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Natural Remedies for Body Odor

Avoid Deodorants
Posted by Maria (Queens, ny)
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I've read peopel having a problem with body odor and deodorants. I've had similar problem, I intend on using baking soda. Maybe eventually I will begin bathing with yogurt to even out my bacterias, I've heard good things about yogurt wash. I started using soap with jsut oils and sea salt, doesnt dry out or irritate my skin therefore less prone to bacteria/bacterial infection. But most importantly- I have noticed that my odor may have become worse due to the laundry detergent I have been using. Detergents with fancy additives, even "All" free and clear, leave residues on your clothing that when you wash them thy do not fully get clean. I noticed my clothes stil smell after using these detergents, natural detergents as well and I cannot get my pet's laundry clean while mothers will complain of diapers still stinking when they use them. My odor may be mild on me but way worse on my shirt and the odor is unlike any I've had before. They say the cheapest no frills detergents are best bc they cannot afford to produce detergents with extra additives that would leave residues. But if you have sensitivity or environmental issues you should use Sensi-clean or Country Save detergents they rinse clean and theyre good for the environment. Good luck!! I think this will totally help my situation as I notced my odor became worse with new detergents.