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Colon Cleanse
Posted by Cal (Calgary, Ab Canada) on 04/08/2010

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This is what I have found out from experiences with this embarassing situation that I had to deal with for a long time myself. I've done the ACV and hydrogen peroxide treatments and they do help but only momentarily and have to be applied constantly. A lot of the suggestion are just cover-ups to keep the smell down but does not really cure the problem or get to the root of the cause. The cause I have determined comes from a smelly colon. The stench from the colon backs up in the body and finds release through the sweat glands under the arm. I can bet that most if not everybody who has this problem also has smelly fecal matter. The body has to get rid of these toxins otherwise you could get very sick. I noticed that whenever I did a colon cleanse that my perspiration would have no smell but as soon there was any constipation the smelliness comes back. Therefore the solution is to keep your colon clean, eat foods rich in fibre, drink enough fluids to aid in excretion and your liver in top condition for that plays a very important role in waste disposal. You might need to do a colon and liver cleanse to clean things up and go from there. Epsom salts is a great way of cleaning the entire intestinal system...doesn't taste great but awesome results