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Posted by Sandy (Atlanta, Ga, Usa) on 03/13/2013
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I am a 65 year old female in good health. About six months ago, out of the blue, I began having tailbone (coccyx) pain. I did not have an injury. Over the last few months I have tried the following. I took hyaluronic acid for about three days but it made me very tired and brain foggy so I stopped. I have tried MSM, tumeric, ginger, vit. D, VCO and stretching with no improvement. (MSM does help a lot with other joint issues. ) I tried ACV for about a month but had to stop because of a previous ulcer. It seemed to be irritating my stomach. I can't take NSAIDs either for the same reason. I juice every morning.

Has anyone had tailbone pain that got better on it's own or by using any remedies that I have not tried?

Replied by Joy
(Battleground, Wash)

Yes, Tailbone pain really sucks. If it is overwhelming get in the tub with some epson salt and soak , Take a large glass or two of water in there and drink it while you soak, I like to take an apple with me and put sea salt on it and eat while I soak and drink. The body signals get tricked by the water into thinking the pain is coming from a larger area and the signals get diminished.

Get a core ball (65 cm) to sit on to take the pain off the bone , you don't have to fill the ball too full and you sink into it as a cushion. You can increase muscle once you adjust to the core ball by doing some slow movements on it. My core is tightening up more with each passing day.

I ruptured L-5 and 4 3 2 were bulging ... Pain in the pattootie really sucked!

Sleep with a pillow under your legs near your rear to take pressure off the lower spine. I wrap a gel pack that is frozen in a dish towel and ice the spine in bed or sometimes a recliner to stop any inflammation pain.

Constipation can make spinal issues worse, Magnesium citrate -might help and I love coconut oil for improved overall health

Replied by Timh
(Louisville, Ky, Usa)
2073 posts

A strong Magnet will surely help. Use the side that clings to metal. I have one on a chair and sit on it for my lower colon/rectum. Works wonders for me.

(Battleground, Wash)

I forgot to mention....... when using the core ball make sure your knees do not extend out over the foot. The ball helps get butt back where it belongs where it cushions the tailbone to protect it from seam in pants and lumps in chairs and springs in bed. Start slow .... The core ball is lots of fun... Bounce on it... do some little hoola hoop rotations... Bend backward over the ball to arch the back and stretch spine open.

I'm using mine a couple hours most days, moving around while doing other things on computer and tv. Get the one with the hand pump that looks like a claulk tube size, it goes fast when pumping it up.

Replied by Laura
(Ortonville, Mi)
5 out of 5 stars

I broke my tailbone in high school (landed on it and snapped it playing volleyball) and it started to hurt again 20 years later. I rubbed natural muscle and joint cream into it just to take the edge off so that I could sit down. I finally had to go see a chiroprator. It took about a month of going twice a week, but it did fix the pain. When I couldn't afford to go anymore I figured out that if I sit in a chair and kind of roll my pelvis forward without moving my upper back, my tailbone cracks and releases pressure... It feels much better. I would go to a chiro, though, it helped loosen up my back.

Replied by Beamer
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2 leaves of pennywort - Centella Asiatica - a day.

Just collect them and chew them up. They have very little taste. It takes a few days to start feeling relief.

Ted's Remedies

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Posted by Wellspruce (Juneau, Ak, USA) on 01/30/2013

Received a large bag of bulk hyaluronic acid (HA) two days ago, cost is around $100 but will last a yr or two I suspect because 222 mg is only a qtr tsp (this may seem expensive, but is a pittance to what I've paid doctors the past three years). Ted's recipe is 500 mg (slightly heaping 1/2 tsp) of HA plus 9 grams (about 2 tsp) sea salt in 500 cc (2 cups) of filtered or distilled water. Take 8 caps in a glass of water 3 times a day on empty stomach. Store in refrigerator. He said this is his recipe for a 150 lb person; adjust dosages according to weight of person.

Ted reports usual relief is experienced after about three weeks even rendering patients painfree that suffered with catastrophic spinal degeneration. Makes me so hopeful. See his posts on this page.

Anyway I began yesterday taking three times a day on empty stomach using Ted's recipe above. Here's hoping and praying this works as for three years I've lived with extreme lower back pain, the tail bone vertebrae and nerve damage, resulting in pain and numbness in back, right hip and thigh. After years of doctor, chiropractor, and hospital visits and stays~~I'm still paying off the hospital, I'm still in pain. Nothing the "specialist" doctors did helped me nor EVEN gave me relief unless you count the knockout pain pills.

I became desperate and researched joint pain and healing myself. I've been taking Glucosamine HCI 1500mg with MSM 1500mg for some months. That and exercises I developed myself give me some relief by day but nighttime waking dozens of times a night with pain has driven me to exhaustion. Based on Ted's timeline for results, I'll report back every couple weeks and let you know the results I personally have from the hyaluronic acid.

It's because of Ted's seeming successes with many maladies reported here on earthclinic and his obvious expertise as a holistic healer, I decided to try his remedy for joint pain.

Here's an interesting sidenote: I researched and discovered HA is derived from rooster comb or "made in labs" and not sure if what is made in labs is synthetic. If anyone knows which carries I'd surely be interested to know and would appreciate the post to this page.

Good luck and God's blessings on all of you who are reading this and are in pain. May the Lord speed you to healing.

Replied by Happy
(Up The Creek In, WV, USA)

Wellspruce; I got a batch of this from about 18 months ago, for spinal disk collapse type back problems. That 1st batch worked wonders. And worked fast, reliably.

However, I ran out of batch #1, and then re-ordered some more, about 6 months ago, we will call it batch #2. When I began taking batch #2, the healing effect or regenerating effect on the collapsed disks was now very weak. I could barely tell it was doing anything for me. I have tested it now for 6 months with the same results.

So I came to the conclusion that batch #2 was biologically inferior to batch #1, and could not do what it did. So be aware that there is a difference between batches of products from this supplier. I hope you got a biologically active batch.

I believe this hyaluron is now made from GMO, GENETICALLY MODIFIED BACTERIA CULTURES, specifically bred/made to manufacture this hyaluron substance, in a lab. I have read internet articles that hinted at this method of production, but would not come out and say specifically that they are using GMO bacteria.

Since I also spent about $100 on the last batch, I can not now afford to buy any more test batches to try and get the good stuff.... Altho I wish I could. Hyaluron roulette.

Replied by Wellspruce
(Juneau, Ak, USA)

I'm extremely disappointed to read of your poor results from "batch 2" hyaluronic acid (HA) from I started 100 mg 3X a day three days ago using Ted's remedy on one of the hyaluronic acid sites on earthclinic. Several things: I eat a rigid diet and have gained one or two pounds, secondly I'm alarmed at the amount of sea salt in Ted's remedy~~two tsp of sea salt which would be consumed over about two days. I'm hoping the weight gain is because of the salt and have made the following change.

This morning I eliminated the salt and take 100 mg straight in water followed by a glass of water. I will do this 3X a day for a few days and if my weight gain continues, I will decrease to 50-75 mg 3X a day and etc. I'll report back my results. Does anyone know if salt is REQUIRED to assimilate HA into body tissues and joints?

Also in doing further reading I think it's safe to say most HA is now derived synthetically in the lab and not naturally from rooster comb. For extensive understanding of how HA works, a scientific article on HA can be read at this site

Replied by Wellspruce
(Juneau, Ak, Usa)
4 out of 5 stars

Ok, I've often been disheartened because posters on earthclinic don't followup as they promise. So, I'm taking time to do so about the use of hyaluronic acid for what I suspect is a bulging, hopefully not ruptured, lower back disc. I believe from chiropractors' rpts, it's in the L discs. Anyway, see my above use of HA over the past month of so. My face swelled so horribly from Ted's recipe and even when I cut out the salt and cut the HA down, I retained water so terribly my eyes looked sunken in a very puffy face. Anyway, I cut it, the HA, down again 10 days ago to 30 mg each morning and bedtime. I continue my glucosamine/chondroitin MSM 1500 daily.

While I am mostly painfree sitting, walking, standing, my nights are well, a nightmare as I can no longer sleep back or sides because of the severe pain in back and hips and right leg goes numb. I'm now sleeping, as I have never before mostly on my stomach which is challenging.

I've been eating a strict healthy diet the past six months devoid of wheat products and haven't experienced joint pain. I broke from the diet a week ago one night and pigged out on wheat bread just that one night. I woke during the night and every joint in my body was on fire. I realized for the first time that what many have written about wheat causing inflammation is probably true. An interesting sidenote, do some research and you will find wheat seed was modified going back to the 1950's. The abuse science in the name of the buck has perpetrated on mankind is unforgivable.

I also began using coconut oil, CO for the uninitiated, a couple weeks ago, doing the pulling at night before bed, using also as a face and body and hair oil, and cooking with it. Yes, I smell vaguely like a coconut.

I also drink a quart of raw lemon water daily, about a half lemon and continue my healthy eating and the swelling from the HA has subsided (see dosages above I've tried).

If my broken sleep patterns continue, I'll try upping the HA gradually. I'll report back how I am in a month or two.

Thanks to earthclinic posters and the site administrators for an incredible help for those looking to alternate health remedies.


I have found eating 2 leaves a day of pennywort (Centella Asiatica) relieves pain in a few days. The next time you have a flare, take activated charcoal and fibre like psyllium husk - you can also take these at the time of falling off the diet wagon.

Ted's Remedies
Posted by Veronica (Colton, California) on 10/17/2012

After several years dealing with back issues I became disabled for an entire year due to severe sciatica caused by 2 bulging discs in my lower back. The trditional Doctors did a good job of keeping me numb and drugged up. Not to mention the lost of monetary savings going to various different "specialists". Chiropractic services helped and an acupuncturist was a lot better. But I would relapse with episodes of severe pain in either my lower back, piriformis, gastrox and big toe. I came across Ted's Remedy after resorting to 18 natural pills a day for pain and inflamation. I immediately began the remedy and stopped all pills to test this remedy. I am not cured but my quality of life has returned and I am not hunched over dreading a walk anywhere. I highly recommend Ted's Remedy and have left my primary care physician astonished after she saw me at work working.

Replied by Habib_bangladesh
(Melbourne, Vic)

Hi, What's Ted's formula for back pain? Pls reply. I am suffering from backpain since long.

Ted's Remedies
Posted by Peter (Chicago, Il) on 05/26/2010


Can you explain Ted's formula on back pain, 4/18 post just take 8 caps on empty stomach, however older post just one cap and drink with glass of water. How many caps equal to one teaapoon ?

Thanks Bill for your expertise. You always able to explain that I could understand.

Ted 4/18/2010
My formula that works is as follows: 500 mg of Hyaluronic acid powder (sodium hyaluronate) plus 9 grams of sea salt in 500 cc of water. Store in refrigerator when not in used. The dose is about 8 caps three times a day empty stomach. It takes about 2 weeks to completely remove all back pain and the joint affected area in extremities may take a little longer. I have a couple of cases with severe spinal degeneration of cartilage and gets fully restored upon taking of HA.

Prepare 500 mg of pure Sodium Hyaluronate using cold water in 500 cc of clean water, add 6 grams of sea salt. This will get you 0.1% concentration of sodium hyaluronate in saline solution. Take about one capful mixed in a full glass of water at least twice a day. It takes between 2-3 weeks to fully see the dramatic improvements, at the very least.

Replied by Bill
(San Fernando, Luzon, Philippines)

Hi Peter...Always take the most recent remedy from Ted as the best remedy, since Ted's remedies never remain static and are always evolving. I've studied his remedies for some years now and this is the way he works. Although confusing, I find this completely understandable, because Ted is a very careful man.

So the one to follow is the 4/18/2010 remedy, here is my translation of that remedy:

Take 500mg of hyaluronic acid plus 9 gms(two teaspoons approx) of sea salt in 500 cc of water and refridgerate. Take 8 capfuls of this liquid every day in a full glass of water...

The term 'caps' or 'capfuls' means the cap from the bottle you are storing the mixture in. Do not worry about EXACT measurements here, since both ingredients are not poisonous.

Also, all his remedies are approximately based on a human being weighing about 150 lbs. So if you weigh more, take a capful or two more and if you weigh less than 150 lbs, take less. Ted will expect you to do this, since even he admits that all his remedies may take a little adjustment. And the worst than can happen here is that you get loose stools from, perhaps, taking too much sea salt.

Replied by Peter
(Chicago, Il)


Should I take 8 caps with cup of water (3) times per day, total of 24 caps each day ? Thanks.

Replied by Bill
(San Fernando, Luzon, Philippines)

Hi Peter...Yes, take 8 caps 3 times a day. If it gives a reaction like loose stools, then cut down the dose to 2 times a day.

Replied by Victoria
(Melbourne, Australia)

Hi Ted, I absolutely love your remedies, but now that I am 6 months pregnant I am wondering whether it would be safe to use the hyaluronic acid? Or do I need to wait until after I have the baby. I have never had back pain before now! Thanks for any assistance.

Replied by Stephen
(Brisbane, Qeensland Australia)

How much liquid hyaluronic acid is eqevilant to 500mg of hyaluronic acid in Ted's back pain remedies?

Replied by Worriedwife
(Manistique, Mi)

I am looking for HA powder. I can only find liquid or capsules... Ted says to use 500mg of HA powder... To get the powder from the capsules will cost more than we have, at least from the sources I have been able to locate. My husband needs something to help rebuild cartilage. He is in constant pain and says he can feel the bones rubbing on each other. He misses out on so much with our young children.. He can't go build snowmen or throw the ball for them. He can't even hold our 7 month old for more than a few minutes.

I am desperate for some help for him! We have tried so many things, Ginger & turmeric for inflammation, shark cartilage for rebuilding cartilage, Apple Cider Vinegar and baking soda... We are waiting for 35% H2O2 in the mail right now as we have read some wonderful things on that too, but we want to hammer it hard and get him back to the way he used to be! Please help!

Replied by Lanos
(So.california, Usa)

I have not tried it myself but someone spoke about using Knox geletin over a period of time to rebuild osteoarthritic knees. Hope this an answer for your husband. May God bless you.

Replied by Mmsg
(Somewhere, Europe)

There has been talk here about gelatin for such things.

Replied by Kathleen
(San Antonio, Texas, United States)

Try for HA. It's been mentioned a few times on this site. I think it was mentioned by Ted.

Replied by Lisa
(Lafayette, La)

Worried wife, did someone answer you? I get mine from I buy the package that cost around 70.00 and it has lasted me several months so far. I still have half of it left. I mix it up according to the recipe on the website, in a bottle of filtered or store bought water. Don't put anything but the HA powder in it. My method is on this website, I am sure you can find it if you put in Hyaluronic Acid and look for the posts by Lisa regarding this product. It has really really! Helped my husband, his mom and his dad. They are all benefitting greatly by way of less pain in knees, elbows, backs, more energy, feeling quite younger (parents are 80 and 82). You will, I feel, benefit from it, as will your husband. Just mix up 1 1/2 teasp. Of the powder in 16 ounces of (COLD) water. Just add the HA powder straight to the water, after pouring a bit off the top so the powder will fit. Give a shake, put back in fridge, shake every 4 hours or so. In 12 hours, it's thick and ready to go. We have been using this method since the beginning. I even have been giving it to my 11 year old dachsund baby, and she has began (very quickly) acting half her age! We were so thrilled with her increase of energy, and she is running around like a young dog. Good luck, and God bless you and your husband. I will say a prayer of healing for him. God answers ALL prayers. Trust Him.

Replied by Lisa
(Lafayette, La)

To worried wife, I forgot to tell you, purebulk also has smaller packages starting at $20.00. This will last your husband maybe 2 months. That is your best starting point, just in case he just doesn't want to use it, you won't have excess just sitting around going to waste.

Replied by Dg
(Rosemead, Ca)

Ebay have Hyaluronic acid 5 grams for less than $ 15 including shipping. I don't know if the quality is the same with or not though.

Replied by Worriedwife
(Manistique, Mi)

I am thankful for all your help and prayers!! I did find it on and also lots of good info on the supplements page here on EC. We haven't started the HA yet, as we are waiting for it in the mail. We did recieve the food grade hydrogen peroxide. It is helping a little, he says. I will keep everyone posted. Keep on praying. We have been praying for years, and The Lord has revealed so many things to us! This site is one of those things. SO MANY wonderful things we can do for our bodies! He said, "My people perish for lack of knowledge... " We have gained LOTS of knowledge from all of you here! THANK YOU!!!!

Replied by Worriedwife
(Manistique, Mi, Usa)
4 out of 5 stars

Actually, I'm not so worried anymore! The HA seems to be working pretty good. He notices that there is much less creaking in his neck now and he has had LOTS less pain!!! Yay! At a prayer service last week, he was prayed for and the huge knot in his back was taken away and has not returned! God is good! I think the HA. is filling in the cartilage too, where it seemed like there was calcification before. I can now feel individual vertebrae instead of one big, hard lump. Just wanted to drop a line and fill you in as to what is going on here... Thanks for everything!

Replied by Terese
(Terranora, Nsw, Australia)

Does anyone know where you can buy HA in Australia? I have been on ACV and baking soda, Mini Beetroot Protocol which has been working just fine and now would like to take it one step further and get rid of my back pain and body pain. Thanks earthclinic, I am now addicted to the simple things in life!!

Replied by Gavin
(Manganui, Northland, New Zealand)

Why not try.. Ginger.. Cayenne and tumeric?.. The ginger acts like a Cortico steroid without any side effects.. its relative Tumeric compliments the Ginger, and the Cayenne opens up the blood vessels so all the goodies get to where they are suposed too.

My back cleared up in about a week, and even after some heavy work dosn't play up like it used too. I 've got used to taking it everday and the benifits are an all round increase in health.

Their was a three year trial.. after three years all the Sciatica Lumbago and osteo arthurits patients reported a 100% decrease in pain and the Rhumatoid Arthuritis patients reported a 75% decrease so its well worth a trial.

Replied by Gail Symons
(Wheelers Hill, Vict. Australia)

Australians can purchase powered ha from cheers, gail symons

Replied by Terese
(Terranora, Nsw Australia)

Hi Gavin,

Is there an amount of ginger, cayenne and tumeric you should take per day? I was going ok until I started working outside again, killer pain! Every day is like the second day at the gym for me.

Replied by Gavin
(Manganui, Northland, New Zealand)

You can take as much Ginger as you like, their have been no reported side effects. The equivalent of a cubic centimetre of the raw root should be enough to build it up in the body over a few days. Its at least as effective as Ibophrophen but without side effects. If you google "Ginger and backpain" you'll get more information. After a while it binds with the "Cox inhibitor"... I know if I let the back recover by taking it easy it clears the aches up nicely. The problem with cartilege is its lack of blood supply I think thats where the cayenne comes in.. By giving extra blood supply so it can grow back where its needed. I did my back in many years ago but this definiatly helps.

Replied by Mike
(Montreal, Quebc)

Ted or Bill, 2 questions: (1) why do you use Sea Salt with your backache formula (2) MSM has no side effect so why not recommend MSM instead it also works fro joint pain ? Thanks

Replied by Not Worried Anymore!!
(Manistique, Mi)
5 out of 5 stars

My husband is SO much better!! After about 6 months of taking HA he is a new man! He used to be going to the chiropractor 2x weekly, now hardly ever! No more headaches (he used to live with a headache), he can garden without his legs stiffening up and falling asleep, he can play with the kids, and hold the baby... Yay! We took down an old house on the property next door to us and he lifted heavy beams and loaded a big trailer full. He could never have done any of that before. He says he is 90% pain free! What a miracle! The only thing he has done is taking ginger and turmeric (50/50 mix- heaping TBSP 3x a day), and the HA powder from -1TB 2x a day in water. He had never dreamed of feeling this good ever in his life! Every month he notices more and more benefits.

Thanks to the suggestions above, he is going to try mixing cayenne pepper in the ginger and turmeric too. At 40 years old, he says this is the best he ever remembers feeling. He has had pain from his childhood and now he knows how to live without pain! Thanks everyone for all your feedback and help! May God bless you richly

Replied by Harveysmith
(Victoria, Australia)

12 Ways to Improve Back Pain

1. Limit Bed Rest
2. Keep Exercising
3. Maintain Good Posture
4. See a Specialist
5. Strengthen Your Core
6. Improve Flexibility
7. Ditch the Brace
8. Apply Ice and Heat
9. Sleep the Right Way
10. Quit Smoking
11. Try Talk Therapy
12. Use Relaxation Techniques

Replied by Lei
(Tyler, Tx)

For one of the message posted by "worried wife" who used HA with water to heal her husband's back and joint pain, may I ask her how much her husband takes on a daily basis? She wrote "1tb 2X a day", but how does she take the "1tb"? In how much water? I have degenerative disc for the last 20 years and tried Ted's remedy without obvious improvement. Just want to try something different if it is successful with other people. Is there any way for me to contact her? thanks!

Replied by Eva
(San Jose, Ca)

Ted, could you explain the Hyaluronic acid remedy for back pain? If I take 500 cc water it is about 2 cups, and the 8 caps is about 1/3 of a cup that should be taken twice daily. Does it mean that the whole amount is good for only 3 days or am I missing something? Thanks, Eva

Replied by Jessica
(Whittier, Ca)

Hello. My husband has two herniated discs and has been in horrible shape for the past four months. The discs are hitting a nerve and his pain has shot down to his legs and feet. Please help! We have tried medication, massages, chiros, nothing is working.

We would like to try Ted's Remedy, but am confused as to how to take it. I ordered the HA, but it also says take it with sea salt, there are so many on there, I don't know which one to order. If someone can clarify Ted's remedy for me, it would be greatly appreciated.


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Posted by Jarret (Calgary, Alberta) on 06/11/2014
5 out of 5 stars

Good day Earthclinic, I am a long time follower of your website and wanted to share a back pain/sciatica remedy. I don't usually get back pain, but every so often I will get a horrible lower back/sciatica pain that is excruciating. Massages, stretches, physical activity only offer mild relief. What I have discovered is that eating raw thyme herb with my meals consistently for a few days will get rid of my horrible back pain. This has worked several times for me and just recently has proven to be the only thing to help as I have had excruciating pain for nearly the past 2 weeks.

I believe it is some kind of infection, likely bacterial that occurs in the intenstines and refers pain or causes inflammation which pushes things out of place..I'm not certain, but what I know is that chewing raw thyme herb has fixed my excruciating back pain several times over now and I am confident in recommending this 2-5$ natural solution to others.

Best regards, Jarret

Trapped Spinal Nerve Remedies

Posted by Magda (South Africa) on 09/16/2014 4 posts

I had a spinal fusion 18 months ago from T12 to L4. Since the operation I am in severe pain, they discovered that I have a trapped nerve between my pelvic bone and my spine. Is there anything that I can do to help me with the pain?

Replied by Brema

Kindly google what pulsed magnetic therapy is all about and go for the treatment. I have a slip disc at L5 and this has helped me tremendously.


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Posted by Alex (Thessaloniki, Greece) on 05/14/2018
4 out of 5 stars

The right dosage of turmeric and my results from biomagnets and stones bracelet:

I took turmeric for two days with no results but the mistake was mine. I only took a tip of a teaspoon without diluting it twice a day. The time I got a whole teaspoon diluted in less than half a glass of water it worked. I had also eaten something oily before in order for the turmeric to desolve better. The back pain became noticeably less in less than an hour and my mobility increased.

Wearing a biomagnets bracelet did absolutely nothing for my back pain. Some suggest a copper bracelet instead (made the skin absorbs Cu atoms) and some others suggest strong magnet exactly in the area of trouble. (I know how to find the "biological negative" of a magnet.

Posted by Keoni (Georgia) on 07/15/2016

Turmeric for back and joint pain - No side effects and works well for relief. I take 1 tsp of turmeric powder mixed in a warm glass of water (just a few ounces so I can swig it fairly quickly). Usually the pain is minimal or non-existent within a half hour. I used to take hydrocodone regularly as my back pain was constant and severe (my entire family has a history of bad backs). I have not taken hydrocodone for over 2 years now.

Posted by Yahnah (Somecity, USA) on 09/27/2008
5 out of 5 stars

I had a car wreck and the MRI showed 2 discs bulging. I was informed to have surgery for this. I decided to go natural. AND IT WORKED! My prayers were answered. I began to take Tumeric in capsules about 8 or 10 at a time at my worst. It took my pain away. Every time I hurt I took more. Then the pain left. I did not want to be on a perscription because of the side effects. You can also put a teaspoon of tumeric in tomato juice for a great snappy tom kind of drink and fast relief.

I had another MRI a few years later and no disc bulge could be detected! Sometimes when under stress I feel some discomfort and I immediately take tumeric again and it is gone! I hope this helps someone.

Replied by Debb
(Douglasville, Ga)
5 posts
5 out of 5 stars

Thank you for the site, but I have for the last 5 yrs. suffered with back pain and have now for 3 days used, 800 mg. turmeric and concentrated chloroyphyll, and flaxseed, about every 5-6 hrs. I have to say the pain has lessened to almost not noticeable.. nothing like before rite from the start...

Replied by Sandy From Atlanta
(Ga, USA)

Hi Debb,

How did you take the Flaxseed? Was it flaxseed oil, or what. I'm currently have a lot of pain in my knee and am looking for some help with it. I already take tumeric and it helps a lot with other aches and pains but not helping with my knee.

Replied by Debb
(Douglasville, Ga)
5 posts

Gel caplets.

Turmeric, Glucosamine, Green Tea

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Posted by Don Juan (Westminster, CA) on 01/04/2007
5 out of 5 stars

I was reading about Turmeric for boils/MRSA and had been suffering back aches nightly, for a month or two. I went as far as buying a new Bed, still the backaches persisted. Last night, I bought some spice islands turmeric, off the spice isle at the grocery store, and picked up a bottle of CVS brand 1500mg glucosamine tablets Woke up this morning feeling pretty Good, nowhere near the level of Back pain on previous nights I've been experiencing some lumps and pimple like boils under my arm pits lately and had one on my face too I hadn't given it much though, but the boil on my face got me going and I decided to read up using google last night. Earlier yesterday, I put a Hot compress on my face, and drained that awful boil I knew from previous attempts that it could make it worse, But i went ahead and drained it, and used peroxide by noon I was swelled up pretty good, would you believe this morning the thing is Damn near cleared up, and my Back feels OK for the first time in months I'll follow up after a few days This morning I've made a Tea using the coffee maker I put two constant comment orange pekoe flavored green tea bags into a coffee filter along with a tablespoon of Turmeric powder, and a tablespoon of sugar The turmeric takes some getting used to but the Tea is simply wonderful hate to add sugar but i had too I'm having my second 12 oz cup of hot green Turmeric tea as I type

Replied by Larry
(Austin, Texas, USA)

You may want to consider using honey instead of sugar. Just a thought.

Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care

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Posted by Pat (Washington) on 11/18/2013
5 out of 5 stars

Yes, I have had upper cervical chiropractic care the past 4 months. Sometimes it helps the pain immediately, and sometimes it helps it in a day or two. Yes, I notice it seems to be linked to my sciatica and my herniated disc pain, on the other side of my body.

There have been good reports about upper cervical chiropractors but you have to be careful not to do something that cause subluxations of the atlas bone in the neck--then you have to run back to the upper cervical chiropractor.

I used to have to take cell salts for 9 days for it work, now I only have to take them for 1-2 days to find complete relief (after going to the upper cervical chiropractor) BUT chiropractry is not good for the neck (if you go to a regular chiropractor) and can make matters worse. Go to an upper cervical chiropractor and it will help the alignment of your body, which starts at the neck.

I have found 10 success stories on the Trigeminal Neuralgia Association page, so it encouraged me to try it. It may give you more symptoms at first, but then you must go back to the chiropractor (even after the first hour) because it might have been aligned wrong--can happen once in a blue moon) it least that is what my doctor says.

Valerian Root

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Posted by Caroline (Nyssa) on 11/06/2022
5 out of 5 stars

I fell 5 ft off of a ladder on my buttocks. I was in excruciating pain. My x-ray revealed a compression fracture. My chiropractor recommended icing and ibuprofen 4X daily. After a week and a half my stomach could no longer handle the ibuprofen. I was in too much pain to sleep so I took some Valerian Root. It was like a miracle.....I slept all night and woke the next morning with very little pain!


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Posted by Teresa S. (Michigan) on 06/10/2018
5 out of 5 stars

I have been battling severe lower back pain for about 3-4 years. I have had X-rays, MRI's, PT, Pain Clinic treatments, chiropractors, massages and pain meds. Nothing helped. As of September 2017 both knees started hurting. I found Dr Batmanghelidj's book in a pile 6/8/18 I had bought years ago at a second-hand store. I started reading it and started drinking 64 ounces of water that day.

I am two days into this. I already have so much relief it is crazy. I am so blessed that over 90% of my pain is gone! I feel great! I am 54 and have seriously been wondering how I could endure this pain another 20 years. The last 3 years have been horrible. I feel so much better. I have been drinking 16 ounces from my nightstand as soon as I wake up. I have autoimmune hepatitis. I have also started the Keto diet the last few months and lost 25 pounds. Even that didn't help my back and knees. I am so excited about this. I have never liked water. Still don't. But if it gets rid of this pain, I can do it.

Thank you for reading. God is so awesome to have given Dr. B this knowledge.

Replied by Charity
(Faithville, Us)

I did this too and I can warn you not to add water or salt too fast. The body that is starved will be in hoard mode for a while and you need to increase this gradually. Take it from someone who got huge ankles with a ruptured back that couldn't walk it off. By the way... walk. Also, the extra water will deplete minerals so I give you a heads up to keep those in balance, especially magnesium. I love Dr. Batmanghelidj. congrats on your keto diet, my friend did that and lost 50 pounds last year. You also may need borax which is a mineral our body uses to keep calcium out of soft tissues and in bone and teeth. Read about it


Posted by Ted (Bangkok, Thailand) on 12/07/2014 384 posts

Borax protocol update:

It is fine to even start as low as 1/16 of teaspoon of borax in a liter of water if you want to prevent side effects but beneficial effects will also take more time to see results. It will still work the same. The length of taking it is always longer also. But also discontinuance dose depends on the amount of dose to begin with. Instead of couple of days it may be extended to weeks or months depending on initial dose. Some people just want to prevent fluoride poisoning, or lack of fertility due to fluoride so they may take much lower dose such as dipping your fingertip in borax and adding that to water. Some have fluoride poisoning so they take higher dose. Some need much much more for topical application such as itchy groin or candida and apply either borax powder because of biofilm in areas of groin and needed to get rid of it quickly because it is socially embarrassing. Because the fungus or mold is almost completely ignored by the medical system worldwide and the lack of availability of borax at the same time the potential for borax as one of the remedies is so explosive since my decision to make postings as far back in 2004, but their use remains suppressed still. Whatever lower dose it will be fine depending on your willing to wait. But the original dose I posted in 2004 was the maximum median tolerable dose. So any lower dose is acceptable. For men is generally 1/4 teaspoon and women is generally 1/8. And your weight also depends on it such as 1/8 if you weigh 100 pounds. I could write a whole book on just borax but I don't have the time. What I can say is a lot of wrongly diagnosed disease is the mold/fungus and it can be solved by borax and other non conventional supplements, such as allergies, blood clots caused by fungus, bone condition too numerous to mention.


Posted by Deirdre (Atlanta, Ga, Usa) on 03/26/2010
5 out of 5 stars

I have linked an occasional sudden onset of lower back pain to my kidneys. I have discovered two things that will cause my lower back to suddenly start to ache.

1. Dehydration. I tend to drink a lot of caffeinated black tea during the day and probably not nearly enough water to make up for the dehydrating tea. Occasionally my lower back will start to ache if I've had too many cups of tea, which is my signal to hydrate quickly! If I drink several glasses of water over the course of an hour, my lower back pain will go away within an hour or two.

2. Certain supplements. I bought vitamin d3 made from lanolin last week and started back on 8,000 a day after throwing out my d-3 that contained cod liver oil (see my post on the vitamin d page). However, my kidneys aren't liking the lanolin! Again, a sudden onset of lower back pain about an hour after taking the d3. It took longer for my back pain to disappear this time. ... at least 12 hours or more with lots of water. I tested the supplements 3x, with a few days in between, and each time got back pain. Yikes! A good kidney cleanse is in order. Lisa, got any good juicing recipes for the kidneys?!

Replied by Lisa
(Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa)

Hi Deirdre,

Yes! Of course, you know me and the juicing! I am convinced it can turn anything around if it is done on a regular basis. So, the vegetables that will aid the kidneys are asparagus, celery, cucumber and parsley. I am not too picky about the combos of greens as I have now been juicing on a regular basis daily since Oct and so much has changed for me. Lots of energy, no need to nap in the afternoon or experience that LOW slump around 3pm, my skin is so smooth and some people say, "Wow your skin glows!", melasma gone from my face, a large mole in the corner of my right eye is now only the size of a pinhead, sleeping well... I could go on and on. My point is that with all the benefits it is easy for me to drink my big glass of green juice every morning and then feel all the cells in my body sing praise! Try a combo of celery/asparagus/parsley and add a lemon or an apple for flavor. We even forage in our yard for the wild dandelions that I used to think of as annoying and now bless them for how they heal my body. They are powerful liver detoxers.

Really, I urge everyone to give green juice a chance to help heal your body. It is powerful.


Replied by Phil
(Dearing, Ga/usa)

Hi Deirdre!

I just wanted to mention Asparagus Exstract...

I'm not trying to promote a product, but the asparagus exstract is alot cheaper than buying fresh asparagus. The one I found is also Organic and each pack is the equal to a half pound of asparagus.

Google Aaparagus extract. The one I speak of comes from Dr. Chi.

Asparagus is suppose to be a natural kidney cleanser. so a couple packs of this in water a day, should help.I have tried this myself and it does seem when I drank it. My urine is a little more cloudy at first and you can smell the asparagus in it.....

It also stays around alot longer than fresh asparagus. You don't have to worry about it rotting or not being able to get your hands on fresh asparagus.

By the way, any luck using that Grapefruit Seed Exstract for the nails???

Oh and cranberry juice is very good for the kidneys, although it is very hard to find pure cranberry juice. My wife recently had a urineary tract infection and the cranberry juice I purchased said 100% juice ( Only to find out it had apple and pear added ) Seem to help alot.

I guess one shoe does not fit all, but we never know if it is right for us until we try it.

I have found one company that has the Asparagus exstract cheaper than anyone else and she will send you a free magazine on natural remedy protocols. It has lots of great stuff in it.

Yes, of course this lady sales products to people, but you could take her information and your own natural remedies from the place of your choice.

So in other words, you are not under any obligation to purchase any thing, just because you get a free magazine.

I hope this helps!

Thank you,

Replied by Deirdre
(Atlanta, Ga, Usa)

Dear Phil and Lisa,

Thank you so much for your great feedback on kidney cleansing.

Phil, I had already emailed myself a note from one of your previous posts to get some asparagus extract the next time I need to order supplements. Sounds great! Oh, I will send in another post shortly with an update about GSE for nail fungus.

Lisa, I got your ingredients yesterday at the grocery store and made a large juice of asparagus, parsley, celery and an apple. It was delicious! Very energizing, you are right about that. I made a second juice in the evening of my typical green lemonade ingredients... apple, ginger, kale, romaine, lemon. The juicing appears to have a very potent cleansing effect today if you know what I mean! The glowing effect the juice has on my skin is amazing.

Now that the weather is warming up here in GA, I am much more inclined to juice. My body simply rejects it in the cold winter months.

Many thanks again to both of you!


Replied by Janice
(Coloma, Mi)

Lisa, what type of juicer do you use? I purchased a juicer from a friend and my husband and I have been juicing every morning, but my juicer doesn't do leafy greens like parsley.

Replied by Lisa
(Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa)

Hi Janice,

We have a Breville and not the high end one. When I decided I wanted to go the route of juicing and raw, I wasn't sure how committed I would be with it and it really was experimental to see if there would be any changes. It was only $99 which of course is the low end of juicers really. I didn't and couldn't invest the money on a really cadillac-type but, I figured it was better than nothing at all! As David Wolfe often says when asked, "The best juicer is the one you have sitting on the back shelf!" At any rate, I love this thing! It's easy to clean and does a great job. I don't recall where I learned this tip since I'm constantly researching and studying new sites for tips in juicing and rawfood. The tip was, if you only have a centrifugal juicer then, take the leafy greens and roll them up tightly to put into the feeder. In between, use harder veggies to clear the greens from the blades such as carrot, celery, beet, etc. It really works! We juice parsley, cilantro, dandelion, kale, chard, etc. Perhaps if we had a high end juicer then we would get more juice from the greens but hey, it's working for us and I have my health back! Hallelujah! I have watched people on youtube get very creative who don't have the money to invest but want to juice. I love that- the desire to find health makes people get very ingenious.

So, give that a try. The key is to keep it all tight. I hope this helps you and you succeed.
To your health, Lisa

EC: We also use a Breville... stainlesss steel version. It's fantastic! We bought a re-manufactured one on Amazon and paid about $175 for it (vs $275 for a new one). We had to return the first juicer to Amazon as the on/off button got stuck after 2 weeks, but the second one they sent us has been running perfectly for at least two years now.


Replied by Janice
(Coloma, Mi)

Thanks Lisa and Deirdre. I bought an Acme for $50 bucks from a friend. I wasn't sure how often I would use it and didn't want to spend a lot of money. It's been a really great machine. It has a really strong motor and it's all stainless steel. I have used it almost every day since I've gotten it. I'll be sure to try rolling up the leafy greens and see if that works. I hope so. Thanks again.

Replied by Francisca
(Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France)

I bought an Oscar last December after doing quite a bit of research. It works very well and as it is a masticating juicer the juices are "alive", have a great color and taste even after a few hours in the fridge just the machine has a quite a problem because when you juice fruit and vegetables with much juice it goes right into the place where the auger fits into the motor, not good if you ask me and a bother to clean. Other than that if we are at home we drink juices every day!

Replied by Bustherh
(Auburn, Maine, Usa)

I don't own a juicer but I have been doing the green smoothie thing with a fairly cheap blender that I had owned for years and forgotten about. Do you guys think that a smoothie is just as beneficial as juice? I started feeling great after just a few days. I started because of severe sciatica and desperation to be rid of the pain. After about 6 weeks of more than a quart every morning I think I have cured every little ailment that I had except the sciatica.

Replied by Linda
(York County, Southern Maine)

Hi Bustherh~I haven't tried juicing or green smoothies, but it sounds like you're onto a good thing if you're feeling good!!! Re: your sciatica pain, perhaps some time spent on an inversion board would help? I have spinal stenosis and hop on my board for just a few minutes, as often as I feel the need, and my discomfort becomes less.... I think I paid around $120 which is at the bottom of the scale of what I could have paid. Stay well ~ Linda

Replied by Kara
(Vancouver, Wa)

I take candied ginger for sciatica, worked quickly too! I was amazed.

Posted by Mark Dewitt (Cincinnati, Oh) on 01/07/2010
5 out of 5 stars

I had severe back pain years ago. When standing up from a seated position, I could only do so very gingerly. If I were walking my back would give out and I would go down on my knees.

Part of my job is interviewing authors when they are in town for a radio station and pod casts.

One day there was a book that came in the mail that was called Your Bodies Many Cries For Water written by Dr Batmanglelde. His book was a lifesaver for my back and he has an interesting story.

I increased my water intake and this worked a miracle on my back. It is not an instant cure like many on this web site but this really works.

Be sure to take your 8 glasses of water or more for great results

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