Natural Remedies for Cherry Angiomas

Tea Tree Oil
Posted by Carolina (Uk) on 08/28/2016
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Cherry Angiomas:

Tea tree oil and cream Boots have a 3 for 2 offer its £9 for 3 items. The cream is good as I can take to work and apply to my arms, I have been using for a few weeks so far I've bought from ebay cherry angioma remover £20, and Iodine tabs also £20 spent about £60 so far. Now I saw a doctor he told me I would only get rid of them private by laser treatment! I googled and believe I have an iodine deficiency so am taking I-throid iodine tablets they take months to work but read they do work and help the cherry angiomas go, I hope so I have over 100 all over that vary in shape/size. I've stopped swimming or going anywhere without a long sleeved top to hide them I wear trousers too. Not good as its summer.

Bromine is found in pools and it's used instead of chlorine. Funny how I got these after joining a local health club and using their pool. Iodine gets rid of bromine hence the tablets.

I'm depressed and they are multiplying and I'm stressed. If they so not go in a few months will go the laser route and will just have to pay £1,000 plus. Doctors should treat these on the NHS as not life threatening not important. Locum never asked me about my mental state or how I felt its bad enough being menopausal without these they will be gone before I go abroad next year. I only work part-time but we still have to pay same as everyone else for stuff.