Natural Cures for a Bee Sting

Apple Cider Vinegar

Posted by Sandy (Caldwell, TX) on 09/28/2006
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Apple Cider Vinegar will cure an allergic reaction to many stings by killer bees. An elderly woman who lives alone out in the country told me this story. She had a gentleman fixing fence for her in a pasture when he disturbed a nest of African killer bees. They swarmed him and he ran to his truck and drove to the womans house. He fell out of his truck and drug himself up to her gate and yelled at her to help him. She said by the time she got outside his eyes were rolling back in his head and all he said to her was some bees had stung him . She ran back into her house and got a shotglass of apple cider vinegar and took it out to him. She shook him and told him he had to drink the ACV so he opened his mouth and she poured a small amount in. He refused to drink anymore so she set it by him while she ran in to call 911. She said by the time she went back outside the man was sitting up and had drank the rest of the ACV. By the time the EMT's got there the man was up walking around. They checked him out and said he was fine. The man said he never goes anywhere without a bottle of ACV just in case because it saved his life. He swears by it.

Replied by Mary
Arcadia, CA
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Thank you for your story. I recently went to an Apitherapist for bee stings to heal my arthritis. He gave me a sting near my throat in the back of my head.

I quickly started to itch and my tongue became red and very itchy. He did some kind of Accupuncture on me and gave me a Mung Bean drink.

I had red spots all over my feet and my vagina was itching so bad. I finally calmed down. I have to go again tomorrow but he said I cannot have any more stings. I will definitely carry ACV with me. Thank you for your help. Should I carry Benadryl with me?

Apple Cider Vinegar and Baking Soda

Posted by Joyce (Raleigh, North Carolina) on 09/06/2010
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My grandmother and mother always used baking soda and ACV on bee stings. It just boils them out-I too have a planters wart and am cosidering trying this to "oil" it out. Will let you know if it works.

Posted by Sharon (Vinings, GA) on 03/28/2007
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I was trying to put a wasp outside that had flown into my kitchen (not a believer in killing any wildlife)... unfortunately it stung me through the paper towel as I lifted it from the window. Ouch!! I immediately dunked my finger in apple cider vinegar and baking soda (2 TBLS ACV and a shake of Baking Sod). The pain subsided after about 30 seconds and never returned. FAST REMEDY!

Replied by Crystal
Liberty, KY
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My son was stung and we used this! It worked GREAT! THX

Replied by Valeria
Windsor, Sc

umm my dad just got stung by like 5 yellowjackets should i just use 2tbls and a shake or more than that for my remedy??

Replied by Laurie
San Antonio, Tx
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I was stung by a bee or wasp earlier today. I put tea tree oil on it immediately, which helped a little, but I kept having shooting, stinging pains all day and by the evening the area around the sting was hot, red, and sore. I read your site and tried the apple cider vinegar and baking soda remedy and it worked instantly! All the pain is gone and it feels fine. Thank you!

Replied by Jackie
Boca Raton, Florida, Usa

It is nite time and I was picking out good things that people left outside for the garbage man tomorrow.

All of a sudden something bit me and I had incredible shooting pain on my wrist and I couldn't get my watch off fast enough. The only light was by street light so I couldn't see what bit me. The initial pain was soo bad I couldn't drive to get home right away, but after I did try driving home, I checked out your sight and to my amazement the Apple Cider Vinegar and touch of Baking Soda burned at first then numbed the area. I have six bites on my wrist and the pain is gone! Oh I should mention I just took two Benedryl, generic form as I am allergic to Bees, Wasps, etc. I don't know what bit me, maybe it was a swarm of something? There were not stingers just 6 red bites. Any ideas what they could be from?

Thanks! Jackie

Apple Cider Vinegar, Turmeric

Posted by Cathy (Pattonville, Tx) on 08/29/2009
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Today while mowing by the bee hives, I was stung at least 20 times by my honey bees. Once I was able to get back into the house I quickly took 1 tablet of Turmeric and then grabbed the gallon bottle of Apple cider vinegar (ACV) and gauze pads. I checked all the stings and removed the remaining stingers, then soaked the gauze with the pure ACV and wiped all the stings. I was stung on my face, in my ear, on my arms and back. Within minutes I could feel subsidence of the stings except for a couple, so I also took 30 drops of white willow in water for pain. I began to feel woozy and tingly on my feet so I layed down and concentrated on lowering my heart rate. Within an hour of the stings, there was only some redness on most stings and small pain if I touched the sting sites. No swelling occurred at any of the sites and now I feel just fine. I believe my quick action noted above curbed the potential for a very serious reaction to the stings.

Baking Soda

Posted by Mama To Many (Tn) on 06/25/2018
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My daughter got stung by a bee on the bottom of her foot while playing frisbee while we were away from home over the weekend.

I thought about what I had with me that I could use. I had a headache blend of peppermint, lavender and birch oils in my hip pack so we applied that first.

I had baking soda with me, band aids and unsweet tea from lunch.

I put about 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda on the bandage and used my straw to drop a few drops of tea onto the baking soda to make a paste. My daughter has used a lot of poultices over the years an was notably impressed with how much it helped. She was able to do everything else that day with no pain, including a lot of walking, an outdoor wedding and dancing.

Today, two days later, the sting was bothering her again. We are home with access to all sorts of stuff and she made herself another baking soda poultice.

For under a buck you can keep a box of baking soda in your car to be ready for this and many other little emergencies! (Including heartburn and forgetting your toothbrush/toothpaste - I have used baking soda on a finger to clean my teeth in a pinch.) I love cheap and easily available remedies that WORK!

~Mama to Many~

Posted by Stacy Edgar (Agoura Hills, CA) on 07/19/2009
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I set my arm down on a bee this afternoon and was stung (for the first time). I remembered reading about baking soda and bee stings from this site so I mixed baking soda and water together (just enough water to make a nice, thick paste) and put it over the bee sting sight. I held it there by putting a bag over it to keep it from drying out too quickly. It immediately helped to take away the pain and within an hour or so, almost all of the pain was gone. Thanks!

Posted by Robin (Walhalla, SC) on 07/11/2008
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I recently had a bad burn from a lawn mower. I put burn medicine on it, but it didn't put out the fire at all. I read a post on here about baking soda, and decided to try it. I made a thick paste out of baking soda and water and put it all over the burn. It was amazing! The fire went out of the burn IMMEDIATELY. I few days later, my son was stung by a wasp. I made the same paste and put it on his sting and it took the pain away for him. It worked on a four year old who was screaming in pain.

Replied by Kerian
Jefferson, Arkansas
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I got stung by a hornet on Sunday. Here it is Wednesday and the pain has intensified and the swelling is really bad. I'm 16 and I asked my mom what I could do and she referred me to this site. I saw the baking soda and decided to try it. I put it on 30 minutes ago and the swelling has gone down and the pain is next to none. Thank you guys so much for telling me about this. I'll never forget to use this when I get stung!!!

Posted by Anna (Waxahachie, USA) on 10/17/2007
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Whenever i get a bee sting, my mom always told me to mix baking soda and water together and put it on my bee sting. I works great! I do it all the time, and the stinger comes right out

Bounce Dryer Sheets

Posted by Lore (Walnut Creek, Ca 94595, U) on 08/08/2008
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To stop yellow jacket attraction: "Bounce"sheets as repellents for yellow jackets, pieces tucked into golf shoes, belt and rubbed around ears and neck. It helps but smell is so bad.

Breast Milk

Posted by Shannon (Tyler, TX) on 04/24/2008
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We were at a Renaissance Festival far from anywhere civilized...and my 18 month old got stung by a bee. I did not have the requisite first aid kit in the vehicle, so my mother said to put expressed milk on his thumb. Before the application, the thumb was red, hot to the touch, and swollen. Thirty minutes later it was no longer swollen or hot, but it was still red. One hour later it was not even red with the exception of a small dot to show where the sting was.

Charcoal, Turmeric, Vitamin C, Nettle

Posted by Mama To Many (Tennessee) on 09/03/2015
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This afternoon, my 21 year old son called me from work. He had just been stung by a red wasp on his ear lobe. He was getting a charcoal poultice to put on it, but wanted to know what else he should do. (Several years ago he was stung by a red wasp. Even with charcoal poultices, he was stuck on the couch with a swollen arm for days. The charcoal worked, but slowly. As long as he had the poultice, he was not in pain.)

Providentially, I was getting into the car to take other children to piano lessons, very nearby to where he was working. I sped back into the house, grabbed a large, ready made charcoal/flax poultice with plastic wrap out of the refrigerator, a bandana, vitamin c, turmeric and nettle tincture. I dropped off piano students and stopped by his work. His earlobe was red and so was the skin on his head behind his ear.

I got the charcoal poultice centered over the sting and around his ear, covered it with plastic and secured it with a bandana. I told him to take 1,000mg of Vitamin C, 1 turmeric capsule, and 1 teaspoon of nettle tincture every hour. He did that for four hours. When he got home from work, his ear lobe looked fine.

The moral of the story for me is to deal aggressively when dealing with a potentially aggressive situation, within safe bounds of the natural remedies used.

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Mama To Many


Sometimes stings will swell up immediately and sometimes they swell up a day or two later, so...

I decided to continue to be pro-active with the sting and had him use a charcoal poultice over night on the sting. The next day when he was at work I had him take 1,000mg of Vitamin C, 1 Turmeric Capsule, and 1 Nettle Capsule (more convenient for him at work than a tincture) hourly. He did have a headache all day, which is not too common for him. I do not know if it was the sting or the heat of the day.

Anyway, this morning, 48 hours later, all seems well and headache is gone.

~Mama to Many~

Colloidal Silver

Posted by Art (California ) on 05/25/2017 544 posts
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A friend of mine was stung by a bee today and the sting area started to swell and cause pain immediately. He went inside and pulled the stinger out and put a small amount (1/4 teaspoon) of 320 parts per million colloidal silver on the sting area and then rubbed it in. The swelling and pain started to reverse within about a minute and within 5 minutes you could no longer tell that he had been stung! No pain, no inflammation and no swelling......all gone. I looked at it after about an hour and could not tell where he had been stung. After 12 hours he said he could feel a very slight amount of pain where he was stung so he applied a little more colloidal silver and the pain went away. That leads me to believe that had he put a cotton ball wet with colloidal silver on it and taped it in place, that might have been a complete end to it right then.

If you are allergic to bee stings, you can not rely on this method and must go to the emergency room right away.......your life may depend on it!


Copper Penny

Posted by Baldelune (Rainier, WA) on 05/14/2009
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Bee/Hornet Sting Remedy:

While we welcome Spring, the bees and hornets (and their stings) can make for a bad day. IF YOU KNOW THAT YOU ARE NOT ALLERGIC TO BEE/HONET STINGS AND KNOW THAT YOU ARE NOT SUBJECT A LIFE-THREATENIG STING REACTION, try this very simple remedy for a bee or hornet sting: tape a copper penny directly over the site of the sting and leave it in place for several hours. UNLESS YOU ARE ALLERGIC TO STINGS, this simple remedy will reduce the effects of a or bee/hornet sting. It also helps reduce the swelling and soreness that follow a sting. I don't know why it works, nor do I care; it works. Once you have tied this remedy, I believe you will agree that a simple penny has great value.. If you ARE allergic to insect stings, however, disregard the above suggestion and promptly go to the nearest Emergancy Room for medical treatment.

Dairy Cream

Posted by Shirley (Yuma, Az. US) on 04/15/2009
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After being stung by 2 bees, I imediately ran for the dairy cream, as I remembered a story I read many years ago about this. I put the cream on the stings, and the welts and pain were gone in 45 SECONDS. Amazing! I will always use this remedy, and spread the news everywhere I can.

EC: Dairy cream - aka heavy whipping cream


Posted by Jeff (Wells, Vt) on 07/27/2011
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For a bee sting crush a glove of garlic through a garlic press and place it on the stung area. Relief comes within a few minutes.