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Rubbing Alcohol
Posted by Thomas (Texas) on 01/09/2022
5 out of 5 stars

Body odor remedy:

Rubbing alcohol, shower with soap, rubbing alcohol

(I just poured it on a paper towel and rubbed it on)

I think that cured me. Now it is just back to soap and deodorant.

But let me give a long rant as to why I got this way as hopefully it'll help prevent you from getting in my situation.

In Arizona, my sister's boyfriend would always have a lingering smell after he used our bathroom. We would make fun of him for it (in a loving way as we were close, though I'm sure he was self-conscious of it as we all would be). I never really thought of why he had that problem until I got older as I found out he lived in a really old house...

About 10 years ago I joined the no soap, no deodorant group. It worked. Click the "Stop using soap" in the body odor page to see testimonials back from the 2000s. When I did sweat it smelled sweet, it smelled good. I'm not joking. And being vegan at the time, my bowel movements were very clean. Actually, that area had zero smell when I didn't use soap, verses when I used soap and ate meat there was a little bit of funk on my hands after cleaning that area that I couldn't get rid of no matter how much soap I used (which makes sense since soap only strips the oils off your skin, not the actual bacteria and bacterial waste that causes those smells, and by not using soap your skin builds a protective layer against all that literal crap). I just had to wait for that smell to go away on its own (but now I know rubbing alcohol was probably the answer). No longer using soap, I no longer had that problem.

It was very zen like to go into the shower and only use water to clean with (I had stopped using shampoo and shaving cream too). Trust me, I lived with people who would complain if I smelled in the slightest and they never complained.

There wasn't such a thing as soap in the caveman times, yet we all lived together somehow...

To do this no soap method, you just use friction and water. You have to allow the good bacteria colons to build up on your skin. This isn't always a guarantee so sometimes you have to use soap and start all over again. But after having to use soap once or twice, I never had to use it again once the good bacteria had taken over. While I never wore synthetic fabrics back then, I would risk it if you decide to use this method.

All this changed about 3 years ago when I went to live with my grandpa in his old house.

It was all falling apart. Being his grandson I felt compelled to help. Mold and mildew everywhere in the house. Rat shit in the garage and barn. I used a lot of bleach (unfortunately). Still, I couldn't really get it clean as it got to a point that you really needed a professional. His attic (which I couldn't walk in for my own safety as I might have fallen through) with a ton of black mold had an A/C unit with holes in it sucking in that filthy air, and he refused to pay any money to get it fixed. Whenever I found something new to clean like window curtains, all this yellow stuff would start to come out of it as I washed it. I hate to say this, I should have just left. His boys (my uncles and my dad) should have put him in a home a long time ago (he doesn't have the mental capacity to take care of himself). It wasn't fair to me to put up with these living conditions. Besides, all he bought was white bread, sugary foods, and meat to eat. So, yeah, a very unhealthy environment.

Going outside to get away from it wasn't even an option as his concrete backyard was full of all his greasy motor vehicle junk and dying tress covered in mold, algae, and slimy mushrooms. His immediate neighbors were just as bad with rotting fences full of fungus...

Anyway, I spent 3 years cleaning up his place and trying to fix his health. Pressure washing, painting, pulling up dying bushes, throwing out old food, etc. I was fine at first. The first six months wasn't an issue in regards to my health. After getting into an argument with one of his neighbor friends and my grandpa refusing to talk about it or even acknowledge what his neighbor did to me, I left. I should have stayed gone. But I originally went to my grandpa's to get away from harassment in my parent's neighborhood (I swear I'm not a troublemaker, I think it's just the issue of a bad community not wanting a good person to be in their neighborhood... the world is strange like that). After getting harassed again at my parent's neighborhood, I went back to my grandpa's as it was just one neighbor I wasn't getting along with and his sons, the only people he'll listen to, took my side in the situation as they wanted me to care of him for free...

But at about the 1.5 year mark is when weird things started to happen to my body: chapped lips (even the summer), heel cracks, a lot of body hair loss, bowel movement problems, and BO.

And my grandpa would make fun of me for all of this, but NOT in a loving way. He had some real metal/self-hatred problems. He beat his wife in the past and tried to commit suicide twice (his sons wouldn't get him any mental health help unless it was free from the government). Later, I found out my grandpa suffered from all of this health problems but he learned how to thoroughly take care of the symptoms but not the cause. And the cause seemed to be bacteria/fungus from his nasty, old house.

(I also got gray nose hairs, a long gray hair on my forearm, a lot of belly fat, and my face started to look old. But I think that had more to do with my grandfather's abusive behavior. And, yes, he made fun of me for those features as well.)

Even when describing my bowel movement problems to him, he got an evil look on his face and was able to describe the rest of my symptoms exactly cause he had/has them and was enjoyed seeing someone else suffer with it. I'm talking about being constipation for days, having to strain really hard to go (and I'm the guy who would only eat colorful fruits and vegetables and easily go in one minute), wiping to no end, and the bathroom just smelling for half an hour to an hour afterward (sorry if this is really gross for you all to read).

Now it made sense why he used the small bathroom in the house (the only one with a vent) and hosed it down with freeze, used baby wipes, and stayed in there for half an hour cleaning himself; why he always had ChapStick around; why he wore socks and used a ton of moisturizer (to prevent heel cracks); and shaved his ENTIRE body (he walked around naked in the house more than once...). But I never really figured out what he did for his armpits besides shave his pits.

But I thought I fixed my BO problem by just starting to use soap and deodorant (I use the stuff you'll find at a health food store as the typical deodorant has a chemical smell I can't stand).

(I think I screwed up when going no soap, no deodorant at his house cause I would use his head and shoulder on the essential areas as "insurance" but apparently soap removes your acid mantle and your protect oils. Still, I never had such a horrible smell problem with no soap, no deodorant until I started living at his house. One day, it had a VERY slight sour milk smell to it. I knew something wasn't right with my body. Later, on a holiday of all day, I wore a shirt, that I thought was all cotton, with some synthetic fibers outside while bringing food in from the neighbors. It wasn't a good situation.)

My grandfather passed recently. After moving back with my parents a few months before that, everything fixed itself for the most part up. My heel cracks went away on their own (even though I still wear sandals all the time), my chapped lips went away, my bowel movements went to back normal after three months (more on this later), and, like I said, I had fixed my BO problem back at my grandpa's (so I thought...)

While my bowel movements got better at my parent's apartment, it didn't completely go back to normal (a horrible smells that lingered for about 30 minutes even with the vents on) until I started working at a warehouse. I had to walk for about 10 hours a day (cardio stimulates your immune system which 80% is in your gut), got sick the first week and got put on an antibiotic, and I took Saccharomyces boulardii (a yeast probiotic that fights candida, SIBO, and FIBO).

Personally, I think I had an overgrow (either fungal or bacterial) into my small intestine which blocked my bile from being reabsorbed. Bile kills off bacteria (not all or else it would naturally take care of your SIBO problem for you) and makes your poop slimy and greasy, so that's probably why my poop was hard to pass and smelled so bad: your poop it supposed to have live bacteria in it not dead bacteria. It's hard to say what worked the best, but I would guess it was the antibiotic first, then the special probiotic, and then the cardio.

Basically, my system needed a kick start to get my system back to normal (as I definitely didn't want to wait another 1.5 years for digestive health/bacteria to change again).

So that finally brings me back to my body odor problem.

Like my digestive problems, I needed a kick start to help get rid of all the bacterial colonies that was there from that nasty house.

This battle against bad bacteria is something I learned about in my no soap days, and apparently normal soap alone wasn't strong enough to kill whatever I got.

While soap and deodorant seemed to work, if I really dug my finger into my armpit, I would definitely get a smell. Not straight up BO, but it was a funk. On Christmas day of all days, my mom is yelling at me (needlessly) to hurry up as I'm getting out of my shower and I yell back forgetting to put on deodorant in the rush. Then I decided to wear that polyester shirt my dad gave me cause it looked really nice with my new jacket that is very tight on me (but it was pretty much a warm day for being Christmas cause we live in Texas) and I haven't had a BO problem in a long time and my sister keeps her house cold. But I ended up being outside for a long time and I was later stuck at my sister's house all day while smelling. :(

I knew I had to fix this. Like my bowel movement problem, I needed a little bit of help. Rubbing alcohol was the first thing I tried. The smell got really intense, both the alcohol and the BO, so I knew something was happening. Then I took shower. Did the alcohol again but this time no smell at all. The next day after returning back to my normal routine (same soap and same shampoo), I really rubbed my finger into my armpit and smelled it. This time, no smell whatsoever. I also noticed that the slight tannish stains in my armpit were gone (got them after using a coconut oil based deodorant, pretty sure it had absolutely nothing to do with the smell problem though).

So that's basically it.

But this is the real reason I got in this situation:

I feel like a lot of my major problems in life (health, relationships, finances, etc.) came from not respecting myself and not sticking to my principles. Because if I had I wouldn't be in those bad situations to begin with. Lord knows that I would have never of stayed in such a nasty house if it wasn't for my grandpa. While it might have been noble of me to stay with and help him, I should have drawn the line when he showed his true colors. I see this same pattern in my life over and over again.

Not only did my grandpa become abusive to me when I came back, the rest of the family when from having an excellent opinion of me cause I was taking care of him and wanting to be my friend to hating and making fun of me (even though I hadn't changed as a person at all).

Just about every major problem I had could have been prevented if I didn't ignore people's bad behavior. Instead, I would justify it by saying he's my grandpa or parents and I have to do this or that despite the bad feeling it gave me and intuitively knowing the situation is wrong.

You don't need to know if the person is a narcissist or whatever, you just need to know that this behavior shouldn't be tolerated and do what you gotta do. And if you can't leave the situation, then start making on plans to leave the situation. Don't try to change or reason with the person, that's not your job.

I did turn to the rest of my family for help, but they encouraged me to put up with his bad behavior cause "he's going to die pretty soon and he'll probably leave you a lot of money for everything you've done for him." When he passed, he didn't leave me a cent. Yeah, he did pay me while living with him, but just the bare minimum so I could cover my bills so I couldn't save up money to leave. Even if he did leave me a lot of money, it still wouldn't have been worth it. There isn't a price you can put on your dignity.

Unfortunately, I'm starting to realize that the people who encouraged me to stay with my abusive grandpa don't really have my best interest at heart and are abusive to me in their own ways.

By the way, since leaving my grandpa's abusive house (I did it a few months before he passed away) I lost my belly, my nose hairs are no longer gray, and my face looks a lot younger. I could even watch that one hair on my forearm have color grow back in from the root since the day I left (I think my mom's blackberries did the trick).

I never wished my grandpa ill will, and I still don't. But you gotta know when to let people go.

Rubbing Alcohol
Posted by Dorett (Lima, Ohio) on 06/01/2009
5 out of 5 stars

I read in a book that regular rubbing alchohol is good for boby odor. I was fasting and was having problem with odor from all the toxin that was coming out. i tried bathing two to three times a day to help eliminate the odor which only help for a short time. So I decided to try this remedy. This really help, I have been using it ever since. That is the 70% volume. I splash it under my arms after showering.