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Bowel Cleansing Protocol
Posted by Sybille (Upstate New York) on 05/18/2016


There is a wonderful book by Dr. Bernard Jensen, D.C.N.D (now gone to the other side) he wrote a few books, one of them is called "The Science and Practice of Iridology", where he proved that all diseases manifest in the colored area of both eyes. In this book he proposes that all disease starts in the bowel.

Hence his other book "Tissue cleansing through Bowel Management" (or similar title) I have this book (just could not put my hand on it) and followed his protocol to the letter when I had a cancerous (?) growth in my esophagus -above the thyroid area - that prevented me from speaking or eating much.

I took leave from my job and did his protocol for 3 weeks, which involved about 3 enemas per day, no food, but a variety of herbals. After about 2 weeks or perhaps a little longer my bowel lining came off - it looked like a black rubber thing almost bowel like (as he depicts in the book). As this is almost 20 years ago, I do not remember the exact details but I still could not speak and felt this lump in my throat, affecting my breathing a bit too..

A few days later when walking with my old mother in the snow I had a coughing fit and spit red blood all over the white ground. My mother was most upset because my father had died of throat cancer with proper medical care just a few years prior.

I was not worried and said that the thing was probably loosening and hence the blood. Sure enough when we got home and I was comfortably sitting on the couch I had another coughing fit and out came a thing that looked like a naked mouse (without feet, head or tail) half the size of my thumb with red veins all around it, but totally enclosed - nice and neat.

I put it in a napkin and out it went to the garbage can and I said to my Mom "here now is my cancer - gone" and I could speak again, eat again and went back to work the next day.

Sometime (about 3 mos.) later I had a Doctor's appointment and told him the above story and asked him to check my esophagus, since he was a Nose and Throat Specialist. This was done with an endoscope and nothing could be found and the Doctor voiced his opinion questioning my sanity and insisting that I needed to have my "hearing" checked . And that this was a very "unlikely tale". In hindsight I ought to have saved this "mouse" - but what was the point, really.

The moral of this story is - I hope - that sick folks will buy this book and do the bowel cleansing protocol and see their illnesses disappear - all of them.

One need to have 3 weeks at home, be diligent, unafraid, confident and if in bad physical shape with mobility issues a good and trusted person ought to be handy and present to help with the enemas. A regular red rubber hot water bottle with attachments would do nicely.

Good luck and God bless.