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Natural Remedies for Body Odor

Clove Oil
Posted by Brittney (Acworth, GA) on 06/10/2008
5 out of 5 stars

hey i thought id share something that has been working pretty well for me lately to combat under arm odor. i read alot of the articles that others have written about how to stop the stink so i went with the no soap theory and. . . well at first, it wasn't what i would have called a good idea but i kept it up, then i moved on to the cold shower theory which is, well cold! but i've continued with both no soap and cold water for about a month now (maybe less) and that stinkyness had become just faint. whereas before I smelled pretty rancid! However that faint stink has still been a bother to me (thankfully no one else can smell me- unless people are just tying to be polite) but anyway, i've created my own new theory and its been working very well. what i do is i have continued with no soap and cool/lukewarm showers (cold is too cold for me) then when i get out i use a cotton ball to apply a mixture of witch hazel and 1 drop of clove oil to my armpits and after they dry out i powder them with corn starch. Now im happy to say that i am quite a bit closer to being stink free! my faint stink isn't stinky anymore. this process had helped me out alot. maybe it will work for some of you stinkers out there. (oh, i forgot to mention that i don't ever use deoderant anymore either) and please only use 1-2drops of clove oil under the arm at first becaude it will stink like crazy at first. over time it will no longer sting or burn with the application though. just soak a cotten ball with witch hazel and add 1 drop of clove oil and when you're all dry powder on some corn starch (the stuff at the grocery store) and you should be good to go! thanks for your time EC! God bless.