Natural Cures for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Posted by Heather (San Diego, Ca - California) on 01/25/2012
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I am a 41 year old female with CFS for 7 years.

After only one month on iodine, starting at a few mg a day and more recently working up to 100 mg a day (as recommended by Dr. Guy Abraham for FMS and CFS patients; and in addition to avoiding as much fluoride as possible by drinking only distilled water and a no-flouride toothpaste, I am happy to report a reduction in brain fog by about 50-60%; all my chronically swollen lymph nodes are gone; my previously scaly feet and heels are now pedicure perfect; my body temperature is completely normal for the first time in a decade; my mystery fevers have disappeared, and I'm sleeping better.

I'm doing many other things: Ted's alkalizing formula; Lysine; multi vitamin, b vitamins, 3 grams vitamin C, and an additional brazil nut each day (for the selenium), progesterone for 2 weeks per month, 1 tbs nutritional yeast when I don't have b-vitamins, magnesium citrate (600 mg/day) and only use coconut oil and butter. However, I'd done most of those things before the Lugol's iodine solution -- which I take in 3 divided doses of 33 mg each.

The other thing I started soon after the Lugol's was taking 1tsp 2x day of turmeric. That may be an important factor, esp re. the lymph nodes if they were caused by bacteria/virus.

The painful swollen lymph nodes have been a problem for about a year, and were usually accompanied by a low grade fever.

My waking body temp was usually around 95.2, although sometimes is was 94 and others 96. It is now consistently 97.8-98. 2! A couple of times my evening temp has risen to 99 but I'm not worried about that because I didn't feel feverish.

However, I haven't seen much improvement in my energy levels. That said, having my brain back is a Godsend and I'd choose a working brain over energy any day. Nothing is worse than a malfunctioning brain.

It's only been a little over a month on the Lugol's, and only 3 days on the 100 mg. Today I am starting d-ribose and L Carnitine to help with the energy. I intend to continue the 100 mg of Lugol's for 7 weeks, which is what Dr. Abraham recommends to reach saturation, then will consider tapering back down to about 25 mg a day.

This does not contradict the flouride toxicity theory as a cause of CFS Fibro: Iodine/iodide is one way to help flush out flouride, chlorine and metals and that may be a reason it is working so well.

I also posted in this category about coconut oil a few weeks ago.