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Natural Remedies for Body Odor

Posted by Art (California) on 05/18/2020 1515 posts
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Recently a person was telling me about his wife who has significant underarm odor and he mentioned she had tried several things, but they did not work at all. I suggested that he might consider giving her chlorophyll in liquid or pill form because it can work very well for this purpose and probably will work for smelly feet because it has a detoxing effect and is thought to absorb some of these odor causing bacteria and toxins. That was about two months ago.

He just let me know that he tried chlorophyll soft gels at three 50 mg softgels per day and while it helped a little with the odor, it wasn't enough.

He decided to increase her dose to three, 100 mg doses per day or 300 mg total per day and he said that has worked perfectly for his wife and no more underarm odor!


Posted by All4nature (Usa) on 02/10/2015
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TMAU or trimethylaminuria is a genetic disorder in which the enzyme responsible for breaking down proteins in the body is unable to do so, resulting in a build up of volatile organic chemical waste, which is then excreted through sweat, saliva, urine, etc. and produces an unbearable stench. The odor is similar to rotting fish, rotten garbage, ammonia/urine, dirty feet, or feces. There is no amount of soap or perfume that can eliminate the smell. This condition comes from within the body, on a cellular level.

I have dealt with this unfortunate situation for years, and it is the absolute most humiliating experience when you don't know what the problem is, why it is happening, or how to solve the problem. Meanwhile, the general public and everyone within your radius is judging your hygiene practices and coughing around you.

I was at my wit's end, having tried EVERY deodorizing product on the market and several home remedies for foot odor. I had switched to antibacterial soaps, organic soaps, a healthier organic diet, daily foot baths, powdering my shoes, spraying my entire body with perfume, using essential oils.....and the list goes on for miles, with no success.

That is, until I read about CHLOROPHYLL as a remedy for extreme body odor and halitosis. I said to myself, "Okay this is my last resort. If this doesn't work, I may as well just give up on life and scrub toilets forever, because no one wants to be around me like this."

I have found that liquid forms of supplements tend to work faster and more effectively for me, so I purchased 2 bottles of organic LIQUID CHLOROPHYLL at the health food store. It is made from alfalfa leaves, and cost $16 for 16 ounces. I mixed 1 Tablespoon of the green liquid with a glass of water, and drank it all at once. Then I ate a sandwich. It seems to be okay to take with or without food; no side effects for me. I waited a few hours to drink another dose. I noticed the next morning that my usual stinky smell had subsided. The freshness actually lasted! I take 2 to 3 doses daily, morning, noon, and night. (That is 1 Tbsp. of chlorophyll mixed in 8 ounces of water.)

Well anyway, I am absolutely elated to tell you that this product has finally given me my confidence back; my nasty odor is gone and I can get on with my life now. If you know anyone suffering from extreme body odor, and hygiene is not the issue, I encourage you to gently mention the information in this post. They may seem offended at first, but I guarantee they will leap with joy when they've found the solution.

Thank you for reading, and good luck to your health and happiness!

Posted by Suz (Mendocino) on 09/14/2013
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A chlorophyll gel cap every morning and evening has eliminated body odor for me since 1997.

Posted by Maxine (Phoenix, Az) on 10/08/2011
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I spent nearly four hours reading everything I could on this site. It was unbelievably helpful, but most of all it made me check out what was going on in my body, supplements I'm taking and their effect, and noting changes in my body. I had an additional problem of urinary incontinence where I would have small leakage during the day. I wore panty liners every day and washed, washed, washed.

After reading on this site, I realized I wasn't drinking enough water and my urine was too strong, so I increased the water, took liquid chlorophyll for the urine odor and vaginal odor and it was 80% better. I haven't used the hydrogen peroxide yet, but bought some to douche with. In the meantime I douched with a little tea tree oil and grapefruit seed extract. That helped a lot. Going to do all three (tea tree, grapeseed, and a few drops of chorophyll) and alternate days with hydrogen peroxide. I'll either come out smelling like roses or blow my va jay jay up! I also found out taking B12 causes excessive sweating and stopped taking it. I take a B complex 100 instead. Actually, as you can see, I'm trying to find what will work for me.

I found the chlorophyl really got things cleaned out and started. It's an all around good guy and cleans out unwanted bacteria, gives you more energy as it increases oxygen output, creates healthy blood cells - enriching blood, etc. Etc. Read online its benefits. There are so many. Right now I have no vaginal odor and am doing kegel exercises that's helping the incontinence. Am really grateful to you ladies (and gents?) who cared enough to share. It helps so much to know there are alternatives. God bless you all!