological weapons warfare... to any of you who think this is just simple lyme disease, this is another clever way they spread these diseases aside from on purpose putting theses weapons into vaccines... sincerely and always the truth aidan southampton u. k. 'xmrv' is not no cause but the hiv virus envelope is giving xmrv false positives...

Posted by Loraine (Orlando, Florida) on 05/22/2012

Thank you Tashimoto!! Can't believe I overlooked that.

Posted by Tashimoto (Vancouver, British Columbia) on 05/22/2012

She says the sulphur she used had a 30c potency. That is Homeopathic Sulphur and should be prescribed by a knowledgeable Homeopath according to symptoms.

Posted by Loraine (Orlando, Fl) on 05/21/2012

Joyce.... Can you let me know the name of the sulpher tablets that you used? I have a similar problem like yours and can't wait to try this remedy to see if it would help. Also would you know if sulfur is safe for people who are hypothyroid. Thank you so much.

Posted by Joyce (Dallas, Tx) on 05/20/2012
5 out of 5 stars

I started a new job at a health clinic last year in June, which required me to get a TB vaccination... A week later, I began to suffer with lightheadedness and vertigo and finally nausea when driving. These symptoms seemed to lessen over the next few weeks and wear off and I figured my body was adjusting to the vaccination... However, in the months that followed I suffered from severe fatigue... But I thought it was just me starting a new job and trying to get the hang of it... Also I thought it was the heat in the summer which was a daily 100 degrees or more... I thought I was dehydrated and stressed with work... I continued this way all year trying to alkalize off and on, which sometimes helped but only temporarily like for two to four hours a day... The fatigue persisted sometimes bearable and sometimes unbearable... And I also had insomnia... I became too tired to go to sleep.

Since I have 3 amalgams, I also tried doing Mercury detoxing... I tried using Chlorella, high doses of Selenium, Kelp, MSM and Ted's Carbicarb... None of these really worked or ended the fatigue... Finally, I read on this website that Sulphur removes Mercury... Sulphur is something that I hadn't tried before, so I went to the health foodstore and bought these little dissolvable Sulphur tablets and took them as directed, which was 3 tabs under my tongue 3-4 times a day...

I remember that I was so exhausted on the day that I went to get the Sulphur tabs... And desperate to try anything that would help me... As soon as I purchased them, I popped them in my mouth and I felt instant relief... My heavy eyelids lifted up, posture lifted up, breathing sped up, energy came back and also a little itchy hive that I had on the crease of my arm near my veins, it went away... I went home with so much energy that I even went to the gym because I was so happy that I had energy...

It is clear to me now that the reason why Sulphur gave me energy is because I do have Mercury toxicity that was making me feel dizzy and suffer from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome... The dissolvable Sulphur tabs that I bought had a strength or potency of 30c... I continue to have energy taking these tablets... But I was also advised to take Selenium and Chlorella also to bind the Mercury and chelate it from my body! Mostly, I'm so happy I have energy to go out and also no more dizziness! Or itchy Hives!

Fatigue Vs Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Posted by Amy (Ny) on 05/01/2012

Kay, thank you for your post, and big hugs.

Jeannette thanks for speaking up on this topic.

CFS the debilitating illness is starting to be called neuroendocrineimmune disease. Researchers are finally discovering the links to cancer and autism and gene defects or mutations. There may be links to animal retroviruses. They are barely scratching the surface because of limiting funding. Many of us have suffered for decades and just want to have some semblance of a life. May 12, 2012 marks the 20th anniversary of International Awareness Day for ME/CFS, FM, MCS & GWS.

General Feedback
Posted by Catherine (Wellington, New Zealand) on 03/18/2012

Jack from Lexington re Chronic fatigue: I realise your post was made some time ago but I have only just now read it. If you are still checking out your posting may I suggest you have your ferritin levels checked. This is just a blood test to see if you are STORING iron. Look up Iron overload disorder (IOD) on internet.

D-Ribose, Creatine
Posted by Pamm (Alabaster, Al) on 03/09/2012

I agree that D-Ribose is good for energy & Focus, its pretty expensive but worth it. The protocol for Cfs is D-Ribose with CQ-10, The Creatine was also mentioned however The Bad Side Effect of Creatine Was Rapid Weight Gain. Just letting you know because know Women Hate To Gain Weight :). However D-Ribose in Powder Form Is Very Good With CQ-10. I am not sure if you can get the same results without the Creatine, But I gained 10 pounds in a matter of 2 weeks on Creatine. So I stopped the protocol all together & haven't tried it without the Creatine. It takes about 3 to 4 weeks Taking it, 3 times a day on the D-Ribose to see results. If anyone tries it without the Creatine please post your Results. Thanks. Good Luck Everyone.

Essiac Tea
Posted by Kay (Destin, Fl) on 03/05/2012

Re: Mitochondial Support: Definitely CoQ10 and Cell Salts (aka Tissue Salts available at most Health Stores. Note: the LARGE bottles of Bio-Plasma [a combo of all the salts] are very inexpensive and a great way to start); function explained here:

United Mitochondial Disease Foundation

Start at the top of the page (link below) with things to avoid etc. Scroll down to find Vitamin & Supplement Reccomendations/Chart. Below that is the Medication, Minerals, Vitamins and Substrates that May be Helpful (with the advice of a physician of course):

Posted by Heather (San Diego, Ca - California) on 01/25/2012
4 out of 5 stars

I am a 41 year old female with CFS for 7 years.

After only one month on iodine, starting at a few mg a day and more recently working up to 100 mg a day (as recommended by Dr. Guy Abraham for FMS and CFS patients; and in addition to avoiding as much fluoride as possible by drinking only distilled water and a no-flouride toothpaste, I am happy to report a reduction in brain fog by about 50-60%; all my chronically swollen lymph nodes are gone; my previously scaly feet and heels are now pedicure perfect; my body temperature is completely normal for the first time in a decade; my mystery fevers have disappeared, and I'm sleeping better.

I'm doing many other things: Ted's alkalizing formula; Lysine; multi vitamin, b vitamins, 3 grams vitamin C, and an additional brazil nut each day (for the selenium), progesterone for 2 weeks per month, 1 tbs nutritional yeast when I don't have b-vitamins, magnesium citrate (600 mg/day) and only use coconut oil and butter. However, I'd done most of those things before the Lugol's iodine solution -- which I take in 3 divided doses of 33 mg each.

The other thing I started soon after the Lugol's was taking 1tsp 2x day of turmeric. That may be an important factor, esp re. the lymph nodes if they were caused by bacteria/virus.

The painful swollen lymph nodes have been a problem for about a year, and were usually accompanied by a low grade fever.

My waking body temp was usually around 95.2, although sometimes is was 94 and others 96. It is now consistently 97.8-98. 2! A couple of times my evening temp has risen to 99 but I'm not worried about that because I didn't feel feverish.

However, I haven't seen much improvement in my energy levels. That said, having my brain back is a Godsend and I'd choose a working brain over energy any day. Nothing is worse than a malfunctioning brain.

It's only been a little over a month on the Lugol's, and only 3 days on the 100 mg. Today I am starting d-ribose and L Carnitine to help with the energy. I intend to continue the 100 mg of Lugol's for 7 weeks, which is what Dr. Abraham recommends to reach saturation, then will consider tapering back down to about 25 mg a day.

This does not contradict the flouride toxicity theory as a cause of CFS Fibro: Iodine/iodide is one way to help flush out flouride, chlorine and metals and that may be a reason it is working so well.

I also posted in this category about coconut oil a few weeks ago.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Fan B (Laguna Beach, California) on 01/04/2012

It sounds like you are having massive die off from the changes you made, as you described many of the symptoms. Normally, you are supposed to continue and you should feel much better soon. I hope it works for you!

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Simon Charlton (Nazeing, Essex, Uk) on 01/04/2012

I have had ME since 1995, and had my first experience with HP in 96. Wow, it was the only thing that turned me around. I was on 1 teaspoon of 35% HP 3 times a day in water. Felt rough for 1 week, then started to dramatically improve. Not cured, but improved tremendously. Fast forward to beginning of 2012, I have overdone things at work, eaten the wrong foods, etc. Been particularly unwell the past 5 weeks, all the ME symptoms have returned with a vengeance. Went to allergist, now on a candida diet for one week, taking acidophilous and metatone tonic, and taking up to 5 drops of Hydrogen peroxide 3 times a day for the past 2 weeks. Feel sooo ill. Honestly, the worst I've been for years. Don't know whether it's the detox from the diet, or whether the Hydrogen peroxide is detoxing me too fast, or what. Don't know whether I can continue on HP for now if it's making me this ill, ie, brain fog, stomach and bowel discomfort, nausea, no energy. Any suggestions would be gratefully looked at.

Thanks, Simon

Coconut Oil
Posted by Heather (San Diego, California) on 12/29/2011
4 out of 5 stars

I'm on disability and am officially diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome, which has been going on for 7 years now and started shortly after I developed mononucleosis.

Six months ago, I stopped using all forms of oil high in either Omega 6 OR Omega 3; switching exclusively to coconut oil, and using also some butter and some olive oil. Due to this switch, I noticed an immediate improvement in my chronic fatigue.

I did that based on othe research of Ray Peat, PhD after YEARS of using stuff like grapeseed oil and fish oil/krill/cod liver oil thinking that I needed the Omega 3's, or in the case of grapseed oil, thinking the high smoke point would save me from oxidation more than other cooking oils would.

I had also hoped the coconut oil would help with weight loss, as I've gained 30 lbs in the past year for no particular reason. It did not help with my weight loss but I noticed a significant improvement within a few days in regards to clarity of mind and energy. In fact, for the first week or so, I felt significantly improved, and thought I was well on my way to being cured. At that point, I was eating 3-5 tablespoons of the stuff each day.

Unfortunately, the polyunsaturated oils do not appear to have been *THE* cause of my chronic fatigue syndrome - at least I don't think so but it takes 4 years for that huge, life-long buildup of toxic unsaturated fatty acids to leave my body - but the coconut oil helped, it reduced my CFS to a more manageable level of discomfort, so I wouldn't stop using coconut oil for anything; nor will I ever be fooled into thinking that take Omega 3's is a good idea again either.

There have been studies done where scientists hypothesized that giving Omega 3's to pregnant women would increase the child's IQ - since we're all under the impression that Omega 3's are the ticket to health and longevity. Those scientists were perplexed and disappointed with the results: There was a significant trend toward the opposite: Lower IQ's in the babies. That is news I can personally use with two daughters in their 20's who are looking forward to building their own families soon. (And yes, I gave them Omega 3's while they were growing up, since they were babies; which I regret.)

(Google Ray Peat - the study I'm thinking of about the pregnant women was a French study, which he mentions in some article or the other.)

But that's getting a bit off topic.

Point is, the coconut oil helped. I usually just use it for cooking but sometimes I'll take a tablespoon or two in the morning, when I feel it will help with my energy and/or appetite.

Still looking for a CFS cure. For the last several weeks, I've been using the Lugol's iodine at 12.5 - 15 mg per day, and am considering working up to higher doses. That has cured my low body temperature and intolerance to cold (icy feet), but it's too soon to know whether it is the cure I'm looking for. I think the Lugol's has helped with brain fog but it's too soon to tell for sure.

Yesterday, I began adding 1/2 tsp baking soda in water 2x a day to see if that helps.

Also, I have become aware of the fluoride connection. I was one of those kids who had white spots on the teeth from flouride treatments, and I have only ever drunk tap water, usually filtered with a Brita. So today I'm going fluoride free and will try distilled water only for the next month or so; and will avoid all other sources of flouride as well.

Will definitely let earth clinic know if any particular remedy gives me my life back.

Hydrogen Peroxide Inhalation Method
Posted by Susan (USA)

Sent to us by Bill Munro of Michigan, one of the most promising remedies we have heard about for CFS consists of inhaling hydrogen peroxide from a nasal pump 6 times a day. Click here to read up more on this important cure. Bill (83 years old) believes the peroxide has cured him of prostate cancer and also prevented him from getting a cold or flu for the past 13 years.

D-Ribose, Creatine
Posted by Bess (Calgary, Alberta, Canada) on 11/27/2011

Hi Energizer Bunny - Thanks so much for the information on D-Ribose - especially now with winter closing in, far less sunshine and the cold winds howling. I feel I have to fight off the urge to hibernate!

Tomorrow I will stop off at the health food store and get that combination of vitamins that you have been using. Thanks again - cheers! Bess

D-Ribose, Creatine
Posted by Loraine (Orlando, Fl) on 11/27/2011

Thanks Energizer Bunny for that awesome post. I love these long detailed stories of hope. Always a pleasure reading. Thanks again.

D-Ribose, Creatine
Posted by Kissedsmiley (New York, Ny, Usa) on 11/27/2011

Do you take pill form or capsule or the fruit-chewable kind? I would love to be a better programmer and get back to my beloved dance exercise!

D-Ribose, Creatine
Posted by Energizer Bunny (Denver, Co) on 11/27/2011
5 out of 5 stars

I am a 42 year old old male, and I've had chronic fatigue ever since I can remember. The doctors were useless. I've tried everything, including diet, exercise, vitamins, herbs, etc. I couldn't even exercise because I was always too tired! I've never really been able to concentrate. Also, when I would wake up in the morning, I felt as if I hadn't rested at all. You know the feeling? Not fun. I failed high school because I couldn't concentrate. Fortunately, I have a strong talent for computer programming and I am self-employed with that. Sometimes days would go by before I could even start on a project, and even if I could get started, I'd have to stop and rest frequently throughout the day, while guzzling coffee just to be able to keep my eyelids open. People were always asking me why my cheeks were always red and that gets very embarrassing after a while, no pun intended (rosacea, could never get rid of it, until... ) * * * * * NOW HERE'S THE GOOD PART!!! * * * * * That was all until recently... Then I gradually discovered Alpha Lipoic Acid (100MG, great energy and concentration booster), Acetyl L-Carnitine (500MG), CoQ10 (100MG), and I started feeling better. Then I read about D-Ribose (750MG) and how it is vital for energy. So I drove one hour to the nearest health food store (seriously) and the guy there said I needed to take it with Creatine (800MG). BOOM. That was the key. The D-Ribose and Creatine took it too a whole new level!!!!!!!!!! I took the D-Ribose (2 of the 750MG) and the Creatine (1 @ 800MG) and gave the same amount to my mother, and after a few hours I looked at her and said, "do you feel really good?" and she said, "yeah, I feel very peaceful and content... " and I replied, "Exactly. "... As the day progressed, we both felt better and better. Now we take it every day. The pain she was having in her legs is pretty much gone. She is 70 years old and she gets WAY MORE done now. She goes all day without stopping, instead of her usual three naps a day. The first few days of taking it, I just felt really happy, very peaceful and focused. I take all of the above supplements each morning, 1 of each but 2 of the D-Ribose. Now when I start working in the morning, my concentration level is at 100%. Four hours later, my concentration level is at 100%. Eights hours into my work day, my concentration level is still at 100%, without taking a break except for lunch. Unreal. I'm in heaven... After working all day, I have the energy level of a 5 year old boy now, I'm not joking, I'm serious, and you know hey THEY are! Oh, and my rosacea is GONE! (The Alpha Lipoic Acid really helped with that! ) My face isn't red anymore! It feels good to look like I'm not sick! And I exercise every day now. I work out with dumbbells, 10 to 25 pounds with each arm, I climb stairs for exercise for 10 minutes straight (up and down) like it's nothing. Seriously. I had already been eating healthy, so it's not like you can live on fast food and expect this to work. For breaksfast I eat oatmeal with honey and cinnamon (I also add a little sea-salt, blackstrap molasses, and coconut oil), or scrambled eggs cooked with olive oil or coconut oil and I add basil and sea-salt (ridiculously delicious), for lunch I have chicken breasts cooked in olive oil or coconut oil, and... That's right... Basil and sea-salt. Seriously, you have no idea how delicious that is. I also make stir-fry with raw spinach, red onions, tomatoes, garlic cloves (the whole clove, although not fun to peel) and whatever other vegetables seem good at the time, and I cook those in olive oil or coconut oil and... Basil and sea-salt... DELICIOUS!!! The healthy diet didn't help me with the chronic fatigue, but it sure does taste good! I was also very bloated for a while and started taking mixing psyllium husk powder mixed in water once or twice a day and that really helped! If you don't want to take all of the supplements listed above, you would still do extremely well with D-Ribose (2 to 4 @ 750MG) and Creatine (1 @ 800MG) each morning. Everyone says to take 5 Grams of D-Ribose every day, but I only take 1. 5 to 3 grams each day. But I keep upping my dose, and I feel better each day!!! Google it! YouTube it! EarthClinic it!!! I also heard (L?)-Carnosine was really good and should also be taken with the supplements listed above... THAT'S THE KEY: all of these supplements work together synergistically and each one helps all of the other supplements work better, as opposed to taking them separately. It's 11:38 PM right now and I'm still going full throttle! ... Even after working 8 hours and then exercising! And my concentration level is still at 100%!!! And, I sleep like a baby at night, which used to be a problem. That's whats cool about the D-Ribose... The energy is there when I need it, and the relaxation is there when I need it. It's as if it does want I want it to do when I want it to do it! Also my memory is way way way better! I want to point out that this is not like drinking coffee... I'm not bursting with energy and nervous, I feel very relaxed, but focused, and physically and mentally strong. I don't feel like I'm "on something" and I don't feel "high"... I just have a very genuine, natural sense of well-being, truly. I just feel really really really good! Have I made my point? :) :) :)

Probiotics, Vitamin D3
Posted by Alexander (London, Uk) on 10/15/2011
5 out of 5 stars

Probiotics and VitD3 against Chronic Fatigue

ok - do alot of things and take/ have taken alot of supplements, but what really seems to have kicked CFS in the butt is strong probiotics and Vit D3. Suffered from CFS for a good 10 years. Much better now and besides shifting my sleep patterns (feel grottiest in the mornings, so just sleeping through it and not getting up before noon does part of the trick. Luckily am self-employed so can arrange my day as I please), exercise (alot of cardio - and go into mediatation/ healing-mode whilst (don't do this on the treadmill!, works well on cross trainers and bikes though)) strong probiotics (I just make my own Kefir (but not anyone can abide the taste) and Vit D3 seem to have been the greatest help.

There seems to be some medical evidence that CFS patients frequently have imblances of gut flora (through stress, trauma or antibiotics), i.e. too many 'neagtive' bacteria, which release toxings into the blood and harm/ weaken nerves and the immune system (of which supposedly 80% is around the gut) - i.e. continuously supporting the gut with beneficial probiotic bacteria which repopulate the gut and push out the negative bacteria seems a sensible idea. Since starting on Kefir two years ago the number of frequent infections went down! Did not do that much for energy though (besides a bit of a general feeling good boost to not be sick all the time anymore), but VitD3 did (initially about 10000IU for a few weeks and since 2000IU daily).

Supposedly in the UK and US 50 % of adults are VitD3 insufficient! ?! ? and besides being important for cardio vascular health, blood sugar health and protective against several forms of cancer it helps with mood, immunity and energy levels....!!!

Besides feeling better (hey still have bad, grumpy days, but (knock wood) have not had any major illness/ infections for almost a year now (there was just one heavy flu about 2 weeks after starting on VitD3 (healing crisis?! ?! )) - I have since managed to have the extra energy to stop smoking and come off antidepressants too!!!

Very good too is that both probiotics (especially self-made Kefir) and VitD3 are both cheap!

Good luck - never give up hope!

General Feedback
Posted by Barbara (Rosedale, New Jersey) on 09/15/2011

I had chronic fatigue for over 10 years in the '80's when it wasn't recognized as a 'real problem'. Eventually I even had to quit working (could never collect disability). Even spent 3 weeks in the hospital for testing by an infectious disease doctor, who found no reason for my symptoms. What I found out, over time and by accident, was that being on antibiotics would relieve my symptoms for a significant period of time. Luckily, my personal physician believed me, and would prescribe for me when I would get really bad. Over time, I gradually came out of it.

General Feedback
Posted by Susan (Saint Mary's, Ga, Usa) on 09/14/2011


Developed asthma at pre-school age; used to play in big oxygen tent which covered my bed.

Developed Rheumatoid Arthritis at age 31 after birth of 2nd child; doctors still vacillate as to whether I have true RA as titers do not show up, but symtoms follow MD guidelines and over the years have taken extremely toxic meds for RA. No longer will take heavy meds for RA; deal with in other ways.

Developed Chronic Fatigue, or what was diagnosed as such, shortly after life long best friend died at age 50 with heart desease. I was then 48. Went to doctor I have used for years (still drive 12 hours to see her 2x a year) and told her I thought I was suffering from depression due to friend's death. She wanted to take blood work before just slapping me on anti-depressive meds. Tests came back with mono; which in Adults is Epstein Barr and two other less common viruses/ She treated me for 6 weeks and at the end of that time, though fevers were less, fatigue and stumbling, no sleep, too much sleep, were not markably improved. Lived with this for many more years with no treatment until MDs starting treating with B12 injections. I now take 3x a week (I am 60). It does help, but not alot. Episodes still occur with virilent effects every three to six weeks. Last year was put on SAVELLA which is new treatment for Fibromyalgia. It has helped some too, spaced out episodes to four to six months, but now having problems with dry eye; loss of part of film covering eye and IBS.

I have to tell all of you, common sense says autoimmune diseases are either related or feed off of each other or must strike some commonality as people with one autoimmune situation almost always have or develop another.

Though I have nothing against "good" doctors (was raised by two), I have strong objections to now taking 22 pills a day which in no way shape or form can be good for my system and probably to some extent counteract each other. I am a Type A personality (which most autoimmune sufferers are), used to be very athletic, no longer eat meat as body will not tolerate and, of course, like almost all CFS sufferers no longer work outside the home, much less overwork, which I was famous far.

I have lost friends over this as no one who has not suffered these life changing effects understands what you go through; luckily I do have a good spouse who tolerates my illness and my voracious reading and searches to try to find cause, effect and some form of treatment to help. I do think the floride poisoning reasearch has some strong studies to back it; oh and my hubby calls me a mine canary because if anything can effect anyone negatively by ingestion or skin contact, I usually "fall" off the perch first.

Any studies or possible treatment with diet change or minerals or vitamin additives that anyone has found to be helpful I would appreciate.

thanks.................stuck in lower rural, backward, Georgia


PS don't let anyone, with MD after their name or not, fool you into thinking this is caused by depression; anyone who has lived with chronic illness of any sort for more than a couple of years gets depressed.... HELLO?... Your life as you know it stops. If you need antidepressives to help control your sense of despair, take them, but be aware they come with their own issues as any chemical does......... Yoga does work for alot of people.

Coconut Oil
Posted by Susan (St. Mary's, Ga/USA) on 09/14/2011

Dear Ted, Not sure when this article was posted, but reading your response on Coconut Oil and CFS and how it helps; you also discussed using magnesium chloride, lavender oil, tea tree oil and zinc as topical application for viruses. Could you go into more detail on how to combine and use, please.

Everything I have read about Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and it's cousin diseases either point to a viral disease and/or Floride poisoning over years of internal and external body exposure. having lived with CFS now for 12 years and still developing more sypmtoms every year, I am now looking for alternative treatment/s to the classical MDs which are not working.

thank you, Susan H

Chronic Fluoride Poisoning Link
Posted by H (Sf, Ca) on 07/21/2011

TO: Andrea C from Cardiff. There is no fluoride in the water anywhere in Wales.

Fluoride concentrations in UK water supplies: in a million/7 extent.pdf

Distilled Water, Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Jay (Toronto, Ont, Canada) on 07/12/2011

Amy and Max. I have been drinking about 3 to 4 liters of distilled water per day for the past 19 years. Let me assure you that I am not near death, nor do I have constipation. My daily bowel movements can vary with the number of full meals I have the previous day but 3 a day of each is the daily average. Max, I think your comments about skin and scalp improvements and the ACV gives a better understanding of what is going on. The ACV is helping with the candida overgrowth throughout your body(which was causing the dry and flakey scalp and skin), but without a serious input of probiotics there is not enough good bacteria in your gut to balance the bad and to allow proper digestion to be maintained. Although yogurt can supply some probiotics, you would need to eat probably the same amount as your water intake to be effective. I strongly urge you to puchase and use a good 6 or 8 strain probiotic from the refrigerated section of a good health food store. Following the directions on the label should alleviate your problem.

Distilled Water, Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Amy (Little Rock, Ar) on 07/12/2011

I took a chemistry class in college and used distiller water for many of our very precise experiments. The reason for distilled water is that it is in a very stable and pure water form. It lacks vitamins, minerals and therefore ions. This is where people are slightly misinformed. Distilled water is a pure form but it's used for experiments due to its condition NOT to interact with other side reactions.

We as humans need ions in our water. We need this for osmosis and cellular interactions in order to function at the basic levels. I asked my instructor specifically about drinking distilled water and he claimed we would eventually die. I'm not sure about that, however, it would definitely explain constipation. Our bowels operate significantly by using ion exchange and water osmosis. If water cannot be pulled through our bodies using ions, just imagine the challenge of moving uncharged water from your kidneys to your bowels.... Not gonna happen. The suggestion to at least add magnesium or simply salt to your water might help. I personally would drink bottled water while resuming your normal regimen and look for change. Hope this helps.

Viral Impact
Posted by Robyn (Melbourne, Australia) on 05/31/2011

This discussion perhaps especially for those of us suffering severe fms & cfs symptoms but also how much does viral impact on mcs?

"These include viral infections of Epstein-barr (EBV), cytomegalovirus (CMV), human herpes virus-6, (HHV-6), and bacterial infections such as mycoplasma, Chlamydia pneumoniae (CP) and Borrelia burgdorferi (Lyme disease). " I've had all of these. "Chronic reactivating infections, such as those mentioned above, do not stimulate IgM antibodies, as they are not new infections but rather intracellular reactivating infections."

I feel like I have EBV, ross river virus and most of these most days ie. Close to death.
"Additionally limiting sensitivity is the fact these infections are not concentrated in the blood or serum but rather in the tissues, especially nerves, brain and the white blood cells. "

They are using 2 antibiotics to treat; one intraveneously over 6 months and are back to precfs days. Has anyone had any success with this kind of treatment? I've only used the natural methods after doctors doing me in with antibiotics in my 20s for yeast and bladder infections but not making much progress.

Alkaline Diet
Posted by James (Winnaleah, Tasmania Australia) on 05/30/2011
5 out of 5 stars

I have had chronic fatigue for 30 years and have spent a small fortune on trying to find a cure. From the result of doing web searches, I realised that my ph was low so set about to correct it.

Cider vinegar and H2O2, as well as being careful with what I eat, have been the means to correct my ph. You need to check your saliva and urine, not just your blood. Blood ph can be good and saliva and urine can be low as a result of the body correcting the blood. Our system knows that the blood needs to be right for our body's sake, so our saliva and urine systems will lower to counteract it. Therefore once we get our saliva and urine neutral things are rosey! Now after 30 years of pain and confusion, I am a different boy!

I have been buying 50% H2O2 solution for spraying crops for insect and fungi control at a 3% mix. I rinse my mouth with straight water and then sip a mouth full of H2O2, hold it in my mouth and swerling it for a minute or so and then swallowing it. I chase it with another sip of water. --don't know why I do that :)

H2O2 works on my crops and has worked on me. Who can argue with that?

Chronic Fluoride Poisoning Link
Posted by Andrea C (Cardiff, Wales) on 05/04/2011

Fluoride is hidden in medications and also "natural health products" vits, supplements, and even if you eat organic produce its probably been watered in fluorieded water! And then washed in fluorided water! We have to be ever vigilant, this is allowed by law and doesn't have to be printed as a health warning. Then theres the packaging issuse, how many people are aware that most organic ready prepeared veg or salad, has been washed in chlorine bleach and of course flourided tap water! I am talking from experience, because of nerve damage, Fibro, (which my consultant told me, ME, fibro, and cfs, are all the same illness) some of us have it to a degree that we're not aware we have it, and by God! Some of us fear death before cure as we can't un-wrap slice, or cut our food up, pour or hold a glass of water, sit, wash, or dress with no help. Get in or out of bed, open mail, med, vit, or supplement containers? The only way to be sure is to grow it, raise it, kill it and cook it. Even organically raised animals are given tap water to drink! I have spent thousands on electrical appliances to peel chop, grind, what ever, and I can't switch them on or off, and the vibration is hell! I've had a hip replacement, my other one needs doing, disc detereation, arthritis, neuropathic nerve pain all over my body, I was a supreme athlete, but amonghst the locals I was know as that fit girl who was always drinking tap water!!! That and the drugs I should never been given in the first place wreaked my life!! So please, by all means share your trials and experiences, but don't be so self santimonious! I'm sorry your unwell, but its true, theres always people with no help worse off than yourself!!

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Robyn (Melbourne, Australia) on 04/29/2011

Whats the allergy protocol please? Im so allergic Im living in a car, allergic to chemicals and formaldehyde so the house is unbearable and nature - pollens etc. Any help GREATLY appreciated.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Courtney (NY) on 04/27/2011

Dear Ted, Thank you for your help with CFS and allergies. Six years ago I started a continuous struggle with Chronic sinus headaches and infections brought on by allergies, deep muscle pain and extreme brain fog(At times it is too difficult to drive) and now severe depression. I have been bed ridden much of the time, but still keep going and making efforts to get well for my two children (ages 7 and 11) and my husband who has been burdened with all of the things I can no longer do.

I have tried everything, I even stayed two months away from my family in order to get daily IV therapy which like all else was short-lived. I am currently on thyroid medication and a high dose of an anti-depressant.

I began your allergy protocol with amazing success. I had a few bad days, but they disappeared within a week. I then began the H202 recipe that you gave in an earlier CFS response. In one day I felt like my old self and have not taken an antihistimine or sinus medication in two weeks! I am cautiously ecstatic.

Last night hayfever set in with a vengeance. I have not taken any meds for it because I want to give your therapy a chance to work. I was able to get out of bed and steam with vinegar and water which finally brought the relief that citric acid and baking soda could not touch. It is evening and I am much better and can think clearly enough to write.

I think I may be taking too much between H2O2 (3 drops per glass of mineral water) two glasses sipped all day and citric acid, baking soda and mineral water twice a day. When I feel my energy drain I use clove oil with unbelievable success. Could this actually work long term? Should I keep doing this every day along with taking Mg, amino acid, Chlorella, Zinc and egg yokes?

I had a major setback today because I cut myself in the garden and got a a tetanus shot along with stitches. I am terrified all of this progress will now be lost. I would appreciate your thoughts on this.

Thank you again for the last few weeks of improved health and the sliver of hope that it is possible to be healthy again.

Sincerely, Courtney

Chronic Fluoride Poisoning Link
Posted by Ellen (Denton, Tx) on 04/03/2011

IMHO there are several holes in the fluoride connection logic. For me personally, I've known about the dangers of fluoride for years and avoided it persistently. I have done detoxes, too. I still have CFS but am responding quite well to anti-viral, antibacterial treatment and megadoses of vitamin C via IV. Also, CFS/fibromyalgia has been around for centuries. Fluoride water treatment, toothpastes, and medication haven't. If anybody would address these issues I would be more than happy to change my mind.

Retroviral Link to Cfs
Posted by Toni (Hutchinson Island, Fl) on 03/05/2011

I have CFS also. Did you have the test for XMRV ?If so, what were the results.

Distilled Water, Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Katwilm (Wilmington, Nc) on 02/24/2011

Whatever the cause of the constipation, magnesium is your best friend. Can't really get too much since your body devours it, but take the magnesium pills once, twice or even three times a day and the results are more than satisfying.

Vitamin D
Posted by Garnet (Village, Country) on 02/16/2011

I recently discovered that I have a Vitamin D deficiency and am now on prescription levels for it. I finally seemed to be improving after all these weeks but today I had a setback and my old symptoms returned. How long did it take for your treatment to be effective? Do you have setbacks or has your energy level been consistent since you began supplementing?

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Tanya (Manchester, En) on 12/14/2010

I was diagnosed with CFS/FM/Under active thyroid and arythma garret, 3 years ago they told me I need a hip replacement and I was being monitored for my heartbeat, which had dropped to 34, I was told that I would need to have a pacemaker. Thank God I did not listen to them and started doing research and then a friend took me to see someone who treats people with bio energy and after one treatment, my heart rate went up to 42, so I was safe from the pacemaker. A couple more treatments and I was starting to get a lot better, I suffered terribly from brain fog, a teaspoon of ESKIMO OIL every day.. I started to notice the difference after a week, started to remember things and my mind was a lot more sharper and clearer. I had to travel 40 miles and someone had to drive me there and back, so I was still looking for other options and someone introduced me to a bio energy bed, that I could use at home called cergen, after the unlimited free trials, I decided to invest in one as I wanted in the comfort of my home and be able to use it 3 times a day. It does many things, align your spine, where the blood is made and also massages you and focuses on the lymphatic system, that really helped. I used everything on earth clinic and still do.

Then I found wet cuppin, hijamah therapy, it is the best thing I have come across as it helped and healed me in many ways, and is so amazing that I could not possibly write all the benefits on here, so the best thing is to google it as Hijama. I had hijama done on my hip and after one treatment my hip was back to normal.

I have also started to use DMSO.. Amazing stuff. I am a lot better, I have more or less a normal life. I found speaking only positive and smiling all the time helped. I still continue to use all these things, whenever I can, especially hijama as I have found this to be the most beneficial. I also only use distilled water and threw my microwave out a long time ago. I try and eat health , organic food and do not use any chemicals on my body, , or take them. Writing everyday, to empty my mind of rubbish changed my life! I hope this can be helpful as I know too well what its like being ill and being neither awake , nor asleep, feeling jet-lagged and not being able to sleep, the pain used to be on the next level and the worst , family and freinds not understanding. Peace, love and thank you for this wonderful site.. I love it. Tanya.

Posted by Anna (Atlanta, Ga.) on 07/16/2010
4 out of 5 stars

I have ebv and chronic fatigue for long time. Taking Mitochondria 2 tabs per day. I feel a little better and worse when not taking it.

Olive Leaf
Posted by Ted (Bangkok, Thailand) on 07/16/2010 384 posts

The idea of what kinds of viruses is causing the CFS is just one question, the other is more broader question whether other viral strains are possible also. The olive leaf can be clean using a mild non fragrance soap, or a no fragrance shampoo. THe olive leaves may also be inspected visually and then are separated. The clean fresh young leaves are your best bet. Then you just prepared a drink using the blender after collecting them and refrigerate unused portions. The chronic fatigue I know that works, at least for a short term, is the clove oil mixed in ethanol alcohol, the ones you find in vodka, and make a 5-10% solution of that then is applied throughout the body or a clove oil shots (like beer shots) where vodka one capful is used, plus a 3-5 drops of clove oil is prepared.

Essiac Tea
Posted by Dezi (San Jose, Ca) on 07/10/2010
5 out of 5 stars

I have battled chronic fatigue for more than 20 years. Sometimes it's baffling; it comes and goes. However, I have managed to keep working all this time because of the natural remedies I've used. The XMRV viral connection makes sense to me. I had Epstein-Barr virus. I treated this with the essiac fomula very successfully, and I am due for another brewing. It might be worth a try. It turns my energy around with a week of taking the brew morning and night on an empty stomach. Essiac is said to kill viruses and cancer cells in the bloodstream. I'd like to add that I took the essiac formula to my cousin and his partner, who had come down with AIDS many years ago. To this day, they still take it, and it has been a literal life saver for them. Chronic fatigue can also have a thyroid component, and also adrenal exhaustion may play a part, or a combination. A homeopathic doctor told me years ago that my mitochondria were dysfunctional. The mitochondria are organisms that live in our cells. They consume sugar and release energy, giving us energy at the cellular level. If this is not working correctly, you will not have any energy being supplied to your body. The mitochondria can be effected by viruses, candida, etc.! I'm currently looking into how to support the mitochondria. Anyone out there have any suggestions for that?

Olive Leaf
Posted by Dezi (San Jose, Ca) on 07/10/2010

In response to Sara from Tel Aviv, if there is pollution I would not try to use olive leaf from the trees. I would get properly prepared capsules. As an alternative, I have successfully used the essiac formula to kill the viruses. I have had chronic fatigue for more than 20 years on and off. My first bout with it was terrible, I didn't even have enough energy in my body to get myself up my stairs to bed. The essiac formula kicked my energy into gear within a week. I took a commercially prepared blend from the health food store, brewed it, and took 1/4 cup in 2-3 times as much water, once in the morning, on an empty stomach (I kept the glass by the bedside), and once at night, again, on an empty stomach, before going to bed. I would suggest taking it for a week and seeing how you feel. You can repeat treatments as often as needed, you just shouldn't be taking it all the time. The essiac formula is strong, and can tax your liver. I am now due for another brewing. Essiac formula is said to kill viruses and cancer. I went to the presentation of the research paper on XMRV at the University of the Pacific in Stockton, CA. The viral connection is an exciting link. If you have a viral cause for the fatigue, or it's a contributing factor, essiac can really help.

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