Natural Treatments for Cellulitis

| Modified on Aug 21, 2021

Tea Tree Oil
Posted by Chrystal (Dalton, Ma ) on 06/26/2015
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Was diagnosed with cellulitus 3 days ago. I was put on antibiotics and have been using tree tea oil. It has stopped spreading and my skin is not looking so purple anymore, but the swelling will not go down. Any suggestions on what I could use to help reduce swelling?

Wheatgrass, Supplements
Posted by Effietrinket (United States) on 03/04/2014
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I figured I would toss this out there for anyone that might be so unfortunate as to get bitten by the potentially severely debilitating brown recluse spider's Cellulitis infection which kills cells, and can potentially get in the bone marrow.

This information can save you from having to be subject to having gallons (literally) of antibiotics pumped into you via IV. This info is 100% directly from what a Naturopath Physician told me to do when I had this very infection many years ago.

Years prior to this, I had this same infection while working outdoors and unknowingly was bitten on the knee, and within 24 hours, was unable to walk and had to sit in a wheelchair due to the pain, was admitted to the hospital, had 2 gallons of antibiotics pumped into my body over 2 days, was injected with radioactive dye into my knee to check for propagation of the infection into bone marrow (which they told me if it got into the bone marrow, could result in requiring my lower leg to be amputated). Luckly that never happened, and although I went through hell in the hospital (I had a fever that got over 105 degrees). I ended up making a full recovery over time.

Many years later when I found out about the following cure below I was absolutely outraged that had I known this years before, I could have saved myself from a hellish situation:

This is exactly what he told me to do: 1) Make several ounces (I made 4) of organic wheat grass juice AND save the wheat grass pulp from the juicing machine. 2) To the above add a few dropperfuls of colloidal silver (or now nano silver which is more powerful). Also take colloidal or nano silver orally. 3) Make a compress, holding the wheat grass pulp with the juice in it in plastic wrap, and wrap it over the infection site so that the pulp is directly touching the infected area (huge blister like, hot mass). Use an ace bandage to warp and lock the plastic in place. 4) Drink at least 8 ounces of pure water every hour that you are awake. 5) Take 1,000 Mg of Vitamin C every hour. 6) Immediately take 100 Mg of Zinc, and do so for the next few days. 7) Take Maitake mushroom extract (no specific amount was given, just whatever the bottle said).

When I did this, the Cellulitis infection I had literally disappeared within 24 hours. 100% disappeared like it was never there. What the ND explained to me is that the organic wheat grass juice compress is incredibly powerful by itself in that it literally draws poisons and the pathogens out of the infected area.

This doctor gave me this free medical advice while in a health food store eating lunch, and he saved me easily $15,000 in medical bills (I had no health insurance, so I would have been screwed if I had to go to the hospital). All of the components he mentioned cost me no more than $100.00 for a real cure that worked in 1 day flat.

When's the last time you've talked to any doctor that freely gave their time and had zero interest whatsoever in monetary gain or having you setup an appointment with their receptionist at their office, but just flat out gave you a cure for something that they saw you had a problem with?

Soap, Iodine, Fasting
Posted by Raychil (Chiang Mai) on 12/31/2015
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Woke up yesterday to realise that I had 20-30 cellulitis pustules on my thigh and some were draining. The area was also really swollen. It started from an insect bite I scratched the head off a few days ago and didn't think much of it but it must have got infected.

Anyway it got so much worse during the day and I was getting really worried. I applied iodine to the area maybe 3 times in the day but it kept getting worse. Then the next day I woke up and it looked awful and probably worse, so I decided to get really serious and water fast all day, applied hot then cold then hot then cold etc. water for few mins with shower head, washed the area well with soap and then apply iodine when dry. I went out to shops to buy bandages etc. and when I got back about 2 hrs later it was so much better I didn't need them - it was amazing!

I washed with soap and when dry applied iodine again and changed clothes (In case it got dirty outside house) and reapplied iodine again in evening, and now it is so much better! No swelling, no drainage and bumps are so much smaller. I expect will be gone now in couple days.

I have had it once before in past from insect bite again but it was really serious before I realised what was happening and I resorted to loads of antibiotics. But I still found washing area with soap thoroughly and applying hot/cold/hot/cold water with shower head very effective at healing it, I would see big improvement after showers doing this. And again I would apply iodine after shower when dry, and couple more times a day.

I think the water fasting, soap and hot/cold/hot/cold water and iodine was an amazing combination. Truly miraculous how fast it turned around.

Hope this helps someone :)

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Jerome (New York, Ny) on 08/29/2016 7 posts
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CELLULITIS: I recently developed cellulitis in my feet and ankles for the second time in my life. The first time my ankles swelled up like an elephant's after my cousin's cat rubbed up against my bare legs and I went to the emergency room (I was only 23). They pumped me full of high dose IV antibiotics and after a few days it went away.

This last time I developed the same problem again 15 years later after rubbing a dog with my bare feet. My ankles again swelled up and I realized it was cellulitis exactly as I had years ago. This time, however, I didn't want to go through with the antibiotics again since the first time they messed up my digestion bad and it never fully recovered. So I tried to go the natural route with oral colloidal silver (1100ppm), GSE, olive leaf, etc. This seemed to keep it from spreading for a few days but it wouldn't heal. Then I got a colloidal silver topical first aid gel which you can buy in any Vitamin Shoppe or major vitamin webseller. I applied it, let it dry for a few hours, rinsed my feet off then applied it again, for a total of about 4x/day. The silver gel combined with the oral stuff reversed the infection on the tops of my feet and shins dramatically, but though it was receding it was very slow and stubborn in my ankles and heels.

So I began researching online again and found a medical paper from a hospital that showed that giving cellulitis patients 400mg of ibuprofen every 6 hours for 10 days together with antibiotics resulted in much faster healing than with antibiotics alone. I had my wife pick up a bottle of ibuprofen at the drug store and began taking it. By that night with the silver gel, oral silver, GSE, olive leaf, myrrh and a few other basic things (vit C, echinacea, etc.), the cellulitis was 80-90% gone. I also took proteolytic enzymes which may have helped too.

After the second full day of the above regimen, including the ibuprofen, the cellulitis was basically healed. Oh and one more crucial thing if you're dealing with cellulitis of the legs or feet: ELEVATE THEM!!! They will not heal if you don't keep them elevated, HIGH! I sat on a lounge chair with my feet high on the wall for almost three days straight. Take breaks and walk around every hour or so but try to keep them elevated for the whole day. Sounds crazy but I was not going to get those IV antibiotics which destroyed my gut again if I could help it.

In sum what I did was this:

  • Oral colloidal silver 1100 ppm, 3 droppers a day
  • Silver gel applied 4-5x a day
  • Oral GSE, olive leaf, myrrh, and some other immune boosting supplements
  • Ibuprofen 400mg every six hours
  • Keep feet elevated



July 04, 2018: I had a recurrence of the cellulitis and hit upon something that worked brilliantly: BETADINE. I applied straight Betadine to my feet and ankles with a cotton ball every few hours for a couple days and kept my feet elevated. Worked like a charm. I recommend trying Betadine as soon as the signs of cellulitis rear their head.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Vicki (South Australia) on 05/09/2016
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Thank you to everyone who has tried & had results, this site is a great help. I regularly fast, sometimes for days at a time, this has not helped, I have had this severe condition for 13 weeks and was getting worse to the point I couldn't walk on the foot at all, currently on cleocin antibiotics, from 1 every 4 hrs 2 wks ago upped to 2 tablets 3x a day, tea tree oil has halved the stinging burning pain that is worse than child birth. the only way to describe the pain is like being burnt badly while cooking 1st degree burn, that is the closest pain that comes close, followed by contractions in the area ( mine is in the little toe I cut nail too short)

I have changed my diet: Apple Cider Vinegar 2 tbl spoons in a glass of water I sip all day, & drink 2 ltrs or more of water room temp, Echinacea & berry tea & green tea. dandelion tea. Turmeric, Curcumin & black pepper about 2 tbl spoons of each & fresh garlic cloves I put all over my salad & I eat for lunch: tomatoes, lettuce, cucumber & carrots, capsicum, green apples for lunch with salad oil dressing to help spread the turmeric into every cell of my body and the bone marrow, I found having tomato on buttered (has oil in it) toast with pepper & turmeric helps the stinging/swelling calm down first thing in morning. I have tried sucking a raw young lemon or add to water also.

I'm on day 2 of this, and pain has halved, I can finally sleep with out being woken by crippling pain, and I can walk with out a cane. the toe is not dark purple now its going pink, red & skin colour, I wipe tea tree oil around the area not on the sore itself, as they removed the nail & sliced into area to squeeze out infection twice, it's covered all the time, dressing changed every 2 days. The antibiotic not working so I had to try everything I can find on the net & combine it into 1, I'm about to get the manuka honey to add this too. It's very slow healing but its progress considering what pain I'm in & keeping the toe.

Researching it has shown me, smoking, eating sugary stuff, fasting too much (malnutrition) & little exercise is stopping it from getting better.

1) It's important to get 10+ min exercise in so the oxygen & blood flow gets to the area.

2) Turmeric & black pepper & the Tea tree oil halve the pain & swelling,

3) Water fluids flushes toxins out. So go pee pee pee.

4) Warmth helps the pain, the cold make it hurt more.

5) Keep foot raised at all times possible. even when sleeping rest it on a pillow.

I hope this helps someone.

Posted by Myway (Usa) on 05/03/2016

Alexandria, I am so sorry to hear of your plight - unfortunately, you are not feeling well so, I will give you a couple very specific things to do to feel better. This is a regimine I use to boost my immune system when my body is compromised with infection. Start taking 1,000 mg (1 gram) of Vit c every hour. Take with a cracker or piece small piece of bread to protect stomach. Look up Dr. Andrew Saul on the net - learn how to use Vit c - it's cheap. For now, use any kind. Vit C is very, very safe in high doses. I personally have taken up to 15 grams in one day - fought off pneumonia in 2 days....lowered the dose to 10 grams then now take 2 grams (2000 mg) daily for prevention.

Secondly, spray your legs with colloidal silver 2x a day to prevent infection. Follow the colloidal silver threads here on earth clinic. You live in CA, there are vitamin shops everywhere.

Lastly, No junk food. Period. Healthy, non- processed food if you can manage it! Eat some fermented foods to start rebuilding your gut bacteria. Flood yourself with vitamin rich fresh juice daily - mostly veggies!

Keep asking questions, talk through this. You will get better if you research and figure out what works. You can do it!!!!

Myway :D

Posted by Noelle (Minneapolis, MN) on 07/20/2009
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On June 7, 2009, a neighbor and her husband helped me put together a raised garden bed from a kit and fill the raised bed with bags of garden soil and compost. Since the amount of soil I had wasn't enough, I got 20 more bags of dirt and six bags of compost and peat. I grabbed another friend on Sunday, June 14th, filled the raised bed with dirt and planted vegetables from seed. In the midst of this I noticed I had gotten a small circular cut on my outer left wrist, which stung and burned. Since it was bleeding I assumed it would be sterile (eventually), ignored it and kept working. The cut stung and burned all through dinner. By morning, there was no pain, but the spot was raised and the arm was slightly swollen. When I got to work (I work in a clinic), I showed it to a co-worker. She said it was infected, thought it could be an MRSA and said that Tea Tree oil would take care of it.

When I got home I soaked the arm in Chamomile Tea and put Tea Tree oil on it. The next morning June 16th, it was worse -- very red with the area of swelling almost to the elbow and half-way round the inside of the arm. I showed it to one of the doctors at work, who said it looked like cellulitis and I should get that taken care of right away. I went into my own doctor within the hour; she declared the arm infected (cellulitis), opened the sore and cleaned it, and prescribed an antibiotic. She also said to mark the outline of the swelling so we could check that the swelling was going the right way. If the swelling and redness was not reduced in 48 hours I should call her.

I marked the outline of the swelling with a yellow marker, and I filled the prescription. I did not, however, take it since antibiotics wreak havoc with my intestines. Having discovered your site just two weeks before, I decided to try Turmeric. I went to the Wedge Coop, bought Turmeric in bulk, in tincture and in organic capsules. I was determined to treat this aggressively since I wanted to keep my arm. (I was afraid of ending up like my godmother who lost her arm when a sewing needle infected her hand, then her arm and they had to amputate.) When I got home I filled a glass with 12 ounces of V8, one heaping teaspoon of Turmeric powder, two droppers of Turmeric tincture, 1/2 teaspoon of Cayenne and sucked up the whole thing through a straw. (This stuff is NASTY!) I took 2 Turmeric capsules (395 mg each) before I went to bed. Upon awakening, I consumed the same concoction, but increased the cayenne to 1 teaspoon, and swallowed 3 Turmeric capsules. Throughout the day I took three Turmeric every four hours. I repeated the V8/Turmeric/Cayenne concoction that night. By the next morning, the arm was no longer red and was slightly less swollen. I continued with the capsules during the day and drinking the concoction at night. Within 48 hours of when I started treating with Turmeric, I could look at both my arms in the mirror and was unable to tell which one had been infected!! I continued my Turmeric ritual for the next 5 days as if Turmeric were an antibiotic, not stopping just because the arm looked better.

Conclusion: Turmeric kicks rumpus!! Thank you God for leading me to your site and to Turmeric.

Posted by Valerie (Oklahoma City, Ok) on 03/19/2018
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Dog bite & terrible infection wouldn't heal even after 6 days in hospital & on 3 antibiotics by IV.

At home, it took a month still on antibiotics, skin was literally rotting. Each day new rot would form under & around a 1/4 inch humongous scab. Smelled like green rotten meat. Cellulitus/staph arm 3 times swollen.


U can place minced FRESH garlic any place on your body, open wound or not. It will absorb thru skin.

Dietary Changes, Natural Remedies
Posted by Kathyp (Cedarburg, WI) on 03/15/2014
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I agree with so many of the people that have posted their stories about Cellulitis on this site. Earth Clinic is a wonderful site to help people get rid of Cellulitis without antibiotics, which are becoming a real problem with the overuse of them. The first time I had Cellulitis I had to go to the doctor because I did not have a clue what was wrong with my lower leg. It was very warm to the touch, painful, swollen, and red. Doc put me on antibiotics and it was gone. It is very important if you have it on the leg or arms to elevate your leg or arm higher than your heart.

Well little did I know that after I had it the first time I got it a second time very soon. The cause of it was that I have athletes foot/eczema on both feet. They are red on the soles and I am so sure it is the moccasin type because skin is thick, dry, and cracks so bacteria can get in. Prescription drugs, creams, etc. did not take care of my athlete's foot. I was at a dermatologist and my regular doctor. Dermatologist told me to buy over the counter athlete's foot cream and creams for the eczema after I was done with her prescription drugs. I did just that and nothing helped my feet. I have spent hundreds of dollars just trying to find something that works. Athletes foot is a known cause of Cellulitis.

In Dec 2013 by chance I stopped in at a holistic health center and with luck was able to talk to the main person there for 10 minutes and I told her my problem. She looked at my hands that have some eczema on, and in one second she said I can tell you right now that no creams will cure your foot problem because you have "CANDIDA" and that is causing your athletes foot and eczema.

She said no dairy, no sugars, and I must go gluten free. Well I started the diet half way till after Christmas was over. I went on the diet as strict as I could and my feet got better. She wants me to drink 3 quarts of water a day (room temp and put lemon slices in it) The day I went to see her in Dec I had cellulitis than, as I have it right now, but it is getting better. I am taking turmeric, Vitamin C, Echinacea, and garlic pills. I also put very warm water on my leg when taking a shower or I use washcloth that I run hot water on. I also have a stocking on now that is half way a compression stocking. I put tea tree oil on my leg with a cotton swab. Now I have had cellulitis several times and got rid of it using these methods. I only had to use antibiotics the first time. I check my leg everyday and the minute I find a reddened sore spot I hit the Cellulitis treatment and I am able to get rid of it. If you have a bad case I would see your doctor because I have seen some pictures of really some bad looking open wounds on legs that have Cellulitis. You would need medical treatment then.

My feet are getting better and better, but I am not home free yet so I got a small crack in my foot and that is why the Cellulitis comes back. If I was totally and 100% strict on the diet maybe my athletes foot would be totally gone. I have had the problem for 3 years now so I can't expect it to be gone quickly. I understand it takes some people 6 months or more to get rid of the athletes foot. The last few days I have really been strict on the diet, and as a bonus I am losing weight. I am going to get rid of this pesty athletes foot/eczema one way or the other.

Two days ago my husband asked me if I ever tried glycerin to make my dry cracked feet softer and I said no. I read up on glycerin on the internet and went right out to buy some. I am soaking my feet now every day in ACV and then putting athletes foot cream and glycerin on. I only have been doing it for two days now so it is to soon to tell if it will help. Glycerin is good for many rashes.

For my Candida the gal has me taking Candex, 2 pills twice a day and a proboidic pill in the evening. My question is , will I ever get rid of the Candida? It all ties together with my athletes foot and Cellulitis. I bet your site has some goods posts on it, (Candida) which I will read tomorrow. I only found this wonderful site today.

Hope my post will help somebody suffering right now like I have been the last three years. And by the way, since I have Cellulitis right now I take the chair cushion from the living room and two other sturdy pillows under it to prop my leg every night when I sleep and it is amazing how use to it I am and can sleep very well. Good Luck

Posted by Oliver (Jax, Fl) on 02/06/2013
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I suffer from reoccurring cellulitis. I found out about turmeric on this forum. This last time that it returned I bought turmeric and took it along with a garlic supplement three times a day. After four days all the swelling and redness is gone. Only left with the wound to heal, which is doing so remarkably fast. Every other occurrence I took antibiotics which had accompanying side effects and none of them had the speedy results of turmeric. Thank you so much.

Vitamin D
Posted by Al (Alvena, Sk., Canada) on 12/16/2012
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I have had cellulitis five times. The first time it was due to many small cuts on my hands after working on some dirty food service equipment. These cuts didn't bleed and I though nothing of it. The next morning I was very ill and was admitted to hospital with a 105. 5F temperature and treated for five days with injections of antibiotics. The cellulitis actually developed in my lower right leg which I had broken when I was seven. The second time I had it I believe it was caused by food poisoning and it was treated by IV antibiotics in hospital. The IV quit dripping so they put a pump on it which eventually led to my lower leg swelling to a circumference of 34.5 inches and blistering severely. Upon hearing the doctors discussing where they were going to cut my leg off I checked out of that hospital and went elsewhere. I still have my leg, with lots of scar tissue in it and thin skin with no hair on part of it, but I can still use it normally. The fourth time I had it I was unable to get to a doctor for five days and was able to keep it from getting worse by drinking pineapple juice and consuming nothing else. It actually improved a small amount by doing that. The antibiotics that they gave me would not clear it up so they switched me to "clindamycin" and that got rid of it fairly quickly. The last time I had it I had clindamycin on hand and used it immediately and it was cleared up in four days. The five times I had cellulitis were over a seven year time span that ended nine years ago. The only thing that I can attribute that to is taking a large daily dose of vitamin D3 (5000iu) since then. Vitamin D3 is known to kill bacteria and viruses. During the influenza epidemic in 1918? the people that improved the quickest were those that spent a lot of time out in the sun and it is sunlight that produces vitamin D in our bodies.

Tea Tree Oil
Posted by Dana (Atlanta, Ga) on 08/08/2009
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My 9 year old son experienced cellulitis for the second time in less than a year as the result of a bug bite (spiders we think). At any rate, unable to get the prescription for an antibiotic filled until the morning, I went to this website. I placed a few drops of tea tree oil onto a cotton swab. I applied it to his very swollen and inflammed leg, along with a water soaked cotton ball (so the tea tree would not burn). I then applied an ice pack and gave him an over the counter anti-flammatory. By morning, the inflammation was gone, he was able to move his leg with less diffulty and the redness also subsided.

The Tea Tree worked awesome. Because of the severity of his cellulitis I still gave him the antibiotic, but cut the treatment time in half. Going forward, on any bites I will immediately treat with tea tree oil.

Thanks Earth Clinic

Colloidal Silver, Serrapeptase
Posted by Joanne (Mississippi) on 04/29/2015
5 out of 5 stars

Have discovered and used both colloidal silver, internally, 2 tspns, plus cleaned wounds externally for leg ulcers with colloidal silver spray for no infection successfully. Plus, then I take Serrapeptase around minimum of 80,000 per day. After one month the ulcers were closed, clean, and gone.

Thanks for everyone giving the health items that they use. Invaluable help.

The above colloidal silver and serrapeptase is the first time I completely cleaned up the ulcer on leg!!

I am at this time still continuing with colloidal silver and the serrapeptase.

Clay, Supplements
Posted by Sherri (Long Island, New York) on 03/20/2015

This is an update on what I am doing to beat the cellulitis. I have tried many of the recommendations on this site and am continuing to experiment with them. But so far I have found raw garlic cloves head and tails above anything I have tried. I left chopped garlic paste over the open wound and bandaged it up. I left it on several hours. (I do not recommend using garlic on the wound directly if the wound is sore and tender to touch. I my case there was no pain just a chronic low-level inflammation.) The wound started oozing and became inflamed and a scab formed. It has definitely also decreased my over-all body symptoms dramatically. I stopped putting the cloves directly on it because of the irritation and am now using olive oil with a little garlic infused in it. Instead I am taking the chopped garlic cloves soaked in Braggs apple cider vinegar internally after each meal. But my experience with using it topically has convinced me that the garlic kills the infection better than anything else I have tried. I continue to detox using clay, cilantro, etc. and now have added curcumin extract. Will let you know how I make out.

Posted by Art (California) on 07/25/2021 952 posts


I forgot to mention that it is possible for hydrogen peroxide and AgNPs to breakdown biofilms, so they are both important and alternating days maybe a way to be able to use both effectively. If you want to increase the effectiveness of the AgNPs, you can dissolve xylitol in it to increase its biofilm busting ability, moisturize the skin and give it an anti irritant effect to the skin.

Along this same line of thinking, if you can tolerate N Acetyl Cysteine (NAC) it is also useful as a biofilm buster. Biofilms may be the reason that you say it is harder to eradicate the cellulitis this time.

Good luck!


Coconut Oil
Posted by Mama To Many (Tennessee) on 08/24/2015

Dear Agnes,

Well, I absolutely love to walk in the woods (or anywhere in nature) and do this as able. Fall is around the corner-I try to walk most days when the weather is not extreme. But mostly I just enjoy the flowers, trees, clouds, sky, birds, and ocassionally a wild turkey or deer. Most of the herbs that I use are ones that I buy in bulk. I do finally have a couple of wonderful comfrey plants growing near my house and I have wildharvested burdock, plantain, and jewelweed. But it has all been one step at a time. I would never want someone to be discouraged that they "can't do herbal medicine" because they cannot collect or grow it themselves.

I really admire Mmsg on this forum, growing things on the balcony of her apartment. I would like to see natural remedies available to anyone who wants them. Most people can grow an aloe plant on a window sill and it has many applications. Many people can buy a bag of turmeric or cayenne pepper at a local market of some sort. There much healing benefit to be had from such! (But you are correct that it is common to doubt that a plant would be very helpful. I definitely had no idea how healing plant medicine could be! )

My hobby of nautural medicine is one that has turned out to be useful for my family. I could probably enjoy searching the globe for useful medicinal plants, but alas, I have many more interests than time to pursue them, as most people do. :)

I actually grew up in the suburbs and rarely used anything "natural." Even now, I do use over the counter or prescriptions for my family, once in a while, if it seems to be the best thing. I have been grateful for some good doctors for emergency situations over the years. But year by year we have learned and applied more natural things to our lives, and it so so satisfying to have safe, simple, inexpensive options.

While we do live on a small farm, we are not living "off the grid" or anything. If my family had to live off what we grow, we would be long dead. :) I hope to empower my children to take responsibility for their health and nutrition and at the same time be grateful for what they have whether it is home grown or from the store, an herb from the woods or a medicine from the doctor. I am not Amish, though have some Amish families that live not to far from us and we admire their resourcefulness and productivity!

I haven't worn make up regularly in decades (its just not my style)...but I am quite intrigued by the creating of make up. I have a friend that has done so and it is probably something I would have fun researching and doing if I had the time.

So here a little, there a little and we each learn a little more each day!

~Mama to Many~

Posted by Hmm... (Oklahoma City, Ok) on 06/05/2011

Just found this site and absolutely love all the information and personal experiences shared. Going out to buy Turmeric today.

Recently dx with cellulitis and the huge dose(1600 mg 2X a day) of Batrium made me horribly ill. After the doctor refused to lower the dosage or prescribe an alternative antibiotic I began my own research. Wish I had found your site earlier but nonetheless will be adding Turmeric to my daily regime.

To those who have had cellulitis... What antibiotic worked the best for you? And, what have you implemented for a preventative. Doctor tells me the chances of a recurrence are likely.

Posted by Sharon (Florida) on 07/25/2021
5 out of 5 stars

Turmeric works for me every time I get bit by a yellow fly. The cellulitis infection can take 4 days before it starts to go down but then it quickly vanishes away. I usually take 1 heaping teaspoon two to three times per day mixed in water. Thank you for sharing this wonderful natural remedy.

Castor Oil
Posted by Almccardle (Pittsburgh, Pa) on 03/07/2017
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Castor oil for swelling of cellulitis: castor oil will reduce the swelling apply three times a day, rub it in, it also helps the lymph system.

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