Natural Treatments for Cellulitis

Turmeric, Black Salve, Tea Tree Oil

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Posted by Lon (Stanhope, NJ) on 02/18/2009
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Boils, possibly MRSA, and tumeric:

My son was hospitalized for serious, rapidly spreading cellulitis, which started with a boil. He responded well enough to antibiotics to come home, but although the culture indicated the boil was not MRSA, the boils did not respond to the various antibiotics the Drd tried. He developed multiple boils on and around his privates which wouldn't go away. By the way he's been hospitalized, had many surgeries and on intravenous and antibiotics many times for a digestive disease he was born with. The celulitis came back three times, while following the infectuous disease Dr's advice to control it, which was exhausting, frustrating for both of us and ineffective. Of course the Drs think you're not following their directions if their strategy doesn't work. Then I found this site! I gave my son one turmeric capsule three times daily for three days. A nutritionist suggested I watch the acid alkaline balance of his diet. Topically I applied black salve to any full blown boils. If I noticed any small emerging boils which have not yet formed pus at the tip, I apply straight tea tree oil to the tip only, being careful not to get it on the surrounding skin. I discovered the effectiveness of these particular topicals by observation after using so many topical remedies.The advantage of the black salve is that it stays on without a dressing. I couldn't use bandages/poultices because of the location of his boils. Nothing has worked like the turmeric, supported by the topical application of black salve and tea tree oil for healing the boils, as well as watching the diet. He now takes one turmeric a day for prevention. The origin i think is candida, but we're working on that.

My son has Down Syndrome, Hirschsprung's disease (never could spell it.), and an ileostomy, so you can imagine the difficulties with nutrition. It was an ordeal I thought would never end. I worried constantly that the celulitis would return. It's been almost a year without boils or cellulitis. Thank you for this site! If it wasn't for this site we probably would have continued with the endless cycle of antibiotics and hospitalization.

Replied by Ken
(Chattanooga, Tn, Usa)

I have been looking for a home remedy that really does what its suppose to. I will try the tumeric and I hope it works. Where is the best place to buy it? Can I get it at GNC or is it special? Any advice is welcome.

Replied by Geraldine
(Western Australia)

Hi, been reading your story & I'm glad you have found a way to help your son. I have been getting celuitis in my left cheek on my face, I have searching the net for a cure, as antibiotics don't work for me anymore, that is how I found your post. I have a question on what you did day to stop it from coming back? :)

Replied by Don
(Cheltenham, Pa)

And I complain about my infections, which are much less problematic. God bless you.

Replied by Jasmyne

Hi Lon! Not sure if you'll end up even seeing my message in reply to your post but I just wanted to reach out and say THANKYOU for sharing your and your son's experience with all of this. I must say I find it super weird and so so interesting in some of the similarities we share. I have cellulitis right now on my shin and have been choosing to treat it with turmeric tree tea oil garlic echinacea goldenseal and also some calendula cream and soap also starting zinc and vitamin c tomorrow. However the most interesting things that have stood out to me thus far, would be the fact that my 9 year old little brother (I'm 25 myself, ) also has Downsyndrome, and just like your son was also born with hirschsprungs. Which I don't hear of very often from other people who too have it. The other strange things that caught my eye we're the facts that you yourself are from Stanhope, NJ. My fiance is from New Brunswick, born and raised, but has moved around and lived in many different cities from North to south end of the shore. And our anniversary date is May 18th 2014 . I noticed you posted on Feb 18.....ever since we got together the number 18 seems to follow us like a creepy stalker! LOL! Not too mention the fact his birthday is on August 18th, AND the bus I rode to and from school for over 5 years was bus #18! Sounds silly almost stupid when I say it outloud, but Oh well, just one of the sweet memories from when we met and realized ALL of these strange coincidences. (I also had the stone peridot in my ear piercing which just So happens to be the birthstone for the month of august.) So again, just another strange tribute to our now lucky number 18....there were just WAY TOO MANY things that stuck out to me about your post that I felt compelled to reach out and comment. Hope you and you're son are both doing well now, and hopefully the cellulitis has been kept at bay for everybody's sanity and comfort. If nothing else, being a loved one of a homie with an extra chromie always makes me feel connected to other parents, caretakers, siblings etc. So God bless you and yours. We're a pretty special Group of peeps if I do say so myself. 😊 Sending lots of peace, Love and good health your way from the west coast, jah bless!

Xx Jasmyne, Mac, Mike and Jeffrey!! :)

Vitamin D

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Posted by Al (Alvena, Sk., Canada) on 12/16/2012
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I have had cellulitis five times. The first time it was due to many small cuts on my hands after working on some dirty food service equipment. These cuts didn't bleed and I though nothing of it. The next morning I was very ill and was admitted to hospital with a 105. 5F temperature and treated for five days with injections of antibiotics. The cellulitis actually developed in my lower right leg which I had broken when I was seven. The second time I had it I believe it was caused by food poisoning and it was treated by IV antibiotics in hospital. The IV quit dripping so they put a pump on it which eventually led to my lower leg swelling to a circumference of 34.5 inches and blistering severely. Upon hearing the doctors discussing where they were going to cut my leg off I checked out of that hospital and went elsewhere. I still have my leg, with lots of scar tissue in it and thin skin with no hair on part of it, but I can still use it normally. The fourth time I had it I was unable to get to a doctor for five days and was able to keep it from getting worse by drinking pineapple juice and consuming nothing else. It actually improved a small amount by doing that. The antibiotics that they gave me would not clear it up so they switched me to "clindamycin" and that got rid of it fairly quickly. The last time I had it I had clindamycin on hand and used it immediately and it was cleared up in four days. The five times I had cellulitis were over a seven year time span that ended nine years ago. The only thing that I can attribute that to is taking a large daily dose of vitamin D3 (5000iu) since then. Vitamin D3 is known to kill bacteria and viruses. During the influenza epidemic in 1918? the people that improved the quickest were those that spent a lot of time out in the sun and it is sunlight that produces vitamin D in our bodies.

Wheatgrass, Supplements

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Posted by Effietrinket (United States) on 03/04/2014
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I figured I would toss this out there for anyone that might be so unfortunate as to get bitten by the potentially severely debilitating brown recluse spider's Cellulitis infection which kills cells, and can potentially get in the bone marrow.

This information can save you from having to be subject to having gallons (literally) of antibiotics pumped into you via IV. This info is 100% directly from what a Naturopath Physician told me to do when I had this very infection many years ago.

Years prior to this, I had this same infection while working outdoors and unknowingly was bitten on the knee, and within 24 hours, was unable to walk and had to sit in a wheelchair due to the pain, was admitted to the hospital, had 2 gallons of antibiotics pumped into my body over 2 days, was injected with radioactive dye into my knee to check for propagation of the infection into bone marrow (which they told me if it got into the bone marrow, could result in requiring my lower leg to be amputated). Luckly that never happened, and although I went through hell in the hospital (I had a fever that got over 105 degrees). I ended up making a full recovery over time.

Many years later when I found out about the following cure below I was absolutely outraged that had I known this years before, I could have saved myself from a hellish situation:

This is exactly what he told me to do: 1) Make several ounces (I made 4) of organic wheat grass juice AND save the wheat grass pulp from the juicing machine. 2) To the above add a few dropperfuls of colloidal silver (or now nano silver which is more powerful). Also take colloidal or nano silver orally. 3) Make a compress, holding the wheat grass pulp with the juice in it in plastic wrap, and wrap it over the infection site so that the pulp is directly touching the infected area (huge blister like, hot mass). Use an ace bandage to warp and lock the plastic in place. 4) Drink at least 8 ounces of pure water every hour that you are awake. 5) Take 1,000 Mg of Vitamin C every hour. 6) Immediately take 100 Mg of Zinc, and do so for the next few days. 7) Take Maitake mushroom extract (no specific amount was given, just whatever the bottle said).

When I did this, the Cellulitis infection I had literally disappeared within 24 hours. 100% disappeared like it was never there. What the ND explained to me is that the organic wheat grass juice compress is incredibly powerful by itself in that it literally draws poisons and the pathogens out of the infected area.

This doctor gave me this free medical advice while in a health food store eating lunch, and he saved me easily $15,000 in medical bills (I had no health insurance, so I would have been screwed if I had to go to the hospital). All of the components he mentioned cost me no more than $100.00 for a real cure that worked in 1 day flat.

When's the last time you've talked to any doctor that freely gave their time and had zero interest whatsoever in monetary gain or having you setup an appointment with their receptionist at their office, but just flat out gave you a cure for something that they saw you had a problem with?

Replied by Joanne
(Meridian, Mississippi)

Hi: Colloidal Silver acted as an antibiotic and healed the cellulitus I had, also I take Goldenseal which is a great preventive, along with Vitamin C. Good Luck.

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