Natural Treatments for Cellulitis

Thieve's Essential Oil Blend

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Posted by Rob (Kentucky) on 01/18/2023

My mom has knee replacement surgery. I stopped by her house to visit her and the home health nurse was there. Mom said her knee was swollen and red with heat coming off it. I looked at it and immediately knew it was, “Cellulitis”. The home nurse said she would call in an order for antibiotics from the doctor and they should be in in a few days… really? Days?... So I told mom I would mix up a salve to put on her knee and she will be right as rain by tomorrow. Well, the nurse didn't like that. She argued with me over putting anything on my mother's knee that was not doctor approved. “Oh hell no you just did not tell me what I was going to do to my own mother?! ” I won't write what happened next but, the nurse ears are still bleeding from the biblical cursing I gave her!

Anyway, back to mom. I made a salve using this formula:

  • 1oz coconut oil-base
  • 50 drops thieves oil blend = 2% dilution ratio per each essential oil in this blend
  • 30 drops tea tree oil = 5% dilution ratio
  • 30 drops lavender oil = 5% dilution ratio

Mixed it up and told her to apply this to her knee and any area that was red and radiating heat. She applied it 4x daily or more. The cellulitis was gone in two days. Smoke that home health nurse!

Replied by Madelyn

Another great post, Rob. Thank you for sharing. I have several screen shots of your great tips you've shared here on EC. Mama's blessed to have a son like you!

Treatment Regimen

Posted by Agnes (Warsaw, Poland) on 02/23/2015

Hello, here is a regimen for treating cellutlitis.

Take 3 drops of oregano oil mixed with 1 tsp pf coconut oil and 1 tsp of honey - 5 times a day for the first 3-4 days

then - maintenance dose- of 3 times a day for a week+ Also rub the area with a mix of coconut oil and oregano oil 4 times a day+ Morning and night do clay poultices+ once a day turmeric poultice, lots of water and ginger tea and a cup of milk with 1 spoon of turmeric at night

Replied by Agnes

Dear Mama,

Treating my cellulitis bears some problem when it comes to treating as it is complicated by my general skin sensivity. Baking soda made my skin dried out and some rash appeared so I look for another option for swelling remedy. I'm disappointed tha tit takes a lot of time to cure it and I wonder if this swelling does not last too long as I started to feel coolness in this hand and more numbness, I start panicking that some nerve damage begins to develop, sometimes even thoughts about gangrene come to my mind. I read that it may develop from cellulitis. Can you tell me if hydrotherapy is good for getting rid of swelling or just it improves lymph circulating? Is it necessary to "suck" some liquid causing swelling physically with aid of charcoal? I'm very grateful for your care.

Replied by Mama To Many

Dear Agnes,

We have seen hydrotherapy significantly reduce swelling, especially when used frequently. I love this remedy because it is so simple and it is free!

I am not sure what you are asking with your question about sucking some liquid.


Replied by Agnes

Dear Mama,

Do you pour sugar on wounds? If so, on infected wound with red ring around it you would recommend charcoal or rather sugar?

Replied by Mama To Many

Dear Agnes,

Your most recent posts make it sound like your condition is getting worse instead of better. Natural remedies have their limitations. You really need to seek advice from a health professional. Cellulitis and complications of it can be very serious and life threatening!

I hope you feel better soon!

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Al Hudson
(Homestead, Fl.)

Agnes, Sorry this has gone on so long. I have had rapid results combining suggestions from the EC community where infections become threatening. The ingredients are costly but the speedy results assure that I keep these things on hand at all times.

To address the systemic infection take the following before or 30 min. after meals;

1/2 teaspoon L-Lysine powder in 3 oz. water. Drink...

Next, 1 pack LivOn Liposomal Vitamin C & 1 pack LivOn Liposomal Glutathione in 4 oz. water follow with 2 capsules of Meriva Turmeric Phytosome 500mg. This can be used 4x a day for most things and more frequently in severe situations. The use of liposomal/phytosomal delivery assures that therapeutic blood serum levels are achieved and maintained until the infection is overcome. (like antibiotics, continue on past the relief of symptoms to effect a lasting cure.)

For topical treatment of an advanced infection, I use 2 remedies

1) soak with lukewarm 50/50 mix of Betadine / water by immersion or compress for 5 min. rinse...the, make a fluid paste of Turmeric powder/Castor oil and warm until oil takes on the orange color of the turmeric. Apply heavy coating and bandage. As the infection subsides, decrease the amount of castor oil until turmeric powder dries up the remnants.

2) For Cellulitis in particular, and all slow healing ulcerous sores, family members have had great success with Manuka honey applied topically.

Get well soon.


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Posted by Sharon (Florida) on 07/25/2021

Turmeric works for me every time I get bit by a yellow fly. The cellulitis infection can take 4 days before it starts to go down but then it quickly vanishes away. I usually take 1 heaping teaspoon two to three times per day mixed in water. Thank you for sharing this wonderful natural remedy.

Posted by Oliver (Jax, Fl) on 02/06/2013

I suffer from reoccurring cellulitis. I found out about turmeric on this forum. This last time that it returned I bought turmeric and took it along with a garlic supplement three times a day. After four days all the swelling and redness is gone. Only left with the wound to heal, which is doing so remarkably fast. Every other occurrence I took antibiotics which had accompanying side effects and none of them had the speedy results of turmeric. Thank you so much.

Replied by John
(Troy, New York Usa)

Dosage of Turmeric? Did you do anything else naturally?

Replied by Karen
(Buckhorn, Ontario)

What dose of tumeric and coconut oil works? Do I mix the two together and drink it?

Replied by Delia

I see lots of ideas but no concrete details as to how used...ex: tumeric and tree oil for cellulites I hav a big problem on my thighs since I became ill with diabetes and my liver what can I use to help....thanks



am wondering if you are meaning " cellulitis" or " cellulite " ??

Cellulitis is a staph infection in the cells which can cause major damage to your body.....whereas, Cellulite is skin that is dimpled and is more of a cosmetic problem than anything else!

Replied by Billy
(Coahoma, Texas)

How do I use the turmeric and garlic together? I've been taking raw garlic and it has helped some but I need something else to help with it. I have some organic turmeric powder.

Posted by Hmm... (Oklahoma City, Ok) on 06/05/2011

Just found this site and absolutely love all the information and personal experiences shared. Going out to buy Turmeric today.

Recently dx with cellulitis and the huge dose(1600 mg 2X a day) of Batrium made me horribly ill. After the doctor refused to lower the dosage or prescribe an alternative antibiotic I began my own research. Wish I had found your site earlier but nonetheless will be adding Turmeric to my daily regime.

To those who have had cellulitis... What antibiotic worked the best for you? And, what have you implemented for a preventative. Doctor tells me the chances of a recurrence are likely.

Replied by Francisca
(Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France)

I have never heard of people taking antibiotics against cellulitis.... Somehow it doesn't sound right! I have cellulitis as well and I would love to get rid of it but taking antibiotics no and I can't imagine a doctor prescribing it...... As far as turmeric working against it, I am not sure either, I wish it did....

Replied by Carly
(Seattle, Wa Usa)

Hi Francisca - I think you might be thingking of Cellulite - not cellulitis. Cellulite is dimpled cottage cheese fat usually found on the abdomen, hips, and thighs - cellulites is an infection, and can be life threatening, very quickly! Very different things. :-)

Replied by Francisca
(Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France)

Thanks for the correction Carly. Funny that too different problems have almost the same name. I got so confused that I was calling cellulite cellulitis. Well, I am glad no one is being prescribed antibiotics to cure cellulites!

Replied by Carly
(Seattle, Wa - Usa)

I have made the same mistake Francisca! They really need to change the name on cellulitis - (because cellulite was there first). Cellulitis is / can be deadly, where as cellulite is just plain old ugly. Lol. I have known people who have had cellulitis, and they had portable IV drips of antibiotics that they carried around in backpacks. I think it is scarier than MRSA from what I have seen.... Very fast moving infection! My neighbor scraped her arm on her woodstove, and the next day it was red, hot and swollen. I told her to go to the doctor... She said she would the next day. I told her - NO.... You need to go NOW, as in before the sun sets. I think I scared the crap out of her - but she went, and it was indeed cellulitis. They said she would have been admitted to the hospital if she had waited till the next day.... And they kind of wanted to keep her the day she went in as it was. Not a big fan of antibiotics.... I have not taken them in years. But when it is something like that... Well... Better safe than sorry! Sorry for going off on a tangent... Was not my intent!


'itis' on the end of anything means inflammation or infection, ie dermatitis, cystitis, colitis, tendonitis.....

Replied by Jenn
(Coborra, Australia)

Cellulitis is a viral blood infection and can re-occur many times. At least 6 times this year my ulcers have returned after what looked like a total healing and it can become very demoralising to think you have to go through the whole thing again but am now doing it the 7th time and I've had enough. Our local nurses told me that some people can have these for many years but I was determined to find a more natural cure and so I recommend that you research, not just from one source but at least 3 sources for the same "cure" and if helps, to write down as you go so that eventually your experiences can help others, because like most viruses these days, it is on the rise...but the antibiotics seem to be the same. Hope this has helped just a bit..

Replied by Melanie
(Tipp City, Oh)

I think it sounds like great advice. I have cellulitis now too. I will try all but turmeric. If you have high.blood pressure which I do, turmeric can make it even higher. Which happened to me about a year ago. My BP went to nearly stroke level. Be careful.

Replied by Pbird
(Western Wa)

Jenn, cellulitis is a bacterial infection, not viral. Check it out. Its staph in the layers of the skin.

Replied by Nanawhit
(Haines City, Fla)

I don't know anything about this cellulitis but I have had an injury to my right calf a week and a half ago almost two weeks ago started cleaning it myself putting antibiotic cream on it keeping it wrapped in away from any thing dirty it felt like it was and look like it was getting better and then on the third day I wake up and it is my ankle is all swollen black and blue toes are black and blue and I have a big swollen infection on the lower part of my leg where the deeper scrapes are, I still was stubborn and continue to clean it keeping it wrapped until it got so bad and painful that I couldn't even walk on it! So then I decided to go to Urgent Care one look at it and the doctor on call there said you have cellulitis a deep tissue infection, put me on two different kinds of antibiotics the ones that are commonly listed when you look up what to do about cellulitis! I've been on it for 3 days now my ankle and foot did go down a little bit but the swelling or I think that the infection is still there the scrapes are healing still in pain nauseated feeling like crap and ready for this to be over with, I am ready to jump into something natural to get rid of this thing fast! I am so glad that there are sites like this where people are willing to talk about infections and things that I didn't even think was common it scared me to death when I heard what it was! The swelling where the infection was is hard to the touch it's about 3 inches long and about 2 inches wide it still has a low heat like fever in it that kind of scares me because it hasn't gone down!

Has anybody else had any problems with that kind of area swollen like that please let me know if I have to go back to the hospital I will because I don't want to lose my leg!

Replied by Mmsg
(Somewhere, Europe)

Nanawhit, read up about Clay pulling out infections and healing the skin.

Replied by Alexandra

I am a long time painfully chronicle facial cellulitis victim. To some bad cuts that originally happened years ago.

I went through many antibiotics clindamycin citronella k ed flex bactrim....I became more immune and had to visit hospital to recover iv antibiotics vancomycin, cubucin, the big guns of antibiotics, only to learn the last 6-7 yrs antibiotics has destroyed not only my immune system but my pancreas. I'm living with pancreatitis, normal pancreas range is 8-19. I was just hospitalized at one month later it's 200.

So I am fighting for my life here and can't have another antibiotic n my life, yet just off antibiotics. My cellulitis is back less than 2 weeks out of the hospital. My God, BE CAREFUL WITH ANTIBIOTICS! I was so naive..

I'm praying turmeric, cayenne, and goldenseal, echinacia will work. For some reason I also I get a sore throat with it! I believe my immune systems is so low from antibiotics that an opportunistic infection sneaks in there.

With much love n compassion to you all. Alexandra from Los Angeles

Ali H.
(Northern IL)

I'd suggest checking into taking NAC (N Acetyl Cysteine) to boost immunity. And then employing some of the other wonderful suggestions here.

Replied by Myway

Alexandria, I am so sorry to hear of your plight - unfortunately, you are not feeling well so, I will give you a couple very specific things to do to feel better. This is a regimine I use to boost my immune system when my body is compromised with infection. Start taking 1,000 mg (1 gram) of Vit c every hour. Take with a cracker or piece small piece of bread to protect stomach. Look up Dr. Andrew Saul on the net - learn how to use Vit c - it's cheap. For now, use any kind. Vit C is very, very safe in high doses. I personally have taken up to 15 grams in one day - fought off pneumonia in 2 days....lowered the dose to 10 grams then now take 2 grams (2000 mg) daily for prevention.

Secondly, spray your legs with colloidal silver 2x a day to prevent infection. Follow the colloidal silver threads here on earth clinic. You live in CA, there are vitamin shops everywhere.

Lastly, No junk food. Period. Healthy, non- processed food if you can manage it! Eat some fermented foods to start rebuilding your gut bacteria. Flood yourself with vitamin rich fresh juice daily - mostly veggies!

Keep asking questions, talk through this. You will get better if you research and figure out what works. You can do it!!!!

Myway :D

Replied by Ben
(Bremerton Wa)

The type of pain you are having is an easy one to fix if you apply the correct drug. Antibiotics treat bacteria not virus and not mycoplasma. You could use a truckload of antibiotics and find they have zero effect. Meanwhile they create unwanted side effects and wreak havoc on the intestinal bacteria.

A better way of treating your condition is to use something that is easy on your body but kills organisms that antibiotics cant touch. The best thing found is either gallium nitrate or a new version of gallium called gallium maltolate. This stuff is available as a skin cream you can apply to your face. Other people been there and done that with your type of trouble and found gallium works when other things dont

Here is a little info on gallium maltolate

Now certain class bugs such as mycoplasma attack the pancreas too and gallium will help to get rid of them. A little research might help prevent more severe pancreas troubles.

Replied by Wendy

Hi. I never knew what cellulitis was until I got it. It took over my entire front and lower part of my left leg.

The pain and swelling was incredible and I have a fever of 40 and my blood pressure dropped very low. I didn't even know anything was wrong with my leg until I got to the hospital by ambulance and the nurses were taking my vital signs every 5 minutes. They put me on oral and IV antibiotics. They didn't work and my leg just kept getting worse. Finally after the 3rd day a different Doctor switched my antibiotics and it finally showed signs of improvement. That was April 19th of this year. I was off work for over two months and my leg went from a pink rash to looked like someone had BBQd it to cracking and all of the skin cracked and fell off over a few weeks. Now we are in August and I still have to be careful not to over do it and elevate my leg when ever I can. My ankle still swells.

This is extremely serious stuff and don't try to treat yourself. I was fortunate to be seen by the Infectious Disease specialist who after seeing my leg and the swelling and a rash over my entire back, put me on a plane and took me off the other antibiotics that had been given to me and told me to wear compression socks as soon as I could to work the swelling out of the leg, I finally made a lot of progress. But I was in the hospital my daily for IV antibiotics for three straight weeks. This is horrible stuff!

Posted by Noelle (Minneapolis, MN) on 07/20/2009

On June 7, 2009, a neighbor and her husband helped me put together a raised garden bed from a kit and fill the raised bed with bags of garden soil and compost. Since the amount of soil I had wasn't enough, I got 20 more bags of dirt and six bags of compost and peat. I grabbed another friend on Sunday, June 14th, filled the raised bed with dirt and planted vegetables from seed. In the midst of this I noticed I had gotten a small circular cut on my outer left wrist, which stung and burned. Since it was bleeding I assumed it would be sterile (eventually), ignored it and kept working. The cut stung and burned all through dinner. By morning, there was no pain, but the spot was raised and the arm was slightly swollen. When I got to work (I work in a clinic), I showed it to a co-worker. She said it was infected, thought it could be an MRSA and said that Tea Tree oil would take care of it.

When I got home I soaked the arm in Chamomile Tea and put Tea Tree oil on it. The next morning June 16th, it was worse -- very red with the area of swelling almost to the elbow and half-way round the inside of the arm. I showed it to one of the doctors at work, who said it looked like cellulitis and I should get that taken care of right away. I went into my own doctor within the hour; she declared the arm infected (cellulitis), opened the sore and cleaned it, and prescribed an antibiotic. She also said to mark the outline of the swelling so we could check that the swelling was going the right way. If the swelling and redness was not reduced in 48 hours I should call her.

I marked the outline of the swelling with a yellow marker, and I filled the prescription. I did not, however, take it since antibiotics wreak havoc with my intestines. Having discovered your site just two weeks before, I decided to try Turmeric. I went to the Wedge Coop, bought Turmeric in bulk, in tincture and in organic capsules. I was determined to treat this aggressively since I wanted to keep my arm. (I was afraid of ending up like my godmother who lost her arm when a sewing needle infected her hand, then her arm and they had to amputate.) When I got home I filled a glass with 12 ounces of V8, one heaping teaspoon of Turmeric powder, two droppers of Turmeric tincture, 1/2 teaspoon of Cayenne and sucked up the whole thing through a straw. (This stuff is NASTY!) I took 2 Turmeric capsules (395 mg each) before I went to bed. Upon awakening, I consumed the same concoction, but increased the cayenne to 1 teaspoon, and swallowed 3 Turmeric capsules. Throughout the day I took three Turmeric every four hours. I repeated the V8/Turmeric/Cayenne concoction that night. By the next morning, the arm was no longer red and was slightly less swollen. I continued with the capsules during the day and drinking the concoction at night. Within 48 hours of when I started treating with Turmeric, I could look at both my arms in the mirror and was unable to tell which one had been infected!! I continued my Turmeric ritual for the next 5 days as if Turmeric were an antibiotic, not stopping just because the arm looked better.

Conclusion: Turmeric kicks rumpus!! Thank you God for leading me to your site and to Turmeric.

Turmeric, Black Salve, Tea Tree Oil

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Posted by Lon (Stanhope, NJ) on 02/18/2009

Boils, possibly MRSA, and tumeric:

My son was hospitalized for serious, rapidly spreading cellulitis, which started with a boil. He responded well enough to antibiotics to come home, but although the culture indicated the boil was not MRSA, the boils did not respond to the various antibiotics the Drd tried. He developed multiple boils on and around his privates which wouldn't go away. By the way he's been hospitalized, had many surgeries and on intravenous and antibiotics many times for a digestive disease he was born with. The celulitis came back three times, while following the infectuous disease Dr's advice to control it, which was exhausting, frustrating for both of us and ineffective. Of course the Drs think you're not following their directions if their strategy doesn't work. Then I found this site! I gave my son one turmeric capsule three times daily for three days. A nutritionist suggested I watch the acid alkaline balance of his diet. Topically I applied black salve to any full blown boils. If I noticed any small emerging boils which have not yet formed pus at the tip, I apply straight tea tree oil to the tip only, being careful not to get it on the surrounding skin. I discovered the effectiveness of these particular topicals by observation after using so many topical remedies.The advantage of the black salve is that it stays on without a dressing. I couldn't use bandages/poultices because of the location of his boils. Nothing has worked like the turmeric, supported by the topical application of black salve and tea tree oil for healing the boils, as well as watching the diet. He now takes one turmeric a day for prevention. The origin i think is candida, but we're working on that.

My son has Down Syndrome, Hirschsprung's disease (never could spell it.), and an ileostomy, so you can imagine the difficulties with nutrition. It was an ordeal I thought would never end. I worried constantly that the celulitis would return. It's been almost a year without boils or cellulitis. Thank you for this site! If it wasn't for this site we probably would have continued with the endless cycle of antibiotics and hospitalization.

Replied by Ken
(Chattanooga, Tn, Usa)

I have been looking for a home remedy that really does what its suppose to. I will try the tumeric and I hope it works. Where is the best place to buy it? Can I get it at GNC or is it special? Any advice is welcome.

Replied by Geraldine
(Western Australia)

Hi, been reading your story & I'm glad you have found a way to help your son. I have been getting celuitis in my left cheek on my face, I have searching the net for a cure, as antibiotics don't work for me anymore, that is how I found your post. I have a question on what you did day to stop it from coming back? :)

Replied by Don
(Cheltenham, Pa)

And I complain about my infections, which are much less problematic. God bless you.

Replied by Jasmyne

Hi Lon! Not sure if you'll end up even seeing my message in reply to your post but I just wanted to reach out and say THANKYOU for sharing your and your son's experience with all of this. I must say I find it super weird and so so interesting in some of the similarities we share. I have cellulitis right now on my shin and have been choosing to treat it with turmeric tree tea oil garlic echinacea goldenseal and also some calendula cream and soap also starting zinc and vitamin c tomorrow. However the most interesting things that have stood out to me thus far, would be the fact that my 9 year old little brother (I'm 25 myself, ) also has Downsyndrome, and just like your son was also born with hirschsprungs. Which I don't hear of very often from other people who too have it. The other strange things that caught my eye we're the facts that you yourself are from Stanhope, NJ. My fiance is from New Brunswick, born and raised, but has moved around and lived in many different cities from North to south end of the shore. And our anniversary date is May 18th 2014 . I noticed you posted on Feb 18.....ever since we got together the number 18 seems to follow us like a creepy stalker! LOL! Not too mention the fact his birthday is on August 18th, AND the bus I rode to and from school for over 5 years was bus #18! Sounds silly almost stupid when I say it outloud, but Oh well, just one of the sweet memories from when we met and realized ALL of these strange coincidences. (I also had the stone peridot in my ear piercing which just So happens to be the birthstone for the month of august.) So again, just another strange tribute to our now lucky number 18....there were just WAY TOO MANY things that stuck out to me about your post that I felt compelled to reach out and comment. Hope you and you're son are both doing well now, and hopefully the cellulitis has been kept at bay for everybody's sanity and comfort. If nothing else, being a loved one of a homie with an extra chromie always makes me feel connected to other parents, caretakers, siblings etc. So God bless you and yours. We're a pretty special Group of peeps if I do say so myself. 😊 Sending lots of peace, Love and good health your way from the west coast, jah bless!

Xx Jasmyne, Mac, Mike and Jeffrey!! :)

Replied by Ali H.
(Northern IL)

My son is diagnosed with Down Syndrome too. The boils showing up in the groin, or on the chest etc. is fairly common. Another option for you is Desitin or any cream that has 40% zinc in it. Keep applying daily, twice a day is fine. No bandaging needed. We've found (and so have our friends) that the boils go away. Yay!

Vitamin D

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Posted by Al (Alvena, Sk., Canada) on 12/16/2012

I have had cellulitis five times. The first time it was due to many small cuts on my hands after working on some dirty food service equipment. These cuts didn't bleed and I though nothing of it. The next morning I was very ill and was admitted to hospital with a 105. 5F temperature and treated for five days with injections of antibiotics. The cellulitis actually developed in my lower right leg which I had broken when I was seven. The second time I had it I believe it was caused by food poisoning and it was treated by IV antibiotics in hospital. The IV quit dripping so they put a pump on it which eventually led to my lower leg swelling to a circumference of 34.5 inches and blistering severely. Upon hearing the doctors discussing where they were going to cut my leg off I checked out of that hospital and went elsewhere. I still have my leg, with lots of scar tissue in it and thin skin with no hair on part of it, but I can still use it normally. The fourth time I had it I was unable to get to a doctor for five days and was able to keep it from getting worse by drinking pineapple juice and consuming nothing else. It actually improved a small amount by doing that. The antibiotics that they gave me would not clear it up so they switched me to "clindamycin" and that got rid of it fairly quickly. The last time I had it I had clindamycin on hand and used it immediately and it was cleared up in four days. The five times I had cellulitis were over a seven year time span that ended nine years ago. The only thing that I can attribute that to is taking a large daily dose of vitamin D3 (5000iu) since then. Vitamin D3 is known to kill bacteria and viruses. During the influenza epidemic in 1918? the people that improved the quickest were those that spent a lot of time out in the sun and it is sunlight that produces vitamin D in our bodies.

Wheatgrass, Supplements

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Posted by Effietrinket (United States) on 03/04/2014

I figured I would toss this out there for anyone that might be so unfortunate as to get bitten by the potentially severely debilitating brown recluse spider's Cellulitis infection which kills cells, and can potentially get in the bone marrow.

This information can save you from having to be subject to having gallons (literally) of antibiotics pumped into you via IV. This info is 100% directly from what a Naturopath Physician told me to do when I had this very infection many years ago.

Years prior to this, I had this same infection while working outdoors and unknowingly was bitten on the knee, and within 24 hours, was unable to walk and had to sit in a wheelchair due to the pain, was admitted to the hospital, had 2 gallons of antibiotics pumped into my body over 2 days, was injected with radioactive dye into my knee to check for propagation of the infection into bone marrow (which they told me if it got into the bone marrow, could result in requiring my lower leg to be amputated). Luckly that never happened, and although I went through hell in the hospital (I had a fever that got over 105 degrees). I ended up making a full recovery over time.

Many years later when I found out about the following cure below I was absolutely outraged that had I known this years before, I could have saved myself from a hellish situation:

This is exactly what he told me to do: 1) Make several ounces (I made 4) of organic wheat grass juice AND save the wheat grass pulp from the juicing machine. 2) To the above add a few dropperfuls of colloidal silver (or now nano silver which is more powerful). Also take colloidal or nano silver orally. 3) Make a compress, holding the wheat grass pulp with the juice in it in plastic wrap, and wrap it over the infection site so that the pulp is directly touching the infected area (huge blister like, hot mass). Use an ace bandage to warp and lock the plastic in place. 4) Drink at least 8 ounces of pure water every hour that you are awake. 5) Take 1,000 Mg of Vitamin C every hour. 6) Immediately take 100 Mg of Zinc, and do so for the next few days. 7) Take Maitake mushroom extract (no specific amount was given, just whatever the bottle said).

When I did this, the Cellulitis infection I had literally disappeared within 24 hours. 100% disappeared like it was never there. What the ND explained to me is that the organic wheat grass juice compress is incredibly powerful by itself in that it literally draws poisons and the pathogens out of the infected area.

This doctor gave me this free medical advice while in a health food store eating lunch, and he saved me easily $15,000 in medical bills (I had no health insurance, so I would have been screwed if I had to go to the hospital). All of the components he mentioned cost me no more than $100.00 for a real cure that worked in 1 day flat.

When's the last time you've talked to any doctor that freely gave their time and had zero interest whatsoever in monetary gain or having you setup an appointment with their receptionist at their office, but just flat out gave you a cure for something that they saw you had a problem with?

Replied by Joanne
(Meridian, Mississippi)

Hi: Colloidal Silver acted as an antibiotic and healed the cellulitus I had, also I take Goldenseal which is a great preventive, along with Vitamin C. Good Luck.

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