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Natural Remedies for Body Odor

Glycolic Acid, Essential Oils
Posted by Traveler (Dallas Tx) on 01/29/2014
5 out of 5 stars

I've used earthclinic a lot, and done many of these BO busters in particular. White Vinegar spray lasted longer than Apple Cider Vinegar (after a few weeks though I noticed no difference so I rotate.) Baking soda is fine, but chafes and I don't like it as much as other options. The two options I'm using most lately are either Glycolic Acid, or essential oils. I had some leftover glycolic acid from treating my face at home-- I believe it was around 20% strength, so I thought I might try adding to my underarms thinking that maybe, even with shaving, there's a lot of dead skin that holds onto bacteria that makes it stink more easily. Found that the Glycolic Acid carried me for around 3 days (no body odor smell at all that I can recall) and I didn't get as funky after that point (at least for a little while.) I'm out of the 20% but I do have some 10% that I'm currently trying.

When I want to mess around with smells, I try a variety of essential oils. Lavender oil works really well and gets me lots of compliments from people who think it's my perfume. Orange oil works okay-- not bad at all but not as strong and long lasting. I've tried less flowery ones for when I've been sick and so didn't mind smelling strongly herbal. I would just say to be careful and make sure you're not applying something like basil essential oil full strength since that would burn. See what is okay straight, or add to your baking soda or coconut oil, and spot test. I use it straight just fine but I've also used these in other applications so I know what my personal skin to essential oil level I'm comfortable with.

I'll likely use up my 10% glycolic acid stuff and then eventually get a $25 bottle of 20% glycolic acid and use that once a week or so. Since it's an acid, I wouldn't recommend using it everyday or even close to that--maybe twice a week tops.