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Posted by Valerie (Oklahoma City, Ok) on 03/19/2018

Dog bite & terrible infection wouldn't heal even after 6 days in hospital & on 3 antibiotics by IV.

At home, it took a month still on antibiotics, skin was literally rotting. Each day new rot would form under & around a 1/4 inch humongous scab. Smelled like green rotten meat. Cellulitus/staph arm 3 times swollen.


U can place minced FRESH garlic any place on your body, open wound or not. It will absorb thru skin.

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Posted by Kim (Flagstaff, Az) on 11/09/2012

I suffer from recurrent cellulitis infections and 6 months back had found a cream that was highly recommended for cellulitis prevention and treatment on a more natural method. Does anyone know what this cream may be called or where I can find it? Thanks

Replied by Kathyp From Wisconsin

The cream you may be talking about is Eumaid I believe. There is another one called Terrisal or something like that. I used the Eumaid and I can't say it works any better than the Tea Tree Oil or Coconut oil.

Replied by KT

I have often wondered if it is really the cream and not the fact you are massaging. My experience confirmed it was the latter. My "Dolly Dimples" went away after daily rubbing the areas with a facecloth while in the shower. It was sure less expensive!

Replied by Ashley
(Tn, US)

My mother had cellulitis and a nursing home she was in used some cream called MediHoney.. It cured her legs right up . You can buy it on Ebay a lot cheaper than anywhere else..

Replied by Leeann

For those with deeply cracked heels, my suggestion is to use a pediegg or pumice stone to remove the heavy calluses that split. Then use Lantiseptic cream or ointment, and rub into heels and feet every morning and night. I have used this method for the past six months and my heels are smooth and healthy for the first time in over 30 years. My mother has cellulitis and uses Lantiseptic to help keep ulcers from forming on unbroken skin on her legs.

Moringa Oil

Posted by Dvan34 (Calexico, CA) on 06/12/2024

Moringa oil for Cellulitis?

My wife recently had edema and injured her left foot causing Cellultis.She is presently in the hospital undergoing treatment. Cellutis is not considered curably Allopathic means. It does seem to be treatable my natural and herbal methods although Moringa Oil does not appear to have been used here. I would appreciate any information or success that anyone has had using Moringa Oil for this. I plan to experiment by applying the oil to portions of her legs. I will post any success that I have here, both edema as well as Cellulitis.

Replied by Sherri

Hello Dvan,

Numerous people have had complete resolution with very severe ulcerating and non-ulcerative cellulitis using one of the following essential oil protocols below.

Because different bacteria are responsible for this infection, including staphylococci, streptococci and MRSA, using a blend of essential oils is broad-spectrum.

Apply essential oil blends 2-3X/day. Infections usually resolve within 4 - 30 days.


1. Oral: 1 Tablespoon colloidal silver morning and night, empty stomach.

2. Apply hot saline compresses for 30 minutes daily. Then gently massage affected area with a blend of the following essential oils (can dilute with a carrier):

  • German Chamomile 6 drops
  • Lavender 4 drops
  • Roman Chamomile 3 drops
  • Tea Tree 2 drops

3. After applying oils, wear medical support stockings to aid blood circulation.

4. Continue taking colloidal silver at reduced dose, 1 tsp, for 3-4 weeks following resolution.

People often experience quick improvement within 4-6 days.

Note: can add essential oils to a carrier at 25% - 75% essential oil: 75% - 25% carrier (depends on your sensitivity or infection severity): Emu oil, Aloe Vera, Black Cumin Seed Oil (BCSO) or all three. The first two carriers have penetrating and anti-inflammatory properties and drive the essential oils deeper into tissues. BCSO has anti-cellulitis properties as well as anti-inflammatory. Others: Pomegranate oil, cold pressed EVOO, Hazelnut oil. Or, just add the carrier DMSO to your blend for further penetrating and anti-inflammatory properties.

Others have applied the essential oils directly to the area such as Lemon essential oil.

NOTE: first, dilute any essential oil(s) you are going to use and apply to healthy skin to test for sensitivity reactions.


1. "Anti-Cellulitis" Blend

Add equal amounts of the following essential oils to a carrier: Marigold, Lemon, Cedarwood, Cypress, Eucalyptus citriodora, Niaouli and Dalmation Sage. Use 2-3X/day.

PROTOCOL C - "Banerji Cellulitis Protocol"

Mix the following two essential oil blends with DMSO (25% - 75%):

Mercy: Lavender angustifolia, Geranium, Patchouli, Tea Tree (Hopewell)

Staff Comfort: aloe vera leaf concentrate, lavender angustifolia hydrolat, tamanu nut oil (from Vanuta), Eucalyptus radiata, Geranium, lavender angustifolia, tea tree, ionic trace minerals. (Hopewell). This is a 25% dilution.

Another essential oil blend that often works: Helichrysum italics, Dalmatian Sage, Cypress, Ylang Ylang, Sweet Marjoram.


Those shown to be effective in research & clinical use: Cypress, German Chamomile, Lavender, Oregano (?), Tea Tree, Lemon, Marigold, Cedarwood, Eucalyptus citriodora, Niaouli, Dalmation Sage, and Sweet Marjoram.


Addressing risk factors can speed healing:

lymphedema, chronic fungal/yeast infections, diabetes, weakened immune system, poor circulation, tending to wounds/bites/broken skin immediately.

Hence, addressing these issues can make a difference in healing - eating particular foods, taking specific supplements and using targeted lifestyle practices. examples:

Niacin - can significantly improve circulation, improves blood flow to extremities, relaxes arteries and veins.

Cinnamon zeylanicum (C. verum) - reduces blood sugar levels.

Rocking Chair: Major Dejarnette wrote in Sacro Occipital Technic of Chiropractic, pg. 21: "When man spends too much time in the vertical position and insufficient time in the recumbent position he becomes ill because he loses his normal ability to maintain respiratory effort and cerebrospinal spinal fluid pressure. When the home discarded the rocking chair it discarded one of its best friends, because the rocking chair is the only method that will quickly equalize cerebrospinal spinal fluid pressure." The cardiac patient or, all non-febrile cases, struggles to recover in the recumbent position but quickly mends in the rocking chair position.

Magnesium - can improve cardiac function, blood sugar levels, insulin levels. Most people in the US are deficient in Mg.

Benfotiamine (bioavailable form of B1/Thiamine): treats diabetes. B1 is required for intracellular glucose metabolism. B1 levels are lower in diabetics. Most people eating typical US diet are deficient in B1 because of high carbohydrate intake. Thiamine accelerates healing of diabetic wounds (Diabetologia. 2006 Feb.49(2):405-20. "Benfotiamine accelerates the healing of ischemic diabetic limbs in mice through ....". S Gadau, etc.. PMID: 16416271)

(Calexico, CA)

Thank You Sherri for such a lengthy and complete list of protocols. I'll certainly try them out. My wife was traceried out of the extended ER today and sent to a Skilled Nursing Clinic in Yuma, AZ. The reason was for further curation of the wound on the top of her left foot when she had edema and a can fell on it cutting the skin and causing infection. We have applied the moringa oil to her legs and feet but so far not to the wound itself. The edema and her skin is already noticeably better. Of course the doctors are using diuretics also which can cause problems of their own. I have the colloidal silver but will probably need to get her out of the hospital to apply it. I wonder could the silver be given in a small amount of pure water? Again thank you I really appreciate it.


Hi Dvan.

Colloidal silver can be added to water.

Glad to hear your wife's infection has improved. Hope it heals quickly.

And, you are very welcome, hope the info can be helpful.

Best wishes, Sherri

P.S. I know many are not familiar with essential oils so I have seen/experienced 3 other remedies that have been used successfully for cellulitis:

1. Ozonated Olive Oil - only purchase high quality which has a high concentration of ozone, we use Apply 2X or more daily. Can cover the area.

2. Hypochlorous Acid (HOCL) - they now make this in a gel form that contains a higher concentration of HOCL. This is now used throughout the medical community by surgeons, dermatologists, ophthalmologists, etc. We use Apply 3-6x daily. Cover area.

3. EmuaidMax - contains colloidal silver, wound-healing probiotics and other medicinals. Apply frequently throughout the day. Activates only when you rub it into the area VERY WELL. Only need to use a bit, not a lot.

Multiple Remedies

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Posted by Jerome (New York, Ny) on 08/29/2016 8 posts

CELLULITIS: I recently developed cellulitis in my feet and ankles for the second time in my life. The first time my ankles swelled up like an elephant's after my cousin's cat rubbed up against my bare legs and I went to the emergency room (I was only 23). They pumped me full of high dose IV antibiotics and after a few days it went away.

This last time I developed the same problem again 15 years later after rubbing a dog with my bare feet. My ankles again swelled up and I realized it was cellulitis exactly as I had years ago. This time, however, I didn't want to go through with the antibiotics again since the first time they messed up my digestion bad and it never fully recovered. So I tried to go the natural route with oral colloidal silver (1100ppm), GSE, olive leaf, etc. This seemed to keep it from spreading for a few days but it wouldn't heal. Then I got a colloidal silver topical first aid gel which you can buy in any Vitamin Shoppe or major vitamin webseller. I applied it, let it dry for a few hours, rinsed my feet off then applied it again, for a total of about 4x/day. The silver gel combined with the oral stuff reversed the infection on the tops of my feet and shins dramatically, but though it was receding it was very slow and stubborn in my ankles and heels.

So I began researching online again and found a medical paper from a hospital that showed that giving cellulitis patients 400mg of ibuprofen every 6 hours for 10 days together with antibiotics resulted in much faster healing than with antibiotics alone. I had my wife pick up a bottle of ibuprofen at the drug store and began taking it. By that night with the silver gel, oral silver, GSE, olive leaf, myrrh and a few other basic things (vit C, echinacea, etc.), the cellulitis was 80-90% gone. I also took proteolytic enzymes which may have helped too.

After the second full day of the above regimen, including the ibuprofen, the cellulitis was basically healed. Oh and one more crucial thing if you're dealing with cellulitis of the legs or feet: ELEVATE THEM!!! They will not heal if you don't keep them elevated, HIGH! I sat on a lounge chair with my feet high on the wall for almost three days straight. Take breaks and walk around every hour or so but try to keep them elevated for the whole day. Sounds crazy but I was not going to get those IV antibiotics which destroyed my gut again if I could help it.

In sum what I did was this:

  • Oral colloidal silver 1100 ppm, 3 droppers a day
  • Silver gel applied 4-5x a day
  • Oral GSE, olive leaf, myrrh, and some other immune boosting supplements
  • Ibuprofen 400mg every six hours
  • Keep feet elevated



July 04, 2018: I had a recurrence of the cellulitis and hit upon something that worked brilliantly: BETADINE. I applied straight Betadine to my feet and ankles with a cotton ball every few hours for a couple days and kept my feet elevated. Worked like a charm. I recommend trying Betadine as soon as the signs of cellulitis rear their head.

Replied by Cindy
(Illinois, USA)
486 posts

I was going to do the povidone iodine on just one ankle - where it soaked right in and disappeared but as soon as I did it, the other one started itching so I put it on both, LOL! So much for my experiment...

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Vicki (South Australia) on 05/09/2016


Thank you to everyone who has tried & had results, this site is a great help. I regularly fast, sometimes for days at a time, this has not helped, I have had this severe condition for 13 weeks and was getting worse to the point I couldn't walk on the foot at all, currently on cleocin antibiotics, from 1 every 4 hrs 2 wks ago upped to 2 tablets 3x a day, tea tree oil has halved the stinging burning pain that is worse than child birth. the only way to describe the pain is like being burnt badly while cooking 1st degree burn, that is the closest pain that comes close, followed by contractions in the area ( mine is in the little toe I cut nail too short)

I have changed my diet: Apple Cider Vinegar 2 tbl spoons in a glass of water I sip all day, & drink 2 ltrs or more of water room temp, Echinacea & berry tea & green tea. dandelion tea. Turmeric, Curcumin & black pepper about 2 tbl spoons of each & fresh garlic cloves I put all over my salad & I eat for lunch: tomatoes, lettuce, cucumber & carrots, capsicum, green apples for lunch with salad oil dressing to help spread the turmeric into every cell of my body and the bone marrow, I found having tomato on buttered (has oil in it) toast with pepper & turmeric helps the stinging/swelling calm down first thing in morning. I have tried sucking a raw young lemon or add to water also.

I'm on day 2 of this, and pain has halved, I can finally sleep with out being woken by crippling pain, and I can walk with out a cane. the toe is not dark purple now its going pink, red & skin colour, I wipe tea tree oil around the area not on the sore itself, as they removed the nail & sliced into area to squeeze out infection twice, it's covered all the time, dressing changed every 2 days. The antibiotic not working so I had to try everything I can find on the net & combine it into 1, I'm about to get the manuka honey to add this too. It's very slow healing but its progress considering what pain I'm in & keeping the toe.

Researching it has shown me, smoking, eating sugary stuff, fasting too much (malnutrition) & little exercise is stopping it from getting better.

1) It's important to get 10+ min exercise in so the oxygen & blood flow gets to the area.

2) Turmeric & black pepper & the Tea tree oil halve the pain & swelling,

3) Water fluids flushes toxins out. So go pee pee pee.

4) Warmth helps the pain, the cold make it hurt more.

5) Keep foot raised at all times possible. even when sleeping rest it on a pillow.

I hope this helps someone.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Dolores (Mira Loma, Ca) on 09/08/2015

I originally got Cellulitis in Dec 2014, since then I have had 4 flare ups. Dr's have given strong antibiotics for 20 days. It seemed to work, it has been 2 months and noticed redness starting along with pain. I do not want to use antibiotics any longer. I have used Tea tree oil, coconut oil, colloidal sprays etc. I am a diabetic, have gone through chemo, but why do I keep getting these flare ups? Please someone help me I am at my wits end

Thank you so much,


Multiple Remedies
Posted by Miriam (Wisconsin, US) on 12/13/2014

Last year I was sick with cellulitis outbreaks for at least half of the year. I was on 7 different antibiotics as my doctor tried to find one that worked. I searched the question, "what does the skin need to stay healthy?" online and omega 3s came up. I realized I was very deficient in omega 3s. I started taking 2000 mg Solgar fish oil and 2 tbsp of Udo's Oil on food every day. I also ate a super healthy diet with no sugar and grass-raised meat. After about a month, the cellulitis was gone but it came back and then I started taking 50 mg of iodine in the form of Lugol's solution for a month. The last part was reading the book "The Mind Body Prescription" by Dr. Sarno. Using his psychological techniques, I have now kept cellulitis away for 7 months and feel 100% well.

Replied by Sam
(Miami, FL)

Not sure what you are talking about. cellulitis is lumpy subcutaneous fat.


Cellulite is subcutaneous fat under the skin. Cellulitis is an infection under the skin.

Replied by Alexandra
(Cheshire, Uk)

Hi Sam. I think you are referring to cellulite. Cellulite and cellulitis are very different conditions.

Replied by Sonnie
(San Antonio,. Texas)

I am unclear here. Are You saying it was really omega 3's and the 50 mg's of iodine that worked most effectively or the book from Dr. Sarno and it's psychological approach to wellness?

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Janet (Durham, West Grey, Ontario) on 06/17/2013

Cellulitis cures I've tried and failed:

I got cellulitis a year ago from a bug bite (mosquito I think) which became rapidly infected! I put Tea Tree oil on it but it only burned and didn't stop the infection. Actually I didn't know I had cellulitis at that point. I went to my local hospital emergency and the doctor on staff said likely the bug bite got infected due to chronic sinus infection under the cheek! He advised a topical antibiotic, which I normally NEVER take antibiotics as I get severely ill from them (I have a chronic underlying immune disorder and other health challenges originally due to serious childhood trauma/complex PTSD--post traumatic stress syndrome. To say, I have been holistic, vegetarian (mostly) and use many natural healing methods since I was 18 and I am 57 now).

Back to the cellulitis: I was so scared on reading on-line what cellulitis is and how dangerous that I decided to try:

1) a topical colloidal Silver gel. My face/cheek swelled to triple the size and became itchy, painful and really red!!! I looked up the ingredients and there was one that is some kind of chemical as the base that on researching is used by the cosmetic industry and is highly reactive in exactly the ways I had, for some individuals, esp. With sensitive skin normally (me)!!!! And this was advised by the health food store!!

2) I tried the topical antibiotic at that point being really worried--and even WORSED reaction!!!!!!

SOOOOO, I gave up, went on line, found people using golden seal---I tried a tincture straight, burned like hell. Put a little in SLippery Elm powder with water, applied as a pack on my cheek--this worked and in a few days my infection was greatly reduced. I continue for a few weeks. BUT the infection stayed at a low level and here I am 11 months later with it spread to my lips and up to my temple!! I tried slippery elm again, no change. I've tried various healing salves, I've even tried Tea Tree oil with water this morning--just burned a little, redder now--still swollen though not as bad as a year ago.

What now? I AM of course working with someone I've found who does natural healing to help my whole body and mind---with energy clearing work to clear out the PTSD, and diet adjusting ( already eat for 20+ years an organic, whole foods diet with all the best supplements) and supplement adjusting with muscle testing for MY SPECIFIC NEEDS. I was crying this morning though, wanting to give up, then praying to my Angels, God, the Universe to help me with my whole condition---I've had a 'flu' with vomitting, aching, fatigue, etc for 5 months now! #@! It went away for a bit, seemed the healing was working and then I ran out of money for my good food and supplements and boom! The flu came back--the whole bit. I've been on this adjusted diet and supplements with this healer for 2 weeks now, still sick!!! Argh! But I'm not giving up!

Any suggestions? I will, by the way, look at what the Earth Clinic suggests and try them! Thanks everyone for your stories by the way! To Light and Joy! Cheers! Janet

Replied by Joy
(Battleground, Wash)

You might try topical activated charcoal... Messy stuff but draws out toxins under the skin. You could take charcoal tabs for other stuff internal but don't take with other stuff or it will suck it up and eliminate it. Hospitals use it for OD patients to detox them.

Replied by Dave
(Fountain Inn, Sc)

Hello Janet, This is what I would do and have done re bites and systemic infections.

Use the following: Topically on the bite area and skin where infected apply Echinacea in liquid form (the herb) liberally applied to a white cloth. Prefer adding a few drops to each application of DMSO to make sure the echinacea absorbs since the bite is probably healed over by now. Repeat with new topical application every hour. Use as a poultice keeping applied to infected area. Next, take five drops of the Echinacea into purified water and drink. Every hour replace the topical application and drink the liquid. Do this for twelve hours. See if improved. If better, do the same thing again the next day. Repeat the third day.

Finally, get a good brand of high ppm colloidal silver liquid... Not a gel that you had such problems with. Drink a tablespoon of CS three time daily on an empty stomach. Do this daily for a full month. This is needed, along with the echinacia taken internally to kill the microbe/ virus, fungi, or bacteria doing the damage. But the infection is not only below the surface on your face... By your description it is also in the body system... hence the flu attacks.

Replied by Mama To Many
(Middle, Tennessee, Usa)

Janet, So sorry about this suffering and sickness! Last year my son, who was 4, had a bug bite on his earlobe that became infected. It got worse and worse and appeared to be staph/cellulitis. We were able to heal him at home, it did take several weeks. This is what we did:


Turmeric - 2-4 times a day. 1/4 t. (an adult could take 1 t. Which would be about 4 00 capsules) I mixed it with honey as he couldn't swallow pills.

Coconut oil 2-4 times a day 1 t. (1 T. For an adult, but work up to it from 1 t. ) I gave this at the same time as the turmeric as the turmeric need some fat to work the best.

Externally -

During the day - several times a day I put a mixture of olive oil, tea tree essential oil and frankinsence essential oil on his ear. (1 t. Oil plus a couple of drops of the essential oils. He is a sensitive redhead and straight would be too much.)

During the night - charcoal poultices - 1 part ground flax seed, 1 part activated charcoal powder and water to make a paste like a soft jelly. I spread this on a paper towel and folded it over and put it on his ear and covered with plastic wrap (charcoal must be wet to work) and then attached it to his head with a bandana.

Once in a while I did hot and cold soaks. This really did seem to help. I would get two containers, one with very cold water and one with hot water as much as he could stand. I would alternate hot and cold several times and end with cold.

I have noticed several good ideas for you but wanted to add this so you have lots of things you can try. Please let us know what works for you!

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Mama To Many
(Middle, Tennessee, Usa)

Janet, I forgot to mention in my last post that I also gave my son raw garlic 2-3 times a day as well, as a natural antibiotic. 1 small clove each time, minced. I put it in honey or spread it on toast. He is really a pretty stoic little guy to tolerate it all, but it was all a very safe solution for him.

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Anonymous

Hi Janet, I would use manuka honey (raw-unpasturised). Spread it over area affected. Also, take a spoonful in a glass of water with a spoonful of ACV a few times a day. I think this will work for you. As a coincidence I was just concentrating on a cure for my neighbour who has the same thing when I saw your post.

Manuka honey is used in hospital dressings to prevent Mrsa so it should work for this too. Please let us know when you are healed, thanks x

Replied by Jane
(Malaga, Andalusia, Spain)

Eat nothing in a package, nothing cooked/heated or processed just consume whole fresh ripe raw wild local and or organic plants for the next month; it is high summer so accessing cheap beautiful fresh fruit and vegetables is easy aim to eat about 2000 calories every day about 5 kilo in weight.. Which may seem a lot of fruit n veg but we need this kind of intake, melon strawberry cherries banana apple peaches orange and all citrus figs dates cherimoya and so much more

Daily you NEED to walk run swim or whatever exercise for at least an hour, also you NEED 45 minutes stillness/meditation to benefit form raw food living these are not optional extras.

You will feel better within 5 days and will probably entirely well within 3 weeks but do try to stay with this for the month.. Could be the start of new life.

Replied by Noelle
(Minneapolis, Mn)

Hi Janet, I've had cellulitis before (refer to my post under "Turmeric" below. ) You've got to get this from the inside and treat it aggressively with Turmeric. Most recently, I successfully treated my therapist for cellulitis AND arthritis with this formula.

Turmeric Cocktail:

* Turmeric - 1 heaping teaspoon
* Pepper - 2-3 dashes (you can use black pepper or cayenne or berbere -- it all works.)
* Oil - 1/2 teaspoon. Use Coconut oil or Olive oil or Black Seed Oil.

Put this in a mug and cover with 1/2 cup of boiling water. Stir til dissolved. Add your choice of tomato juice or V8 or coconut milk or milk to make the drink palatable. Take this first thing in the morning on an empty stomach, and before you go to bed at night. If you are at home during the day, take one then also.

You will also need to take Turmeric capsules, almost any brand. (Stay away from Walmart and brands with fillers, or make your own capsules.)

Turmeric Capsules 400-500mg - 3 capsules every 4 hours.

Drink lots of water. Turmeric will dry you out.

The cellulitis has been in your system for a long time. The first day of this regimen you may feel worse. Please stay with it. When it has been in your system this long, it will take 1-2 weeks for you to see very noticeable improvements not just at the site but in general energy.

By the way I too have chronic PTSD, from traumas similar to those you mentioned. The Turmeric cocktail will not interfere with your treatment and it might even help even you out.

Good luck. Keep us all posted.

Replied by Patti
(Mount Airy, Md)

Can I make this without the oil? Why is the oil needed?

Replied by Noelle
(Minneapolis, Mn)

Patti - The oil enhances the effectiveness of Turmeric, as does the pepper. Use as little as a 1/4 teaspoon of oil or even three drops, if you are sensitive to oils. I think this is even more important when your medium (what you are using to mix it in) does not have any fat in it, like tomato juice or V8. If you are using Coconut Milk, Milk, or Almond Milk, there may be enough fat in these liquids to make the cocktail deep acting, effective and quick, without adding oil.

Replied by Judy
(The Villages)

I have had reddness near my ankles for a couple years. The doctors all thought it was from bad circulation. I did exercise, etc. It come on after a bad sinus and cold I had. I did the vein thing to open all of them for better circulation. I tried ten days of anti-bioltics with no improvement. I read your suggestions on this site and went out and bought some Bee Propolis Extract. They say 1-2 times a day with meals. I also rub coconut oil on the reddness. I purchased some Manuka Honey. I guess I rub that on? Anyone know? I hope I am on my way to a cure and solution.

Replied by Bonnie
(Oakville, Ontario)

Cellulitis posts; Janet in Ontario (I am also) how close to cell tower, wifi, smart meter? Research effects on humans.

Other person: betadine? How similar is it to nascent iodine? I want to try it myself. I have a spot on my leg, thought it may have started with a tick bite...

Oil of Oregano

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Posted by Margo (Toronto, Canada) on 10/19/2015

Less than 48 hrs after a botox treatment at a professional medical clinic I found symptoms of swelling and tenderness on the one side of my face into my hairline and down to my gland area in front of ear. Immediately the next morning I started oil of oregano which made the symptoms stop increasing; and they have decreased over the past 4 days to where if this continues all symptoms will be gone tomorrow or the next day. My question is "how long should I continue the Oil of oregano?" and should I continue to take the same amount as I am presently taking. I have been taking 6 drops about 4 or 5 times a day.

Your help is much appreciated,

Blessings, Marg

Onion, Sunflower Oil, Turmeric

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Posted by Jazz A (Chicago, IL, USA) on 07/18/2023

I accidentally disturbed a nest of yellow jackets on my front porch and was swarmed. I escaped with only 2 of them getting me. One caught me above the ankle and another right above the thigh, on my backend. The one above my thigh stung me repetitively, at least 4 times. After I used a different remedy to bring that down, life went back to normal...or so I thought.

Exactly 1 week later, they started to itch again, and swelled back up like the day I got them. I had no fever, so I did what my grandmother would have done: I rubbed a little oil on my skin (cold-pressed sunflower) and strapped a yellow onion slice to it.

I've had it on for at least 12 hours and the heat is entirely gone. The swelling is still there, but the redness has been cut in half. It also doesn't itch! Although I do smell like an onion...

I have been changing out the onion slices every time they wilt up too much and look like the juices are used up.

I'm also applying an ice pack because it's 80 degrees and I work at a desk. I'm elevating the ankle too. I need to keep the areas cool and irritation free.

My family is prone to getting mild cases of cellulitis with bug bites. Normally, there is a wound that pusses and that's easily treated with powdered turmeric right on top (then slap a bandaid on top to trap it). If it's really nasty, I'll add some cayenne powder and garlic powder to the mix. But since this cellulitis is under the skin, I knew I needed a poultice to draw it out and onions are specifically killers of staph bacteria (scientifically proven).

I came here to see if there were any tips and tricks I can do on the side to speed the healing, and I'm definitely going to tackle this internally to boost my immune system too.

Thank you Earth Clinic and all you lovelies who share your amazing remedies. I hope I helped someone else out! And I hope you were lucky enough not to be stung on the bum like me.

Replied by Art
2210 posts

Jazz A,

I often use colloidal silver (CS) for such purposes because it has anti inflammatory effects, acts as a potent topical antibiotic and it helps wounds heal faster as discussed here : nanoparticles also exhibited potent, 44 and wound healing properties.

With CS, I have found that the wound dressing needs to remain wet for best effect. I do this by taking an old cotton t-shirt and cutting a piece that when folded four or more times is large enough to fully cover the wound and slightly more area around the wound. I fully wet this folded cloth (not dripping wet) and place it on the wound and then secure it in place with an elastic ACE wrap. The wrap holds it in place and helps the dressing to stay wet for a much longer period of time. I leave it on for at least 3 hours, remove and let the area fully dry for at least an hour and then repeat as necessary.


Replied by Mama To Many

Dear Jazz,

Thanks for these remedies! I have never used an onion for infection, just inflammation. (Wonderful for bruises! ) So, this is great to know.

When we have dealt with Staph/Cellulitis, we have used turmeric internally. Also, I find it helpful to avoid sugar and dairy (except for milk kefir or yogurt with L. Caseii, which is very helpful.)

Frankincense essential oil is a helpful topical for staph infections as well.

Epsom Salt baths may be useful. 1 1/2 cups per bath.

Keep us posted on your progress!
~Mama to Many~

Replied by Gary
(Kitchener On)

Hi Jazz A

Look on youtube for Barbra O Neil, she is a naturalist from Australia. One of her videos talks about bee stings and any swollen joint to get a small potato and grate on a small cloth and put on area and it will drain out the inflammation. It really works. I have done it.

All the best


Replied by Lugol's Lover
(Lake Lugol's)

Hey, Stung Bum!! You might want to add iodine to your diet, it helps protect skin. :)

OTC Emuaid Max

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Posted by Cyndi60 (Brookings, Or) on 02/04/2024

For my husbands bad burn we used all natural homeopathic Emuaid max ointment. It even worked for cellulitis or any kind of infection it was super “helpful” right away. Trust me it is like a miracle.

Soap, Iodine, Fasting

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Posted by Raychil (Chiang Mai) on 12/31/2015

Woke up yesterday to realise that I had 20-30 cellulitis pustules on my thigh and some were draining. The area was also really swollen. It started from an insect bite I scratched the head off a few days ago and didn't think much of it but it must have got infected.

Anyway it got so much worse during the day and I was getting really worried. I applied iodine to the area maybe 3 times in the day but it kept getting worse. Then the next day I woke up and it looked awful and probably worse, so I decided to get really serious and water fast all day, applied hot then cold then hot then cold etc. water for few mins with shower head, washed the area well with soap and then apply iodine when dry. I went out to shops to buy bandages etc. and when I got back about 2 hrs later it was so much better I didn't need them - it was amazing!

I washed with soap and when dry applied iodine again and changed clothes (In case it got dirty outside house) and reapplied iodine again in evening, and now it is so much better! No swelling, no drainage and bumps are so much smaller. I expect will be gone now in couple days.

I have had it once before in past from insect bite again but it was really serious before I realised what was happening and I resorted to loads of antibiotics. But I still found washing area with soap thoroughly and applying hot/cold/hot/cold water with shower head very effective at healing it, I would see big improvement after showers doing this. And again I would apply iodine after shower when dry, and couple more times a day.

I think the water fasting, soap and hot/cold/hot/cold water and iodine was an amazing combination. Truly miraculous how fast it turned around.

Hope this helps someone :)

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Dear Raychil,

Great job! And thanks for sharing!

We have also found hot/cold therapy to be very helpful for cellulitis.

The fasting we have not tried, because I have only dealt with it in children. But an observation I made with one child was that it always looked better first thing in the morning (all night fasting! ) and much worse in the evening (when he had eaten all day.) It seemed especially bad when his diet was particularly high in sugar because we were out of town at Grandma's. :)

Thanks for taking time to post!

~Mama to Many~

Tea Tree Oil

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Posted by Chrystal (Dalton, Ma ) on 06/26/2015

Was diagnosed with cellulitus 3 days ago. I was put on antibiotics and have been using tree tea oil. It has stopped spreading and my skin is not looking so purple anymore, but the swelling will not go down. Any suggestions on what I could use to help reduce swelling?

Tea Tree Oil
Posted by Elizabeth (West Chicago) on 07/07/2014

I recently cut in between my toes and got cellulitus the doctors put me on cefadroxil 500mg 2 capsules twice a day and my mom bought me tea tree oil ointment while I was still on antibiotics in just three days my symptoms are almost gone after being on the antibiotics alone for a month I highly recommend using the tea tree oil and keeping the area very clean until healed. I used baby wipes twice a day or as needed and wore sandals so my toes could breath. I hope that helps.

Tea Tree Oil
Posted by Dana (Atlanta, Ga) on 08/08/2009

My 9 year old son experienced cellulitis for the second time in less than a year as the result of a bug bite (spiders we think). At any rate, unable to get the prescription for an antibiotic filled until the morning, I went to this website. I placed a few drops of tea tree oil onto a cotton swab. I applied it to his very swollen and inflammed leg, along with a water soaked cotton ball (so the tea tree would not burn). I then applied an ice pack and gave him an over the counter anti-flammatory. By morning, the inflammation was gone, he was able to move his leg with less diffulty and the redness also subsided.

The Tea Tree worked awesome. Because of the severity of his cellulitis I still gave him the antibiotic, but cut the treatment time in half. Going forward, on any bites I will immediately treat with tea tree oil.

Thanks Earth Clinic

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