Natural Remedies for Basal Cell Carcinoma

Posted by Margaret (Tampa, Florida) on 09/03/2019
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Dear ORH or anyone who has tried Curaderm for SK, BCC or SCC,

I was wondering if you can advise please. After reading your posts on the subject (thank you very much!), I ordered curaderm online. Very expensive ($140) for a small tube that comes with tape and a book but I think it will last a long time. I bought it to use on my husband's back, which has a number of suspicious spots to me, but which the dermatologist deems fine each year (!)... a few of these "normal" spots look like pimples that keep bleeding.

I applied a small amount of curaderm on each one of them and covered them with medical tape but am unsure how long to keep going. It's now been 10 days. The book says apply for 3 days for SK and 30 days for BCC and Squamous Cell... I stopped applying on a few spots that smoothed over, since that is what the book advised. So my main question is... do you keep applying it every day until there is no bump left? It looks like he has cigarette burns all over his back! A few of them, the ones that bled here and there even before the curaderm, have itched him intensely after application. Thanks for help on this. I think it's powerful indeed, but want to know the most effective length of time to apply from those who have used it over the years.

Thank you thank you thank you!